Wednesday, January 3, 2018


Some of you will be too young to relate to this post.
Some things bring my mind right back to a certain

A while ago I spotted something in the store
that made me stop and stare.
It was THIS!
My mother washed my hair with this for years.
I had to have some for my grandkids!
It is probably like using dishwashing liquid
 on your hair
but I sure do love the smell 
and the memories that accompany it.

When I got to be a teenager I declared my independence!
Yes! I! Did!
I bought this instead.
Yes'm - I was a Breck girl.
Yes- I washed my hair with BRECK
and  then I brushed my teeth with
it came in one of those 
horrible old metallic tubes
that rusted and hardened like
 gun metal as you emptied it.
THAT  was my mother's choice 
and when I was a teenager
I chose
Don't forget your white gloves, ladies.
Let's hope your teeth are that white 
from using Crest!

After brushing my teeth 
I would get dressed for the day.
My mother's choice was something like this
only mine would have been about 8" from the floor...don't ask.
Let's just say I scandalized everyone in sight
the day I showed up in this:
Yes-That is really me! 
I was definitely a thorn in my mother's side.
The one thing she 
That I threw 
You used THOSE with one of these beauties
Those were the most miserable
things ever- I am sure they were
invented by some man!

As soon as I saw the ad 
I rushed out and bought these.
imageWHY did I buy these?Well, I bought those because theADVERTISEMENT SAID:
I could swim, play games
and, best of all,
I could 
which is exactly what my mother
often told me to do!

How about you?
Any Girls Only Stories you want to share?
Mums (deodorant)  the word here.
After all, 
I can keep a 
C'mon- Tell All

ps.  come back soon-
I might be up to 'sumthin'.....
your photo name


  1. Wow Diana, I used everyone of these products too and the sanitary belt was the worst contraption ever invented! I agree it was probably a man! Girl, where do you come up with this stuff!!!! LOL! I also started using Sun-In to lighten my hair. It turned my hair orange! I can go on about all the crazy stuff I tried...pancake makeup, Dippity-Do...and then the Beatles, Twiggy and Farah looks!!! Shouldn't be too hard to guess our ages!
    Anyway, I love this post.


    1. I used Sun In also and got orange hair...oh my the memories!

    2. I used Sun-In and added a peroxide rinse with it so my hair didn't turn orange. The challenge was to keep it all hidden from my mom so that she would think my brown hair was turning lighter because of being out in the sun. She was very much against "dying" hair for anyone.....

  2. This is such a fun post, Diana. I especially remember the Breck girls. I always admired how pretty they were in the full page ads on the back of Seventeen magazine. And thank goodness for the invention of the self-adhesive strip on the sanitary napkins. (Why were they called napkins anyway?)

  3. Aw, yes, the wonderful smell of Prell. I loved it and I used Breck, too. Look at you miss rebellious one in your tight mini skirt!!

  4. A bit of a rebellious streak, I see. And yet I think we rebelled still within the safe zone. Lol. Your memories made me laugh. I used Vademecum toothpaste because it sounded cool to say and was Swedish like me (or at least one-fourth of me). Fun post!

  5. Diana, I remember all those brands. WE all wanted to be a Breck girl...they had the best hair. Good bye to that belt for sure. I had some of those short skirts too. LOL. S.C. got your long legs. LOL. Now do not wear that skirt's too darn cold out young lady. I can just hear your mom now. :):) Blessings to you, xoxo,love, Susie

  6. You always are up to something! I used neither Prell nor Breck, though I did enjoy looking at the ads. I went straight for Herbal Essence or Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific.

  7. What a trip down memory lane! Gawd, I hated Kotex and that belt!

  8. I hated the dreaded 'time of the month' too! And I still can bring to mind the scent of Prell! I still use Secret...hehehe!! Hugs, Diane

  9. I am old enough to remember most of these products! The sanitary belt went away shortly after I had to initially use them (those things were ridiculous!). I loved the smell of Prell and Breck too (plus a few others). Mini skirts became the rage as I was a teenager and I joined in with all of it (plus bell bottom pants!). I remember facial masks becoming popular too. We’d paste our face with it and walk around with green faces! (We really needed it at 13 years old!- haha). Cheers to the good old days!

  10. My father and uncles worked for Procter & Gamble and I worked in their factories for two summers as a college student- so.. we had all their products in our homes at all times - Prell, Tide, Ivory Soap (I still use it) Coast, Crisco Oil, Mr. Clean - Prell absolutely reminds me of dish liquid, lol.

  11. I seriously related to this post:) I giggled, yes I did! BUT girl... that picture of you is GAWGEOUS! I will have to dig thru my memory bank to find a story:) Have a great day dear friend, HUGS!

  12. a blast from the past!!!!What a beauty you are!! I still couldn't fly a kite after using Tampax!!

  13. My eyes still need some time to adjust after looking at that pattern-overload picture of you in that scalloped skirt and laced up shoes girl! We had some real styles and products back then...wondering how everything got so tame today? Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Looking forward to your next crazy post.

  14. All of those I used too except Ipana. My senior year of high school I stopped wearing a bra (such a hippie!). My Mom called me a tramp, lol.

  15. That's so funny!! Prell is seriously dish detergent with a different label. I haven't been around it in years and I can still smell it! Ha!

  16. Oh Lord, I used all of those except the Ipana, we always used Crest. I till use Secret roll on.

  17. Oh wow, that belt looks...comfortable lol. I can imagine regular tampons probably easily took over the market shortly after release.

  18. It was White Rain Shampoo and Aqua Net hairspray for me. And lawd have mercy on those that lived through the belted protection. I got to skip that generation.

  19. Diana, you know you're always up to something! But we love it! I can relate to some of those. I used Prell shampoo, and I still use Crest toothpaste(whitening) and a few of the others..I won't say which ones.
    Keep making us laugh! It's good for the soul!

  20. Love this post! I grew up with these things and found several pearls in the Prell bottle. I was on a panel to test the first tampons ever! (I don't know how I survived!) They approached me about being a Breck Girl, mama said No! Oh how sad I was! I love your dress, you look great. I had some similar! Yes Mama and Daddy were shocked with that trial I did, piercing my ears and dying my hair! I went to a Christian school and was sent home for my skirts being way too short....Thanks for the memories!

  21. Yep ~ I was a Prell and a Breck gal... ***shudder***
    And that belt? 2 uses, then I switched to tampons!
    Thanks for the memories!

  22. Oh, my stars. WE used Prell, but they changed the formula and it started drying out our hair. I used Breck! We all used Crest and I still do sometimes. Arid was mom's choice of deodorant and I bought Secret. I used StayFree Maxi Pads! No more Kotex belts for me, but mom still used them!
    I had ugly clothes that mom picked out. My grandma was "with it" and kept me in the few things that grannies didn't wear! Mom liked those polyester smock tops with the front pockets on them...not me...oh, the scary things she wanted me to wear...and lets not even get into the winter coat selection. Those she bought 2-3 sizes big so they lasted awhile. Even after I quit growing. LOL

  23. I am dying over here! And no, I am not too young to remember Prell. Yes, you might as well have washed your hair with Ajax! Dippity Do, Ponds Cold Cream, Breck-then Body on Tap, Aqua Net and the nasty home perms!!!

  24. Diana... you were (still are) a hottie! Prell brings back memories. I then graduated to Lemon Up. I overdid it though, people started to pucker up every time I walked by. Enjoy your week!

  25. This post is so much fun and reading all the comments also! I used all those products and wanted to be a Breck girl. Oh those belts and napkins, hated them so much. It's fun to think of the things I did as a teenager. Those short dresses, how did we wear them? Hugs!

  26. Funny post today. I remember ALL those products and used many of them. You looked pretty classy in your younger years, and you still are. Lots of chuckles on this post, gosh I forgot about Mum deoderant and those darn belts....gross!

  27. Hi Diana, I love this and remembered every item you showed. I had such a hard time with sanitary napkin belts-I was all of 55-60 lbs and they always would slide down(tmi). You were and still are quite a beauty!
    Love you girl.

  28. You are such a HOOT! Yes, I remember ALL of these products! Do you remember the Prell commercial where they dropped a pearl into the bottle and it slowly drifted down to the bottom of the bottle? I even did that once...and it really worked! Prell was always our shampoo of choice. That photo of you is awesome...and you haven't changed much at all! And those horrid sanitary napkin belts...OMGood gracious! Of course, I was a late bloomer and couldn't wait to be able to wear one...I wanted to do everything my big sisters did...LOL! Thanks for the memories, friend!

  29. I'm using Prell right now because I love the smell so much. It might turn my hair green. Remember Bright Side? I was a sucker for all new products!

  30. I remember Prell, but it was more than a decade before my time. I still use Crest today sometimes. You look so cute in your mini skirt, Diana. I'm telling you, a Farah Fawcett look alike haha. Wonderful post about products we used back in the day.

    love, ~Sheri

  31. Wow you were a pretty rebel in that miniskirt. You know I remember the products, but I can't remember what I used or not - my memory is not that good. I agree the the sanitary belt was the worst contraption ever invented! Remember girdles? I used to use baby oil on my skin and sun lamps and just burn - not I am lily white as I had a skin cancer. Good memories. sadnie

  32. LOL Diana this was a great post... I remember the Breck and the prell. What a throwback.. You were one hot mama weren't you!... This was just such a great post. Thank you! :)

  33. I can almost smell the Prell right now, I loved that shampoo! It makes me think of Palmolive dish soap. When I was little, it was a rare treat to buy bubble bath, so my mom had us use dish soap! That is still my very favorite for doing dishes (but not for baths any more!!). You are really rockin' that miniskirt, Diana! I stuck with bell bottoms, as I was way too modest to bare that much leg:)

  34. Love this post! Yes, I used all the products in the 1960s. The only thing missing is the much wanted garter belt for wearing nylons. After a few wearings, I hated that thing with the fasteners biting into my thighs whenever I sat down for awhile!

  35. Oh Prell, how I loved it! I had no idea it was still made! I hated those belts and sanitary napkins...I bought tampons too as soon as I could. Wow, love the picture of you in the miniskirt! They were out of style by the time I got to high school. Bummer. Not that my mom would have let me wear oldest sister tried and got in trouble. (She says she found a way around it - rolled the waistline after she got to school then let it back out after). I rocked those skinny legged jeans and high heels. :)

  36. I too was a Prell and Breck girl.....when I had long hair! I hated sanitary pads and that belt thingy. I did not care one bit when all the rumors about what tampons could do to you came out. Never heard of the toothpaste or the deodorant. You are hot in your miniskirt! I wore short shorts up till my mid 30's but no way now. Great trip down memory lane!!

  37. You scandalous young lady! Such wild clothing! LOL I can remember in High school (1966-1970) we would roll our skirts up at the waist to make them shorter.
    Have a very happy new year, sweet lady!

  38. Loved your post today. Used and remember every item on your list,except for the Ipana toothpaste. My mom always bought Colgate, back in the day...Crest is my choice now, and my dentist's choice..Lots of memories, thanks for sharing.

  39. Oh my, people talk about the good old days - they should read this! Some things are WAAAAAY better now!

  40. Loved this post! I remember all these things and I loved Breck shampoo too. But oh those ghastly belts!! Hated those and was so glad when Tampons came along. My mother thought they wouldn't be good for me but I got them anyway. ha! And my skirts were pretty short back in the day. In fact, that was what I was wearing when BG first laid eyes on me and told himself that he was going to marry me! lol! I'm not sure I felt that way about him, he had Elvis sideburns which I only liked on Elvis. But they grew on me. :) Wishing you a New Year filled with many blessings!
    xx Cheryl

  41. Oh that the best thing I read this year!! Rolling on the floor laughing and remembering. Yes, I think I used all of them, and that "belt of torture"...yikes I still have scars. You were adorable then and now. What we used to wear...but you wore it well.

  42. Hi Diana,
    Oh God I remember so many of these things. I used Tame remember that one for your hair. Remember the pink sponge curlers too and taping your bangs with scotch tape. Oh the memories. I had a pic similar to yours with a white leather skirt and white go go boots. Ahhhhh I loved that outfit. Have a great rest of this week going into the new year.

  43. I recall the hair products and my mom having that God-forsaken belt....luckily, I never had to use that thing. I was fortunate enough to use Beer Shampoo though. LOL! Who would've thought!

  44. Whoops the link didn't work. But anyhoo....what a cute post to start my day. And I bet your Mom loved that you had so much 'spirit'!!

  45. I was just talking about Prell the other day. Remember the pearl dropping? For some reason, those shampoo commercials seemed like the best. Remember the slow motion TRESemmé commercials? How about rinsing your hair in jello? Dippity do? Of course, you remember ironing your hair?
    Thanks for that trip down memory lane!

  46. Oh my goodness! I have laughed and smiled and oh yes....I CAN RELATE!!!! Happy New Year! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  47. I've been there and done that . . . whoever came along and put sticky stuff on the bottom of napkins so they would stick to panties should be awarded the Noble Peace prize . . . it certainly brought peace to many millions of women, LOL Those old sanitary belt were maddening.

  48. A fun post and certainly dates me as a child of the 60's. Do you remember the pearl being dropped in to show how thick the shampoo was. Thanks for the memories...

  49. What a fun post this was! I'm very happy I was too young to have to wear that whole belt thing! What a horror that must have been! I do remember Prell & Breck though.

  50. Yes, such a fun post! Ugh, those belts were the worst! Did you ever roll up your hair in orange juice cans?! I'm still sad I never got go-go boots or fishnets! xo Deborah

  51. You're a hoot..Sad to say..I remember all of those post! I was a BrecK girl as well..Remember "Toni's"..perms?? So much for the good old days..That picture of you...Wow..You must have had the guys jumping through hoops..

  52. Gosh I had really forgotten some of these!! I still see Prell at Walmart. My husband loves it! It's great when you want your hair squeaky clean. The rest of those things I'd like to forget!

  53. Oh Diana this was so fun. I remember so many of these. I used Tame rinse and was a Breck girl too. Yes tampons were the best invention ever. You’re lookin great in the mini dress. Remember hot pants too? Thanks for the smiles. Happy New Year xo

  54. OMG!!! I so remember all of those things!!! The Prell????? hahahahahahhahahaha....didn't they float a pearl in it in the commercials? Yep, we used it and also changed to Breck, just because I wanted to look like the girl in the commercial!!!! Too funny!!

  55. Hahahaha!!! I FORGOT about PRELL!! Yes - used it AND Breck lol. UGGGG . . .when my mom showed me that belt and the pads . . . I was horrified! Definitely that was invented by a man! You go girl in that mini-skirt -- very very cute!! That toothpaste tube . . . um, I'm thinking that a lot of people ingested a large amount of trace metals and rust from that stuff! I do remember using CRISCO as a tanning lotion. No wonder I have so many age spots now!

  56. OMG!!!
    Yes....yes...and YES!!
    Thanks for the giggles and blast from the past...
    I was a MINI gal too!!!
    Linda :o)

  57. Haha. Those are memories. So good. Some not so much ;)
    Happy New Year and onward to more good memories!

  58. Popular post. Fun. I used Prell. Would love to try it again, for old times sake.

  59. :O I just can't even....

    It brings to mind when a psychometrist was administering an IQ test for my older daughter (the WISC-R where they stop once the child gives a wrong answer) and they showed her a photo of a record album and I had a duck because why in the world would she have ever seen one? Why didn't they show her a CD? So I had a come apart and made them give her a different test.

    When it came time for daughter #2 to have the test, the showed her a snowplow early in the test. A snowplow. In Central Alabama. I think our entire state might have two of those things, I mean REALLY???? And then I had another come apart and called the stupid testing people and said that they had to put grits on the next test or I was calling the Southern Poverty Law Center. I was fired up!

    And those are my stories.

  60. Hahahaha...I still use Prell!!! It strips all the product out of my hair!! like gel, and hairspray. OMGosh!! those sanitary belts and pads were so mid-evil, weren't they?! The "confidet" pads were so thick, I sat up off the chair about three inches!!!! Yeah, like you couldn't see the belt, or pad underneath my stirrup pants!!! Remember those?! The pants like leggings, only with stirrups on them? lol. I also still use "secret" deodorant.AND I love the smell of Jergens lotion!! My grandma used that, and it always makes me think of her.I guess some things never change...but thankfully some things NOT using "sun in" on my hair anymore....lemon juice works better. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane, sista. xoxo

  61. Diann, I remember every one of the items you showed. The sanitary belt was a necessity, I suppose, and I think a panty with a liner was available too for "accidents". Boy, I certainly don't miss those days! Mom used Prell and she also used Halo, which used to tangle my fine white blonde hair. Who remembers the Tonette perms for girls and the little paper dolls that came with it? I used Breck shampoo and was bitterly disappointed that it didn't improved my hair one bit. Mom also bought Tame conditioner that you mixed with water in a glass and dipped your comb into for running through the hair and hopefully detangling it. One of my favorites as a young teen was Tangee lipstick, which is actually available in the Vermont Country Store catalog. As my husband would say, you were a "hottie" in your outfit. xoxo

  62. Totally fun post....except for the sanitary belt, what a horrible contraption!

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  64. Okay, I guess I am of a certain age because I remember all of these!! LOL!! Thanks so much for stopping by awhile back. I am so behind in my return visits!! Happy New Year to you and yours!!

  65. Oh what fun! I remember lots but not the brand of shampoo-ha! Only our soap! It was Ivory and it floated! We'd get the water from the cisterine to wash our was so much better than the well water.! I remember those belts."uggg The joys of being a woman! hee hee!
    When I saw the dress I thought oh she had one like mine...but whoops it was your mother's...ha! You were very foxy! Loved your outfit!!

    Blessings and thanks for the stroll down memory lane...

  66. Howdy there Diana, I love this post, so fun!! Yes, I surely do remember so many of these things and even the evil belts, oh my!! That's what we started out with back in the day when we started, it's really all we had. I also remember "Leggs" pantyhose, they came in plastic eggs, do you remember those? None of us went out BARE LEGGED, we wore hose to school every day with our mini dresses and skirts....the school board didnt' even approve the wearing of "slacks by female students" till way way later. And before Pantyhose got going good, we held our stockings up with garters!! Garter belts and garter panty girdles. The invention of pantyhose was such a convenience. I loved Lemon Up shampoo and the big plastic lemon on the top and Herbal Essense, the original formula, it smelled so good. Do you remember the pink scotch hair-set tape and oh yes....dippity-do!!---the blue or green clear hair set gel?!! I remember the pink sponge rollers, many many a night I went to sleep with those on my head, and my Ma-Maw wore the brush rollers, they were so painful! I remember getting Tonette perms in my straight hair as a little girl, and remember the first dry shampoo---Psssst? It left your hair white. ha ha LOL

  67. Wow. Did that ever make me feel old. LOL! My first memory of pads and those horrid straps came right to mind. I agree, had to be a man's invention.

  68. hahaha So glad I didn't miss this entirely! You're such a trip, Diana!

    Sounds like you and your mom were a lot like me and mine. However, I'm sure yours never took a dress that you'd made in home ec, cut it up and put it in a rag rug. I can laugh about it now, but it was NOT funny at the time. I had searched all over for that dress, and couldn't find it. I loved that thing. :)


  69. You make me laugh, Diana!! Thank you for that. Yes, I might be a bit young for most of the things posted, but my grandma did have Prell soap and I used it when I visited her.
    You are one pretty lady with that short skirt!! Love the shoes!
    I can only imagine what you are up to now! Ha!

  70. A couple of years ago I saw Prell shampoo in the store and bought a bottle of it to use for old times sake. I have continued to buy and use it. I like that it all rinses out of my hair easily and quickly and doesn't leave a slick film in the tub. I never used Prell way back when, I used Breck because of the magazine pictures, and then the original Herbal Essence, which smelled so good to me back then. I wish they still made the original scent Herbal Essence.

    Those belts for the pads must have been invented by a man. I can remember they allowed the pads to slip around and stick out in front. Most embarrassing situation ever.

  71. My grandmother tried to get me to use sanitary napkins when I stayed at her house because that's all she knew to do. I'm so thankful for modern technology and advances, lol! I always enjoy your trips down memory lane. Your lane goes a bit farther back than mine does, ha! But I love hearing your stories, quite entertaining :)

  72. That brought back many memories .. LOL Yes, I used all of those items also. Great post, here I am at 2:17 a.m
    laughing at this post. One of my nights when I can't sleep.

    Lots of hugs,

  73. Lots of memories brought up here...I still remember putting on Mum. Sanitary belts were no fun...and then a garter belt with Things have come a long way. I wore all those short dresses and hot pants, too.
    And I remember the clueless look on my daughter's face when my mom told her she looked like a Breck Girl (and she does lol).


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