Saturday, August 15, 2020


Sorry it has taken me so long
to pull this together.
I started this last Wednesday
and got it partly done 
and then had to quit.
When we go to the campground
I have NO internet and
very little cell-phone availability-
it is a 'dead spot' in Door County. collage says Wednesday-
even though it is Sunday.

First of all-
Thanks for playing along.
I have lots of people to seat
and make fun of.

Also noted-
MOST everyone commented
on how much they hate the 
Hope the powers-that-be
are paying attention.

Without further ado---
A couple of you-won't mention names-
said table #1 with the ruffles
makes you want to puke.
Well-please keep your puke to yourself
so that these ladies can enjoy their

Susie-Said she LIKED the tablecloth
because she could wipe her hands on it
if she dropped her napkin...NEVER,
I repeat-NEVER invite her to a fancy dinner
at your house!
Debbi-Beach Gypsy-is bringing a big bowl of
'tater salad and hula hoops and assorted other things!
Arlene and Patty M. are sitting here, too.

This is a lovely group of
"no sass" ladies!
Mevely, Jo, Ellen, LV and Shilpa

WOW-Had to move the venue to
a barn there were so many of you!
Jan(who called me-Whatsyourname), 
Vee-bringing her own chair anyway,
BabblingBrook, Martha, Diane,
Happy, Theresa, Susie S, Kay G,
Rita, Cecilia, Doris, Sweet Sheri,
Pat, Beachgram, Julie H, Cindy,
Jenny(the pirate), Kathy, 
Jan-a reconnection with an old friend-Hi Jan!
Cindy/ckrut, Jeanie,
Gert-Hoping there are no mosquitoes!

Ramblings/Retired Lady, Sandie,
Doria, Terri D, Holly, 
Moontides, Diana,
Jack/Sherry/JJ (my traveling RVers),
Kim, Marilyn, Kris, Jane, Wanda,
Jan-reminding us to wear masks-yes, ma'am,
Pam-says the table is 'scattered' like her brain--
NO! I do NOT make these things up.
And Anonymous-whoever you are!

Nonie- like it cuz it is comfy and casual,
Sandi, Ginny, Buttercup,
Melanie, Sharon, Debbie M,
Ricki Jill- a bit late but here!

Laurie/Heaven's Walk (has some of the most gorgeous gardens ever),
Carla, Lynne, and
bj-bringing a guest-and warned everyone to 
She won't tell who it is so I won't give it away
Sam Elliot

Another CROWD here!
Debra/SheSeeks-thinks the chairs will be comfy,
Penny, Jenn, MA, 
Ron-the Cocktail King-wants to make sure there is A/C so he doesn't sweat!
Missy, Shirley, Linda/Life&Linda, 
Nancy, Bonnie, Nellie,
Woody/Friend of Jack & Sherry's-Hi Woody!!!
Denise, Liz-sitting here because Ron is here!
Michele, Noreen, Lorrie,
CHERI-thinks none of them are wedding worthy
but will sit here anyway-lol

Hmmm...Don't like any of the tables?
Create your own -which is just what
Sandra did AND 
Surprise! Surprise! Someone joined her---
it's bobbie (with no capital please)
bobbie is bringing chairs, lights and champagne.
Have at it, girls!

AND off to the side because she says she is
GRUMPY is Ann--she doesn't like any of the tables either.  lol  

Well, I am sure I screwed up somewhere;
left someone out-put them at the wrong table, etc.
Bear with me-I have lots going on.

BUT- Let me know if I left you out
or put you in the wrong place-
I can fix it! Yes. I. Can.
and Will!

your photo name


Martha said...

Love it! It was the lighting I fell for in #3 plus my son is getting married next February and yep it's a barn wedding. With the pandemic they may be having the reception out on the property just like in that photo. This was fun :)

Susie said...

Hahaha Diana, I loved this . I needed a laugh today. I have been about nuts this week. I wish we could all really get together. I am missing family and friends. Blessings to all, xoxo, love, Susie

Ginny Hartzler said...

What FUN this was!

Cecilia said...

Bwahaha, you didn't have to move us to the barn - we're outside, dahling. Just make that table longer.
So much fun. Thanks for these posts. They help keep things lighthearted.

Girl, you should try living in a "deadspot". It's frustrating trying to find that spot where things connect....slowly. The payoff is wonderful peace and quiet though. So I guess I won't complain. Hope you are well.

Hugs, Cecilia

Kim said...

You throw the best parties on the internet, Diana! Always happy to invited and if I get to sit next to Kris that's a bonus...but where my friend would you sit? I never see your name at a table. Oh that's're the hostess and the hostess never sits!! Be well and thank you for another glorious moment of glorious escapism!! xoxo

Rain said...

Nice! Fun to read Diana :) I missed this one, but I think #3 would have been my choice, I love any type of fairy lighting! :)

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Somehow I missed this one and didn't have a chance to pick my table. Darn! I so love to come to your dinner parties. I need to go back and check the previous post so I can see these better up close. Sorry I missed the party. Will you do one in September? My 70th birthday is coming up, and I think you should have a special table for me! LOL.

Diana said...

LOL! This is always such fun and gets our minds off this crazy world, if only for a few minutes. It would be so neat to do this in real life. Thank you for always throwing great virtual get-togethers! Hugs (from a safe distance) and blessings to all my table #4 partners and those at the other tables!

bobbie said...

Sandra ~ delightful to meet you! We can sit and giggle about everyone else!!
Diana ~ thank you again for all your hard work to pull these parties together ~ especially given your difficult circumstances this time 'round.
To all the other 'players' ~ please feel free to stop by and say Hello!

Junkchiccottage said...

Always fun. Happy Weekend.

Terri D said...

Always so fun! Thanks Diana!!

Tom said...

...they are are lovely, large festive tables seem like a distance memory!

Vee said...

BJ? BJ was here? How wonderful. Thanks for the fun and the hard work of keeping us all sorted.

bj said...

God bless your little pea-pickin’ ❤️
I have so much fun at your dinner parties...THANK YOU for giving us fun and smiles while we are all having trouble dealing with the ways of the world ❣️❣️

jack69 said...

We are with the rest, you do a great job and it is fun, especially your comments. From beginning to end we wer smiling.....
Love from Utah for two more days.
Sherry, jack and JJ soon back on the road.

Sandra said...

I am so glad that I have at least one at my table number 8 and I'm going to email my best buddy and tell her that she can sit at our table even if she doesn't really like it

Theresa said...

Well that was fun and I am happy to have lots of ladies at my table:) Enjoy your Sunday dear friend, HUGS!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Sounds like a PARTEEEE!!! We always have fun and love these posts! You are the BEST!!! Sweet hugs, Diane

Ricki Treleaven said...

I liked number 5 best. I'm late to the party as usual!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm surprised at some of he choices made but I will enjoy the company of those at my ta lable. Thank you for getting all this together. We all need some fun before summer is over. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday. Relax and enjoy !

Jeanie said...

This is always so much fun!

This N That said...

I hope there is room for the extra table..May have to go in the garage?? I know 2 of my stablemates..It will be nice to see them.LOL..Fun post ..Thanks so much for hosting..I know you are up to your ears!! Hugs..Happy Sunday

Beside a babbling brook... said...

Hope you are enjoying Late Summer, at your place with no techy connection. Seems it is the very best way, to do so!!!! You are making a lot of us, very *jealous.* ~grin~

Oh and...

It is so. Those particular green ruffles, do remind one of, puke!

~ducking, running and hiding~

Enjoy the 'fruits' of Late Summer.....

Michele said...

Your polls - one of the highlights of blogdom. Thank you for the efforts - always a fun thing to be part of and always a GREAT laugh or three when reading the results.

And bj has GREAT taste in men. I am going to touch Sam Elliot. Maybe just his great white head of hair. I could listen to his slow country drawl for hours. Just saying. He is fair game, and one of the best lookin older guys on the planet. Hope hubs doesn't mind. Or Sam's wife. LOL.

Karen said...

LOL.. I missed this, but am so happy to see your usual cheer here :-)

Nancy's Notes said...

So much fun!
Are you back from your road trip! Would love to hear all about it!
Hugs, my dear friend~

A Joyful Cottage said...

Sorry I missed the wedding, Diana. Did everyone wear their mask? What about social distancing? Did you take their temperatures? Inquiring minds want to know. ;-) Hugs. P.S. I like Table #5. The blue is so pretty.

Lorrie said...

These are such fun posts - thank you for cheering us up!

CHERI said...

Looks like I'm sitting with a fun bunch:) These posts always make me laugh and boy did I need a laugh this week!!!!

Red Rose Alley said...

aaahhh, thanks for calling me sweet, dear friend. I hope you are doing well. It's Mia's birthday today and will share some fun pics tomorrow. It's been so hot that we had a power outage this weekend, but it didn't last too long.

love ya,


Ann said...

I'm still grumpy so I'm right where I should be, off to the

Melanie said...

Oh, if only we all could truly meet up in person and have one huge blogging friends get-together! No Coronavirus, of course...where we could once again freely be in close quarters with our friends and eat and drink and laugh and huge one another.


Kathy said...

I always love these posts. Someday you will have to have a real get together and invite all of us. It would be interesting to see how many people would actually show up.

Carla from The River said...

Fun, fun, I always enjoys these posts.

Anne M Robinson said...

I am too late but always grateful to see you here. HUGS my friend. XO

Sally said...

See? Great things happen when I'm away. Love them all though!


Lowcarb team member said...

Thank you so much for doing these type of posts.
Yet again, this was such fun :)

All the best Jan

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Oh, too funny! Sure wish we could all get together, but our party would surely Get Busted for violating the noise ordinances from all the laughter! (And maybe even some singing :) Haha! Thanks for cheering us up, Diana! Hugs xo Karen

Katie Isabella said...

I keep MISSING these! Now it's too late. If it was not too late, it would be 2 or 6!

Susie Swanson said...

Ha Ha love this so much. You always know how to make my day with your fun posts. Take care my sweet friend.

Jenny the Pirate said...

Yay! I can sit by Miss Babbling Brook. Mosquoties (yes ... mosquoties) love me so I'll bring along a salmonella -- er, CITRONELLA -- candle. xoxo