Monday, May 16, 2016

WHAT? Not a Prayer Request Post? NOPE- It's FANCY ANNA AT A PAGEANT-

It seems like it has been FOREVER
since I did a normal, fun post.
Finally!  Here you go!

I felt that MyHero was well enough
to stay alone for the weekend
if the local kids would check on him.
They did- calling to assure me
that he had NOT burned the house down
mainly because he can't eat anything cooked.

I drove to 
Lafayette, IN 
to watch 
Little Miss Bright Eyes
(aka Anna Ireland)
in a toddler pageant.
First, I want to say that 
my daughter, Mindy Rose, is 

She did this on a fluke.
Bright Eyes wore a dress that has been
worn at least 7 or 8 times-
including by her older cousin-
Mindy Rose's wedding!
Who would have thought
one day her own little girl would be wearing
that same dress?
Anna Ireland was the youngest 2 year old 
in the pageant.
She competed in the 2 year old competition.
One was for 'dress up'
and one was for a pageant issued
Tshirt which I took in and 
Mindy blinged up.
It was huge on her. 
She wears a size 24 months and this was
a size 5 or 6 Tshirt.
Thank goodness for needle/thread/scissors.
I will say she had 
THE CUTEST Tshirt there!
Anna, not being versed in
heard the song
"Let It Go" (from Frozen)
playing as they walked onstage.
She LOUDLY sang
over and over again
which made everyone laugh
(except the competing mothers).

We could not take any pictures inside
the room or she would have been eliminated.
But we took some outside.
She was so good-never cross or bratty.
She loved riding the 'elvaator'. did she do?
She was entered into three categories
(which you had to decide when you got there)
She took FIRST PLACE in all three of them.
I hope I get these right!
Future Model Star/Face(?)
AND she came in 2nd runner up overall.
Pretty good for being a 'newbie'.

Her favorite game in the hallway-
There were some little girls that
had lots of make up on.
To her credit,
Mindy did NOT put a 
speck of makeup on Anna.
She has the 'high color' that comes
from my side of the family-
ruddy cheeks and light eyes.
The only thing she did was tame her
already curly hair down.

So here you see--
Before and After
Now for your laugh of the day-
Mindy Rose decided it would be FUN
to give Anna a
Retro NANA LOOK from the 1990s.
said that she even had the 
Nana Pouty Lip thing down pat.
I may cut then ALL out of the will........
your photo name


  1. Oh my goodness dear friend, she looks like a doll, simply gorgeous and looking so much like Nana Diana!!
    I bet she was the most beautiful one!! I want to hug her, lol.. Do it for me, please... and throw in a little kiss too!!
    She does have your pouty lip, so don't cut Tara off her will, please...heheheee
    I'm so happy your hero is getting into a better time and doing wonderful too.

  2. +She is such a doll, and that pouty 90s look works on her, too. I'm sure glad you fixed that shirt, the child would have tripped over it and mashed that nose.

  3. Well wasn't that the most fun post ever! When I saw her sitting on that chair, I knew she was practicing to be royalty. As far as I know, Harry hasn't picked anyone yet. Loved it all. And so fun that she was enjoying it and singing her little heart out! LOL Great job, Mom and Nana. xoxo

  4. Diana, What fun. Anna is a cutie pie for sure. I like the natural look on little girls. It's too much with the wigs and false teeth and over the top make-up. That is so funny..her Nana look. Where's her white boots and hot pants? LOL. So glad your Hero is doing better. Good of everyone to pitch in and let you have a break. Blessings to all of you. xoxo, love, Susie

  5. She is such a cutie...and so much personality! Fun!

  6. Cuteness overload! Anna is adorable! Can't believe she is two, though she and our little Emily are the same age. She doesn't need makeup to look gorgeous, and in mind never will. Congratulations to Miss Anna!

  7. I have been worrying that you hadn't written in awhile, but the wait was worth it. That post is adorable, but not as adorable as your granddaughter. Oh my goodness your family does have a natural flair doesn't it? She is just beautiful and I can see why she won!!!!!!! Love the dress - love that you got the weekend off - love the retro hair - and love love love the pout.

  8. Oh my goodness! She is adorable! She looked so pretty in her gown and the t-shirt is so stinking cute!Congratulations!!! She is a doll! So happy John is getting stronger and feeling better with each passing day!

  9. oh my gosh she is adorable, I am not surprised she did so well, what a beauty!! The dress is amazing and she is just such a doll,, I have to say I hate to see make up on the small children in pageants,, I think its just weird and bazaar,,I have never watched a beauty pageant for children but I'm sure she had fun,,

  10. Oh my gosh. Could she be any cuter. She is a doll. I am not one bit surprised that she did so well. The singing had to be so funny. I would have cried til I left. No makeup, she doesn't need any. Seriously get this girl an acting job. Modern day

  11. So glad you were able to get out and enjoy time with this cutie. You needed it and glad your hubby made it okay while you were gone.She is the most adorable ever and a winner just being herself.

  12. Too adorable and precious...and don't cut them out of the will...they love you pout and all!...:)JP

  13. This was wonderful, reading this post!! I'm so glad she didn't have any makeup on (not like it's any of my business...) I just like little girls to stay little girls. It felt so wrong when my daughter was in dance for many years and they had makeup on so you could see their features better on stage. I love the fact that you could quickly resize her t-shirt. Her hair is fabulous. I wonder if she will like it as she grows up, or will she want straight hair? (Don't women always want the hair they were not born with?) -Jenn

  14. Oh Diana, I am just laughing at you and Anna's sweet imitation of you. What a doll she is and of course she would take first place. She has that winsome spirit that's in her genes.
    It's so good to see you back with happy news. I'm glad your hero did fine on his own.

  15. I am so glad to see you do something fun. What a pretty little girl. Those curls looked awesome and the dress is just so magical. Did she enjoy the experience?
    Anyway, I hope your hero is well on his way to being all mended again. I will enjoy seeing you blogging again. Love Janice

  16. She is a doll! What fun for all of you! I bet the "break" lifted your spirits. How fun that she won too!

  17. Anna is just a little doll!!!!! Takes after her Nana! hugs...

  18. Aw! What a precious little birdie girl! Adorable! How fun! I bet you had a ball!

  19. So glad you are sharing joy and laughter with us. Still holding your hubby up.

  20. So adorable...glad you got to get out of town for the looked like it was totally worth it!

  21. What a cutie pie!! I am not surprised she won. She is truly a doll. Love the dress and that T-shirt is adorable. Those curls~~ oh my so sweeet!!
    So glad you all had great fun. Prayers continue for your Hero!! Blessings. xo

  22. What did she win? A crown, a car, a trip?

  23. What did she win? A crown, a car, a trip?

  24. How could she not win..Sooo cute..Very glad you could get away...Good for you!!!

  25. What a fun post. Besides adorable, she has a lot of personality! xoox Su

  26. she is adorable! And I bet she looks just like you!
    such fun!

  27. Awww...she is a darling!

    (He can't cook or he can't eat anything cooked?)

  28. She is a cutie, and what fun for you.

  29. She is adorable! What fun!

  30. Oh my word, she is just darling! And go a mom who knows what true beauty is and doesn't cake the child with makeup!!! And, I am dying with that last picture...she looks oh so thrilled. My girls actually both got to wear the dress my niece wore in my wedding as a flower girl. I think I still have it somewhere!!

  31. Beautiful! She does not need any make-up. I prefer the "natural look when they are small. My daughter did them for a couple of years but we never entered a Glitz pageant. Congratulations on taking first place and second overall :) What an accomplishment!!

  32. A mini Diana! No wonder she is so darling. What a cutie. She deserved to come in first.

  33. Loved it all, so good to see this happy post! She is a very darling little girl, and yes the last hair style made me laugh! Love Ya, Roxy

  34. I smiled and got a little bit teary as I read this, with photos of beautiful not-so-baby-anymore Bright Eyes. Glad to hear that John did okay on his own, and that you could let down a bit and enjoy this awesome family moment.

  35. This is the SWEETEST post and I am so happy she WON all three categories!!! What a fun thing to do!

  36. Diana, I love this... this is what those pageants should be about, not a ton of make up and super expensive dresses... Anna totally looked like she enjoyed it... and wow to all her wins, that is awesome... that is so cool. I am glad you get out for the weekend, I think we all need that time xox

  37. She is absolutely adorable! So glad you got to see her in the pageant. And she didn't look like a hoochy-mama! So happy the hero is better! Milk shakes aren't cooked...sounds good to me! xoxo

  38. Oh Diana, she is a beautiful little doll. That skin, eyes and hair OMG, she is beautiful. Such a little cutie. I know you are so proud of her and I am so glad that you were able to go.
    Give her a big kiss and hugs from me.

    Glad you were able to go and get out and about.

    Hugs to you dear friend.


  39. I love the one at the door in her beautiful little dress with her blankie. Cutie pie. A fun day for all.

  40. What a cute little girl.....Shirley Temple personality for sure!! That dress is darling, you must be so proud. Glad you could take some time off and enjoy your family.

  41. What a cutie!! What a pretty dress...she looks like a little princess.

  42. She remains totally adorable...beautiful...and always smiling! I'm so glad she had fun with it. I hate when "Pageant Moms" force the children, layer the make-up, etc. The photo of her and Mindy is amazing too ~ they look so much alike. I'm so happy you were able to go and I'm really glad that John didn't burn the house down. :)


  43. Well, no WONDER she walked off with all 3 places...and I busted out laughing at RETRO so cute.
    She is an absolute doll....but, already knew that...xoxo So glad you got away for some FUN....

  44. Oh my gosh! She is so cute and totally adorable. I love that she sang on the stage. Rules know! Good for her. Apples don't fall far from the (grandmother) tree. ; ) xoxo

  45. She is so cute! I love her rosy little cheeks and curly hair. She's adorable in her Nana look too. :o)

  46. Oh my heavens!!!! What a little doll! The next Shirley Temple!! Diana, I'm so happy you got to watch your little princess be her adorable self!!! And NanaDiana, I'm sure your baby pictures and hers are hard to tell apart!

  47. Honestly this little miss is a doll! I can easily see why she placed so well and she is not only beautiful I just bet she has the personality to match too!

  48. Fun. I just love her. And I always tell you that. ;-) So once again, I just want to squeeze her,she is so sweet.
    I enjoyed your fun post and sending a hug to John.

  49. How you make me smile with your posts and the antics of your little ones, Diana. What a doll this pretty one is and how fun it must have been for you to join in. I have a niece named Mindy!!! Never heard of the name anywhere else.

    Hope everything is going uphill right now. And you make me believe that laughter is the best medicine!

    Love to you,


  50. Congratulations to little Anna for winning during her pageant debut! She is so adorable and looks like she is full of precious personality! I'm glad that you got away for a little while and did something different and that John was well enough to stay by himself! That's a big accomplishment! Love the retro do and the pouty face LOL! Just too freakin cute! Enjoy your week! Hugs, Leena

  51. She is so adorable! At this age already showing so much personality--look out! She is going to be a charmer!

  52. Glad you got away for some time for you and enjoy different things especially with laughter. . What a beautiful child little Anna is..

  53. So cute! She clearly has been influenced by her grandmother! I did hair for a pageant once and it was sooooo fun. She is adorable and I love that her mother doesn't take it too seriously. People have such nasty things to say about pageants but if the kid is drawn to it, why not? There is a lot of good to come from learning to be comfortable speaking and simply standing in front of a crowd. Can you guys dress me up for the next one? My talents include

    Um. We'll think of something.

  54. Too cute! Glad you got to see it!

  55. We are always praying for your family my friend. And yes, it's nice that you got to go to this fun pageant with this pretty Princess! I know you had a ball. Did you get to wear a pretty dress too? I hope this week is good. Blessings, Diane

  56. Just adorable! And with her natural coloring, any makeup would be horrrrrrible. Tessa sezzzzzzz... She is perfection, as is.

    But I have to add this... Hope it is just a fluke. IMHO, such things are not good for children, or their mothers. Just me. Just me. :-)))))))))) You know I am incapable of not speaking my mind.

    You knew this, didn't you????????

    Hee, hee, hee... Yes you did!

    So happy you got away, and had a lovely post, to share. For you first, of course. And we have fun with it too. :-)

    who is off with the faeries today

  57. You so needed a break, one to make you beam!! Your little Bright Eyes is totally adorable!! No surprise that she won !! What great fun....
    Our Grandson, 19 mos, loves the game up in the chair and off the chair too...
    Love the pix.....
    Have a great week!!

  58. Oh, you darling Nana! What a precious post. Your sweetie is a winner, for sure--isn't she a little doll? Glad it was fun for everyone (though it might not have been so much fun for the "pros" that your newbie beat. . . ).

    I'm so glad that your hero was well enough for you to leave for a bit. May he continue to go from strength to strength.

    And if I could just add--even though most of your posts have been prayer requests and very serious, you've never not been fun! :)

  59. Awe... she is so precious! What a fun experience :-)


  60. She is precious! What a fun day you must have had.

  61. Holy cow she looks like a doll in the pic with her momma.

    She needs to model - get college and first house paid for at age 2...

    And, well, frankly, she looks exactly like YOU, Nana. The resemblance is uncanny.

    Thanks and big congrats to the lucky little doll grand- soooo glad you got away, love. Hugs and prayers. ♥♥♥

  62. Diana, what pure delight for me to stop in to check up on blog land! What a blessing that you share this precious doll grandchild with us! What a charmer!<3 Every picture here is precious!!! I have to say the very last photo is just priceless and makes me just a grin, especially along with your fabulous words and humor! I continue to pray for your dear Hero and All the family! It is good to have these moments to share! Be well dear friend!<3

  63. If she isn't the cutest little thing! I love her...and she does look like a beautiful little doll! Good for Mindy to skip putting all that goop on baby girl's face- she didn't need it with those apple cheeks. I'm so glad that you got to run away, er...I mean get away for a visit at Mindy's. And the house didn't burn down??? I'd say you are safe to leave again soon!
    Love you, T.

  64. Adorable, that's all I can say, adorable! So cute she did so well, I guess she's just a natural....

  65. Oh my the retro Nana look! Lol! Congrats on all her wins! Such a beautiful little girl!

  66. Oh my goodness she is adorable!! She rightfully won all those entries...I'm sure she stole the show!!

    Blessings and ((hugs)) to her and her Grandpa John who wasn't able to attend..


  67. Oh goodness she truly is precious! Love that dress too- so frilly and pretty! She's a natural :-) Glad to know you could get away and enjoy seeing your daughter and the grandkids.

  68. Yaaaay, Bright Eyes won first place, that is so wonderful, Diana! She looks darling in her little dress, and what a fancy dress it is. And I like the fact that she was sweet natured through it all. And that was the funniest picture of her looking like Nana Diana. That was a hilarious of Tara to think of that. I'm so glad that you got a chance to attend this memorable event for your granddaughter.

    love, ~Sheri

  69. She is sooo darn cute! :) Love her cute little dress. I am glad you could get away and enjoy time with your beautiful girls. xxx Maria

  70. Hi Diana! What a precious little girl! Such a beautiful complexion! You are so blessed to have such lovely grandchildren! Your daughter looks so much like you. It must have been wonderful for you to get away and rest a bit. You have had so much on your plate. Prayers continue for John and you too on a daily basis. Take care! Hope John is gaining weight and getting stronger. Can he taste his food? I have been mentioning his saliva gland to the Lord in prayer in the hope that it can be revived! We can always hope, otherwise why bother praying!

  71. Oh how CUTE!!!! Good for her!!!! Our daughter, Alex was "Little Miss Miller County" at our local county fair. I was so proud you'd think she was Miss USA LOL!!!! Blessings to you my sweet friend. Praying for John and for you! God is so good!

  72. Yes, it was a fun post . . . from the first word to the last. It's good to see that side of you again . . . although I have to say that I admired your positive outlook while going through some very ruff times. She is a cutie pie and looks so much like you . . . and that's a good thing, pout or not, LOL.

  73. OMGOSH
    my nana Diana is BACK!
    the spoofy spirit I love in every post on this blog.
    what is to say about beloved bright eyes? OMG.
    when you started calling them by their real names on the TEMPORARY site with chaplain john...
    I couldn't figure out who you were talking about!!! LOLOL!
    blessings to you dearest bean. to you and the chaplain and your own beautiful pout! LOL. XO♥

  74. What an adorable,precious little doll she is. I mean why wouldn't she win? She is a keeper and sounds like she's just like her grandma. Cute as ever! ;)

    Love the last picture... Too cute!

    Have a great week!
    Hugs, Amy

  75. Oh my dear dear Diana. What a joy to read and see. I have had you and your husband strongly on my mind. Xxxooo

  76. Oh, my goodness. Your precious granddaughter looks just like a little doll. I'm so glad she had such a good pageant experience.
    I'm also glad your hubby was okay on his own!

  77. OMG, Diana! What a little doll she is! I am not at all surprised that Little Miss Anna took first place! How fun and exciting! She is gorgeous in her dress, and I love the flower in her pretty curly hair. I also love the fact that her mom didn't put a speck of makeup on her! So glad you got some much needed time away from home!! Love her retro Nana look!

  78. LOL this was just adorable / so darn cute!!!!

  79. OH MY she is just the cutest..breath taking dolly..
    How fun for you and her..
    A toddler pageant..

  80. A delightful post from beginning to end! So happy for you that you were able to get away to be with your sweetie!

  81. What super cute pictures Diana.

    Hugs Diane

  82. With a face like that, of course she would be a winner! She is so darn cute. I am glad to hear you had a nice break Diana! Cheers.

  83. I am so glad you did something fun. She looks adorable. She was too cute not to win. And great on your daughter for not using the make up on her.

  84. Super Congratulations to that doll! She is a natural beauty, you know!! Love hearing some fun in your life after a Very Tough Year or so! Prayers always! Blessings, Cindy xo

  85. See. I TOLD you that there no ugly people in your family!!!
    My mother's people have that same blonde coloring with the blue eyes and the red cheeks. We MUST be related! (Love the pout like you along with the hair! xx)

  86. I'm so glad that John is feeling well enough for you to be able to leave for a short time! How wonderful to be part of such a great experience with the most beautiful little girl ever! Just loved her little outfit, and the shirt that you created too!!! She really is a doll! I know it was so good for you to get out and have such a good time with your girls! :)

  87. I almost missed this sweet post! She looks just precious in her pretty outfit and cute shirt. I just knew she would be a winner after seeing the photos! I'm happy you had a day of fun. Have a nice week!

  88. Aww... Super adorable and super precious!

  89. What wonderful photos! Congrats to Anna ♥ Thanks for sharing her winning smiles!!
    Hugs, Jody

  90. Oh my goodness ... she's absolutely adorable!! Congrats on her big day and recognition!! The first of many awards, I'm sure!


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