Monday, November 20, 2017


Finally, the count is done.
First of all-thanks so much
for playing along.
I made the list of names and
I checked it twice.
If I missed anyone,
I apologize.

A couple of you emailed me
your table choice
so those names are included here, too.

So--here were the choices:
Here are the seating arrangements~

Table #1-Elegant & Colorful
Sandi, Theresa, Petie, Lorrie Adam,
Louise, Fabby, Krishna, Jill, Patty Mc,
Kim, Cheryl, Beach Gypsy
(Petie- didn't want to bring a tablecloth
this time-BUT-she couldn't decide which
table to sit at-so I helped her.
Y'all be nice to her now.)

#2 Copper Light
Debra, Jean, bobbie, Kay, Noreen,
Michele Jan, Rose, Lorraine, Vee, 
Bethany, Doris
(Vee gave me a bit of a hard time
but FINALLY made her choice-
and I thought Doris was gonna have
a heart attack trying to decide...but she did it)

#3- Green Ivy
Laurie, Jenn, Amy, Pat, Janet,
Sylvia, Susie, Brenda, Debby Ray, Donna,
AnnMarie, Cheryl, Jean, Carol
(Watch AnnMarie-if there is anything 
VINTAGE on the table it just might
disappear when she leaves--just sayin')

#4 Rustic Plank
Judy, Fran, Sheri, Kitty, Karen, Laura,
Pam, Dishywoo, Penny, Linda, GDazeez,
Lesley, KarenAnn, Connie, Diane, Debby,
Phyllis, Jan, Jann, Janet, Donna, 
Missy, Deborah, Lauren

Whew! Whole lotta people at this table.
I see at least ONE trouble maker
and you know who you are,
but I won't point her out.

#5 Just Plain Fun
Cecilia, Carla, Celeste, Rosie,
Shelia, Anne, Janice

Two artists and some sweeties sitting here
at Table #5.

#6 Refined Roses
I guess the gal that set this 
table will be dining alone because 
nobody showed up for dinner.
Maybe because she is serving one of those

#7 Going For The Gold
Miss Kitty, Ron, Lauren, Mary,
Diana, Ellen, Amanda

Well, You gals at table #7 
will have a good time because
we all know that Ron brings 
the cocktails!!!

#8 Whisper White
Betsy, Lisa, Happy, Gay, Sandi,
Mailyn, Sally, Suz, Sugar, Pilar

(Anyone else see the humor in the fact that 
both chose the same table?
Bet there are a few laughs there!)

Well, there you have it.
If you look at the last box 
on the collage you will see a
Visit Wisconsin to see one in person.

I will be back later this week-
meantime I will be
 stuffing myself my turkey
in a day or so.

Have a wonderful week!!!! 

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  1. Love these - thanks for the fun, Di - and all the laughs.

    Glad I wasn't the troublemaker this time!


  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Have a blessed time with your family.

  3. Haha! I recognized that table #3! Glad someone sat at my table! What a fun idea. We are off to a sunnier climb - snowed and filled the mountain tops with snow the other day - where we will be stuffing ourselves too! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  4. all of the tables were beautiful! Have the very best Thanksgiving!!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Diana. I always enjoy these 'pick one' and loved seeing who I will be sitting with.

  6. I hope you don't think I'm the troublemaker at my table! haha! Enjoy your week sweet friend. Hugs to you and your sweet family, Diane

  7. Always nice to see you posting. I am having computer issues so missing the blogs. Have a very blessed Thanksgiving.

  8. Oops...I missed that post. I think I would have had to go with #4. I prefer the simple look, not a lot to get in the way of my plates!!!! Gotta get that food on that plate without issue.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving Diana and family!

  10. Yum, I will be at my table:). Enjoy your day dear friend. Hugs

  11. I can’t believe I missed this fun opportunity! My choice would have been Table #3.
    Happy Thanksgiving week, my dear friend!

  12. Fun, fun, FUN! Happy Thanksgiving, Diana! ♥

  13. Thanks for the laugh. This post was the best...

  14. Party at Ron's table. We must have redeemed ourselves after the last soiree! LOL We ladies will have to keep an eye on Ron. If he is wearing an oversized sport coat, you get bet those turkeys won't be left on the table after dinner. Most likely they will appear on his next year's fall mantle post ;-)
    Love ya Ron!!

  15. What fun to be at the same table as Gay and Happy, I'm always up for a good laugh! The turkey platter of meat and cheese looks amazing! Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving Diana! PS... Did I miss reading where you shared what table you're sitting at? Lol...

  16. Sorry I have been off the grid and missed this! I of course would have picked the white table setting. Shocker I know!!!! How fun and what beautiful settings you found. Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving.

  17. Fun! Happy Thanksgiving to all ~

  18. Hi Diana, what a fun game of picking a table. I love them all and wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!
    Hugs, Julie

  19. These are so much fun! Thanks. Never seen the tofu turkey before either. YUCK! sandie

  20. Diana, I think we all have some nice table sharing friends. Wish we could all be in one big room with all these tables and friends. What fun. Could Ron please bring me a martini...just one for the holiday. LOL. Blessings to you and all your family for a happy thanksgiving day. Get lots of hugs from the grands and one for me from S.C. Love, xoxo, Susie

  21. Thanks, Diana, for the fun!

  22. What fun, Diana!! I hope you and your hero have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  23. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family Diana.

  24. Well darnit I didn't get to play because I'm a loser, but I love them all...which one do you like best, Diana?

    For the record....I have to say that my favorite one is #6 and no one chose it which proves I'm a loser!!!! :/

  25. Well, I missed out on this one, but I still choose #4. It looks more Fall-ish to me.

  26. Who me??? Looks like I'l have lots of company..Thanks for the fun..Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family.xxoo

  27. I'll bring the vodka..... and olives!!!! xo

  28. Oh, wow! Looks like I am in great company! What a wonderful fun time we had doing this! Thank you ever so much for putting it together for us. You are such a blessing!

  29. Haha- this was fun, Diana! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with all of your loved ones. Hugs xx K

  30. This was fun and so interesting to see the results! Wishing you a very blessed and lovely Thanksgiving Diana..hugs from Texas!

  31. yay!! I love this play...
    Happy Thanksgiving... have a lovely week..

  32. Ok, that Tofu Turkey does not look good haha. Once again, I'm sitting with a bunch of great blog friends. I didn't notice that was a sausage and cheese platter til I looked closer, very cool. Happy Thanksgiving to my dear Diana.

    love, ~me

  33. Too much fun!! And you are absolutely right! Guard your vintage jewelry too ladies!! Happy Thanksgiving sweet Diana!

  34. As usual I am running a day late and a dollar short...
    if i came in at the last minute, I would hope #8 would have a place for me.

  35. Haha...I love your commentary! That's more fun than looking at the tables! ;) Happy Thanksgiving!

  36. cute...all table arrangements..
    tofu turkey..thanks for coming by and seeing my new place,
    Happy Thanksgiving :)

  37. I always love these. :-)
    Happy Thanksgiving my friend.

  38. hello to all my tablemates at Table Number One!!

  39. Darn, I missed this one!! Well, guess I don't have to pick a favorite, I actually do like them all.


  40. Happy THanksgiving to you and yours.


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