Friday, December 9, 2016


I WAS going to do a 
but decided to clean up 
my picture files a bit.

You get to look at all this 

Some fall pictures of my daughter's kids-
BigBoyE, CharlesInCharge& BrightEyes
Can you tell who the 
GOOFBALL in that family is?
Hint- It's the oldest one!  lol

Looking for a cute little 
for a grandparent, godparent, mom or dad?
I stole borrowed them from the internet
but the TREE I spotted on 
AnnMarie-Musings of a Vintage Junkie's blog
Can I get a HAND for those ideas?
Wouldn't those make cute memories?

My son was traveling for the week and my
daughter-in-love walked into the bedroom
and found our little CJK holding 
of him and his daddy 
taken a couple of years ago.
He was missing his Daddy and 
those wet spots are where his tears were
dropping onto the paper.
Doesn't that make you want to weep?
Look what a little CHUNKER he was! LOL
To comfort himself he sleeps with
from when he was a little boy.
Not so chunky any more!

Speaking of CHUNKY!
Chunky peanut butter anyone?
This "little girl" is 14 now.
Look close-
That is not a SUNTAN on her legs!
She is going to kill me...
but she will probably wait until 
AFTER I buy her Christmas present.
She slathered herself with
but refuses to eat at the
when we travel.
Her sisters make up for her.
We stop for waffles-
What do you want girls?
Seriously---do I look like an
idiot-$15 for a 
WAFFLE HOUSE steak and eggs?
Milk is extra--
$50 later and we are on our way!
Maybe I won't get them a
Christmas present this year~

Speaking of Christmas presents
I will finish with this.
Yeah- You go right ahead and do that.
As for me---
I would be afraid of finding 
if I did that!

I don't put

Have a wonderful weekend.
I will be back later with
some more
so -quit your whining!
your photo name


  1. I enjoyed the randoms...the kids are so cute and it was a great review! :)

  2. All those grandkids are so adorable! I wonder why she chose peanut butter? Those hand crafts are wonderful to compare their hand prints to when they grow up. -Jenn

  3. The Christmas tree art made from green handprints is such a cute idea!

  4. Hi Diana.. so cute that your grandson was holding the newspaper clipping of he and his dad. Sometimes I wish that I could drown myself in peanut butter. Have a great weekend!!

  5. Oh Diana, I love your sense of humor. The peanut buttered child is just the cutest. Your grands are adorable. You had me at the tears for Daddy. And the smartphone gift box is hilarious. Keep us laughing, dear one. ♥

  6. Okay like randomness too.
    Your grandchildren are all beautiful in their own special ways.
    He missed his daddy and cried and sleeps with his bear - sweet.
    I get you totally about $50 at WH.
    Love the joke.
    And peanut butter on the body - hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. I can tell that bear was made long ago. Same with toys and halloween costumes, today's one are made much better quality. I remember having a halloween costume where it was just a mask and a themed plastic poncho

  8. Looks like fun for everyone this Christmas season🎄Love your randoms, since that is like I am. And that peanut butter girl has my heart❣️Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  9. Those children are so precious and adorable!!! Great pictures!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  10. Such cute kids! What a joy they must be. I love that handprint Christmas tree. Every mama and grandmama needs one!!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  11. Alternating between tears and laughter reading this post, Diana. That little boy holding his daddy's teddy bear. . .tear stains on the newspaper clipping? Stop. Please. Peanut butter legs is funny. And very cute. As always, your grands are all cute. xo

  12. Diana, You sad things about kids just kill me. CJK is adorable. Those Cracks me up. You have too much on your grandkids already. LOL I absolutely love those hand print crafts. Those are keepers. Blessings to all, stay warm. xoxo, Susie

  13. Hi Diana,
    I love all these photos and yes, that tearstained news clipping broke my heart. Little ones always miss their parents when they travel. Glad he has Teddy to cuddle. :)
    Peanut butter legs is definitely going to kill you. LOL
    I have never seen a paint hand print turned into a it! I only got hand print turkeys!
    Hope you are staying warm up there...have a great weekend.
    xoxo, T.

  14. The gift of socks is hilarious! And I was at Dollar Tree and they have some really cute ones for....wait for it...$1 ! hahaha! Hugs! (we may get coal in our stocking this year!)

  15. I love your random posts...I usually laugh the whole way through. The peanut butter is priceless!!

  16. Oh my gosh the peanut butter one... lol.. our kids do the funniest things when they are younger... and I adore those ornaments with the hand print, so cute... I am going to see if my oldest daughter can do this with my grandchildren, I would those... xox

  17. You make me smile this gloomy day. Love the craft ideas! Will share with my nieces!

  18. Oh, are so funny! These pics of your grandkids are fantastic. And they're so darn cute. I'm sure they bring a ton of joy to your life. Have a great weekend! PS - how's hubby?

  19. AHH Christmas you never know what you will get.

  20. Oh Diana, I just love your random posts. OK, which granddaughter is that slathering peanut butter all over herself, that is too funny. That breaks my heart about little CJK, he's such a cutie. Those Christmas ornaments with the handprints is a great idea! I remember my kids making hand prints at school and giving them to us for Christmas. And I LOOOOVE those pictures of the three kids in the woods. Their flannel shirts make me smile. :)

    love, ~Sheri

  21. This is a great Christmas post! Such sweet pictures. I wish I saw this post while the hand artist, Cassidy, was here. She just left! She would have loved to see her picture featured on your blog. Yum, I love chunky peanut butter, but not so much on my legs :-) I am going to remember the steak and egg story when I take the girls out this Sunday....I'm paying!

  22. Love seeing pictures of the grands! Some of those might find their way into a photo display at a graduation party...ha! The hand Christmas tree is a cute idea. Saw a little blond curl haired cutie at Trader Joe's today who reminded me a little of Bright Eyes. Enjoy your weekend. We are expecting cold and wet weather. xoxo

  23. P.S. The story about your grandson missing his daddy is precious. What a sweet child!

  24. Lol, random stuff is so much fun! Love the pictures of the grands. Happy weekend, Diana!

  25. Oh my goodness! How precious are those big drops of tears?! So does Peanut Butter girl really love peanut butter or was she merely trying to banish dry skin? What a riot.

  26. LOVE these photos!! The PB slathering must have been a real challenge to clean up after. :) My son used to get into my make up and have a blast! He looked like a clown. Lol! I had just finished painting the *entire* house when we moved to Amarillo...all the trim, ceilings, louvered doors and of course, the walls. I was making dinner one evening and my daughter called me into her room. She had drawn alllll over one wall with crayons and was so pleased with her creation. Those are things that make you want to leave home! :)

    I think you should have given us a tissue alert re: the story of CJK missing his dad! So, so precious.


  27. The kids are so big, Diana. Time goes by so fast! Have a wonderful weekend!

  28. I just caught up on several posts. I've not spent much time online this December, but coming here always makes me so happy! You have such a gift for brightening the day, Diana.

    That photo of Sweet Cheeks spying Santa? In her mama's coat?? Oh, my word. That should win an award.

    Love you, sweet lady! You're just the best!

  29. Isn't it great to have pictures of kids to use later? The PB one is the best!!

  30. Hi Diana! Oh, those kiddoes are just the cutest things and growing up before our very eyes! I guess that's what kids do - grow up - it's their job! I've missed you and your humor. You're a hoot! Hope you're having a good week.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  31. Thank you for coming by to visit. I have not been blogging anymore and have not thought that I have any friends left in blogland so it is nice to hear from you! I wish you and your precious family a Merry Christmas and happiness in the New Year...even with all of the changes. Bless you xo Kerrie

  32. Well, what a bunch of wonderful randomness! The tears on the article really did make me feel like weeping. Such a tender hearted little boy! I don't think I can look at peanut butter again without thinking of this.

  33. So much to enjoy here... Your grandkids are very cute and those pictures are so sweet. Oh my..that peanut butter photo! I just cringe when I think of how hard that was to get off of everything. I wonder what she'll use to blackmail you? lol The handprint keepsake pictures are a great idea. I may try one with the giggles. They love to paint! Wonderfully fun post. Have a great Sunday... <3

  34. Love the post with all the great pictures of the grands. They sure keep you hopping, but you love it. Love the peanut butter picture. our going to be in trouble when they get a little older LOL

    Have a wonderful week. Hows the job going? Take care of yourself.


  35. I love all the fingerprint ornaments. I have many on my tree and cherish them all. :) I'm cracking up at the peanut butter! I would have taken a pic too. :) And how sweet that CJK was clutching that newspaper clipping. Such a sweet boy!


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