Thursday, September 15, 2016


Yesterday I left you
by the backdoor
looking towards the front of the house.
To the left  where the seeded glass panels are 
is where the steps 
lead to the upstairs area.
This old salt greets you in a niche
that is just his size.
If you look to the right you will see
that disappears into the wall
but can be closed off to 
separate the upstairs and guest bedrooms
from the noise of the downstairs.
Also, this area has it's own zone 
for heating and cooling.
Down the main hall I created 
two insets in the drywall to hold
Grandmother & Grandfather Kos's portraits.
Those are the only family pictures I left out.
Not sure why the painting looks spotty 
on the wall-
it must be the lighting/reflections.

I had a hall closet taken out and 
built a server in for guests.
There is a mini-fridge underneath.
To the left that little corner you see is
a laundry chute..which is tiled.

This used to be a bedroom but we are using 
it as a sitting room and once in a while
Lulu sleeps on the 
sectional in here.
There is a smaller bedroom that 
SweetCheeks and Ria
have claimed for their own.
This is the bathroom that serves
those two bedrooms.
The fixtures through the whole house are
Kohler Coastal Series
Those two bedrooms are on the front of the house.
The old master/now guest room en suite 
is on the back of the house and 
opens to a small balcony 
that overlooks the bay.
We used lots of mirrors wherever we could
to bring the bay/outdoors in-
so that you could see the water no matter
which way you were looking.
I can see where I missed a few 'touches' 
here and there..
but it is what it is...
This is the bathroom for the master.
This bathroom has solid brass antique fixtures
and was the only variation from the
Kohler series we used throughout.
You can't see it here but the mirror
and fixtures are also burnished with
antique brass touches.
So---I think that is it for the upper level.

I will be around tomorrow to 
finish up the tour
of the lower level.

Thanks for all the kind comments you have been leaving!
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  1. Thank you for continuing your house tour. I love that your colours and style are consistent throughout the house. Why is it that your guest rooms look like guest rooms and not a place to store all of your "stuff"? Do you have a magical storage spot? -Jenn

  2. I love looking at the photo's of your home,Diana, it is so nice and clean. Will you come 'clean' mine up like that...Oh it wouldn't look like that anyway so never mind.

  3. I am sure that you won't have any trouble selling your lovely home.

  4. So clean and crisp. Just stunning!! What's your secret to keeping all your mirrors clean?

  5. I would love to be your guest there - looks like Heaven to me. Love your colors and the pictures of your grandparents - how unique. Just love it friend.

  6. Beautiful! Your home is so lovely.

  7. Diana, I wish I had come to visit you...who would not love to sleep in such a beautiful room. I love the portraits. I know that your house will sell....hopefully for more than the asking price even. You had made a wonderful home for your family. Blessings to all of you, tell everyone hello...we miss them. xoxo, Susie

  8. Gorgeous, again! You are so talented, Diana! Your home is SO beautiful!

  9. Oh, how I wish this weren't so far away! Where exactly?? Cause it is perfect.
    I would just move in....
    Love it....

  10. Thanks for the tour of your beautiful home Diana! :)

  11. Beautiful . . . I'm sure that you will have a buyer very soon. Start preparing for the move and get lots of help.

  12. Will be fun to see where and what your new home will be like....ready for the new journey??
    PS in response to your comment in email......"maybe a 10 foot fence might help so I don't have to look at the neighbors junk through my kitchen window????" (kidding--(not)!!!

  13. Better be prepared to move. I think it will be happening very quickly. xo Laura

  14. Your home is beautiful, Diana! I was surprised to read in an earlier post that it might take a year to sell. If it were here in Victoria, it would be sold the day it listed. Our housing market is so hot right now that houses are selling over the asking price. I hope you sell quickly!

  15. Very beautiful and inviting. Hoping for you a buyer will be by soon so you can move on to your next dream house.

  16. Lovely bedrooms, Diana. That was a smart use of mirrors!

  17. I love the mirror trick, Diana. We were away this summer at a property that did the same thing and it was such a bonus to be able to see the water even when we weren't looking outside!

  18. You have a warm, inviting and wonderful home...what fun portraits! I think I would have left them on display, too.
    You've done a beautiful job.
    xoxo, T.

  19. So lovely, Diana. I know it will be difficult to say goodbye to your dream house. But I hope you do sell it soon and can move on to the next phase of your life. Being in limbo can be infuriating. ♥

  20. Diana, I've just caught up here. It's such fun to see your house. I'm sorry that you're selling it...but I'm so glad you have it to sell! I hope you get a wonderful return for it and that you'll find a place that you'll fill with love and laughter. Just think of all the houses that have become HOMES because you and your blessed family were there! :) Bless you, sweetie!

  21. Your home is so lovely! I've missed a post, I think - are you selling? Oh my!!

  22. Love how you have displayed the portraits. Your home would make a great B&B..I'm sure it has unofficially been that quite often..You have made this house a home to your lovely family often over the years.Doesn't everyone have a tiled laundry chute?? Magnificent

  23. Hi Diana, every bit gorgeous and it is certainly a dream home. What a journey through the years and the memories here. I know the perfect buyer is out there. Prayers continue my friend. Have a great weekend ahead!! xo

  24. Just dreamy! How fun it would be to walk through at an Open House to see it all in person.

  25. I am so loving taking this tour of your beautiful home...Have a wonderful weekend!

  26. For some odd reason, I never imagined your home to be so huge, Diana! It's so beautiful! When you built it, you truly did a magnificent job in every little detail. No worries about selling it, girl. God's got this and is sending the perfect family your way. :)

    xoxo laurie

  27. Everything so sparkling clean and bright! How did you ever keep your large home up? I bet your guests just loved visiting you! I hope it sells soon for a great price! Nancy

  28. Very nice, Diana. I like how you took out the closet and now there's a mini-fridge. The guest room with the balcony looks fantastic. I think my favorite thing is your grandmother and grandfather's photos. They are treasures that will surely be passed on to the next generation.

    I am enjoying this tour of your house, my dear.

    love, ~Sheri

  29. Cannot say enough how lovely your home is. Have you thought about what you would do if someone wants to buy a lot of the furniture?

  30. Enjoying the tour. I'll be out a couple of days but I'll check in when I can...I want to see the rest. :) I hope you have a great weekend.

  31. Your upstairs is as lovely as the downstairs. I would love staying in your guest room. That view must be stunning, esp when the leaves change. Good luck with the sale.

  32. Oh, Diana, how did you ever get your guests to leave? I would be making all sorts of excuses as to why I needed to stay.......everything is so light and bright and beautiful. Love the alcoves with your Grandparent's portraits. Some lucky family is going to love this beautiful home. I pray it sells quickly and all goes smoothly for you, my dear. Sending hugs xo Kare

  33. What a beautiful home! The guests room is gorgeous ♥

  34. Diana, what a beautiful serene home! You upper level is stunning! It will be a treasure to a family- what a delight to buy a move-in ready home!

  35. Still stunning! So much beauty and so much space...I don't have a clue how you take care of it. Love the photos of the grandparents!


  36. What delight that the girls got to pick their own guest bedrooms! I know they are going to miss this home as much as you are! I love the light colors you chose throughout the home, and the mirror trick about bringing the outdoors in, what a great idea! Hugs to you, I know all of this selling/moving business is tiring, and I will be praying for you!!!

  37. Diana... the house is lovely, it has so much light and I like the use of the mirrors to bring more light... You have really staged the house well xox

  38. You've made my morning with all these pretty pics to look at! I just poured a second cup of coffee to enjoy all these goodies. :) People love water views and you sure have a lot of that. Some lucky duck is going to snatch up your house soon, I just know it.

  39. Beautiful home my friend, then again, it's you all over it. I love the portraits of the grands in the niches you built. I guess you will miss this lovely home, but your new life and looks like soon too... it'll be great and fun just as much, take from someone who knows.
    We are totally redoing the guest rooms, bathroom and walking closet in a more modern way, as we haven't done much since the girls left the nest. I'm moving the home stuff in now, mostly mine to the big closet.
    I'll be checking out the rest of your post sweetie. How's your dear hubby doing?


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