Sunday, July 1, 2018


Posted to wrong date earlier- 
First of all- Happy July 1st!

I don't know who 
has more fun with this-
all of you--or me!
Thanks for playing along!
Without further commentary
I give you the results.
I might have lied about the commentary~

Table #1-Blue Hydrangea Salute
Here we have some old friends:
Pat, Jane, Lauren, Nancy, Angela,
Sheri (my rose loving friend), Linda, Terri S,
Debby Ray, Phyllis, Theresa,
Sandi (wanted to sit at Table 2 but was afraid her chair was too close to the edge and she would fall in the water) and 
Lorrie (this table's token Canadian).

Table #2-A Bite By The Bay
Whew!  Gonna have to move this table
to a cruise ship-lots of people on board here!
Dawn, Laurie(shhh-another Canadian), Betsy, Pam, Weekend Windup-who has no name?
Louise, Pam J ( she could hardly decide where to sit)
Gayle, Linda, Kathy, Penny, Doris
Lisa (she wondered WHERE Ron was seated)-
He's HERE- Ron- the cocktail guy-, Kim, Gay, Tia, Judy, Joyce, Terri D, Kimberly, Lauren, Liberty Belle (now there's a name for the 4th),
Cindy, Pam K (the bathroom #2 talker), Connie, Janice, Laura, Karen Ann (wants to make sure she has a gin & tonic with TWO lime twists-fussy/fussy), 
Lesley (wants to make sure Tom Cruise stops at the table- do I LOOK LIKE I am running a dating service here)?

Table #3 Stick Around For The 4th
Patti, MA, Fran, Carla,
Petie (she is bringing white plates-she doesn't like the ones here), 
Jettie (she will have clean underwear on because her washer will be fixed-don't ask me how I know these things- I just do),
AnnMarie, Susan, Sweet Gert,
Missy-Hoping she is sitting close enough to Table#2 to get a cocktail from Ron (sigh) I can't fix her-I've tried! She did promise me a big tip for serving though!
Pamela, Julie, Susie, Debbie
Judy, Michele and the
Beach Gypsy-she's bringing a tambourine and wants to build a fire (not sure if the fire is for conjuring spirits or roasting hotdogs-you never know with her).

Table #4-Something's Fishy Here!
We have a nice quiet group (I think)
Sweet bobbie, Busy Bee Suz, Kay, Ellen, 
Roxy & 
Debbie-Dabble (the queen of all holiday decorating- trust me on this!

Table #5-A Little Bit Of Gold
I think you guys showed up thinking that 
Well, you are the Golden Girls now-
Tete, Beatrice, Blue Sky Scotland,
Lisa K & Marie

Table #6-Patriots By The Pool
Finally- A man and we will let him
sit at the head of the table-if you don't mind~
ADAM-we'll let him bring his Dear Daisy, too!
G.Dazeez, Cecilia (she has promised to change out of her paint smock),  Kris (trouble in white),
Sally, bj, Sandie, Debra & Late to the party, 
Linda the Art Lady!

#7-Shovel It In-It's The 4th
Connie (she is moving the plant so she can see you UNLESS she doesn't like her tablemates-then it will stay where it is)
Her tablemates are:
Diane, Sweet Rose, Carol, Dear LV,
Terri S-who will move if she is needed elsewhere,
and Jill- who, apparently, is bringing her whole family--that's okay- we will all shove in and make room, won't we?

Well, friends~
There you have it!
Another party seated and I will be serving.
Sadly, my cute little outfit hasn't arrived yet
but I did find one for My Hero.
Don't ask him too many questions as he
will have a hard time talking....
(and maybe walking)

I hope I didn't miss anyone!
I checked my list twice and apologize
if I missed you- if I did-let me know.

OKAY-Off to sit in front of the AC Vent!
It is HOT HOT HOT here!

Thanks again for playing-I love y'all!

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Sandi said...

Did you say insults?

Ok, here goes:

You are all a bunch of terrible table pickers!


Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

Cute post!! Happy 4th!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

This is a fun thing to do...Thanks for getting us together at whatever table we wound up at !

Lisa said...

Table two might get thrown out of the club! Thats a big shin dig going on. Lol. Have a great 4th!!

Jettie said...

Well the part has not arrived yet, so I may have to forgo underwear

Anonymous said...

thanks for remembering we Canucks lol,, keep cool!!

Gay Van Beek, Canterbury Cottage Designs said...

You are too much fun and you do realize this is going to become a weekly thing :) (we hope!)

Sally said...

So glad not to be alone, and I salute my table mates as they have very good taste. :)

Happy to be American! Happy 4th of July, my sweet friend.


Pam Jackson said...

HAHA Oh my I love the comment about not being able to decide where I wanted to sit. That seems to be the story of my life. I used to never have issues making up my mind but these days I would like to say that I am pulled in too many directions by cool spots on all tables! I love these post, thank you for doing them. I know it is a lot to pull together and I know you have been really busy lately. If I don't get over here again in the next few days....HAPPY safe!

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

LOL!! Thanks for calling me the Queen of all Holiday decorating!! LOL!
I am so honored!!Thanks for stopping by!!

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

So fun but I REALLY wanted to see you in your outfit! It will have to be left to the imagination ;-)

bobbie said...

Hello fellow Table 4ers!! D-D I know; nice to meet the rest of you!
Quiet??? Never quiet when you put 2 nurses together!!
Happy Fourth, all!
Diana ~ thank you for hostessing us again ~ I love these!

Cathy, 1929 Charmer Cottage said...

I'm so sorry I missed heads been stuck out in the gardens! I'd pick #2 because I love being by the water...Since the cruise ship is past capacity I wouldn't have made it anyways...sopping here. But I'd probably been swimming in the bay watching everyone having a good time and hoping someone would throw me a bite every now and then.

Hope I make the next party!!!

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Wow! A lot of friends old and new meeting at table two! Thanks for the fun!

Carla from The River said...

Happy 4th of July!
We have a little cool down today. We hit 100 Friday and Saturday. A wee bit too hot for Northern Wisconsin folks.. we are not use to this. LOL

Kimberly~Nutbrown Cottage said...

You are such a nut! I love it! But Ron might have a problem with that comment under #6! I don't want him leaving our table in a huff!

What time should we all arrive? :-D

Debby Ray said...

Fun stuff...and I was hoping to getting to see you in that outfit...

Pom Pom said...

Oh darn! I guess I'll just sit with the golden girls! Happy 4th of July week, Diana!

Junkchiccottage said...

Oh I thought maybe I would have the table to myself!!! I guess I will have to share the shrimp cocktails lol. Love all the tables they are all fun and I would have sat at any one of them. Happy 4th.

Kay G. said...

Quiet at table # 4? Not with me there! I will talk more than I will eat! Ask anybody who knows me...then, I will ask for a doggy bag to take with me so I can eat it all later! LOL!

Blondie's Journal said...

This was such a fun post to read. Yes...keep doing it!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I FINALLY get to sit with Ron!!!

Rose L said...

Love it!!!!!

Susie said...

Diana, I love my table mates. Of course I want to hop around and visit at all the other tables. :):) Blessings to you and yours for a fabulous 4th. Be safe. love, xoxo, Susie

Theresa said...

I can't wait to sit at the table I picked:) Have a marvelous Monday dear friend, HUGS!

Cindy - ClochesandLavender said...

You are amazing and enjoyed the post. It's very hot here too🌡☀️🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

Happy Fourth


Terri said...

Well poo, I missed this. But I love them all. You'd just have to bring them indoors because I can't handle the heat!

Lorrie said...

What a rowdy crowd you have to organize! Sounds like a fun party. Happy 4th of July to you!

Missy George said...

No tip..Cute post lady..I don't know how you keep up with everybody..Great job...have a bang up 4th!! hugs

Vee said...

Shoot! I missed it. That’s okay, now I can ramble...and choose multiples...The water scenes for me, but if it’s raining, I’d like the yellow room.

Happy 4th of July!

Michele said...

Thanks for all the fun!

: - )

Kim said...

Cruise ship...that's so funny!! I'm glad I got a seat...and you don't even have to feed me. I just want to see the surf and sand! Happy 4th!!

Holly said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog and passing on the message from Sheri. All the tablescapes are lovely, I'm particular towards the coastal flare! Have an awesome fourth, it will rain all day here.

Chatty Crone said...

I am in good company! I have been in Ohio visiting my other family so I have not been able to comment, but I am back.

Art and Sand said...

thanks for the fun party!

Katie Isabella said...

JoAnna come lately here! If I had been here in time, I would have chosen 7! I see my stablemates are all perfect!

Katie Mansfield said...

I like #1. Those blue hydrangeas are stunning.

The Liberty Belle said...

What fun! Thank you for hosting.