Thursday, May 30, 2013

What Sweet Cheeks Learned At Children's Church

Our grandkids belong to a 
different religous denomination than we do.
Their parents are doing a wonderful
job raising them up in their faith.
once in a while when the kids
spend Saturday night with us,
 they go to our Community Church.
We have a Children's Church there
that does games, simple teachings and
simple crafts.
(God bless those room "mothers")

So-Last Sunday off SweetCheeks goes to
the Kindergarten age class.
We picked her up afterwards
and she was smiling. 
What did you learn today, SweetCheeks?
I learned Ephesians 4:32
Be kind to one another and forgive
others as God forgave you.

WE were duly impressed so we pressed on....
And THEN what? We asked.

SweetCheeks never missed a beat-
Then it was all

Ummmmm....Didn't you listen?
Noh- I wuz buzhy!
Buzy doing what?
Making butterflies for the other LITTLE kids.
They thought I was the teacher's helper!

(The LITTLE kids are her age)-lol
That's my girl!
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  1. That's our girl! Love the butterfly. More, more, more! You've been slacking over here! LOL
    Hope you have a good day.

  2. She's such a sweet girl! Lovely butterfly!

  3. I love starting my day with a SweetCheeks story!!! Welcome back!

  4. Diana, I have missed hearing about SC's antics. So cute. At least she learned something.:):) Reminds of a time when I read sleeping beauty to a child . I read it all and I said "the end". She says," is that really how it goes?" I said yes, why do you ask? She says," What happened to all the blah-blah-blahs?" Her father was saying that to reach the end quicker.:) xoxo,Susie

  5. Great picture !!!! Have a wonderful day

  6. Such a sweet little girl, just like her Nana.

  7. Sweet Cheeks has so many talents.
    The model now become a teacher!
    I bet the big teacher was glad to have her help for sure.

  8. It is wonderful to see you back Diana.

    Sweet Cheeks is precious. Kids are so great!

  9. Love this post! She is as always, adorable! Glad you are back!

    Flora Doora

  10. How cute! Sweet Checks always brings a smile! Enjoy your day, Gail

  11. Great butterfly! It's good to hear that SweetCheeks is up to her usual.:-) Have a great Thursday, Diana! xo Nellie

  12. What a sweet heart your Sweet Cheeks has! My son is the same. Kids flock to him, and it does my heart good to see him take time with little guys, be they his age or younger ;)

  13. She looks like a pretty good helper, to me! :-)

  14. What a cutie! And I love that she said the "little" kids thought she was the Teacher's Helper :) Hope you are doing well.

    Hugs to you!

  15. Haha! She sounds very much like a little girl I have in our children's church. A little helper. Smart, too - memorizing that verse.
    It's great to see you back. I trust your son is doing well since his surgery.

  16. What a joy that little one of yours is!!

  17. Hey Nana you have to have a helper didnt you know. Be kind to each other. She was a Helper.

    Only Sweet Cheeks would give you an honest answer.

    Out of Babes mouths.

  18. so those little souls that are so pure and fresh! my little one is eating at the OLIVE CART (ala carte) today for the first time all year!

  19. sounds like she learned the most important part and then had fun. Love her butterfly you should mat and frame it.

  20. So glad that SC hasn't changed. Love to hear about the things she does. They make my day.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  21. I think that she may be Presidential material with all of that leadership capability.


  22. As I've said before.....she's a little spitfire! That's good though. She'll end up paving her own road one day as a result. She'll be a leader instead of a follower. She is so adorable.

  23. That would be the same thing Josie would do! Our two really need to get together.

  24. I missed the sweet cheeks posts!

  25. Sweet cheeks and my granddaughter together would be dangerous!!

  26. I love Sweet Cheeks and I've missed you very much "my sweet lady." Thank you for coming by, hope all is well with you, specially your dear Sil. I've been a little busy lately, but I'm ok now, getting ready for our trip to Florida with our 2 sweet cheeks, lol.., as of course we will be going to Orlando, heheheee..
    Big hugs,

  27. Hi Diana, It is so good to read your blog again. Sweet Cheeks is so adorable and I love her answers. You can be assured that you are going to chuckle at how she answers you. We are getting more rain today and possible severe weather later today. I don't know how much we have had now. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  28. Sweet Cheeks is a little doll! So cute. Love her answer!

  29. What a smart girl she is-so very quick witted. Love her drawing!
    I know she keeps life happy and gives you lots of laughs.
    Hugs, Noreen

  30. She's a cutie pie and just as sassy as her sweet Nana! xxoo

  31. So cute. I love her butterfly!

  32. So great to hear form Sweet Cheeks. Glad to see she hasn't missed a beat :)

  33. That's sweet AND funny. She was putting the "be kind to others" into action. :)

  34. Welcome back Diana, and hello Miss sweet cheeks. Now a teacher LOL..of course.

  35. If everyone was made to learn and follow what she was taught, what a great world it would be.
    Thanks for sharing, she is a cutie pie. Kathy

  36. Sweet Cheeks has the best sense of humor! I have missed that girl! She and her sister shave the best "lines"! I love her confidence that she was the helper! Welcome back! Have a great weekend! Missed you!

  37. We sure have missed that sweet little stinker! I can just imagine her in charge of the 'little ones'. She has minions now!
    xo, T.

  38. Oh my gosh, she is one of a kind-you just want to pick her up and squeeze her. I think what ever she wants in life she will get it (one way or another-LOL) What a perfect face for her personality ;-)
    I'm so happy you could get back to blogging.

  39. I'm so glad you are back, Diana.
    I missed reading your posts.
    Glad everything is okay.
    Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend.

  40. Yap..that is your girl!
    So cute Diana!
    We have tornado warnings here today and they were right over my house...literally.
    All is well now although the skies are getting nasty again.
    Hugs friend and I must say the most popular blogger around!

  41. Too cute...
    I am so glad to see you back, Lon...uh, Diana. I missed your sassiness and Sweet Cheeks stories.

  42. Lol. Out of the mouths of babes...
    Thanks for stopping by to see my little room take shape AND thanks for commenting! Lately, I think ladies are browsing, but not commenting...I get lonely! Cindy

  43. Gotta love a girl with "attitude" - it will take her far!!

  44. Lovely butterfly. I'm sure Sweet Cheeks is mature for her age so she thought of the other kids as younger. She's adorable.

  45. That's our Sweet Cheeks! If only she knew the blah, blah, blah stuff she could have been teaching the class.
    Gotta love our Sweet Cheeks.

  46. That's your girl .. SO stinking cute.. And tell her I said she is quite the artist.. I bet she gets that from her nana... .HUGS and have a blessed weekend... YOU are one awesome nana .. TOODLES

  47. Sweet Cheeks is one special little girl~~~she truly has a gifted future ahead of her! I'm thrilled your snl is doing well and your computer problem has gone away...out with the old, in with the new!! Mine is still acting up......wants to torture me a little longer.....and of course, you may go glamping with me...a girls week out (oh, I mean girls nite out)would be F*A*B*U*L*O*U*S!! Praying this little dream can come true~~~Blessings, Roxie

  48. thats so cute diana!! least she remembers the important things!! awesome drawing too sweetcheeks! i am sure you were a huge help for the teacher!

  49. She is so danged cute, that one - she's going to do just FINE in this ole world, isn't she?

    What a doll - and what an AWESOME butterfly!!

  50. Yay! You're back!

    I was so impressed that she knew the verse, too...Then it was right back to good ole SweetCheeks talk. Love it.


  51. Such a sweet story:) and sounds like she totally gets it! It's about doing for others and listening.. she new the verse. It's great that her parents are okay with you taking her to your church. Kids need exposure to everything:)

    Glad you're back:) xxleslie

  52. Oh, is that little girl adorable!!! And, guess what? Ephesians 4:32 is one of two verses in my upcoming Sunday post :)

  53. she's a very good artist for her age....Miss B still scribbles or copies my art....stick figures...

  54. :) I love her! Of course she is older than all those little kids!

  55. Is there anything better than children? That is some definite artistic potential there. That is a great lesson of kindness and forgiveness. In our church, the reverends speak with the children’s class every week to teach them lessons in front of the congregation. There are always special and funny moments with the children.

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