Tuesday, May 23, 2017

PRETTY IN PINK-Perhaps you'll like the matching biker's outfit...

Ye Olde Bicycle
gets a tad weather-worn
during the winter season here.
Time for a little

I am making myself use up
all the old paints that I have on hand.
This was one SweetCheeks picked out a long time ago.
It is not the paint I would have chosen
for this bike
but it IS what I had here.

And...don't go whining about the size
of the watermarks on these.
I am using Windows 10 and for some things
there is just no rhyme or reason
as to why these things happen
TO ME.....
trust me...

What does ye olde bicycle look like today?
Feast your eyes on THIS!
(Well, except for my friend,Jettie-
She says pink is pukey-lol)
I don't have her real front and back baskets
attached yet.
However, I didn't want to keep you in suspense
too much longer-cuz you know how YOU are!
Wanna see more?
Do you love it?

Don't be counting my weeds that need to 
be cleaned up either..
MyHero has been talking about 
taking up cycling.
I thought I should look for a nice
cycling outfit for him.
If he puts this on I will even let him ride
It'd be perfect, don't ya think????
I didn't show you the whole thing
cuz I didn't want to see you 
squirting your coffee out through
your nose-
It didn't leave much to the imagination
if you know what I mean.
SO-You can use
 YOUR imagination...
and imagine MyHero in it!!
Have a GREAT day!~

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  1. Hahaha you give me giggles.
    I have an old blue bike like this one. I wonder now If can find boy blue to go with it?

  2. Love your bike with the pink flowers in the basket! The outfit not so much lol.

  3. I love it! Reminds me of my pink Huffy bike I had as a little girl. :)

  4. LOL! I think the bike is beautiful...the basket of geraniums looks perfect with it! I need an old bike!

  5. Gorgeous! The bike, not that cycling outfit, LOL!

  6. That's one "pretty in pink" bike you've got there!

  7. I love your pink bike, but the guy I can do without!!!!! That was the same type of bike I rode when I was little.

  8. That pink bike is perfect! Your poor husband...I'm going to write him a blog fodder song. It goes like this: "My wife became a blogga and now I ain't nothing but blog fodda." (Sung with a Maine accent, which makes it wicked good.) ☺️

  9. Your pink bicycle is adorable, Diana. I love it! With the white basket of pink geraniums, it's perfect. The biking outfit, not so much, you silly one. xo ♥

  10. I definitely have an opinion and that is your better half will not wear it for you.

  11. Laughing about Vee's song! Love the pink bike - the outfit not so much!

  12. I love the color. It's a great contrast to the gray that's been hanging around my house. Boo...

  13. I want a pink bike just like yours!!!! I'll pass on the matching outfit, though!

  14. The pink color is beautiful and the matching geraniums...very pretty!
    xo Kathy

  15. Okay I just adore your bike! Love pink. I would love to see you in that outfit! Love, sandie

  16. I love how summery it looks especially with the pretty basket and geraniums on it. Now for this guy at the bottom of the post - where do you find these images! It's so disturbing LOL

  17. oh no!!! ha ha ha.. I was admiring the bike until I saw the last picture.. but I love the bike.. it reminds me our childhood.. :)

  18. The bike is beautiful. Love the vibrant color. The basket is so lovely full of flowers. I say NO to the outfit...LOL. xo

  19. Oh my, how funny. Love SC bike and I do love the color - looks terrific. Now, the young man is another subject.
    To funny......
    Have a great one.


  20. The Bike looks smashing Diana!
    The outfit...uh...not so much! hahaha!!
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

  21. OMG! #PINK! Stunning. Absolutely gorgeous. I ADORE it.

  22. The bicycle looks great! Now, wasn't it a purple color before? I like the white basket with the flowers too. And you know how much I love PINK. : ) You did a nice job on it, Diana.

    love, ~Sheri

  23. Oh, that bike! SOOOO pretty! I LOVE the color!! Just perfect. :) And, by the way, I didn't even notice your weeds until you pointed them out! LOL! Thanks for sharing your beautiful bike. :) Sending love and hugs to you, sweet friend.

  24. Oy, your Hero would have the ladies following him all over the place! It ya got, flaunt it, or something to that effect...ha! I do love the bicycle and the gorgeous geraniums. You are one funny (and wicked) lady... xoxo

  25. Ok, you owe us a video of Your Hero in that outfit on his favorite pink bike!! 😁😁

  26. Love the pink bike, as well as the flowers in the basket! xo Nellie

  27. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you are too funny ! Love this post and the pretty in pink bike is too cute . Hugs and blessings , Cindy

  28. Love the pretty pink bike and basket of flowers but I will pass on the biker's outfit! LOL Nancy

  29. Lol, the last picture ? Oh my. Just no.
    Your bicycle is very pretty in pink. I need to repaint mine but what color is the big question?

  30. I so love the bike color and flowers! Great job! LOL LOL LOL I almost choked...that is just too funny girl ...Thanks again for the laughs....I do love the bike!

  31. OMGoodness...that's all.

    The bike looks fabulous. Is that called Bubblegum Pink??? Totally you!

    Jane xxx

  32. I have a few people at my work who'll get pink spray paint to redo a bicycle

  33. Actually it looks GREAT!

    Have a wonderful week ~ FlowerLady

  34. Love the bike!! Downtown they have about ten of these located under signs, someone does a nice job maintaining them. The outfit? Not so much. TMI.

  35. I've seen old bicycles used as decoration - neat idea! I like the white basket and pink geranium to go with it. That bicycling outfit... oh dear. -Jenn

  36. Diana, I love the new bike color. That geranium sure goes well . Oh gross on the outfit..see his tan lines...we've always call that a farmer tan....it's only on the arms. LOL. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  37. Very prettty lawn ornament. You figure out which picture I am referring to.

  38. Oh, I love that pink bike! What fun and such a cute way to brighten up the yard!

  39. Now that's PINK!!! Love the Geraniums..Good job..I think your hero has more sense..

  40. Oh, Diana, I wouldn't even want to imagine My Hero in that ! I love that bike and the color. It looks perfect with the pink geraniums. We had a similar bike that someone stole out of our front yard. I never even got the chance to paint it!..Happy Wednesday..xxoJudy

  41. Oh my...I do really LOVE that pink bike of yours...it's just fabulous! Now I'm not so sure about the guy in the pink singlet.....

  42. I needed that laugh. ;-)

    I love the pink bike. It is perfect.

  43. You are always good for a laugh. That picture. The bike is darling. So darling.

  44. Your bike looks FABULOUS and I don't want to see anyone in that pink suit! Thanks for sparing us the rest of the picture!

  45. Love your newly painted bike and pink geraniums to match! No, I certainly can't see My Hero in that kind of outfit, lol. I know you must be very happy to be doing spring things outside :)

  46. I love your pretty pink bike and the flowers!
    Have a nice holiday weekend.

  47. I LOVE it! You know that pink is my favorite! I can't believe how the geraniums match perfectly! As for that outfit? Well......hmmmm.......sorry, but I don't think anybody would look good in that! LOL Hugs!

  48. I love it so much...love the bright pink and big wicker basket! Of course you almost ruined the whole post right at the end. Just sayin'!!! Hugs!

  49. Haha! Thanks for sparing us on that last photo. I love your pink bike! Good use of old paint, Diana!

  50. Love your pink bike, great minds think pink!


  51. The bike is lovely! I especially like the flower baskets!

  52. Love your now pink bike! And hey, a good laugh! :D


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