Tuesday, December 4, 2018


Now-I am not saying that some 
of you gals are crazy but.....
So here were your choices!

Let's see where you are sitting, okay?

Table #1-Green Green Wants To Be Seen
You all loved the green!
Arlene, Lauren(only here because of the napkin rings)
Jettie (my "sistah" thru the internet- we go way back-to the old MSN groups), Moontides(bear with her she is new here and doesn't know that you can only pick ONE table), Missy (always trouble), Brenda, Sandra, Dewena, Dawn~ 
and you are the lucky table
to have THE COCKTAIL KING, Ron!!!!
sitting with y'all!

Table#2-Rustic Modern
Katie, Petie(likes it but is complaining about the purple and gold and wants pink and gold-always one, folks), 
Sandi, Kim(doesn't like the table but likes the room),
Debra(she's easy-no complaints),
Stephanie(wrote a book before making up her mind),
bobbie (hates the yellow and complaining about no champagne),
Sally, Susie, 
Lisa(whining about the flowers @ Table 8 
& the wild group at Table 6)
Nancy(complaining about the chairs before she even sits down)

Moving along to:
Table #3-A Rose For Everyone
Here we have Billie Jo, Tonya, Jessica & Carol.
(Not a single whiner at the table)!!!

Table #4-Blue For You
Sweet Louise and Rose,
Sandy Y, Donna &
Dear LV-(here because it reminds her of Elvis)
Do you think I should tell her my grandboy
named his dog Elvis?...but they call him Bo.
Don't ask- our whole family is screwed up!

Table #5-Silvery Snowflakes
Here you will see Rain (don't you love the name)
Jenny, Theresa, Lisa M & Sally.
A small group 
that can actually hear each other talk.

Table #6-Green & Gold
Hello-JFM, Linda(He Lives), 
Kay(trying to pretend she likes the Green Bay Packers),
Gayla-she was seeing angel plates and then UN-seeing them..
She might be nipping at the bottle a bit before the party!,
Ellie-My ex-SIL, AnnMarie, Terri D
and Janice (she made it just in time).
And I am putting Adam here just because 
of his football wisecracks.  
He can bring Daisy, too, if he likes.

Table#7-I Plead For Plaid
Wowser---Gonna have to rent a banquet hall here!
Nonnie, Ma, Penny & Gert,
Barbara(has to sit here even though she wants to sit at table #8.  Why?  Well her messy family eats BBQ Brisket and she is afraid to be at an all white table.  Guess the red plaid will cover up her family's sins!)
Jack & Sherry (my sweet travelers),
Diane-wants to know if we will eat venison or moose-
Linda(LaCarte) Jan, Linda(WokeUp)
Sylvia- loves both white tables but can't make up her mind so is sitting here,  Hey!  I can't even make this stuff up!
Vee, Jeanie (although she loved #2-go figure), Cecilia, Sandie, Julie, Noreen,Happy,
Jenn(says the table gives her a 1970s flashback-Do you think she's probably wearing bell bottoms, too?)
Debby, Donna, Jenny D, Kris (WHAT?) Phyllis, Shirley, Henny, Krishna, Rita, Jane, 
KarenAnn (chose this table after a complicated mental process), Lorrie, Fran & Terra & 
KATHY-(that I left out and am adding in)..duh....and SHERI-(RedRoseAlley)--sorry I forgot you kiddo!!!!!

And coming down the home stretch~

Table #8-Whisper of White
Gay- already whining because the fuzzy things might get in her drink...seriously...she won't even notice after her third glass!
Our Canadian friend, Laurie the Artist,
Liz, Nonie, Robyn, 
Denise-sitting here so if she spills her white wine it won't show
AND last, but not least,
Cindy and SHE told ME to behave MYSELF...

Wow!  I may need to take a nap
after this post.
You think KarenAnn had a complicated process?
You have NO idea!!!

Okay-So I checked my names twice and
IF I MISSED ANYONE or put you at the 
I apologize...let me know and I will fix it.
(or maybe not depending on my mood)

I hope you all have a 
and I will see you in a day or so....
I hope, I hope, I hope!!
your photo name


Lorrie said...

So much fun! Party at #7!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I know these posts are a lot of work for you, but they ARE fun to participate in and read the results, so THANK YOU!

jack69 said...

I must AMEN Lorrie and AGREE MUCH with Debra. You put some work in this. Neat! Beautiful weather here in central FLA.

bobbie said...

Hello, my Table Two mates!!! Not to worry ~ I am bringing a case or two of champagne with me ~ all just for us!

Darling Diana ~ thank you SO much for hostessing us!
You da bomb!

Kathy said...

Hey, you skipped me! I'm with the fun crowd at #7. I'm on a Scottish theme this year so I wanted plaid. I know it's a lot for you to do, Diana, so you're forgiven.

Debby Ray said...

So much fun! PLAID RULES!We are going to PAR-TAY!!

Vee said...

This certainly proves that the world is an interesting place full of people who don’t know a good table when they see one! 😁 Thanks for the fun!

Gayla said...

Now who's nipping at the bottle, Diana?.... lol
I think you put the same table in the results for 1 and 6.... Or maybe I've just tipped it too much and I am seeing double??????? Lots of fun! Thanks!

Ron said...

{arty On! Cheers!

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

I actually loved all the tables and it was hard to decide. Fun time!

Sylvia said...

You do such a good job of this, Diana. My laugh for the day.

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

Can you imagine how fabulous this would be if it actually were to happen?!?! Thanks, Diana for putting all of your time into this. It really is so much fun to read. -Jenn

Theresa said...

Thankfully I enjoy a small group:) Thanks for hosting! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Wow! I better go deer huntin' today to provide for my Plaid family! heeheehee! This was SUCH fun! Get some rest my friend. It's tiring hosting these big parties with all of us crazy gals! Holiday hugs!

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Fun, fun fun!

Gert said...

Wow ! Looks like I picked the right table this time. LOL sounds like I’ll be in good company!!! Bless you Diana!!

Holly said...

I love them all so I would have had to table hop!

Jenny said...

I've changed me pirate mind! I want to be at that plaid table now. It was my second choice anyway, haaahaha xoxo

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's a delight to see I'll be sitting with my friend Jack and his sweetheart Sherry! It would be lovely to dine and chat with them for awhile. I only know them from blogger. Your table game is a wonderful way of getting many of us together.

Chatty Crone said...

Man I hope there is enough food at table 7 - that was a huge group sitting with me!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

This is always fun! I knew the plaid table would be busy so I'll table hop to visit others with a full wine glass in my hand!! Hugs!

Jeanie said...

I love this contest!

krishna said...

This is so much fun! I was just laughing.. :D

Henny Penny said...

That was fun. I don't know how in the world you ever put it all together at the end. I would never get it figured out! Thank you!

Rose L said...

You have a great sense of humor! If you have to behave you might not have as much fun as possible!

mxtodis123 said...

Whoops!!!! I can never seem to make up my mind. This was a lot of fun.

Red Rose Alley said...

Thanks! That's a long list - I can see how you could forget one or two. : ) I love that middle picture with the red and green ornaments. Is that your tree?


Barbara said...

Thank you for honoring my request to be at the red plaid table #7. I may tuck a package of wet wipes in my purse in case I make a mess with my BBQ brisket...

Terri D said...

Always fun, Diana!!

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

It's always fun to play with everyone!

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

That was so fun and glad I was at the popular table #7! :)

This N That said...

In the pictures in this post one and six of the same. Is that because I couldn’t make up my mind between one and six? I guess I’ll have to mind my P ‘s and q ‘s with Ron at my table. Thanks for doing this Diana. It’s always fine. Your wit is always fun! I don’t know how you come up with some Of this stuff. It takes a special mind ... need I say more?

Creations By Cindy said...

Well i missed this table setting but girl , you amaze me at how you pull this together with so much wit , fun and love . Hugs and blessings , Cindy

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Oh, I missed out on this one. I liked the one with the red/green plaid. Looks festive. I'm kind of Christmas traditional I guess. Sorry I missed out on this. You are always up to something fun!!!

Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

I didn't join in because I couldn't make up my mind between 2, 7 or 8! Since you were having so many quests I didn't want to put any undue burden on you by my indecisiveness! I know I missed a great party! P.S still can't make up my mind which one I would sit at but if I could take a little from the 3 tables I'd have the perfect spot!

cloches and lavender said...

I heard you had a great time and Buddy came right to you.


Cecilia said...

Well, I might need to change to a less crowded table...I get a bit overwhelmed by large crowds. Lol. Love this, it's so much fun! Thanks for letting us play! Have a great recast of the week.

Preppy Empty Nester said...

Sorry that I am late to the party, Diana. I love reading the results, though. Have a wonderful week.

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

Always fun to see the results! It looks like I would be in good company at my table!

Linda said...

Good job Diana...endless energy!
I chose the plaid...and I will be setting a plaid table!
Go figure!
Enjoy your weekend...
Linda :o)

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Missed it again! It all looks so fun at table 8, I would try to "scootch" my chair in to fit in there :)

Lowcarb team member said...

Such fun!
Well done Diana for working things out so well :)

Enjoy the rest of your week.
I'm going to a Christmas Carol Concert to see our youngest grand-daughter sing … to say I'm looking forward to it is the understatement of the year! LOL!

Take care, my good wishes.

All the best Jan

Deborah Montgomery said...

Always so fun! Sorry I missed this. I would have chosen Table 8, love!! xo

Kay G. said...

Oh my dear, I do LOVE the Packers only because YOU do! :-) I love them even more when they lose and you send me those Hamlet chocolates with the lovely white kitchen towel!

I dearly do love to choose my table setting and seeing who sits with me!

BeachGypsy said...

DARN!! I missed this one! I kept meaning to come back and choose one, and time got away from me, I've been awful busy. Anyway........you can just squeeze me in ANYWHERE if you'll still have me, ha ha LOL!! I'll be happy with any of y'all! This time I'll bring snow globes with swirling snow, jangly bracelets for everybody's arms, and cookies, hot from the oven!

Doris said...

Don’t know how I missed your ‘Pick a Table’ post but miss it I did. Sooo, since the snowflake table isn’t full, I’ll sneak in there ;-). (Is that ok with you?)
So fun!

Pam said...

Oh crap.... I missed it this time! Well par for the course, late or no show! That is such a lie, I am always in time if not early however I do have to bow out of things from time to time- anyway, beautiful tables. I would have went with the rustic one just cause rustic is what I live but the purple thrown in on top sealed the deal! I love my purple. Great job lady.

Stephanie said...

Oh Diana, my laughter is bubbling out right now. Love ya, girl!

Kim said...

THIS is why I always make sure to pick a table...your commentary is priceless and always, always makes me laugh- especially when you mention me! ;) xoxox