Wednesday, May 17, 2017

THE GYPSY IN ME---THE ROAD IS CALLING MY NAME-But the Pageant Princess Brings Me Home...

Spring always makes me long to roam.
There were nomads in our family line.
Men that traveled 
to set up new towns 
once the towns were established, 
they would move on to
build another settlement.

I think I inherited some of that trait...
that longing for the road.
While I LOVE my home, 
I sometimes long
to pack my bags and 
travel the highways and byways
of our beautiful country..
Spring and Fall both find me restless...
calling my name to  explore
the lesser known roads of life.

IF I could pack up and travel I might
choose something like this.
I could see myself parking this
in a quiet spot in the foothills,
brewing a pot of coffee,
listening to classical music and  
reading a good book.
Idyllic, yes?
This bit of retro travel heaven
would work just fine for me, too.
After a long idyllic drive 
through the countryside
I could crawl into this bed 
with a happy heart.
Couldn't you?
Maybe it's because I haven't 
been able to travel
as much since MyHero 
suffered all his health issues.

 Maybe that is what makes 
the open road
call my name.

Maybe it is because my soul is restless.

Maybe it is because I feel winter weary
and I am anxious for 
Soft Summer Winds.

Whatever the reason I know it will pass
and I will be glad to be home with my family-
because I would not want to miss
sweet family events like this...
Little Miss Bright Eyes
 took part in an
all-natural pageant-
no make up allowed.
She took 3rd place and was
the youngest one in her age group
of three year olds---up to age five.

She could not wait to get up there and

I know there are those of you that find
pageants offensive and think it demeans
the contestants.
That being said,
My daughter would never push 
BrightEyes to do this-
she loves it and when she sees a stage
she thinks it was set up just for her.
As long as it is fun for her-
and there is no pressure to perform- or-
be anything except the sweet little girl she is-
I think it is a wonderful
confidence builder.

Anyway, the gypsy in my soul quiets
a bit at family events
because, you see,
I can't go too far from home.

After all, If I were gone
WHO would protect 
Little Miss Bright Eyes
when she loses her first tooth?

Wouldn't THAT tooth fairy give you nightmares?

Don't worry -he only plucks
false teeth out of the glass
on nightstands at night!

Hope you have a happy day-
on the road, off the road-
I'd say "off the wagon"
but that might cause some of you to drink--
and you know who you are

Lots going on here-
Packing and Purging
but not Panicking--
your photo name


  1. I feel the same way right now...have a touch of wanderlust! I think I need to drive out to the ocean and put my feet in the surf! Wanna come? We'll go to New Smyrna! Hugs!

  2. I too love the traveling and especially in the Spring after a long winter. Still home is where I must be right now. Maybe a day trip or two will help. Of course the little one's make my day brighter just like yours do! Hugs!

  3. I wish I looked that cute without makeup! Oh, I'm referring to BrightEyes, not the scary Tooth Fairy guy! Have fun with the packing and purging!

  4. Yikes! The Tooth Fairy has fallen on hard times evidently.

  5. Miss Bright Eyes is so pretty. So happy she enjoys the pageants and congrats on placing 3rd at such a young age. I have never enjoyed travel but would dearly love a retro camper, tiny house etc. on our property - a place to curl up and read or just watch nature. These that you have shared are cute as can be.
    God bless your day. xo

  6. Ohhh I dream of a tiny camper. I may have some gypsie in me as well.
    I love that they have natural pageants. She is just too darling! I bet first place was rigged ! Hahaha.
    I tried the pageant thing with my daughter when she was 2. It wasnt pretty as she threw a tantrum right there on stage and I walked proudly while dragging her behind me.

  7. I don't have wanderlust...yet. Give me a few weeks. Right now I'm just so tired of going someplace every day that I want to stay home awhile. But I do want to get down the shore at least once this year. Want to come?

  8. Diana, Eeewwwwee creapy tooth fairy. I would love a glamper myself. You know I have had wonderlust since our parents made us stay in our own yard...especially me to baby sit my siblings. I was robbed, I was abused...Not really...But I knew as I stood on that corner, I wanted to see the world. I have only traveled the north American continent. I told Emma she'll have to take my ashes to Paris ...if we don't get to pressuring her dad to take us soon. LOL
    I love that sweet granddaughter of yours. She's cutie pie. I like the natural beauty best. I used to watch and laugh at the Honey-Boo-Boo stuff. LOL.
    Blessings to all of you. I hope Hero is doing better.xoxo,Susie

  9. I will wander with you as long as we can go back home.... :)

  10. I think it's great that Bright Eyes loves the stage. And I agree that it is probably a confidence builder. Our grandson was bitten by the performance bug when he heard that applause. Yikes! I hope the purging and packing goes well, Diana. I know this is not easy. Praying for you.

  11. Bright Eyes and her mama are so beautiful and I loved seeing their sweet pic on Instagram too. I actually really like that retro camper...the turquoise appliances remind me of my grandmother's kitchen. :)

  12. Oh, I could really see my inner gypsy enjoying that form of travelling! What a pretty wonder she did well in the pageant! Does she have some of her grandmother in her, I wonder?!

  13. Yup, I understand the Gypsy gene! I love to get away myself and those little campers look so inviting to me! I believe we all need to get away, even Jesus went away alone to pray and to have some peace. Life can be so busy nd demeanding. I for one think we need to make little get-a-ways part of our lives. I believe when we do that home is them seen with differnt eyes!
    Your darling "Bright Eyes" shines and I think if she loves it there is no harm, the problems are always from the demanding mothers.
    Love Ya, Roxy

  14. Wow, #4 is very romantic. I like it. It would be my dream getaway all by myself. I'd read romance novels, eat loads of chocolate bon bons, and take long naps. Maybe I'd resurface after a couple of days. Bright Eyes is adorable. I think the all natural pageant is an excellent idea. It's kind of creepy seeing little girls made up to look like super models. But a sweet, innocent little girl in a pretty dress? Yes, I'd enjoy that pageant. Hugs.

  15. Since I was a teenager I have dreamed of taking a cross country trip with my guy and the dogs in a big comfy camper/trailer/bus and oh boy, did you pick some beautiful examples. We may just do that some day, when the Mr. retires (ha!) and the kids can manage the farm while we're away. I'm thinking a good month - go to the opposite coast and back, maybe follow the Route 66 trail. You're not too old to do that, ya know!!... If your hero is feeling up to it any time soon- why ever not???... make the trip as long or as short as you must - and you can rent a camper/trailer/bus if you don't want to purchase outright. I say go for it.. you only live once.

  16. I grew up camping in the summer with my family and when I was 14 my parents bought a campground that we ran from Memorial Day to Labor day. Love to travel, locally or abroad. Little miss is adorable.

  17. My mom was a huge traveler, she loved the road. I am a total homebody, but the older I get the more I just want to get out of here. I could use an adventure. Ps...3rd place?? Really? She was robbed! That face has 1st place written all over it. ;)

  18. Your Granddaughter is so adorable....and I don't find the pageant demeaning....and she is so adorable...
    As far as travel goes....lately, not so much....
    I have become a homebody....content to garden and sew....
    And this was the year we were gonna go to Europe, France especially....but, with all the turmoil in the world we decided "there is no place like home"....
    Now, we have another grand baby on the way...due in November so who knows when we will travel....
    but, like I said...I am not feeling drawn away....odd...
    It will probably hit me in Sept.....

  19. My husband says I have "gypsy" blood. I love to travel but my husband does not. Thanks for being you sweet friend. Hugs from Missouri to YOU!

  20. Ha, ha, the tooth fairy is too dreamy! :) I long to roam now and then as well. Hubby and I are off to Carmel, CA in a couple of weeks. Can't wait to hit the open road! And yes, I would love staying in any one of those gypsy caravans! Bright Eyes is a doll!

  21. Hi sweetie, I so love the photo of Miss Bright Eyes and your beautiful. I can do without the Tooth Fairy. Or should he be hairy fairy? Ugh!
    I hope you have a wonderful day dear friend.

  22. Oh Diana, Bright Eyes is stunning - she is so beautiful and yes, she does remind me of Shirley Temple, only prettier.

    I know what you mean about being a gypsy, I get that way when I stay home to much. But, it's getting harder to just take off at my age.

    Sure glad that the tooth fairy doesn't live around here 0 he is scary!

    Have a terrific weekend with the girls and your Hero, hope he is doing well.


  23. Oh Diana, your post made my heart sing, because I have a Gypsy heart and NEED to see the road less traveled sometimes. As you know, I just took a road trip, and getting away for awhile does us wonders. But it's always nice to be back home, as you said. Little Miss Bright Eyes looks darling, and so glad she won third place. Her smile just makes me smile. : ) I love the fact that it was a no-makeup pageant. Putting make-up on small children is weird to me, as children are precious, and they will grow up in their own time. I love these traveling spaces you've shared here. They speak to this gypsy blogging sister.

    love, ~Sheri

  24. Hello,
    I am just like you, I wonder if it has anything to do with having 12/12 birthdays. LOL ;-)
    I do the same in the Spring and Autumn.
    I love your sweet Little Miss Bright Eyes!

  25. Remember when we could have talent shows and pageants and ball games where someone could actually win??? So sad to think we have to apologize in advance in case we hurt someone's feelings. You Go Little Miss Bright Eyes! You are learning how to present yourself in public and speak for yourself, and how to be polite and to accept winning and losing as part of life.

  26. Must be in your DNA to have that urge to wander. I used to be like that when I was younger, but not so much anymore. I've become a homebody. Of course if I had one of those pretty little campers I might want to get away!
    Bright Eyes is such a Doll Baby and if it makes her happy then I'm all for it. Yes, it is a confidence builder.

    Have a wonderful weekend and behave yourself.


  27. Hi Dianna! Miss Bright Eyes is so adorable! My daughter danced and loved the stage, I know how that goes. Ah, your gypsy spirit, loved hearing about it and the photos, so delightful.
    Be blessed. xo

  28. Wanderlust! I want to travel, but I don't want to do what it takes to get there, although I do believe I could enjoy a road trip in something like that. Little Bright Eyes is so pretty and so sweet. Have fun.

  29. Imagine if the no makeup rule applied to something like Miss America?

  30. Aw. I hope you do get to travel just a little bit anyway. We have never been campers so even though gypsy wagons appeal to me, I can't see us sleeping well in one.
    Don't work too hard every day. Spread all that packing out over the course of the summer. Argh. We've been watching our old neighbors' children (our age) dismantle their parents' home and it's kind of depressing. It's a four bedroom house and it always seemed neat and tidy. Where WAS all that stuff? Closets? Drawers? The basement?

  31. I understand the desire to travel, as it is found in the heart of my husband too, and maybe a wee tiny bit in my own, lol! That Miss Bright Eyes is just soo darling... and you can see that she loves to be center stage, she is definitely got bright lights in her future! Hugs to you today :)

  32. Diana, I understand the need to get away. You have had a very hard and trying year. I do hope you can plan a small getaway. I'm so glad Miss Bright Eyes is enjoying herself. I love the no make-up! Our daughter loved the stage when she was growing up. It's a confidence builder for sure. Take care of yourself, my friend. ♥

  33. Bright Eyes is so adorable..She can't lose..Dont work too hard..but you probably always do..Hope you get to wander a bit...xxoo

  34. Traveling is nice, but those little ones make it wonderful to stay at home. <3

    Hugs, Kathy

  35. So beautiful writing... Your writing and the pictures of the caravans also make me feel to pack my backpacks and just going out..

  36. I have these fantasies myself of just getting in my Jeep and driving somewhere...and I want to go alone. Many times I feel the need to just get away and be alone with Jesus. And be still my heart...I must have that retro camper to pull behind my Jeep! Little Bright Eyes is just a little darling and looks like she is already oozing confidence! Great post, Diana.

  37. You sure made me smile and man, would I ever love to be in any of those fantasy homes (and beds!!)

  38. Bright Eyes is such a cutie...I'm glad she enjoys the pageants...thinks they are just for her...too cute! The caravans you showed would make a nice retreat. I hope you get to wander a little this summer. If I could be "beamed" wherever I wanted, that would be perfect. I must be the only one of your friends who does not have itchy feet...ha! xoxo

  39. Before I lost my husband, we traveled so many places even over seas. Those happy days are over. I may have to stop reading your post as afraid your crazy talent will rub off on me. I do not need any help in the nut department. Bright Eyes will always be a winner.

  40. She is just so very precious!! I move a lot but still long to travel at times and I could definitely see myself staying at those places too! So warm and inviting.... Hope you have a wonderful evening!


  41. She is a beauty! I learned there are pagents without make up! Who knew??? I am like you, I get restless. I am all about moving again, Bob won't hear of it. He has made good friends and so have I but I feel the call. We are going to Cabo on Sunday, maybe that will suffice for awhile.

  42. Oh gosh...Bright Eyes is gorgeous. Would be fun to take off in a camper and go someplace....guess I will have to settle for my backyard.

  43. Love those campers. I like to go down unknown roads but I don't want to be gone very long from home. I'm a homebody, pretty much. But Autumn makes me restless...not Spring - it makes me want to pretty everything up. Lol.
    Sweet Miss Brught Eyes...I can just see her all sassy and cute up on stage. She's just adorable.

  44. I would love me one of those glampers! You are totally welcome to take a road trip to Chicago anytime ha! However, I'm assuming you're hankering for a more exotic locale.....I say go for it! Your granddaughter is too cute for words:) xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  45. How you must love that Little Bright Eyes! Just in case you make it to Chicago you will have to drive an hour further into Indiana and visit me! Yes, I have a name besides Cozy Thyme Cottage and it is Nancy! Nancy

  46. Oh, I hear you, sweet friend! I get that wandering urge to get out on the open road and just take off with my sweet husband and son for who knows where! Real life gets in the way sometimes, doesn't it? LOL! I LOVE the pictures you shared...oh, my, I could just see myself in any of those settings, too. In fact, that sort of life kind of calls to me more and more, and I could picture being content living in one of those places full-time. :) That sweet, little Bright Eyes is a living doll, and I think it is just wonderful that she can share her talents and beauty with those around her! What a blessing and ray of sunshine she is! Whew! That tooth fairy would give anyone nightmares!! Glad he isn't coming to our house!!! :) Love you, sweet friend, and SO appreciated your precious comment on my blog tonight.

  47. I have never seen mobile homes like those! Pretty fancy!

  48. Sometimes in the morning I feel like that fairy looks...too funny! I like your daughters thinking on the pageant thing for little girls. I am kind of neutral on it. As far as longing for the open road....although I like traveling and want to go see other places, I am the one envisioning what it will be like to get back home before we have even left!!

  49. Your little Sweet Cheeks is so adorable; I can just see her enjoying that stage! I love the idea of a pageant with no make-up allowed. I think they should all be that way. What a good idea!

    Bless you as you dream of the open road. Wish you could hit the road and drive right down to North Carolina to see me! :)

  50. I do hope you had a nice Mothers Day. Little sweet cheeks is so cute. Good luck with the packing up and purging. I do hope that you have a lot of help with all of that.
    Enjoy today and the weekend.

  51. Packing and purging sounds like fun to me - it's been many years since I've had to pack, though I've helped friends (my specialty is packing the dishes). It would be fun to travel in one of those adorable "RVs" you shared.

  52. Your little Bright eyes is so adorable. She as meant to be on a stage. What fun campers. Totally customized for a gypsy woman....It is fun to hit the road. My parents had a 44' motorhome that was all decked out. Unfortunately my husband doesn't like to drive too far, so traveling via camper is not in the works. My girlfriend and her husband are on a whirlwind motorhome adventure. florida, New Orleans, Niagara Falls and more.
    Have a great weekend. xo

  53. Bright Eyes looks like she is having fun on stage. My gk's loved ballet for several years. Now they are into choir and piano and flute.

  54. Bright Eyes should have come in first! She's truly the most adorable little girl I've ever seen, and what a personality! That is actually key, as you know. Our grandson Maddox is super adorable, but definitely does NOT have the personality for 'show biz'.

    Those campers are heavenly Diana. They certainly would invite anyone to hit the road and be a gypsy for a while. If you ever decide to go the RV route, I think you would enjoy it.


  55. Diana, your granddaughter is so adorable! Love all the traveling vehicles and decor! Hugs, Jody ♥

  56. Little Miss Bright Eyes is just adorable, Diana! Love that they have natural no make up shows. She should have won first place:) That vintage aqua trailer is so me, and so adorable! The first one you showed us, well, it looks like something Liberace might have lived in!

    Sure hope you get your travel fix in soon. Hey, I'll swing by in the motor home and pick you up! How long do you think before we make it to the west coast??!

  57. Little Miss Bright Eyes is so cute and what a fun thing for her to do. Glad she had a fun time and glad you had a good time sharing in all that fun with her. I know you are getting ready for your trip soon. The open road will be calling your name for sure. Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend.

  58. I think my daughter would have loved a competition like that when she was little. She's always been comfortable on stage. That Victorian looking room (or is that also a trailer) is amazing. I hope you do get away some time. It would be wonderful if Your Hero was also well enough that he could come along. -Jenn

  59. I have often thought how nice that would be if you had a nice unit and could just travel anywhere whenever you wanted! You are a much better tooth fairy - so stay around! Have a good weekend. sandie

  60. Whoa! That tooth fairy IS scary! You and I are kindred spirits. I follow full-time RVers on YouTube because I think their lifestyles are fascinating, but I wouldn't want to miss too much of my grands' growing up years. My dad used to drive his old 1971 VW bus (which he had converted very roughly into a camper) around the country visiting kids and grandkids. I may take a page out of his book someday, if I can work up the courage to travel alone. I can't believe I got rid of his old VW bus!! :0

  61. That tooth fairy would give you nightmares.

  62. Wow I love the one with the teal / aquamarine oven ! :)

    I swear if little Bright Eyes got some tap dancing shoes and learned to tap she could pass for Shirley Temple. Find an old Shirley clip on You Tube or somewhere and show her! Tell her an Oma in Pennsylvania thinks she is even cuter :)

  63. I think it is wonderful you are able to spend so much time with your daughter and granddaughter. What a blessing!

  64. I travelled a lot during the 18 years I lived in United Arab Emirates, and then when I came home to be with mom in 2011 I stopped travelling completely out of necessity initially. Then, when she went to ElderJail, I didn't want to travel because I didn't want to leave her for too long. Now she's been gone almost a year. But still, I don't yet have itchy feet. Although like you, I always feel a certain "restlessness" when spring arrives. I think it has to do with everything being reborn again. Thanks for sharing the pics of the trailers – they're quite something!

  65. Oh my goodness...Bright Eyes still has those gorgeous blue eyes! I remember when you named her that when she was even a newborn. "Packing and purging"? have you sold your house?

  66. I had a lot to say, and little doll should've placed first!
    I saw the tooth fairy, and he stole my thoughts and words.

  67. Congrats to your Little Miss Bright eyes! I have wanderlust but always good to be home too!


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