Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Yesterday I left you at the front door.
Ready to go inside?
The door is open....
When you step in and look up you see
with seeded glass fixture.
To the left- Grandmother Russel's gate-leg table
To the right a hinged bench to sit 
and change your shoes.
Step forward and you are in the main hall.
This is very dark because it is a dreary day
but from the front hall you can see
straightway out to the bay.
The backside of the house is mostly glass.
Step from the outer foyer into the main hall
and to the left is the front sitting room.
Looking in---
Looking out towards the hall...
Across the hall is a small area for the kids
The steps are on the other side of the
and they lead upstairs.
We'll go there tomorrow.
The two little chairs are sewing chairs.
the pale yellow one was Gramma Russel's chair.
The wooden one belonged to my grandmother.
There is a powder room next to the 
Outside below the window is 
an angel fountain
which I will get pictures of another day.

Continuing down the main hall is the
dining room on the left.
2nd shot looks towards the kitchen-
You can see the 
'coffee/drink' center with
the copper sink and seeded glass built-ins.
To the right of the entry hall is the library area.
OMGOSH-- I just saw that tangle of cords!
I meant to clean that up before the pictures...duh....
This is also part of the inner entry hall &
library area.
At the end of the hall is the 
Dinette Area with Bench Seat
Pantry in the back.
All Bosch appliances.
Jenn-Aire downdraft 6 burner range with grill..
To the left is the bar area with copper sink...
Not a good picture---sorry---
The coffee bar area would be to the far left
in the picture below--
with a wine cooler built in under the counter
next to the fridge.
You can see the bay in the background.
I am going to miss this view.
If you came in the kitchen door that you see
to the far left in the picture above
and look towards the front entry
this is the view.
The overhead gives access to the old roof area-
We built out over the old house
and needed access.
I had them do this rather than put
the access in the closet.
The little door is home to
although I heard that they already 
packed up and moved.
Hope we can find them for the younger 
grandkids when we move.
So--there you have it--
that wraps up the first floor 
(I think).
I will be back with 
upstairs and downstairs next time.
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  1. Oh Diana, it's gorgeous! All that natural light & the view!! The barrel beadboard ceiling, the huge kitchen...I could go on & on! I wish you the best of luck selling it. Some family out there is going to be very lucky.

  2. OMG! That view! You can't put a price tag on a view like that. You have a lovely home. xo

  3. Diana... positively stunning. It won't take long before the right buyer walks in the door. Do you have St. Joseph buried upside down outside? Good luck!

  4. So when you are all done selling your house, you'll come decorate mine, right? -Jenn

  5. Beautiful Diana, I just know someone will fall in love with it just as you have. Love love the view to the bay! Thoughts and prayers with you!


  6. This is such a beautiful house. I had no idea you lived in a mansion. The view outside is just gorgeous. And your entire house is so clean. Can't wait to see upstairs.

  7. You and your husband have such a beautiful house and I wish you luck selling it. I can't wait to see more!!

  8. Your home is lovely and wow, you have been busy, perfecting every detail for the photo/video shoot. I am praying for the Lord to lead just the right family to your home. I know if you get a buyer, you can more easily search for your next home.

  9. Thank you for the lovely turn of the ground floor. I know you're going on to new and exciting changes in your life, but I feel your sorrow of leaving such a wonderful house. I didn't say "home" because it is very clear to me you have already let go so you can move forward, and I commend you for it.

  10. A very beautiful house.

  11. Wowza! I would sit at that kitchen table looking out and never leave. I would just eat and look out at that view! How gorgeous! I know you've loved living there but there will be another home perfect for you! I'm wishing you the very best my friend. Sweet hugs, Diane

  12. Hi Diana, Your home is stunning. I just love every area of it and the gorgeous way you have decorated in neutrals. Light and airy throughout and the view is amazing. Prayers for a quick sale! Big Hugs!!

  13. Incredible and beautiful. I think you were holding out on us all these years-you really are someone rich and famous.
    Just kidding, love your house-but I bet you could spend all day every day cleaning.
    Love, Noreen

  14. Your house is absolutely beautiful ♥

  15. Diana, Your home is beautiful. I love all the windows looking to the bay. Hey, don't you own any dust?? I would have probably taken that little copper sink for my next place. We left a copper cupola on the garage in town...wish we had brought that here with us. LOL. Blessings sweet friend. Hug the kids for me. xoxo, Susie

  16. Gorgeous! I know you will miss the house...but mostly the memories it holds. You will have to pack those in your heart.

  17. Diana, Your home is beautiful and I know that you will miss it. The things we get thrown through life is not always what we dreamed, but we do the best we can. I keep praying for a miracle for the both of us. You will always have the pictures of those precious grandchildren who are growing up so fast and the memories that you have made. Prayers and hugs to the both of you. Love you Shirley your Missouri Friend.

  18. Good Afternoon Diana, You have a beautiful home. I love the large windows and the light which floods through the house. You have such beautiful pieces. I love the small round table in the entryway, the legs are so unusual. I have a very eclectic home, so I am drawn to this piece.... and the space, how wonderful to enjoy so much space. Here in England our homes tend to be quite small in comparison.
    Good luck with selling your home, I feel you will not have to wait too long.
    With warmest wishes

  19. Good Morning Sweetie Pie, Diana your home is gorgeous and the location is amazing. I've followed you long enough to know that your heart is wrapped up in life and love and not your house . . . so wherever to go, you will make it home. With a heart as big as yours . . . you could fill many homes with love :)
    God bless you.
    Connie :)

  20. What a lovely home - your style is just gorgeous and that's literally a million dollar view. Good luck selling, and I'm curious as to where you will go from there!

  21. Oh my goodness! I don't remember ever taking a tour of your home. It is absolutely gorgeous with so much character. Everything is so tastefully done it could be in a magazine. I love it! It breaks my heart to think that you will be leaving this. Believe me, expect to grieve. I grieved my little 1000 sq ft home and my parents little 900 sq feet home. I know you will make your next one a haven. I pray for you as you make this transition. I know it will sell quickly so be ready.

  22. Your home is just gorgeous. Simply breathtaking. I can't imagine it not selling right away. I've been absent from blogland. I'm so behind on reading my favorite blogs. We've had so many life changes at our house (the unexpected loss of my father in law, Emma's move to college, the start of the semester at my university..etc). We are all trying to find our "normal" routines again - which means Halloween decorating and crafting! Please know that I continue to think of you, your sweet grands and your husband's health. Hugs!

  23. Gorgeous. I am laughing however at the kid's corner...doesn't seem like punishment being sent there. LOL

  24. Your heart is shown in these pictures! Anyone can live in a large and expensive home, but only those with the heart for home and hearth can make it truly a home filled with love! You have enjoyed all the best of life in these walls, but as we both know the best is yet to come, cause God is still doing what He does best! I am so enjoying seeing your slice of the bay...

  25. Diana, your home is truly out of this world! That view is stunning, your decor is gorgeous and I know you'll have someone walk in and want to move in immediately! With your talent, you'll make your next home as full of the love you see in this home. Home is where the heart is, right sweet lady?

  26. It's all so beautiful. That view in the kitchen area is amazing. Love your kitchen cabinets and hardware. Truly an elegant lake front home!

  27. It is beautiful, Diana. I know it must be hard to give it up. Xo Laura

  28. The house is gorgeous, Diana, every inch of it...but...that view, that view, that view. I can imagine it will hard to leave.

  29. I am speechless. It will probably sell so fast. I just think it is so beautiful and amazing. How did you keep it so clean????????????????????

  30. Beautiful home you have Diana! And the love within the walls are just priceless! I'm praying for the right buyers...
    Hugs, Amy

  31. There is no way that I would be able to keep this much space up. It would tire me out. hahaha It's so beautiful, Diana, and the colors are soft and neutral. So many things I like about your house, but the windows looking out to the bay is a big selling point for me. And I like the colors on the kitchen countertops. Oh, and the built-in book shelves, and the bar area. OK, I have to stop now. :) It really is something else. You did a great job getting it ready to sell.

    love, ~Sheri

    It's fun seeing pics of your home, and I get lots of ideas too. Thanks for sharing, Diana.

  32. Beautiful house your dinning room table and chairs!! Your view out the kitchen window of the bay is gorgeous. (you should see the view I have out my kitchen window...the neighbors junk!!) I like your view much better.

  33. It's beautiful. Diana! Having your main living area where you can view the bay was great planning. I hope it sales soon for you.

  34. Oh! SO GORGEOUS!
    Wow! It's picture perfect! You've worked so hard and it is perfect! How long are you giving yourself before you are REALLY ready to let it go? You said it takes a while?

  35. Absolutely beautiful...I'm sure you will happy when you sell it, but if your like me it's hard to let go of the memories created in a home.

  36. Hi Diana -- so I just have to comment on Mr.& Mrs.Gnome. Already flew the coup huh! Such a cute little door they have. Your house is beautiful and the view awesome but I would be downsizing fer sure. Too much space to deal with IMHO.

  37. Well, I'm ready to move in! lol I think my entire first floor is as big as your kitchen. ;-)

  38. Oh, Diana! How beautiful! I do hope you'll not be too sad to leave such a gorgeous place! I'm sure someone will grab it up.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  39. Beautiful home...............but it's just a building a very beautiful building tho. I am sorry that the cancer treatment has gone as hoped for. I hope your home sells quickly.

  40. You have spared nothing in the gorgeous department!! How do you keep it so immaculate? I would miss the view and all those windows but I am sure your next place will be just as gorgeous.

  41. Diana, your home is beautiful. I bet you WILL miss that gorgeous view. Have you gotten any bites yet? A life time of stories the house could tell! and then you will move on to make more stories..Happy Week..xxoJudy

  42. Wow! It just keeps getting better. Wonderful views. I don't know how you can give it up really. I'm sure it's a lot of work to keep up . I don't know how you do it with everything else that you do. Thanks for the tour. Are you selling any of it furnished? Guess not! Lots of memories in that house.

  43. OH my word...that view! I can see why you'll miss it. Stunning. I love the gnome door. That made me smile. If i ever have grandchildren I want a fairy door or something for them. Your house is beautiful. That kitchen! Wowzer! :o)

  44. is such a treat to see your is so beautiful!....and you know how much I love the view!

  45. What a beautiful home, Diana! I love all the windows that allow seeing your beautiful bay view. I love the fairy door and the kitchen of my dreams. ♥

  46. Oh my gosh, Diana...your home is gorgeous with a kitchen to die for! I hope the sale goes well. I don't think you have a thing to worry about....I bet it sells fast. I know you'll miss it, though. Been there, done that!

  47. Beautiful home Diana and the view is magnificent. Lovely tour of your lovely home.

  48. It is a lovely home. I especially like that sunny kitchen. Looking forward to more pics.

  49. Dang, girl what a lovely home and what a nice big kitchen! Glad we are finally getting to see your home. Love the views!

  50. Whoa girlfriend that's one gorgeous home and can't figure out why in gosh haven't you share it before? I wouldn't leave the kitchen, ever!

  51. Amazing!!!!! I might have to move hubby and his job to Green Bay. LOL
    Beautiful home....looking forward to the downstairs....

  52. Ah - yes, that view is amazing, my dear, as is this gorgeous home you have created with love. So many lovely features and wonderful keepsakes. Wrap up all those memories so you can unwrap them in your new home with many more new ones to come. xoxo

  53. Diana, this level of your home is beautiful! The neutral colors are lovely! I love the chandelier in the dining room. The dinette seating area has a stunning view! The blue chair covers look beautiful and bring the colors from the bay into this room. Great job of staging! It's all gorgeous!

  54. Diana, this level of your home is beautiful! The neutral colors are lovely! I love the chandelier in the dining room. The dinette seating area has a stunning view! The blue chair covers look beautiful and bring the colors from the bay into this room. Great job of staging! It's all gorgeous!

  55. What fun! I love the nooks and crannies and all the special furniture. Nothing like having your grandpa's chair.

  56. The house is absolutely stunning, just like the view! I could live in that kitchen! It's perfect for someone like me that loves to cook. :) There are so many elements that I should mention but I'm sure I'd forget something. I hope that it sells quickly for you! You remain in my prayers, sweet friend.


  57. It's all so lovely. :) Hope all goes the way to want it to with the sale. Can't wait to see the rest of the house. Still praying for continued healing for your Hero and the blessings that you are in need of too my friend. :)

    Have a great weekend. Take care, Janet W ((hugs))

  58. No words really for just how lovely this home is Diana, and I know all your special touches that have gone into it, have made it what it is. The view now... is there any way you could take that with you, LOL! That would be the thing I would miss the most, except maybe the large kitchen! Will be continuing in prayer for you Diana, through all of this! Hugs to you today!!!

  59. Diana, this place is gorgeous... wow... stunning isn't even really a good enough word... I think my apartment could fit in your kitchen, lol... I really love your place, although I wouldn't want to try to keep it clean... haha xox

  60. These pics are amazing! I would think it would sell very quickly. Those views!!! Love all the glass windows looking out to the peaceful bay. And your kitchen!!! It's pure perfection!

  61. What a magnificent home Diana! Prayers for a quick sale and continued healing for your Hero.
    Take Care :)


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