Friday, September 9, 2016


I know! I know!
It has been a while since
I posted here.

If you read my last post you know that
we have been in the process of
getting our house ready to sell.
It's ready!  I'm done-!
Well, except for the nit-picky
little crappy stuff that I can 
always see needs doing/fixing/touching up

I have been sorting and donating
and giving things to the kids.
Over the years if they told me they wanted
well, they got it now instead of having to wait
until I die.

Let the bargaining begin--
fast and furious--
Daughter #1 would trade with Daughter #2-
Grandmother & Grandfather's portraits
for my mother's blue Aladdin teapot
and her miniature cedar chest.
DEAL-Agreed & Accepted!

Heavy gold plaster cherub lamps---

However, there might have been 
some arm wrestling over the
Gold Flatware.
Mimi got it- it matches 
the gold on her Lenox Christmas dishes.

I have cleared out at least 50% of 
I have rearranged furniture,
painted things,
touched up paint,
scoured every surface within 

The listing has been signed and
the photographer was here
2-1/2 hours yesterday taking pictures
and videos and using a drone
to showcase the bay front.

We are told it could take 
to sell.
Things along the bay here do not
move quickly.

It is just as well because I have 
where we would go should the house 
sell quickly.  
Probably into an apartment
until we could find a place.

It's a crazy life but someone has to 
live it!

Or maybe I could move into this
little number....
that would be just my luck
Hey!  At least it has a window!!!
or two?? or three???
And I can SEE that it is insulated!

MyHero is still struggling.
His weight has still not stabilized
and he suffers from continual exhaustion.
They discovered that his thyroid
has been destroyed by the radiation
to his neck.
He is on medication to counteract that.
He is still not able to eat and so he
continues with the tube feeding--
which is okay....
Clean up is a breeze!
Rinse the syringe and tube and
What else is going on here?
First day of school!
Here are just a few of the grands
headed off to school.
Need school supplies?

Apparently they have them here!
This one 
drive her teacher to drink!
this year cuz she is only 
there for 2 hours a week

I'll be back with pictures of the house.
They should be ready in the next day or so.

Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!

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Margaret Simonis said...

Wow! Thanks for all the updates Diana!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

You are sure busy there,'s a big job getting a place ready to go on the market!
Keeping you and your sweet hubby in my prayers! xoxo

Liz@ Infuse With Liz said...

Oh my you are one amazing power house! I hope you get some action on it but I know higher priced homes in our area are slower to move. Too bad hubby still can't eat and it stinks that the treatment also ruined his thyroid. Hopefully once the medicine starts to kick in he'll find some energy. I know the thyroid can really affect the energy level. The grandkids are so precious. Stay positive and relax a bit now that you've done the big job on getting it all ready, Hugs, Liz

Consider It All Joy said...

Will email soon! Have been praying for you and John!! Sending Hugs!💖

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Oh so happy to see you posting again. Now I've gotten caught up with the Hero, the grandkids and the house. Thanks for update. I've been worried about you.

Nonnie said...

Oh Diana, you are such a positive person. Your family is blessed to have such a fun, loving, wonderful wife and mom as you. You have lovely things, but your family is the real treasure. Those kids are beautiful. I'm sorry to hear about your hero's thyroid and eating problems. I know you're taking good care of him. Can't wait to see the pics of your house. Xoxoxo, Connie

bj said...

O, dear heart...i've thought of you and Hero so much. Bless his heart...such a struggle that we have no idea how hard.
All the kids are adorable and growing like weeds..Good luck on the sale of the house....

Wanda said...

So good to see a new post from you on my sidebar. Have wondered how you all were doing. Thanks for the update. So sorry your Hero is still struggling, but you certainly have a lot to keep you busy besides loving on him. Will be excited to see your slices of life over the next weeks and months. Sending love, hugs and prayers.

NanaNor's said...

Got to go read last months post to find out what's going on and why you are moving. Love you girl!


No I didn't realize that you are getting ready to if you don't have enough going on! Remember to take care of YOU during all of this. I will pray for your hubby and the up coming sale! You never know, God could bring a buyer in at any time!

Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes said...

Glad to see you back here, Diana. Sorry to hear that your hero is still struggling. I hope that better days are ahead. My goodness, the kids are all getting so big!

Katie Mansfield said...

So glad for the update. I'm sorry to hear your husband is struggling. I hope your listing goes well.

Janet said...

Hi Diana, good to see you here. Missed you. Wow, you have been busy. I hope all goes well with the house and that you are ready when it sells.
The Grands look adorable.
Sorry that your hubby is still having troubles. I will continue to pray for him to get better and for you both to be strong and healthy.
Take care my friend. ((hugs))

Mimi said...

Oh, I'm so glad you've posted--I've been wondering how you're doing. :-) Let me tell you from my experience, downsizing is WONDERFUL! I now know exactly where everything I own is...and most of it is with family members or Goodwill! LOL I've told my kids that they should appreciate the fact that I did this at age should save them tons of time and trouble when they move me into the retirement home at age 89!

I'm so sorry to hear that your hero is still struggling. I will continue to pray for him, and I will also pray that your home sells quickly...but not TOO quickly. ;-) God's timing, right?

I always love seeing pictures of the kiddos. What a good looking bunch!

Leena Milligan Lanteigne said...

Hi Diana! So great to see your blog in my mailbox! Sounds like you've been really busy! Getting a house ready to sell is always such a job, but it's nice to get rid of some things and revisit some that you've stored away for a while and see everything in a new light! Nobody wanted the cherub lamps? How can they resist cherubs? LOL! Sounds like your daughters will be busy finding homes for their new treasures! I hope that it doesn't take that long for your house to sell. It's so beautiful right there oh the beach, I can't imagine! Good luck with it and with finding a new home. Where are you going to look? I can't remember what you said about or where you're interested in moving to. I'm sorry to hear that John is still struggling with his weight and eating. I sure hope that he can get rid of that feeding tube soon! Take care and keep posting about your new adventure! Hugs, Leena

Kathy said...

It would take me years to get my house ready to sell. So much STUFF in the house. I'm working on it but it really will take me years. Good luck in the sale. It looks like you did a lot of work.

Vee said...

What a big task to tackle at this point in your lives. Hope that you found it therapeutic in some ways. The daughters have things that are meaningful and you have the joy of knowing where they landed. Win-win. Hope that they helped you with the process, too.

Keeping John tucked firmly in my prayers. He is an incredibly strong man to prevail in trying circumstances. So glad that they found out about his thyroid. And you? Well you are like The Unsinkable Molly Brown.

Your grands are adorable and the sign made me laugh. What a juxtaposition...had to be planned.

Karen said...

You have gotten a lot done! I pray that the sale of the house comes at just the right time, and that you have peace about where to move when that time comes. I'm sorry to hear that your hubby is still having struggles. I will lift you both us in prayer. The grandkids look great in their back-to-school outfits. Can't believe the little one is old enough for preschool. So adorable!

Susie said...

Diana, You are a tower of strength. I hate reading this about your Hero. I was hoping one day he'd be able to eat normally again. Your grandkids are growing up so quickly. They all are pretty children. I have missed you so much. Your great sense of humor, the fun pictures of the grands, your wonderful decorating skills. I think of you and keep all of you in my prayers. Take care of yourself too. Blessings, xoxo,love, Susie

Pam Kessler said...

You are so high tech with your drone flying over and all that. Hope you weren't nekked in the front yard. Again. :)

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

So nice to have a post from you! All that cleaning and arranging and getting rid of must take up so much time. I'm sorry Your Hero is still suffering the consequences of his cancer. Is it difficult for him to see others eating around him and he can't? I don't know a lot about real estate in your part of the world. I would think water front would sell quickly, but what do I know? I hope you find some new house that will symbolize a fresh start. ("That there's an R.V." maybe isn't the route to take!) -Jenn

Wild Oak Designs said...

Bless your heart! What a hard job....
On the other hand cleaning stuff out lightens the load....It is amazing how we accumulate stuff......

Barbara @ 21 Rosemary Lane said...

Diana I am keeping you and your Hero in my prayers with everything you both are currently faced with. You are strong and lady you have one hell of a sense of humor! Both will help you along this part of life's journey. Good to see a post from you Diana...will look forward to future posts when you can.
XO Barbara

Sylvia said...

Was wanting to hear from you. With God ALL things are possible, our home sold to the first person that looked at it in 6 days! Yours could too! Praying for John! (and YOU)


Donna said...

Hi Diana,
I've been thinking of you alot, and miss you lots, too! So, what have you been doing in your free time???! hahhaha! I was surprised to read bay front homes don't move quickly. I have a feeling that yours will go soon! Wow, I am impressed with all you have accomplished, you must be beyone beat. So sorry that your hero is still struggling, hope things look up soon. And the kiddos, they have grown so much. Little Miss Bright Eyes is a living doll!
take care, love and miss you!!

racheld said...

Oh, Sweetpea!!

What a Summer it's been!! All that painting and parting-with and cleaning for the showing! I cannot imagine what a time it's been for you, and I think about you every day, hoping y'all are doing well and that YourHero is progressing well.

All that STUFF---it's so comforting to see that someone else accents the word STUFF, for there's so much here---the accumulation of a mere thirty years, but much the result of us two auction-and-Goodwill junkies, more than lovely things passed from family or by gifts. And so, I think, it is so much easier in my mind to box up great piles and take it BACK whence it came, with no great attachment or title---Mammaw's pieplate and Tea Goblets are sacred, as are lots of BOOKS and pictures. I can remember all the gifts over the years, what is from whom, and so there's no danger of letting go of a meaningful bit of our days.

I wish you well, and that your home is as welcomed and loved as you've enjoyed it over the years. It's always sounded like a charming, happy place, with all the family memories of lovely times together, and gatherings for occasions which will colour their lives for all time.

Thinking of you always,


Junkchiccottage said...

Ok LOL on the Walgreens sign. Just cracked me up this morning. The kiddo's look so cute for back to school. Hope John starts to get his weight up and eating normal soon. I am donating my fat so if he would like some I will gladly donate for his cause. I saw the beginning pics of your home on the internet and it is beyond gorgeous. Such beauty and charm. I cannot wait to see the inside pics. Have a good week end. I will catch up with you soon.

Diane said...

Best wishes on your sale Diana, it is a great way to discover items you did not even know you owned.

Hugs Diane

My Kentucky Living said...

My parents are doing the exact same thing. Now I have some of their stuff in my storage area because I want it...but no room for it. Ha ha. Theirs will also be a slow sell...out in the country! Dad wants to rent somewhere and have no upkeep. We will see how it goes. My prayers to you and your hero. Sheila

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

I wish you all the best Diana and I hope the house will sell quickly! Good luck with it all. I hope your husband will heal and feel better soon and still praying. The grandkids are so adorable all ready for school. Take care. Julie xo

Red Rose Alley said...

I'm going through the same thing as you, Diana, selling our house and moving into another. But homes move quickly here in California, and we got an offer the first day of open house. Now, I'm trying to find a place, and I'm not as chipper as you. Send some good energy my way, would you?

I'm so sorry to hear what's happening with your husband. He has been through a terrible time, bless his heart. Can't wait to see more pics of your house.

love you, ~Sheri

Kelly said...

It's so good to hear from you again! I had no idea it could take so long to sell a house in your area. I guess you have to be patient. At least you have all the hard stuff done now. I hope everything goes smoothly for you. I take medicine for my thyroid too. I have Graves' disease. I had to take a radio iodine pill to kill it almost 15 yrs ago. The medicine makes me feel normal now. Hopefully they can get his dose right and then he should be better.

Barbara said...

Glad you posted. I was wondering how things were going. Slow and steady wins the decluttering game. I'll keep Dear Hubby on my prayer list.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see an update from you. Wow, the grandchildren are growing so fast. You have been very busy and I look forward to viewing your home photos/video. Praying for you and your dear husband. God bless.

Simple Pleasures said...

Hi Di, I had no idea you were going to move! Are you wanting to stay in Wisconsin? You could always move to Indiana Amish country, lol. Sorry to hear your hero, isn't doing that well. Ill keep praying. Grand kids are getting so big. Love ya, xoxo

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

Thanks for catching us up. Sounds like it's one of those 'times of life' that involve change. I'm not very good at those yet. You're lucky, my kids don't even want my stuff. They want new stuff. Like a gift card to Pottery Barn, new kind of stuff! Not a sentimental one amongst them. I'll keep your hubby in my prayers, and you of course. Life certainly calls for a lot of strength and fortitude, doesn't it? I hope you guys find the exact perfect, sweet, location for your new home and get to move in there and make lots of wonderful new memories! P.S. Those grands just get cuter and cuter. I can't believe how much they've grown every time I see a picture!

camp and cottage living said...

So good to hear how it's all going, Diana. Tim & I are still praying for John. I knew it couldn't be easy. They told me the same thing about my house, maybe 2 years. I can't imagine a waterfront home not selling sooner though. Didn't your neighbors sale quickly? In His time, right. That's what I keep telling myself when I want to scream, "get me out of here Lord"! I bet it's the teacher's buying Walgreen's school supplies. I know it would drive me to drinking if I had to teach a school room full of children! Take care-Kim

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

A lot going on there. That is time consuming clearing out things. I am sure the kids will love your treasures. You have not lost your sense of humor...LOL How about a tiny house? The big rage on HGTV.
One never knows about the selling of a house. Sometimes it is quick, other times, extremely slow. I hate having the short notice of showing the house. We talk about moving sometimes, I do love our remodels and the land and privacy. I hope your hubby regains his strength and can enjoy eating again. it has certainly taken it's toll. I guess with the radiation destroying his thyroid, he will need to be on a daily dose of thyroid meds. The grands are so adorable. those sweet faces melt your heart. Take care Diana. Lots of love to you. xo

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Sending my love your way.

The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen said...

Well, Diana, you have been the Energizer Bunny. Dear one, you must be worn out. Cleaning out the collections we have accumulated over the years makes me shudder. Glad to hear about your progress. John is such a trooper and I pray for his continued recovery. xo ♥

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

You have been busy! I wish you all of the speed and luck in selling your home!! Hoping your sweet hubbie, keeps getting stronger everyday.

Linda said...

You have been busy! Getting a home ready for selling is so nerve-wracking! My Dutch husband put one of his rental houses in Holland on the market in June when the renter finally moved out after 29 years. We agreed before he went there to arrange everything that he would only have a cleaning service come in and clean and a lawn service keep up the yard and flowerbeds. Well, the house was left clean enough ( according to the real estate agent and my husband) and the yard guy was to come once a week for a reasonable cost. The house sold in two weeks. Internet viewing and one two hour Open House was enough. Maybe you will be so lucky❣Fingers crossed😘Linda@Wetcreek Blog

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

We're all so glad to hear from you and your sweet hubby. I'm wishing you the very best with all your plans. I know it's hard to get rid of things but you always have such a great attitude. Love to both of you...and hugs, Diane

Simply LKJ said...

Happy to catch up with you and the family!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

So good to read your post!!! Sure hope all your hard work readying your home helps it to sell quickly. As always, love the pics of your adorable grandkids! Wow, didn't realize John still faces such hard stuff.

Carla from The River said...

Hello, So happy to hear all is going well with getting the house ready for sale.
I am sorry to hear about John, I continue to pray.
Love, Love the back to school photos.

Ron said...

Best of Luck with the house sale. I have always loved that view.
Prayers for John and for patience and healing. xo

Trisha said...

Glad to see you back here! Super cute back to school pictures, hard to believe it is that time of the year again. Best of luck with selling your house...I hope it takes the time you want/need it to!


Carla said...

Glad to hear the news Diana. John is still in my prayers. Carla from Kansas

Carla said...

Glad to hear the news Diana. John is still in my prayers. Carla from Kansas

amazingsusan said...

Hey Diana, love to you and your hero and I hope the move goes smoothly. Just to let you know my mom died on August 17. Thankfully, I was with her until the very end. I wrote a poem about it here:

I'm lucky to have all kinds of wonderful video and audio taped conversations and while I miss her physical presence, I still feel like she's with me <3

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Diana, So great to read your update post. Been thinking of you knowing you've been busy. You sure have accomplished a ton of stuff to get ready to list your home. I hope it sells fast!! So sorry John is still struggling. Our prayers are on going he'll have better days ahead. Love the back to school pics. All the kids are growing up so fast. Bright Eyes is a doll baby for sure.
Wishing you the very best on this journey. Sending big hugs your way. Love you, xo

living from glory to glory said...

You are a wonderful lady! I am praying the place sells in God's timing and yet I do hope it is not a very long time. And please don't settle for that van with the windows, cause we have a shed out back, with no windows LOL
I bet the kids were blessed to get their treasures early!
Hugs, Roxy

Rose L said...

i had been wondering how all wax going. I hope your home does not take that long to sell. Mine sold in the first 4 weeks. Now houses move so fast that you have to jump at one you want right away. The g-kids look so great.

Donna said...

Wow, you have been busy! Sending you both hugs and prayers... My oldest daughter is an educator (Early Childhood Director for Head Start) and I sent her the Walgreen's sign.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I must have missed the post about you moving. I am sure it is sad but necessary. So sorry hubby is still struggling with after effects. My youngest daughter already has dibs on so much of my stuff. Downsizing is the only way she is getting any of it before I go!! So happy to feel your spunk through this post!

Lucille said...

Hi Diana! It was good to read all that has been happening with you. You must be so tired from all that work! So sorry to hear about John's thyroid. As if he did not have enough to deal with. You're both very brave and courageous people. I look forward to seeing those pics of your house. Best of luck with the sale of your house!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Glad to hear that you have accomplished what you set to do in order to list the house...I am sorry to hear that your Hero is still struggling with his weight...and yes, you still amaze me with your sense of humor....always looking on the bright side! Looking forward to your house photos....good luck with the sale!

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

I am so sorry your husband is still not doing well. You may be surprised as your house may sell faster than you think. We just sold the closing papers on ours in July. It was listed in multiple listings on Saturday and sold on Sunday. We are in a small apartment now and building a house where they take care of all the outside work except a small courtyard which I can do what I want with. Hubby has to use a cane now for balance because of his neuropathy and I am still struggling with Lyme Disease. I hope everything goes well for you and your hubby. Moving is a lot of work!! Thanks for the update. Nancy

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Oh good goes on and on and on, doesn't it? I'm so happy that it's all done and the listing is ready.
Poor John, I feel so bad for him. And now his thyroid. You are Wonder Woman, Diana...and you're cape looks marvelous on you! Hang in there, sweet friend! Much love to you and John, T.

Chatty Crone said...

Okay well first off I am glad your hubs seems okay - and is that food flavored at all? Does he miss food? And I bet you will sell that house a lot faster than that - people will see the love and beauty and will snap it up so think about where you are going to go. And the grands going back to school - I bet they love school. I hope you are taking care of yourself. It was good to hear from you. Love, sandie

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Thanks for the newsy update! I am so sorry to hear about John.

May your house sell at the 'right' time for you.

Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

Adam said...


Gypsy Heart said...

Wow, you have accomplished a ton of work! Can't wait to see the pictures and hoping for a quick sale! Have you thought of putting St. Joseph in the front yard? It always works! Isn't it amazing how much stuff we collect? I'm sure you have so much more due to the size of your home, etc. It is time for me to do another purge. The grands are growing so fast! They're all still adorable. I'm so sorry that John is still having difficulties...prayers continue for his healing and for your strength.

Much love my friend,
P.S. If that vehicle doesn't work out for you, you might consider something like the Clampett's truck...and don't forget your rocker! :)

Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

My, My, you do sound like a busy woman...where ever do you get all that energy! John has been on such a hard journey and still unable to eat...gosh didn't the doctors think there was a chance of destroying his thyroid? Hope the medicine works and helps his energy level. You two are so inspirational...

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Diana, you have certainly had your hands full. But, I'm not worried about you because I can still see that sense of humor peeking out. What a job but now it seems like just a waiting game. I'm so sorry that John is still feeling down but meds for the thyroid should make a big difference. Rest awhile and enjoy the weekend..xxoJudy

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

Always a pleasure finding an update from you, Diana. Sorry to hear your hero is still struggling. I pray he will have better days very soon.

chateau chic said...

So glad to get the update, Diana. I've thought of you all off and on this summer and wondered how things were going. So sorry John is still struggling with weight gain (the lack thereof) and energy. Will continue to pray.
You're an amazing woman getting everything done to put your house on the market. So thankful you have the confidence to know you are in God's hands even for this and He will sell your house when He knows you and John need to move.
Mary Alice

Stephen Andrew said...

Haha you realize by taking comfort in the fact your house could take a year or two to sell that it'll probably sell this week, right? You must have accidentally forgotten to text me when you were giving away the good stuff! Congratulations on getting it all ready!

Missy George said...

I love the first picture..looks great..I hope your home sells soon so you can get on with things..There probably won't be a "right time."
Sorry that John is still's not easy for either of you, I'm sure..
Love the picture of your new home..Knowing you, you'd make the best of it and have fun doing so..
Thanks for the update..Think of you often..

Cecilia Bramhall said...

Diana, it's good to hear from you! Glad y'all are doing ok...sorry to hear John is still struggling. Praying the thyroid medicine helps and things get better soon. Has to be discouraging at times.
Best of luck with the house selling. The grands are as cute as ever. They sure are growing up!

Launna said...

Diana, I so happy to hear from you, I was going to email you this week if I didn't see you blog... I knew you were super busy with getting the house ready, it looks good from what I can see and you have some really nice things... I look forward to the pictures xox

You never know how fast it will go, someone could come along and fall in love with it just like that... I am sure it will sell when you need to have it sold, especially since you took the time to make it look so awesome xox

Down On The Farm said...

Hello my friend. So very good to hear from you. Prayers continue for The Hero. I know his health issues must be very discouraging, for you and for him. Just keep praying and trusting our Lord. He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly . . . . !!!! Praying for the Lord's perfect timing in the sale of the house. I know you are worn out, physically and emotionally. One day at a time! Praying for you daily my beautiful friend! God is good!

Summer said...

Loving your photos! All the best with selling your house ♥

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

I love how they're using drones now to photograph listings. So neat! Good luck with selling your home. Maybe it won't take that long to sell. I'm sure the timing will be perfect. Loved seeing the grands on their first day of school!

Nellie said...

Will it really take that long for your house to sell?? I'd think it will go quickly! You've created a really lovely place! I'm sorry to hear that John is still struggling. Perhaps the thyroid medication will encourage some weight gain. Those grandchildren are adorable!! xo Nellie

Diana Ferguson said...

Will pray that you are able to rest some. Also that you will continue to trust in God's plan for the future for you both!

Melanie said...

A year or two to sell your house? That's crazy! Guess all you can do is list it...and pray! I am so sorry to hear that John's thyroid has been destroyed and that he is so exhausted and still can't eat. :-(
Your grands are so cute. I'm sure they help cheer you and John up. Blessings to all of you.

Tamara said...

Oh goodness Dear Lady..
You are a wonder and amazement. I accidentally unfollowed you when I was trying to click on another blog so I was popping in to get you back on my list! And found your post.. I'm so sorry that John is still not able to eat and that he's so tired. I will be praying for you both. And for things to fall into place with your home. I know your faith is strong. Hang in there! I love the gypsy wagon! Ha! it could use your TLC for sure! Your sweet grand babies make me smile and Oh for gosh sakes! THAT SIGN! Too funny.. Big hugs to you.

Tamara xo

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

oh the 12 pack miller sign !! LMAO !!!

I am so sorry to hear that John is still struggling and cannot eat yet!! What a summer of hard work you have had..I DO hope the place sells before you have to clean it within and inch of its life again though!!

The grands are, as always, just gorgeous.

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

oh the 12 pack miller sign !! LMAO !!!

I am so sorry to hear that John is still struggling and cannot eat yet!! What a summer of hard work you have had..I DO hope the place sells before you have to clean it within and inch of its life again though!!

The grands are, as always, just gorgeous.

Kim said...

Been thinking of you and John. Glad to see you pop up here. Love the sign...haha. As a former teacher, I get it! ;) xoxo

Grammy Goodwill said...

Oh, Diana. I've given up reading blogs mainly to have more time to help my daughter with her kids. I had no idea of John's continued struggles until I saw your most recent post about your house for sale. Now I'm backtracking to discover this. All I can say is God's peace and comfort and strength to you both.

Annesphamily said...

I love your plastic cherub lamps. I am always searching to find something with cherubs reasonably at ebay and such. When I lost my Auntie Ang to breast cancer in 2000 I had wished someone would have offered me just one of her little porcelain angels or golden cherubs for a memory I could place in my home and think of her even more everyday! You are smart offering your kids lots of your treasures. I won't drag my sadness over the loss of my folks here. I will just pray for you and your hubby and continue being your friend. Just don't move without letting me know where you are going. This internet stuff is getting scary and I keep hearing the president wants to turn the internet over to the UN so they may tax us. When that day comes and I hear it could be by the month's end I will be saying so long and farewell. We pay a fortune in fees to have phones and internet service now. I am just grateful we never gave up our landline. It is still the quickest way for emergency medical personnel to get to you. I guess I am thinking of myself as I age. I want to be prepared for whatever is coming our way. I am sure glad I stopped by here. God bless you two and know lots of prayers are being said for you. xo

Cindy - ClochesandLavender said...

Sorry to read about John. Praying for him. The grandkids look so cute for the first day of school. The picture of Sofia is priceless.


Beatrice Euphemie said...

Aw! Look at those sweet little grands! Too precious! Sending hugs to you and John. xo Karen

SpicingUpIdaho said...

You are richly blessed with such a beautiful and precious family Diana! And I will be continuing in prayer especially for John too, I am sorry to hear that he is still struggling with such terrible side effects from the chemo. My heart goes out to both of you, so much to deal with! I have just finished reading backwards your posts of the house pictures, and just got your email... I will be praying that the Lord opens up the PERFECT spot for you, HE is able! Hugs to you today dear friend!

Sweet Tea said...

God bless you and John. Sure was hoping he'd be able to eat real food again.
You two are brave fighters.