Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sunset On The Bay

I worked outside 
That's three days in a row..
no-wait---that is 
FOUR days in a row.

Yes- I can barely walk now-
thanks for asking.

That means I did not get 
any pictures taken yesterday.
So---At dusk I went out to take
a picture of the sun setting over the bay.
This is taken from my kitchen door.
This was taken with my iPhone
what you see caught in the 
sun's path across the water
is the American flag,
quietly hanging its head for the night.

I didn't notice it until I had
downloaded it onto my computer.
Glorious Old Glory!

I will get pictures today
of some of the things I got done
around here in the last few days.

Yeah---meanwhile for your pleasure--
I ran to Wallyworld for a few 
Fourth of July things.
I found some!
Ready?  Fingers to your forehead and 
Hooray for the RED-WHITE & BLUE 
~and Gingham?~

your photo name


  1. Oh my. It is amazing how many people do not know flag using the flag for clothing, household decor or in any way that cheapens it. Skivvies would definitely be a big no-no. Horrors!

    What a capture you had with the flag bathed in the sun's sinking path on the water...that's more like it!

  2. So nice to see your lovely backyard not covered in snow D! Whenever I head to Walmart, I go really really early and it is ok. Yesterday I was on my way out late and needed some toiletries and ran into wal-mart around 7 pm. The guy in your photo looks amazing compared to what was doing in the Miami Walmart at dinner time. It was so disgusting that I left!

  3. What a beautiful photo. Very appropriate for the holiday and all that is going on. Sounds like you have been busy. Have a great holiday. xo

  4. Beautiful sunset! Re: Wallyworld...should be no shoes, no SHIRT, no service!

  5. the gingham could be his shorts....

    showing above the low-hanging red, white and blue...


    on an heavier note, I remember when I'd not want to do most anything with our flag motif. I mean, anything but a real flag. -sigh- because it seemed to almost be desecration of the American Flag. certainly !!!!!!!! not make shorts with its motif!!!!

    Yeppers, times have changed.

  6. sunset on the bay, from your kitchen door....

    people seem to be hung up on curb appeal. I'd say, in the case of your house, crow about the view from the kitchen door.

    just sayin'......

  7. Beautiful sunset. Waiting to see what all the work was about. Hopefully not just pulling weeds like us!

  8. What a beautiful view out your door! I would love a view like that.

  9. Such a gorgeous sunset. That view would never get old.

  10. What a lovely capture of the flag at sunset! You are a blessed woman to have that view! ♥

  11. Hi Diana
    What a neat surprise that you captured the flag.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your yard after all that hard work!
    Now you'd better take it easy.

  12. Love your lake photo. Maybe you can rest up some now and have a great holiday weekend. xo Laura

  13. That view is just gorgeous....what a wonderful way to end the day!

  14. Sooooooo..... is the bay on the west side of you? For some strange reason I always thought it was on the east since you live up by the east coast. But - surely it's on the west because the sun sets in the west. That should be pretty much the same every where. I think. LOL Now I'm confused.

  15. Oh man! The bay is so gorgeous, Diana! What a treat to soak that up every day!
    I can't wait to see the fruits of all your labor! Good girl!

  16. That's a pretty picture, Diana. I didn't notice the flag until you pointed it out. How wonderful it would be to open your door and see the water like that. You have stunning sunsets over the bay, and it must be so peaceful.

    Happy 4th of July.

    love, ~me

  17. You are just so funny! Beautiful shot of Old Betsy! I got in a bit of gardening yesterday for the first time as it has been over 100 for days. It was down to the high 80's when I finally got something done. Back up to the over 100 days again next week. Got to get up early around here....ha!

  18. What a beautiful view you have. Meaning from the kitchen door versus Walmart, ha ha

  19. that is a wonderful picture of the sunset

  20. Magnificent and powerful photo Diana and no I'm not talking about Mr. I see London, I see France I see your stupid underpants! Don't get me started with him wearing the Stars and Stripes as shorts!!!!

  21. Hey Diana! I've been out of town and completely away from my computer lately. Just caught up on reading your blog posts. You've been a busy bee--and you always make me laugh! Thank you.

    I just ordered a copy of your book via your Etsy shop. Looking forward to reading it! :)

  22. Good for you. Can't wait to see what you've been up to. love the sunset and flag and (male model!)

  23. There are some places you just should not see a flag. That million dollar lake view is much nicer to look at!

  24. That is gorgeous! The sunset..........not the half nekkid guy!!!! Ha!

  25. The sunset is gorgeous, but the guy with his undees showing not so great. I should take my camera with me at all times because when you go to Wallyworld it's a show LOL. Looking forward to seeing your gorgeous yard. You have a stunning view of the Bay. I would never want to leave.
    Hugs to your sweet friend.

  26. You crack me up!!! Seriously!!! Love the picture of the sunset on the bay so beautiful. I like the way that flag is waving better than the one in Wallyworld lol! Happy 4th.

  27. Oh my goodness Diana, I would love to have scenery like that taken from my kitchen door or kitchen window. Instead I have neighbors that are hoarders and have their back yard full of junk!!! I try to keep my yard nice....but I can see over their fence and at all the junk. Hope it is not another summer of junk watching. They say they are working on cleaning it up....but I just see junk moved in different spots and compacted. (one of my hot buttons since they moved in 2 years ago)

  28. Oh my gosh what a GREAT CATCH! That was gorgeous!

  29. JEALOUS!!!!! I want to see stuff like that out my door! I don't want to see stuff like the other flag!

  30. I might cook more if I had a scene like this from the kitchen.

  31. That's a spectacular view from your door. Wishing you a nice holiday.

  32. Great view outside your kitchen!! Do you watch the sun set every night! How peaceful it must be!
    Happy 4th...NO MORE PICS FROM Wallyworld..LOL!!

  33. Ha, ha, ha! Where do you find these pictures. Red, white, blue and gingham. You crack me up.

    On the other hand, I absolutely adore your shot of the sun over the bay.

  34. Lovely sunset! Bit, I hate that stupid fashion idea of seeing underwear. I like guys to have nice fitting pants. wink wink

  35. Diana, I just can not love those old droopy drawers. no way no how. I did love your beautiful sunset know how much I love sunset pics. When you say you can barely walk...girl you have my sympathy...I know you hurt all over more than anywhere else. LOL. Bless your heart, xoxo,Susie

  36. What a gorgeous sunset over the bay, Diana! And what a neat affect it gave to your flag. Those shorts? Well let's just say he needs to cover them up, and put a shirt on, for cripes sake!

  37. WOW, can I move in with you and your wonderful husband? What a gorgeous place to live. We all love the water (right now on our way to the beach) and my kids would have a field day there for sure. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful photo. Have a happy and safe 4th, Diana!
    xo Kathleen

  38. Amazing view, you are truly blessed.

  39. Well Diana, One of those photos is a gorgeous portrait of old glory, but I won't way which one! LOL!! Enjoy a Wonderful Holiday Weekend! Blessings, Cindy

  40. You have such a beautiful view!! Great shot...with the flag waving in the wind!! smile... Now, I don't think I'd salute that WalMart flag...ha..ha..


  41. Diana, I think that you were meant to get both pictures of the old glory. lol Seriously though you have an amazing view from your back porch. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing that sunset. Loved it. Jo

  42. That sunset is gorgeous! You are so lucky to live on the water. Plus being in the right position to get to see the sunset!
    I am surprised (really,,,Not) that Walmart let him in the store without a shirt!!! But then it is Walmart. Glad you didn't show us a front view. I went to Walmart yesterday before work. Oh My what a crowd. Between the PowWow and the 4th of july there were a veriety of people in there! If I weren't in a hurry I would have people watched for awhile. Maybe not. Have a great weekend

  43. Lovely shot of the sunset, moon, too :p Happy 4th!

  44. What a lovely pic! (the one of the flag, NOT the Wally world one~ha!) Hope you have a great weekend!

  45. What a stunning picture! You have a gorgeous view of the water! Thank you for sharing this amazing picture! God's painting!

  46. Diana, that picture is just gorgeous!! I love sunset (and sunrise) photos!! Hope your 4th was a good one!


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