Thursday, May 17, 2018


Wondering who you will be
sitting next to at the
wedding of a bridezilla
sweet niece?

There are some snarky gals here
looking to change tables-
always a few in every crowd, folks!

~Without further ado~

Table #1-Pink & Planked
Wow!  You gals loved this one!
Jenn,Pamela-I thought she was going to have a heart attack before she made a decision-,
Raindrops(yep-that's her name & thanks for playing along for the first time), Debby, Linda  ALaCarte
Debbie-aka Cottage Hand Me Downs, Kim, 
Lorrie she wants to sit with YOU for dinner but move to #2 for dessert-go figure,
Jeanie,Sandie, Donna, Pam, Pogonip, Deborah,
Karen(aka Beatrice),Noreen, Patty, Jann, 
Leena (if we can drag her off the beach),Katie, Janice 
KarenAnn (she is going to change after mucking out after the horses--I think),

Table #2-Lavender Love
Diane-I knew FOR SURE that she would pick this one-being as her blog is Lavender Dreams!
Tete, Lesley, Sally, Penny, Debbie (aka Mt.Mama),Julie,
Louise, Mildred, Cheryl, Lorraine, Lea, 
Connie(aka Nonnie), Carla, and Tina.

Table #3-Square Plates/Sweet Tapers
Kathy, Vee (who offered NO chitchat-right to business that gal),Bobbie, Lauren, 
Dear LV-who thought she might be sitting alone, and  
Rose (she settled here because I DID NOT HAVE a turquoise choice and will probably bring her own turquoise napkin)!

Table #4-Good Grey-V
I hope y'all caught that title-because the ribbons on the table ended in a V cut-Pretty clever that I picked up on that, huh?

Anyway-here we have Jada, and 
Katie Isabella (she's a cat and says if she doesn't like you she is moving to table #1)
That would leave us with the 
TWINS: Gay & Kay....okay-they aren't really twins but their names do rhyme.

Hello- BillieJo, Lisa, Patti,
Sugar(wonder if she is as sweet as her name sounds)
Jettie(always trouble), Fran, Cecilia and 
Missy-Who rattled on about a wedding she is going to and should she ask someone where to sit but finally picked the motley crew at this table.  Lucky you NOT

Dawn, bj, Debbi(aka Beach Gypsy) AnnMarie, 
Linda (my choice-lol) and someone that goes by
MostlyMa (don't you wonder what the rest of her is?) 
AND-I am putting Ron and his cocktails at this table just to stir things up a little.

Well, folks, here sit my traditionalists!
Here you will find my dear friends 
Sylvia, Susie, Theresa, Debra, Sandi, Janice, Fabby, Sheri, Denise, Phyllis, Carolyn, Kris, Michelle and  
Liz-she had 3 different tables she wanted to sit at--so if she moves, don't act surprised.

And DAVID-He said he would choose a table based on what was being served.  
Is that just like a man, or what?

I had such a good time doing this.  
You are ALL so much fun....even when I
Have a great Thursday
and I will catch up with you soon.

PS- If I missed anyone-I am so sorry.
I went through the list twice but 
I do these late at night and usually
miss something!

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  1. It might be late for you but we are still partying at table 5! “Motley Crew”

  2. Beautiful tables:) I still love the one I picked! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. This is so much fun, I really loved them all but I am a Traditional lady. Keep the fun going, Diana!

  4. Fun! I pick the lavender one - do you remember my other blog when I was a mosaic artist called Lavender Hill Studio? :-)

  5. Oh wonderful! Five companions at my table...I do love good conversation that I can actually follow, besides congratulating ourselves on our good taste. πŸ˜‰

  6. I love these posts, Diana! Thanks for all the work it takes you to put them together!

  7. That is touch one. They are all so pretty. I like 1 or 2.

  8. What a fun post to do and to know who likes what. While I'm mostly known as 'ma', I do have a name - Pam. I rarely hear my name anymore...but 'ma' does suit me just fine !

  9. How fitting! I have one more neice to marry off! :-)

    Wait...three if you count the two on hubby's side. Ok, so more tables please! Everyone is welcome.

  10. LOL.. yes, I promise I shower immediately after mucking stalls, always. :-)

  11. Going fot table #4, but please come by and say HI where ever your sitting and maybe we can do the chicken dance together... LOL
    As always, I enjoy you and your sense of humor!
    Love Ya, Roxy

  12. At first, I thought I might be sitting alone but many ladies showed up so I would be lonely! Fun stuff, Diana!

  13. I stand by my choice! :)


  14. Ok, so Ron ditched me this time ;-) Or maybe that was you purposely trying to keep the crowd under control.

  15. But where are you sitting Diana????? :) This is so much fun, thanks for doing this!!

  16. So fun! Sorry I missed!
    So many pretty tables. Sending love your way, D!

  17. I love how much YOU love doing these parties....:)

  18. Hello to all the Table 3 guests ~ let's get this party started!!

  19. I love my pink table and tell Katie Isabella the cat, she can come join me at table one for sure!!

  20. Fun, fun, fun . . . sorry I missed out on the voting, but I would have had a hard time picking between #1 and #6 :)

  21. And I hadn't even thought about what might be served. Hmmm. That's a guy for sure!! ;) Fun!

  22. Diana, This was so much fun. I loved what David said. LOL. Hope you are having nice weather and some fun while working too. Blessings to you, love, xoxo, Susie

  23. You're one to talk about rattling on !!! :)..Thanks for hosting..It was fun..I was surprised at the results on this one....Where are you sitting?? Couldn't make up your mind ??

  24. Hey, we all need to know which table you are sitting at sweet Diana!

  25. Will I get kicked out for throwing rolls at Kris's head? I promise not to butter them first....much 😁 Oh! You won't have any trouble dragging me off the beach the next week. We're having rain every day! So not cool!

  26. This was SO much fun! Thank you so much for doing this, sweet friend. You are such a blessing!

  27. Sorry I missed getting in on the vote! It's a hard decision, but the one that's jumping out at me today is #2. So I hope the girls can squeeze me in! :D

  28. Okay I see I am going to have to be at a huge table - just shows you I have great taste! lol sandie

  29. Oh I want to cause trouble! Lol. I guess I'm just too much a rule follower.

  30. I want to charm Ron and his cocktails to my table!!!!

  31. LOL such fun. NO ONE does it as you do. Love these. Thanks for the giggles and drooling and plain FUN!


  32. How fun, I am sitting with Diane, she is a mama of 4 grown boys. I will be asking her all kinds of questions about being a good mother in law. LOL ;-) In a few years for me I hope... got to get thru graduation first ;-) .. my friend Angie keeps teasing Sam he will meet a Southern Bell when in Georgia for AIT. ;-)
    Love, Carla

  33. So much fun Diana! We'll have a fabulous time. xo

  34. I'm loving my table and its mates. Hope your new business is doing well.

  35. You made it SO easy for me this time and I see lots of my blog buddies at 'my' table! heehee! Thanks for the fun my friend. Lots and lots of hugs, Diane

  36. You my dear, are a hoot!! I missed this one again, but I'll just swing by and chat with all the tables! I think we need to get on the dance floor and boogie till the cows come home!!! ;)

    Happy Weekend!

  37. Isn’t it fun to see how everyone votes! I’m still waffling- just sayi’n!

  38. Ilove doing these with you when do them but I missed this one....darn! Looking at them however I was drawn straight to the purple one....purple being my fav color! It is not over done yet just perfect!

  39. I think we all enjoy your efforts thank you.


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