Monday, July 30, 2012

Jan's Cottage Garden And Kitchen Update

You know that I am
helping my friend, Jan,
make some choices with
her house re-do.

need any help with
are her
They are gorgeous!
Absolutely gorgeous!
I'm going to give you a peek
into her private paradise...
her backyard.

I think this is an enchanted
Ring Around The Tree.
These are POTTED plants!
Want to see more?
Not a weed n sight!
Don't you think she has
The Magic Touch?
Garage side...
A sweet little windmill 
in the corner....
A place to sit and rest..
Although I don't think she 
does much of either
(sitting and resting-that is)
Moving inside...
We have finalized some choices...
tile and paint...
cabinets and countertops
I don't know who is more
Me, Jan or Mr.Mikey.
Let's hope he keeps his
sense of humor.
So far,he and MyHero
have kept themselves
entertained with 
Let's hope they don't go see
So far....So Good!
your photo name


  1. ha, thats so funny, love the colors , she does have a green thumb, looks beautiful!

  2. I could sit in that garden all day, what a beautiful spot

  3. Diana, Those gardens, of Jan's look wonderful. Maybe when the kitchen's done she can sit out and relax:):) Smiles, xo, Susie

  4. Jan has a beautiful garden. It must be nice sitting in that seat admiring it all.

  5. Your friend, Jan, does have a lovely garden, Diana! At least she can take refuge there when she feels overwhelmed by the renovation {you know how one project takes over your whole house}. I am sure she will be delighted when it is complete!

  6. My husband always quotes the "money pit" when we are working on our house.

    I can't wait to see how this one turns out.

  7. Jan has a lovely garden and a very green thumb!

  8. Can't believe those impatiens are in pots. What a great idea...great choices on the kitchen surfaces too. Have a good week Diana!

  9. I love the choices, that tile is something I'm considering for our kitchen.

  10. She has beautiful gardens and that is my favorite funny movie.

  11. Love the back yard and sitting area. Love the color choices. Money Pit was a hoot! Loved all the trouble they got into in it as long as it doesn't happen to me!
    Hope your reno is trouble free and the men stay out of the way. Hope your carpenters are good eye candy, too, with no butt crack...

  12. Her gardens are beautiful! And I love the swing. It matches her fence and looks durable.

  13. Just beautiful...I long for fall temps so I can put out fresh plants.
    You girls have fun and send those guys packing. ;)

  14. What a gorgeous yard. I can't wait to see more pictures. It looks like you have some super colors and touches all picked out.

  15. For years, I've begged Fred to watch The Money Pit with me. But we've been through too many renovations and he thinks that that movie will put him over the edge.
    p.s. Me likey Mikey!

  16. that is a funny movie...I feel like that with our house sometime...

  17. Jan has a very lovely garden. Such a beautiful profusion of colors.

  18. Those are beautiful flowers, Diana. Such a welcoming relaxing spot!

    xo Nellie

  19. She has a really beautiful garden!! Good that you already have some final choices for the kitchen, can't wait to see more of that!

  20. Just beautiful, nice to see a garden that isn't all burnt crisp...
    Looks like you made some wonderful choices inside too
    Good to see everyone having such a good time together.

  21. Yup, I'm sighing over those gardens! ~ Maureen

  22. Jan's garden is enchanting. I would have never guessed that you could ring a tree with potted plants. I remember the Money Pit - it was one of the best old ones.

  23. The garden is stunning and what wonderful choices for inside! I know it will be beautiful. Good luck to the husbands....

    Flora Doora

  24. what beautiful! the beauty is worth the effort.
    and that is a funny first came out when we bought our first house...and it was a money pit!!

  25. Diana, what beautiful gardens! I love all the flowers around the tree! I wish I was that gifted! :) Can't wait to see what the kitchen is going to look like!

  26. Her yard truly is beautiful! I used to be the greenest yard on the block and planted flowers every year ... after my divorce and getting a full time job, all of that went by the wayside and it just breaks my heart!

    I am trying to redo my yard into a cleaner, neater, less maintenance kind of yard so that it can still look pretty and green without so much upkeep. Not enough hours in a day most days, right?!

  27. Beautiful gardens...definitely a green thumb there!

  28. She does have the magic touch, indeed! What a pretty yard.

  29. Beautiful spot and lovely garden.

    Your hubby is such a good sport infront of us ladies. Look at him with the ears. Funny!
    Your Sweet cheeks is going to be the most wonderful grown up person. You watch. My Granddaughter same personality. Now she is 19 and she is adorable now as she ever was.. So with your Granddaughter I just love her faces. If faces could talk.

    Ya send the guy over to her Grandma G. Right now I have my eye on David Becham.Actually he designs underwear. Can you imagine. Boxer type. Oh I must keep reading on. Where have I been not to see fairy steps. I seen the bubble girl.

  30. That is a most beautiful garden, makes me want to be there. You are always having so much ya! :)

  31. I need to call in someone with a green thumb! My gardens are languishing! How pretty!

  32. Beautiful flowers.
    she definitely has a green thumb!

    Love the kitchen countertops.

  33. every time I stop by here it seems that there is so much fun going on! Goodness, your neighbors gardens are gorgeous, so are her choices for the kitchen. Yummy colours!

  34. That is such a pretty garden and I do admire those who have green thumbs!

  35. Hi Diana, What a beautiful garden, it would have still been wonderful even if it had a few weeds! I had a moment & thought I would stop by & say Hi, things have been so crazy, I miss sitting for hours & visiting all my blogging friends~ Have a wonderful week

  36. Her gardens are beautiful!!
    I love the choices made for her kitchen re-do and it's always fun to have the help and backup of a friend for those BIG decisions! I remember the movie, "Money Pit". LOL!!

  37. Such a lovely garden - thank you both for sharing.

  38. Diana,
    I think I'd like to have Jan's garden area. It's beautiful, and so green and groomed. It takes a lot of care to make it look that nice. She definately has the touch. Please tell her it's lovely.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  39. What a beautiful colorful garden escape. BTW... Money Pit...that's the story of MY house... all of them! :P

  40. Beautiful is right, Diana! That girl was truly born with two green thumbs! :) Love the choices you've made for her kitchen, too. What a fun project!

    xoxo laurie

  41. Hello!

    It's nice to meet and follow you.
    Thanks for sharing

    Ciao Bella
    Sensible Sarah

  42. I can not believe those were pots around the tree-brilliant and so beautiful! Looks like you are having fun on the inside too!


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