Friday, July 13, 2012

We Read! Forget RED-We Like Pink!

Hot summer days
call for a visit to a
cool place.
The library.
SweetCheeks has her
first library card.
That means we get to
go find a book,
This is a BIG PROCESS.
Looks like we have settled
on one now.
What do you think,
Is it a good book?
Noh.....It is a
about a dawg.
Well, keep looking,
You'll find something.
This is
right up her alley.
And, the perfect finish
to a trip to the library
after you have
Nothing STOOPID about
that now, is there?
your photo name


  1. Pinkalicious! One of my favorites... ":o) Trips to the library are always fun...especially with good company like you've got. I love kids...they just call it like they see it. Ha!
    Great Post!

  2. Wow, our library doesn't sell ice cream cones!
    Our library isn't much of a library. It's open a couple hours twice a week, and the old ladies who run it get very annoyed if anyone wants to check out a book in the middle of their card game.
    True story.
    It hasn't been aired out in 40 years and smells awful.
    We need new blood to run it, but the card players won't give up their meeting place.

  3. Aww, sweet cheeks knows a good book when she see's it! Can't go wrong with anything pink followed with icecream

  4. she is such a girly girl, so cute!

  5. Look for the Fancy Nancy books, Skylar loved them a couple of years ago. I think we checked all of them out at least twice.

    We have a lovely library, just love all the people who work there.

  6. That is a gorgeous dress SweetCheeks is wearing. I used to really enjoy our library visits when the children were younger.

  7. I miss those summertime trips to the library with my kids.

  8. Funny. I see lots of library trips in your future.

  9. I miss those times also with the Grandchildren. I used to look after my best friends girl Caitlin while she worked as a teacher. So I took her to the Library Play day. Then I can sit and read and she had a teacher who told stories to the wee children and did puzzles with them. I loved that time for Caithlin.Now she is a teacher herself like her late Mom. Then I went to libray like you with one Grandchild back then and his Mom. Now he is 17 and taking drivers Z . So your so blessed to have your sweet girly with you. Your a Great Grandmother! Sweetcheecks is a dolly.

  10. So SweetCheeks! The book and the ice-cream :) Love that girl!

  11. Down with dogs, up with pink! There's no contest. :D

  12. You can't go wrong with Pinkalicious! My Lil' Miss loves those books too! Great job planting the seed that will grow into a love of reading her entire life!!!

  13. Yep, that is perfect for Sweet Cheeks. She knows what she wants.....that will get her everywhere.
    Yes, you, Sue and I would probably get thrown out of town. Seriusly we should meet somewhere for a couple of days. we'd have so much fun.

  14. My daughter LOVES the Pinkalicious series and we have checked out every single one that the library has! And pink ice cream is definitely the perfect finish. :-)

  15. An ice cream cone reward is perfect! SweetCheeks might like the Fancy Nancy books, too.:) I imagine they are in the library.

  16. The library... A good place to cool down! I dare not take the boys (together) in there. I can only imagine the look in their eyes when they see how many books they could pull from the shelves. Two seconds flat, it'd be over! LOL!

  17. good times and sweet memories.

  18. A trip to the library and then ice cream? Doesn't sound stoopid to me at all!


  19. I remember the library days with my that time, we didn't have a computer, but the library did!! That is where my son was always at...and didn't want to leave!

  20. Pink rules the world! Said by a pink person herself. I'd like an ice cream too please.

  21. Diana, So cute. Great that she has her library card at an early age. Great choice on the book. Just wondering, Is the Pink Hat Parade the training ground for the Red Hat Society?
    I would have loved to see a pic of Sweet Cheeks eating her ice cream.
    Love to you and Sweet Cheeks, Ginger

  22. Books AND ice cream... I'm in!

  23. I loved the library when I was her age (still do!) That ice cream is very tempting, too!

  24. We used my library card when I took my grand kiddies to the Library but we forgot the ice cream.

  25. Hi Diana: Great place, the library. Remember going when I was just a little bit older than SweetCheeks. Good memories of books (I still love to read) and ice cream and grandma. Nothing STOOPID about that. She will have wonderful memories..Happy Friday..Judy

  26. My love of libraries started during the summers and then continued after school while I waited for mom to get off work. I think it's great you're passing this love on. And icecream? That's just the topping to a good time.

  27. Diana, thanks for stopping by my blog, and your kind words. I've missed Sweet Cheeks antics, and your wonderful way with words, they're such a GREAT pick me up! I'll have some time now, and will be able to stop by, and see what you're all up too! Thanks again,
    Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  28. I'd like to hang with you and Sweet Cheecks - what fun!

  29. When my boys were young I used to stop and get ice cream on the way home from the library. The younger two needed a little encouragement when it came to reading - but getting ice cream on the way home always made a library outing fun. They got to the point that they played me, though. If they asked to go to the library, I knew they just wanted ice cream!

  30. Who is it that says "stoopid"? Oh, I think it is Bruce Willis on "The Kid" - what a great movie! It made me smile when I saw that! Every year the school has book fairs and I of course have to peruse all the new Pinkalicious books. A girl's gotta have pink in her life!!

  31. I have not seen Pinkalicious. The granddaughter would probably love this. PINK is her fav color! I am glad my sister introduced me to your blog. Love the posts I looked at this morning.

  32. Hitting the library and getting ice cream sounds like a great road trip to me! Do I see a hat crafting post coming soon?

  33. Our local library is a disgrace. It's an old pole barn so full and no one can use it. Three times a referendum has failed to move it to a new location where people can actually access and do activities there... the residents always vote it down. SO sad!!

  34. Awww how cute! I remember my first library card it was yesterday. I loved going to the library when I was sweet cheeks age.


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