Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Grab your reading glasses
and a whiskey coffee cuz
this is one
It is the longest post I have
ever written!

A long time ago
when I first started blogging
I was asked these questions
and I don't think I ever answered.

I stumbled across this recently and realized that
while so much has changed
so much has remained the same!

So---here in all my foolish loquacious-iness 
are my answers to eight questions I was given.
If you aren't feeling like reading
(and maybe laughing a bit)
you can move right along and 
come back another day.

Here we go!

I have been asked to tell you

EIGHT things about myself.  

 (yes I said 8-who picked that number

as the criteria to decide if I was fit to

be in Blogland-I mean why not 5 or 7..but 8?

Hey-did y'all know 8 is my favorite number?)


I am supposed to tell you EIGHT

things about myself I think you

would like to know....

Well, that's a joke...

Who really wants to know 8 things

about me?

 You just come to Blogland to see

pictures of what life should be like, right?

Well, I am never one to cringe from the truth..

which is NOT always a good thing-

trust me on this.

Ready? Here we go...

Question #1 Why did you start blogging ?

I took an idiot pill 

and it said blogging was good for


Oh..no...You want truthful answers..

okay then...don't get snotty about it.

What made me start blogging?

My friend, Jettie is to blame.

(Hey Jett-she's Southern..

they all say HEY instead of Hi)

Isn't Jettie a cool name? 

It's her real name...yes it is!


Jettie blogged for books back then. 

I thought that was pretty cool..

So...I asked Jettie about blogging..
She said even YOU (idiot was implied)

can figure out how to blog..

and she gave me some basics...

Like..okay...the button on the

right will make your screen light up..

Yeah...that's just about where I started...

And then....

I thought it would be fun to blog 

for my grandkids

so they could read about themselves


You know - because as a parent, 

you don't have the time/energy 

to jot it all down..

Grandparents are supposed to have

a whole lot more time--which--

let me tell you is a lie.

I thought it would be fun. 

I thought maybe my kids would read my blog,

or maybe a couple of friends would read it..

or maybe my brother (Lordy-how I miss him)

would read it.

I had no idea that anyone I didn't know 

would read it..
so..it ain't real purty..
and it's just kind of a hodgepodge.

 No real theme...if you get my drift.

Question #2. While working outside what

do you think about?

I think about God's goodness in my life. 

How blessed I am.
I also think about projects 

I WANT to do..

Like the one below...

Sorry I stole this from someone's site.

If it's your own pop in 

and take credit for it...cuz it is

so darned cute I want to copy it.
I also spend some time thinking about 

the little granddaughter we lost 

and wonder what it would be

like to have her in the family mix.

She would be a BIG GIRL now-

I think about the brave struggle

MyHero endured in the past few years

 in his fight(s) (and win(s)) against cancer.

Question #3. What is your favorite vacation

 destination and why?

I have two places...

depending on the time of year.

In  summer I love to go up to 

the UP of Michigan

I love Lake Superior. 

There is nothing like the

wild, rugged beauty you see there.

We usually stay in Munising..

 it's a little off-the road, by-passed by time.

I like it because I totally relax there 

for some reason.
That time frame would be..

anytime AFTER

July 1st and BEFORE July 6th

because that is about when summer

"happens" in the UP~

yeah..those are random dates 

but close to the truth.

BUT...in the winter...

I love Florida.

I love the ocean.

I love the balmy breezes.

I love it all...from St. Augustine to the Keys.

You can't go wrong with Florida..

I even love DisneyWorld..

Yeah...I'm kind of GOOFY like that!

I love it because I feel like 

I am "connected" in Florida.

The ocean draws me in and 

soothes and refreshes me.

And~ I am always in awe of the beauty

and lushness of it all.

I especially love New Smyrna Beach.

Did I mention a lot of old people 

drive around in Florida?

Yeah...Not on my list of favorites.

Sadly, I am becoming one of THEM...

but I still drive pretty good...uh-huh...

#4- Do I like sunrise or sunset?

Now THAT's a poser!

When I am on Lake Michigan,

I love the sunrise as it 

comes up over the lake.

I like to sit outside and watch the sun weave

it's fingers across the sky.

I love the sound of the early morning gulls

 and I especially love the fog horns 

on a overcast, foggy morning.
(internet image)
But when I am home, at my own house,

I love the sunsets...

I especially love sharing them with family.

It is like the sun kisses us all goodnight..

and we have made it safely through

another day.Question #5. Are you beginning to think I 

will never be done?

NOPE! That's NOT the question...

Here's the REAL question..

Question #5. What is my 

favorite Season/Why?

Ohhhh! It is Fall...glorious, wonderful Fall.

I Fall in love with 

all the wonders of Mother Nature

as the nights turn crisp and cool.

I love hunkering down by a fire 

in the fireplace as the

Fall winds blow round the eaves.

I love pots of stew...and apple cider...

and pumpkins...and the leaves that burst

into rainbow colored tree flames.

I love Thanksgiving and turkey and..

well...Yeah...I like Fall.
Question #6. What is the wildest thing I've 

ever done?

Hey! Do I LOOK Stupid? Don't answer that...

Do you think I am telling

YOU the wildest thing I've ever done? 

Ha...not on a bet-your-life


am I ever telling that!

Question #7. What is the biggest surprise

 in my life?

Hmmm...I think it is how fiercely 

and deeply I love my grandchildren. 

I mean...I KNEW I would love them...

I heard other grandparents

tell me how much they loved their grandkids...

and I thought...Yeah...okay...

only 33 more photos to look at 

so you can tell me how cute they are...

But NOW? Yeah...

Well, NOW I get it!

I would do whatever it took to protect them

as best I can from the world's harm.

Here's some pictures 

only 26 more to see!
There are more grands 

that I don't have pictures of

on my computer.

 #8- TAH-DAH...Last question!

Where do you go to be alone?

Well, this oughta get a smile 

out of those of you

that DON'T know me!

I get in the car...

and I drive..and I drive.

and I drive.

It is restful, peaceful and I listen

to music and talk to God..

and I am free.

While I am traveling

I am free.

I can forget about laundry

and projects that await me

and daily chores.

I am free for a breath of time.

If I am feeling a bit stressed or want

to decompress..I take a Starbucks..

and a book and I park somewhere..

anywhere...and read..and read..

so..if you see some crazy blond 

sitting in the middle of a parking lot

looking down into her lap...

she is reading.

Don' t bother her.

And..even if she has a

Honk If You Love Jesus sign

on the back of her car...

Don't honk..

Cuz it won't be me anyway..

I don't have one of those signs.

I don't even wish I did.

Did you ever pull up behind two

cars and one says

Honk If You Love Jesus

and the other one says..

Honk For Clowns-

also known as

Candidates Running For President?


Don't honk..

It just confuses too many people.


Thanks to all of you that have 

followed along with all my nonsense

today AND over the years.

I owe all of you big time...

 my readers...

my kids...

. MyHero..

and all the 

"little people"..

Thanks for stopping by...

Thanks for reading..

Thanks for being.

And as my

friend, Jettie would say...

Y'all come back now, ya heah.
your photo name


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh its so good to hear from you and this was wonderful,,

Kathy said...

This was such a nice post. We are so alike in so many ways. It makes me like you even more.

Pat said...

A great post for sure! I have followed your blog, enjoying your fun posts. Loving your "Grandmother" posts. Have a wonderful day!

Lisa said...

This was a fun read! Love your answers (including the witty ones). Your grand children are beautiful and I know they have your heart.

Bonnie said...

I enjoyed every word and picture! I agree... having grandchildren is the best busy ever. Beautiful grandchildren! Hugs!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Delightful! I especially laughed at your "Honk if you love Jesus" thoughts. And we want the answer to #6! C'mon girl, spill it!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a cute post. It left me smiling any way. Especially the part where you go driving to be by yourself. I'm by myself everyday and take it from one that knows...To be with others is a whole lot more fun. I do remember the days I wished for alone time but not anymore. I've learned to be careful of what you wish for.

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

I remember doing this several years ago! Fun getting to know some of the little and big things about you!

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

I did enjoy reading this! It's good to hear from your Diana. We know you are busy with the new business, but we also know it's hard for you to stay away. Have a great rest of your summer!! -Jenn

Mac n' Janet said...

Great post, not too long at all.

Harold Emery said...

I love every inch & word of you ... you are such a delight! <3

Harold Emery said...

Harold Emery is actually me ... Marydon :)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love New Smyrna beach too and was thinking about driving over there this week....oh...old person driving! Hhhhmmmm! What did you mean by that? Just kidding! They drive me crazy being slow and overly cautious. But there are worse things I think now...like rush hour traffic! lol I speak Southern so I really enjoyed this post! Thankeee!

Susie said...

Diana, Well....I for one , am so glad you blog. I think you were the first person who left a comment on mine. My blog goes every which way too. Hope there are no blog police about such things. LOL. Gosh seeing the pictures of your grands squeezes my heart. I have watched them grow thru your posts. As everyone has my own family. I hope blogging is still our own journals...so we posts about the things we love and family comes first, right. I like old drivers as long as they signal. LOL. Beats someone riding your bumper is an all fired hurry, cause they can't leave the house on time. LOL. We all hope be old drivers one day. Once on my way to work, driving a back road, I come upon a small line of traffic. I look ahead and see this tiny ball stuck on a car's antenna...gee for socks it was my mother !! LOL. Blessings for more and more fun blogs. xoxo, Love, Susie

Tete said...

Wasn't this going around about 10 years ago? LOL, Just kidding...maybe.
Loved all your answers. As for Jettie, I hear that girl is pretty good at opening up cans of worms...but I am so glad she got you to blog. You were meant to do this. Love you, my sistah.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

This made me smile and laugh out loud. Love your humor!!

Adam said...

Fall doesn't last long enough it seems. At least here anyway

Vee said...

☺️ Don’t care so much how you happened to begin blogging because, for one thing, are you even telling the truth? Just glad that you did! Hope that you have some nice relaxing days this summer at your favorite places with (or without) your favorite peeps.

Junkchiccottage said...

This is why we love you so much. You touch each of us so much in so many ways. Your humor and caring heart are two of the most beautiful things about you. You are real and in a world where things are so fake and chaotic it is nice to come by your blog and just feel like I am having a cup of coffee with a good friend. Well diet coke for me and coffee for you lol! You hug us with your heart and gives us such joy when we read your poetic words. It is always great to smile and chuckle or snort sometimes with your posts. Thank you sweet friend for being in this place for all of us.
We love you.

LV said...

One of many things I like about you, you tell it like it is. Now, at my age, you do not tell everything. They would haul me off.

Sally said...

That is so me
Yesm, it is


At Rivercrest Cottage said...

I'm with you on the driving girlfriend! People think I'm crazy, but I love to drive by myself or with Bill. Give me a road trip, never a plane ride. Your post told more about you than you think it did. Your little grandkids aren't so little any more are they? I've enjoyed seeing them grow up on your blog and hope you will stay with us for a long, long time.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

It is nice to get to know you a little better. I agree that the most wonderful surprise in life is the beyond wonderful love that we have for our grandchildren.

Jettie said...

I'm sorry, I should never have told you about the button that lights up the screen. But then again, look what we all would have missed learning about you, if I hadn't pointed that out. And by the way, I don't talk that way, I would say, come back any time, and make sure I have the welcome matt out before you ring the bell.

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

I think I've been reading your blog from the very beginning! You have made me laugh and i adore looking at pics of your beautiful grandchildren. I truly feel like if only we lived closer we would be very good friends. I do live in a great vacation destination, especially when the great, Green Bay is very, very cold! You always have a vacation home at my Cottage By The Sea. Keep blogging, keep sharing your love, you and your hero are always in my prayers.



Estelle's said...

Diana...I am so glad you wrote this post...it was fun and enlightening....amazing how much we have in common! Hey, by the way, I purchased the fragrance you suggested and just love it!!!

Shirley said...

Good Morning Diana, I have enjoyed your blog this morning. It reminded me of the times I have to watch your grandchildren grow up. The laughs that you gave me when I really needed one. The things in similarity that we have gone through with spouses. We both love the name, John. Our friendship that has spread over the post here in blog land and facebooks. Have a great day and thanks for a few chuckles with the way you write your post. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend Shirley

Farmhouse and Feathers said...

This was fun to read Diana! You have beautiful grandchildren and I remembered that you read in your car so when I see someone randomly parked and reading (you’re not the only one) I think of you. I’ve enjoyed your hodgepodge and I’m on a quest of blogging my own hodgepodge with the same thoughts and reasons you stated. If only my grandmother would have documented all of her shenanigans... how much I would enjoy reading that today!!! So we do this for our grandchildren (I don’t have any YET lol)

Beemie said...

This was a great post. You are very funny. The photos of the grandkids are beautiful. I love Florida in winter, but in summer I love my beach time here in the mid-Atlantic. It's coming soon. Take Care

Jeanie said...

I think you should go a little farther this summer and we meet up at Mackinac Island!

Fun post and nice to learn things about someone whom I've only been following a fairly short time.

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

I enjoyed reading and laughing at this post-Diana. It was fun to learn a little more about you and I love your humor. It's great to have a good sense of humor. :)

Red Rose Alley said...

So glad I met you in blog land, Diana. I liked your answer to number 2...while working outside and what you think about. It sounds like you like Florida very much. Do you want to live there in the next few years? I remember how much you love the Fall. I saw some Fall décor out at one of the shops recently. Can you believe that? It's my favorite season as well. Such cute pictures of the grandkids. They do grow up so fast, don't they?

love, ~Sheri

ps...I'll be posting again soon, and be sure to stop by and say hello. : )

Terri D said...

That was just plain fun!!

Simple and serene living Laura Walker said...

Funny, I think I could have guessed those things about you. xo Laura

Michele said...

: - )

Read it all and enjoyed every word and giggle those words brought to me.

Unknown said...

I just loved it and I didn't groan hardly at all-lol You pull me in every time!

Kim said...

I would read anything you wrote. You always make me laugh...I knew about the driving, but man, question #6...I wouldn't even know where to begin to guess. But. I know you have a wicked sense of humor and genuine sense of adventure, so I know it's got to be good. ;) xoxo

Laurel Stephens said...

Oh, Diana, you are a treasure!

Cecilia said...

Well I'm so disappointed you didn't spill the beans on your wildest adventure so I guess I'll just imagine one...hmm, girl you are so bad! Lol. I love Fall too. It's hands down my favorite season. So glad you started a blog and I met you. You are such a bright spot!
Hugs, Cecilia

Chatty Crone said...

I enjoyed that and learning more about you. I enjoyed your photos too. I love my grand-kids too. I didn't know how you started blogging - Jess. Honk Honk Honk! Love, sandie

CHERI said...

I enjoyed your answers....very witty:) You draw the reader in with your humor and your insight. Your grands are precious, pretty, & handsome. I lost track...how many do you have? My 2 are the light of my life! I may "borrow" your idea here and post some Q&As on my own blog. Thanks for making me smile tonight!

Miss Kitty said...

Oh. What. Fun! I love to follow your blog and be one of your "little" people!

Rose L said...

It is interesting to learn new things about you! You are pretty witty! Have you ever been to Oregon? You would love it here...so lush and green and pretty and friendly. I love living here. Plan to never live anywhere else. You have such adorable grand children. Wish I had even one, but my best friend shares her two with me and I am their Nana Rose.

Stacey said...

Loved this, Diana! I smiled and laughed and thought about the fact that you and I are quite alike. :)

Henny Penny said...

This was fun to read. I know you a little better now, and just as I thought...you are nice, kind, friendly, funny, a good grandma, and you have beautiful grandchildren.

Creations By Cindy said...

Dear Diana...Oh how I have enjoyed this post my friend. I love your wonderful sense of your humor and your transparency! And yes....GIVE ME THOSE GRANDS! Nothing like them and they are our future so how we spend our time with them and what we teach them is so very important. Oh I could ramble here. I too love Fall of the year. Fall and Spring but I love the cooler weather. Needless to say in Florida things just don't go like they should with seasons. LOL! And yes....GIVE ME THE BEACH! So many things you said I can so relate too. I have always been one to journal my life and that is why I even began a blog...to journal. Another story for another day. Thank you for sharing. Hugs to you.

Debby Ray said...

I loved learning more about you and it has confirmed what I already knew...we are kindred spirits...many of your answers could have been mine. What a fun, fun post, Dianna! HUGS!

Katie Isabella said...

I will always come back now, you hear?

Cindy - ClochesandLavender said...

I so enjoyed this post. You're one wonderful and very funny lady. You had me laughing often.

Always look forward to seeing the Grandkids and hearing about your Hero.

I'm a fall girl to for many of the same reasons

I miss driving. I used to feel free and relaxed listening to music.

Enjoy your day


Missy George said...

Thoroughly enjoyed this Diana..took me awhile to get around to reading it...sorry..How could you not love that beautiful family of yours?? You and I are very similar but I don't have the gift of close relationships with children..kinda sad but that's the way it is..Great post!! xxoo

Cranberry Morning said...

Wow, Diana, I cannot tell you how much I loved this post! And btw, my daughter and her husband drive their Expedition to the lake shore (probably not far from you), open the back and facing the lake, lie there in the vehicle on blankets watching the water and reading. You can honk at them. LOL The worst bumper sticker I ever saw was 'God is my Co-Pilot' and the fender was bashed in. I tell ya, if God needed a co-pilot, we would all be in mighty big trouble! Hugs to you. Love those photos of the grands.

bill burke said...

What a fun post, full of your famous humour. You had me laughing. Good to see you back, Diana.

Kay G. said...

I could have answered these questions for you, I knew the answers already!!
Anybody reading this, please go and buy Diana's book, you will come back and thank me!!
Love you, my friend!!

Art and Sand said...

I remember when I first started blogging that people would answer 8 or 10 questions. I never did it.

I'm replying here to you comment on my post. My posts came to my email for a few days, but no longer. I have to find someone who can help me.

Anyway, you are in the Giveaway because I know you CAN.

Bee Lady said...

Great post. I enjoyed getting to know you a little more! And what cute grands! I wouldn’t tell the craziest thing I have done either! I’ll tell you though,,,, I was in my 30’s and......Just Kidding! I’m not telling!!!


Theresa said...

Great questions and answers:) It is always nice to learn things about my bloggy friends:) The sunrise and sunset has to be my favorite. Your pictures are awesome! Grandchildren are the best and now I have a great-granddaughter... BLESSED, we are blessed. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

Pom Pom said...

Hello dearie dear!
Blogging is fun because of warm-hearted women like YOU!
Yes, the grands. They are so precious, so dear, and we like them as well as love them, don't we?
Oh, the lake photos! I have only seen one Great Lake (from the air when we stopped in Chicago). I need to spend the summer in a cabin on Lake Michigan. Bill, too! LOL!
Take care, good girl.

Carla from The River said...

Fun! I enjoyed this my friend. The UP is a favorite of mine as well.
We just got back from Bayfield. The weather was beautiful!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi Diana, I remember this "test" from when I first started blogging. I think I answered, but certainly not as eloquently as you. You did a good and thorough job. It's a good thing that 10 questions weren't asked. You would have passed with flying colors even before you opened your mouth. You, my dear, are a perfect 10!)..Happy Thursday..xxoJudy

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

I too remember those questions. I don't know that I ever answered them. I may have answered a couple but I can't remember. Anyway, that is going on ten years ago now. Your post was interesting and fun to read. I enjoyed your wit and the pictures of your grands. They are beautiful, yes, every one of them. All grands are, aren't they? Thanks for sharing and making me smile! Blessings...Sandi

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I am not surprised by any of your answers and I loved them all in your quick, witty humor! Of course I am going to start a petition now to get you to tell your wildest adventure. That was too much of a cliff hanger to ignore! ;-0

bj said...

a really cute post, Nana

jmac said...

Awwwwww.....that was too cool!! and now I know more about you!!!
and you ALWAYS make me laugh!!

signing off like the southerner that I am......HEEEEYYYYYYY!!!

we say it coming and going.....!

Melanie said...

Love this post - you have the greatest sense of humor! And, of course, it's always good to learn more about you, too.

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Wow! That was fun. When you come back to Florida in the winter we need to get some other Florida bloggers together and have a tea party or something fun. I love sunsets, but I also love sunrises...either one make me happy. Probably sunrises more because I love the beginning of a new day and I rarely actually can see one from here unless I drive somewhere else... Grandchildren are a blessing from the Lord. We only have one, however, and he lives 1500 miles away and just graduated high school, so I probably won't see much of him from now on unless he marries a southern gal...Thank you for being so transparent. Loved this. I may have to do this someday....but then again, maybe not.
I've pretty much revealed my life here in my blogs already. LOL

Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

I enjoyed reading this and your great sense of humor which brings smiles to my face. Love you!

Nonnie said...

Diana, I think I knew some of these things about you. I knew you were busting your buttons to get to those pictures of the grandkids. I'm so sorry that there is one who is missing. Your sunrise and sunset photos are gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. Someday I think I would like to go to Michigan. Our kids and grands get to go there every two years for family reunion on their mother's side. They sure have a great time.

Barbara said...

You are one fun blogger! I am visiting you today for the first time. While poking around your blog, I chuckled several times. Beloved (sitting nearby in his recliner) said, "What are you laughing at? It's good to hear you laugh."

I tend to be too serious and overthink too many things too much of the time. Gotta lighten up but the hard people in my life make it tough.

Thanks for the entertainment. I'll be reading more of your blog posts. (and thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today -- that's what brought me here in the first place)

Oh by the way, the fairies in the tree trunk -- soo cute! I'm not aware of any fairies at my house, but I do have "my Staff" (several dolls who 'work' for me) standing on my desk top.

Kris@Littlebushshack said...

Missed you , love your posts . I might start blogging again , so much to tell xx

Dewena said...

What a delight this was! And these were all things I truly wanted to know about you! Although many of them were not surprises but essential Diana. And yes, I recognize that fierce love for your grandchildren, it's just there, isn't it? And I promise you it will be for the great-grands when they come along someday. We have one now, almost 2 and he will have a little sister come Christmas. And they only live 1/2 hour from us. The really nice about it is that I get to see my son being a grandpa.

Best to you,