Saturday, October 26, 2019


Here were your choices~
Oh No-
I see I forgot to number them-
Well-they go from left to right-
skipping the dishes on the top right.
I could fix it-but I am too lazy. (true)

So-here we go~

I had to rent a larger banquet hall for 
TABLE #1-Passel of Pumpkins
Latane, Sheri, 
Rain (bringing spiders and skeletons to 'dress it up'), Nonnie(hoping that is an edible gift on the plate), Laura, Jeanie (looked up passel to make sure it wasn't something naughty),
Linda(Itsy-Bitsy), Kathy, Sandi, Jenn,
Jack & Sherry(taking a traveling break to join us)
Laurie (#1 or #4-A stubborn Canadian who would NOT choose just one), Diane, Fabby, Debby Ray,
Vee, Debra(SheWhoSeeks),Gert, Mary Ellen, 
CHERI-Master Critiquer-(read it below folks-)
Theresa(Ganky),  MA, Missy, Jo, Linda(LifeJournal), Jan, Adam, Ron, Woody,
(3 guys!!!!  Ron will ply them all with cocktails-including BJ-only here because Ron is serving drinks), Moontides, Mevely, Julie, Phyllis, Betsy, Sue (LiveLoveJournal), Tessa, Michelle D, Bless, Gayla, Debbie-Dabble, Nancy, Rue, Kim, Linda(FairyBlogmother),Akasha,Great-Granny(waving Hi to a new friend)
Jan(Lowcarb)- (counted down to successfully pick a table)
and, last but not least, CHERI-read it yourself-
CHERI said...
Oh, dear! I’m not in love with any of them actually….I’d like to see more traditionally fall ones! #3…the flowery one is TOO FLOWERY! #4 the creamy one is TOO CREAMY (not enough color). #5 the pear one…well, I don’t want to say anything too mean so I’ll skip over that one! #6 I like but it’s TOO SPRINGY for fall. #7…hmmm…just don’t care for. And #2 is just TOO GRAY. So that leaves #1…not wild about the dishes but the overall look is definitely FALL so I pick #1!!!!! (I’m not usually so picky!!!!) (PS: I know you are going to tear me up on this one:)

Table #2-Copper Cups
Here we have BusyBeeSuz, Susie She Junks-
(wanted to sit at Table 1 but thought it looked like
snow outside),
 bobbie-(took 2 days to decide but
likes the brown bottles in this one-that's my girl)
Melanie (wants a Moscow Mule in her cup-I will give her a
Wisconsin Jackass and she can take it or leave  it),
Denise(sitting here because she figures she won't 
break the cups-drinking problem do you think?)
Lorraine, Penny, Laurel, Cindy, 
Liz (only duringhe day-nights will see her at Table 4-another one 
of "those" people)
AnnMarie, Kris, & Debbie-
(Lakehouse), Cindy-Creations & Lorrie,

Table#3-Some Fall Color
I honestly thought this would be a full table
because of the fall colors.
See what I know? (not much)
A small intimate party of three:
Rita (taking the plates home with her-Good Lord),
Susan Kane & Lauren!

Table #4- Creamy Dream
Terri D (dressing up for the occasion-I am
assuming that means she is putting underwear on 
this time?), Connie, 
Patty McD (nope not THOSE McDonalds-Or IS she?)
Jenny (the nomad or pirate-changes
professions on any given day AND dictated the 
menu for me)
Pam (had a hard time breaking with tradition to make this pick), 
Ronda (our island girl- wants a window seat),
Lisa-our beach girl, Carla & Sweet Sally

Table #5-Pass The Pears
Everyone did want to straighten the tablecloth
though except for  one special person).

Table #6- Sunshine On My Table Makes Me
Can you believe that HAPPY decided to sit here?
Joining her is Ellen, Emily, Carole and Ginny

Table #7-Lots of Lavender
Sandra-here for the bread-which she will have to 
fight Terri for-she is ALSO here for the bread!
Ann is here for the WINE, Merle, 
Rick-A REAL man that admits he loves lavender!
Diane-Lavender Dreams (go figure she would pick
this table).

So!  There you have it-
Another successful dinner party!
Kind of----lol

If I missed anyone I am SOOO Sorry!
Let me know and I will add you to the mix.
Although, some of you might want to 
leave after the things I said about you.

Have a wonderful weekend.
We are preparing for yet 

your photo name


Gay Van Beek, Canterbury Cottage Designs said...

BLEEP! How did I miss this! I am very annoyed at myself. So therefore I love all of them.

Sandi said...

Hmm...I changed my mind. I want to sit with that bowl of ice cream at the end!

Tom said...

...who's the cutie with the apple?

Jenny the Pirate said...

Haaahahaa I like it that the cream dream table hosts all the best people ... and pirates are nomadic, or didn't you know that, sisterwoman? Haaahaa! Thanks for inviting me. xoxo

Lorrie said...

Another fun party! Thanks, Diana!

Sandra said...

I was relieved to find there was at least one other person who noticed the bread baskets and since #1 was my least favorite of all, I was not shocked that so many loved it. I have never watched a movie all the way through that won an academy award. if someone LOVES some, or lots of some ones, I don't love it... this was fun

Laurie said...

what a great job you have done, so much work!!! sorry but, I think I changed my mind again,, ummm, I'll get back to you ,,lol,,, so much fun!!We have snow !

Ann said...

Well while I'm drinking my wine I'll be in good company at my table.

bobbie said...

Welcome to all my Table #2 friends ~
I took my time with my decision, because your parties deserve SERIOUS contemplation!!
Thanks for all your hard work, Diana ~

Debby Ray said...

Looks like we have a LOT of traditionalists in Blogland doesn't it? Thanks for another fun party!

Terri D said...

LOL to me wearing my underwear! We will never know, will we?!!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That was so much fun! Guess I better bake extra bread for my table! heehee! And pick more lavender wildflowers! Thanks for the fun my friend! I've got a seat for you right next to ME!!! Wear purple! heehee!

Susie said...

haha Diana, I guess I should have stayed with table one, I would have been warm with everyone at that table. So funny about Ron and his bartender skills.
We had an all day rain, still going on into the night...who needs it now, our lawn is just nasty from this year. The men we hired to treat the lawn burned it up with too much fertilizers, then came back aerated and seeded and it still won,t grow. I absolutely could cry just looking at it and knowing how much we paid them...they will not be coming back here. Grr.
Hope you all are doing well. Ted is getting better and I am relieved . Blessings to all, xoxo,love you, Susie

jack69 said...

SWEEET, however I cannot believe close friends picked other tables. I will forgive them because I thought they all 'above my paygrde' but were still beautiful.

But I will say AMEN to Bobbie about all your hard work.

Love from down here'
Sherry & jack

Linda said...

That was so much fun!!

Kim said...

Table number one is a party! Lots of friends and I get to sit with Cheri! We could discuss (and dissect) the tables in more detail for sure!! Always a fun game, Diana! xo

Bless said...

That was fun! You'll definitely need a bigger Table #1 to seat us all!

Rita C at Panoply said...

Too funny! And since there's only 3 of us at our table, I'll just take the plants too. I know one thing, Ron's gonna need a LOT of liquor to douse that group at #1!
Thanks for the party!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So glad I'll be seated with some of my favorite people. It's going to be fun !

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

So much fun! Wish we could all get together and dine!

Art and Sand said...

Fun tablescapes.

I haven't been on my computer much - life gets in the way - so I missed out completely.

This N That said...

The dishes are on the top LEFT ! I think ?? .I guess you are a bit dyslexic these days..Oh, I see something yummy looking on the BOTTOM right..#1 got a bit crowded..Glad Ron kept us all hydrated..Cheri..Hmmm.
You did a great job as always...THANKS and Hugs

This N That said...

BTW...I love those plates in the UPPER LEFT!!!

Rain said...

I love these posts Diana! It's fun to see other people's takes on everything!!

Theresa said...

Looks like a crowd at my table:) Love that you do this for us! Have a blessed and beautiful FALL week ahead! HUGS!

krishna said...

Every time I'm missing this game. :(

CHERI said...

Oh, dear:) I knew I'd be in trouble with that comment!!!! I do want to request that I get to sit by Kim (see her comment:) Glad I picked #1...sounds like a fun group to have a party with!!!!

Carla from The River said...

Always fun my dear.

Pam said...

HAHA....everyone has their (our, mine) own thoughts! I love it though. I so love that you do this. Now it is time to get Thanksgiving together1

Lowcarb team member said...

This was such fun … thank you so much for doing these posts Diana.

All the best Jan

Melanie said...

A Wisconsin Jackass...ROFL!!

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Lots of fun Diana. Getting a bigger table for #1 is priceless.

Catching up on comments after the power outage was off 4 times. xoxo