Sunday, July 1, 2018


First of all- Happy July 1st!

I don't know who 
has more fun with this-
all of you--or me!
Thanks for playing along!
Without further commentary
I give you the results.
I might have lied about the commentary~

Table #1-Blue Hydrangea Salute
Here we have some old friends:
Pat, Jane, Lauren, Nancy, Angela,
Sheri (my rose loving friend), Linda, Terri S,
Debby Ray, Phyllis, Theresa,
Sandi (wanted to sit at Table 2 but was afraid her chair was too close to the edge and she would fall in the water) and 
Lorrie (this table's token Canadian).

Table #2-A Bite By The Bay
Whew!  Gonna have to move this table
to a cruise ship-lots of people on board here!
Dawn, Laurie(shhh-another Canadian), Betsy, Pam, Weekend Windup-who has no name?
Louise, Pam J ( she could hardly decide where to sit)
Gayle, Linda, Kathy, Penny, Doris
Lisa (she wondered WHERE Ron was seated)-
He's HERE- Ron- the cocktail guy-, Kim, Gay, Tia, Judy, Joyce, Terri D, Kimberly, Lauren, Liberty Belle (now there's a name for the 4th),
Cindy, Pam K (the bathroom #2 talker), Connie, Janice, Laura, Karen Ann (wants to make sure she has a gin & tonic with TWO lime twists-fussy/fussy), 
Lesley (wants to make sure Tom Cruise stops at the table- do I LOOK LIKE I am running a dating service here)?

Table #3 Stick Around For The 4th
Patti, MA, Fran, Carla,
Petie (she is bringing white plates-she doesn't like the ones here), 
Jettie (she will have clean underwear on because her washer will be fixed-don't ask me how I know these things- I just do),
AnnMarie, Susan, Sweet Gert,
Missy-Hoping she is sitting close enough to Table#2 to get a cocktail from Ron (sigh) I can't fix her-I've tried! She did promise me a big tip for serving though!
Pamela, Julie, Susie, Debbie
Judy, Michele and the
Beach Gypsy-she's bringing a tambourine and wants to build a fire (not sure if the fire is for conjuring spirits or roasting hotdogs-you never know with her).

Table #4-Something's Fishy Here!
We have a nice quiet group (I think)
Sweet bobbie, Busy Bee Suz, Kay, Ellen, 
Roxy & 
Debbie-Dabble (the queen of all holiday decorating- trust me on this!

Table #5-A Little Bit Of Gold
I think you guys showed up thinking that 
Well, you are the Golden Girls now-
Tete, Beatrice, Blue Sky Scotland,
Lisa K & Marie

Table #6-Patriots By The Pool
Finally- A man and we will let him
sit at the head of the table-if you don't mind~
ADAM-we'll let him bring his Dear Daisy, too!
G.Dazeez, Cecilia (she has promised to change out of her paint smock),  Kris (trouble in white),
Sally, bj, Sandie, Debra & Late to the party, 
Linda the Art Lady!

#7-Shovel It In-It's The 4th
Connie (she is moving the plant so she can see you UNLESS she doesn't like her tablemates-then it will stay where it is)
Her tablemates are:
Diane, Sweet Rose, Carol, Dear LV,
Terri S-who will move if she is needed elsewhere,
and Jill- who, apparently, is bringing her whole family--that's okay- we will all shove in and make room, won't we?

Well, friends~
There you have it!
Another party seated and I will be serving.
Sadly, my cute little outfit hasn't arrived yet
but I did find one for My Hero.
Don't ask him too many questions as he
will have a hard time talking....
(and maybe walking)

I hope I didn't miss anyone!
I checked my list twice and apologize
if I missed you- if I did-let me know.

OKAY-Off to sit in front of the AC Vent!
It is HOT HOT HOT here!

Thanks again for playing-I love y'all!

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Terri D said...

Fun for all!!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

There's some SUPER people at Table #6! Let's parTAY!

FYI Nana Diane, you've posted this on "June 1st" not "July 1st" so unfortunately this post is not at the beginning of your blog. You'll need to repost it with the right date so everyone will find it on the first page of your blog!

Adam said...

Happy 1st of July

Jeanie said...

I love this! Happy July!

Chatty Crone said...

Happy 4th of July!