Thursday, December 31, 2020


 We never really had

fussy eaters in this
They would eat just about
anything put in
front of them.

However, it was
fun to do a little
for them for the

The "tradition",
according to the
Bible of Lulu
(when she was 9 years old),
was that every
New Year's Eve they
came to our house to
EAT and then they
got to spend the night,
while Mom and Dad
went out to celebrate.

How did THAT get started?
I guess I was now
to go out to celebrate!

Anyway, It was always
best to be prepared for the
with some special snacks.

How about a
Snowman Cheese Ball
to start the night off?
Betty Crocker recipe is here.

Hmmmm..what else did I do?
Leave those
kids alone with me and I
will serve them
Shots like everyone else had
on New Years!
That'll teach them.

Maybe I DID tone it down
a bit.
How about
THIS kind of shot?
I call it
Tomato Soup Shooters!
You find the instructions at Rachel Hollis's site.

And, of course, we must have a few
Ants on a log
(raisins on cream cheese filled celery)
They loved those, too.

Apples cored, sliced sideways,
and topped with peanut butter,
or nutella,
and sprinkled with granola were also a hit.
So..a few snacks,
a few laughs,
a few games,

and a shot of Tequilla

and those kids had a
New Year's Eve....

okay...just kidding about
the Tequilla.

sigh... ?
Maybe one for me?

Enjoy your own
New Year's Eve
and I will see you soon!!!

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Laurie said...

You always hit the mark, great treats and ideas! Take it easy on the tequila ok, 👍❤️

Susie said...

Diana, You can't fool miss those old sweet days of the little princesses coming over for the night. I sure do. Yes, you can have one drink. LOL We have some sparkling grape juice to ring in the New Year. Wishing you a New Year of peace. Blessings to you and all your loved ones, xoxo,love you my friend, Susie

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Happy New year my friend! And thanks for sharing your recipes...and fun memories! Now where is that Candyland was here somewhere! Hugs!

Sandra said...

Happy New year, these all look delish and fun at the same time. I was playing Candyland back in the early 50's, surprised it is still around..

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

Those are cute recipes. I remember making the ants on a log for my daughter when she was little. I hope you have a happy new year Diana.


How adorable those recipes are ! I love the snowman. I was like you some upon a time ago. Now we don't take care of anyone. They live far away and yes, they've also grown a lot, lol...
As Always I enjoy your posts dear friend.
May you have a wonderful, safe, healthy, happy and blessed 2021.

jack69 said...

What a sweet entry. Yep some of this I remember except we never did the special treats. You are one creative sweetheart, and yep there is THAT time when it takes a long time to get to midnight, and buy that time it is time for lights out.
Love the read, THANKS
Sherry & jack (Neat special treats, definitely something to remember!)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Those tomato soup shooters are adorable and so is the snowman cheeseball -- I love his asparagus arms, LOL! Happy New Year and best wishes for 2021, Diana!

Beside a babbling brook... said...

Toooo cute!!!!!


Toooooooo quickly demolished... (Grumble-grumble-grumble)

Said Mrs. Grinch...


Happy New Year's Wishes...

Terri D said...

What fun!! I want to come to your house tonight, Diana!! Thanks for sharing the fun and those great appetizers!

Lorrie said...

Happy New Year, Diana! No wonder your grandchildren want to spend New Year's Eve with you. Such fun! I'll be marking some of these ideas for my own grands. Happy New Year!

Ginny Hartzler said...

They are all ADORABLE! Too cute to eat! and of course a shot (or two) os Tequila for you after the kids have left. With feet up and beautiful silence.

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Happy New Year! Hoping 2021 is much better than this last year.

Kim said...

Wishing you and your darling family nothing but good health and blessings in the new year, Diana. xxoo

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Someday when I have grandkids, I will definitely have to make that snowman for them, love it! How fun for your kids to know they got to have a special night out while Grandma entertained the kiddos! I hope to do that someday too when I have grandkids to spoil :) Happy New Year to you dear friend!

happyone said...

What great treats!! Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year and one of happiness, contentment and good health.

Ann said...

I want to come to your house for New Years Eve. I promise I won't stay late. I have to be up in the morning to go to

Nil @ The Little House by the Lake said...

Happy New year to you and your family, Diana!

Donna said...

Fun recipes! The grands are growing up so fast. I'm sure they loved their special New Year's eve celebration at your house. Happy New Year to you and John. xoxo

Cecilia said...

Yum! How about I come over with champagne and we can enjoy your great snacks? We are just hanging out at home this year. Might celebrate midnight eastern time lol. Or sooner.

Lowcarb team member said...

So nice to see and read this post :)

Happy New Year Wishes.
Hoping 2021 is a much better year than the last one.

All the best Jan

Junkchiccottage said...

Great snacks love the snowman cheese ball! Happy New Year to a wonderful friend. Thank you for being such a good friend to me through this rough year. YOu can always make me laugh. Have a great night. Let's pray the new year is a better one for all of us. xoxo

Bless said...

Happy New Year, Diana!

Nellie said...

Loved this, Diana! I know those precious girls have the best memories of times spent with you! Happy New Year!

Rose L said...

New years eve and day and all fotball fames were snack eating wvents. I made nachos, teriyaki drummettes, little sausages in bbq sauce. Always chips and dips and meatballs. I was so usy fixing and serving it all I would not get much!

Shari Burke said...

Fun foods! I never did like tequila, though ;-)

Happy Hopeful New Year!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Happy New Year. How grand to have your grands for New Year's Eve! Good memories there for sure and good eating too!

Rain said...

Happy New Year Diana!!! :) Your New Year's eve sounds like a of fun, especially the tequila...ahem, the tomato shots lol! That snowman cheese is really cool! :)

Jeanie said...

The snowman cheese ball is darling. I don't know why I never thought of that before!

Happy New Year!

This N That said...

Love those recipes. Great ideas. Glad your grandkids are keeping you busy. Somebody’s got to do it! Big hugs and all the best in 2021.

Red Rose Alley said...

That snowman cheeseball is something else! So many Yummy foods.

Happy New Year Diana! Hope it's a good one for you. : )


Estelle's said...

What a sweet and festive post Diana...may I wish you a very Happy Healthy New YEAR!

Sherri said...

Diana, Happy New Year! I loved this post!! Great recipes and you did so many things with the kids! I plan on blogging more this year, so I hope to see you more!!

Melanie said...

What fun your place must be for NY Eve! That snowman cheese ball and the tomato soup shooters look amazing.


Pamela M. Steiner said...

Gee, I wish I was your little granddaughter and could come spend the night and eat all those cute things at your house, and play games and stuff. Wow...what fun it must be to have YOU for a grandma!! Happy New Year, Grandma!!

Lea said...

You have so many cute ideas! Thanks for sharing with us, I'll have to remember these. Blessings abundant for the year ahead!

Tom said...

...the snowman looks too good to eat! I hope that your 2021 will be healthy and bright.

Buttercup said...

Looks fabulous! I think I need to make myself a tomato soup shooter and grilled cheese, the perfect winter lunch. Thanks for the inspiration. Love and happy wishes for 2021!

bill burke said...

Wishing you and John a happy and healthy 2021. Hoping John gets some answers and can back to being healthy.

Pam said...

LOVE the snowmen!! That is adorable.

Miss Kim said...

Just discovered your delightful blog! Thanks for the giggles!

Woody said...


Creations By Cindy said...

What a fun post dear lady. Loving all the fun things you made. WOW! You are such a fun Nana. Happy New Year to you and your family sweet family. Hugs and blessings, Cindy P.S. I know all about that not going out to celebrate! Girl, my fat clothes and recliner be calling my name by 9 pm! LOL!

Katie Isabella said...

OH I LOVED these recipes!