Wednesday, January 4, 2017


There you have it..
I am jumping back into posting
even though I have 
NOT figured out this
STUPID computer yet.

This new laptop was a 
wonderful gift from my son,
his wife & little CJK.

It has Windows 10.
Not that I am 'outdated' or anything
but I am a 
Windows 7 kind of girl.

I am going to figure this
stupid thing out!
As you can see, I have already
figured out how to do the
cross-out thingy.

My motto is~

Sometimes all we have to do
is believe in ourselves, right?
Well, I might need a little
God-help with this one.

I did get Christmas packed away
in between saying bad word 
under my breath about the
computer refusing to do what 
I wanted it to do....
So onward anyway into
I think I might need a few 
cute little snowmen to 
see me through January.
Instead of making pillows
I might just make our
Little Miss Bright Eyes
a sweet skirt
like this one.
I won't be making one of those
for myself-
thank you very much--
I am HIPPY ENOUGH already
and I don't mean like this....

Just call me Ms January-
as I spend the month
bundled up and 
trying to figure this thing out.
the REAL Ms. January
looks like this....
I should not have shared that
picture with MyHero...
Look at what happened
to the cookie he was holding!

Oh great!
Now I have to bake again, too!
It is gonna be quite a month!

Have a great week- 
I hope to have this all figured
out in a day or two.

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  1. You always ALWAYS make me smile!

  2. Hang in there with your good humour, just another one of life's tests. Love visiting. Hugs.

  3. Well at least you got a new computer!!! And windows 10 will grow on you! I love those snowmen little bulbs, how very cute! I am finding it hard to keep up with everything! I just need to stay home for a few days and get some plans and some creative juices flowing...
    Really that skirt is adorable if you get the pattern or directions send them to me as I have a wee one that wants one! Love ya Sista Roxy

  4. 7 was much better than 10. And I still can't accept how they just skipped 9 like nobody would notice

  5. You will! You're a wizard!
    It's SO cold here. Not complaining . . . yet.
    Happy New Year, sweet friend!

  6. I upgraded to Windows 10 about a year ago and never looked back, only because I had Windows 8 which totally sucked... I despised it so much. I did like Windows 7 but we have to move on... lol I just can't get on board with a laptop, it frustrates me... I hope you get the hang of it really soon. (I am upgrading my computer this spring and I am not looking forward to it as I need to move a lot of things over to it... I might have to hire someone...haha xox

  7. Di, you do look like miss January! Good luck with the computer! Xo

  8. Funny! It's always a learning curve and it can drive you crazy, but you'll get it!

  9. Oh girl, I feel your pain. I switched to a Mac several years ago and am STILL trying to figure it all out!!! :-0

  10. Hi Diana, well I needed to smile tonight. You will love windows 10 once you get used to it. I've had it a couple years and it's fine!!
    Hang in there sweet friend. xo

  11. Haha, ooo no shouldn't have showed that picture to your hero. I'd freeze in her outfit. You'd find me in a parka and very thick pants, thank you very much. I switched from Windows to a Mac. Took me awhile to get the hang of it but now it's a breeze. Good luck to figuring it out. Just's helping keep your brain cells young. 😉

  12. You gave me a laugh on a day I needed one. I have heard that Windows 10 can be a bit of difficulty. I am also still using Windows 7.

  13. I'm not much for the Windows 10 either! It took me several months to figure everything out. So I wish you lots of luck!
    The snowmen ornaments are cute! Bright Eyes will look good in that cute little skirt!
    We are in for a cold, cold front for the next few days. I'm hoping we won't get too much snow, I have to be out and about the next couple of days...
    January all ready feels busy and this is only the second week! Oiy!! 😂
    Have a great week!
    Hugs, Amy

  14. Oh, I went through that Windows 10 thing a year ago. I was so frustrated and so mad at my computer that my husband packed it up to send it back. Of course I finally figured it all out. Wish I could help you but I don't remember anymore how it all came together!! Good luck!!

  15. I hear ya on the whole Windows 10 thing. I still don't like it. All I want to do is left click and save things to my desktop. Is that too much to ask??? Anyway, good luck. Lovely white go go boots on Miss January. Not very practical in the snow, however. -Jenn

  16. All you need is a little time. By February, you'll be a pro. What a generous gift. Hope that you are not out straight these days!

  17. Glad you are back! You make me laugh, and that's a good thing! '-)
    Happy New Year!

  18. I NEED a new computer - but I keep nursing this one along - I love it. I know you will figure it out - you are so smart. Hey that skirt you are making for your granddaughter - I love it! Slow down and breathe! Sandie

  19. Yay, new computer! You will be an expert soon, I have faith in you my blogging friend. Very cute post and Happy New Year!

  20. It's so hard to learn a new computer and Windows 10...oh my! I dread having to go to that. Aren't those white boots the cutest? I remember when I worried that my legs were too skinny...because they WERE! haha! Sweet hugs, Diane

  21. I am still using Widows 7 on desktop. Have no intention of changing unless they make me. I do good to use what I have.Never liked a lap top.

  22. I liked Windows 7 better too. In fact I liked Windows 5! But life moves on. And once I got used to 10 it wasn't all that bad. So glad you got a new computer. Hope you learn how to use it soon.

  23. You will do fine Diana....I actually like 10 and I have gone through them all. I don't think the learning curves ever end, we are always learning especially when it comes to Tech stuff. Although I am way, way behind when it comes to carrying an IPhone around, cause I don't have one, nor do I want one.

  24. I'm sure you will get it all figured it out quickly cause you're a bright lady!

  25. At least you are brave enough to take on 10. My Dell laptop kept trying to update me to 10 so I went out an bought an Apple Mac. No Windows! YAY! Don't know what I'm doing yet, but it is easier to learn I think. Good luck to both of us!

  26. I think new computers are fun!! But then, I've been told I'm strange! LOL!!! You'll do just fine, like everyone else said. I don't use 10...I'm still with 7, because I like it. I won't change until I have to. [my old blog is now closed :)]

  27. You managed a whole post with your new computer! I'd applaud for myself if I were you! Windows 10 isn't so bad once you start working with it.

  28. Should I need a laugh I know right where to come. 😄
    Cute little snowmen in your glass container,they have the sweetest faces.
    OH dear... he's melting.

    All the best with your computer~

  29. Should I need a laugh I know right where to come. 😄
    Cute little snowmen in your glass container,they have the sweetest faces.
    OH dear... he's melting.

    All the best with your computer~

  30. :-) Love you, Diana! You make me smile.
    Love, Carla

  31. Oh dear gifts that require figuring out worth it in the long run, sometimes.

  32. I hope if you make that cute skirt you'll share it with us. I detest getting new technology and having to relearn everything. Oh, no! I think I'm becoming one of those "old folks" that young folks make jokes about. (sigh) xo

  33. Oh, that melting snowman cookie is too cute. I love the Snowman ornaments. I actually gave some just like it as a gift at Christmas. Yes, wouldn't that skirt look so cute on Bright Eyes? Good luck with the computer..... and here's to you for plugging away at it!

    love, ~Sheri

  34. Good Morning and happy new year. Oh, new anything, but especially computers, drive me crazy! Wishing you a wonderful day. xo

  35. Brr! You guys are really having cold weather!! But it sounds like you have plenty of indoors projects to work on. That skirt for Bright Eyes would be adorable.

  36. What a fun post! To have to learn windows 10 sounds very daunting.

    Love your snowmen in the glass container and what a clever idea for the melting snowman cookie.

    Hope you will show us that little skirt when it's completed. Miss Bright Eyes would look more adorable than ever wearing that creation.

    I love the look of the older hippy lady. :-)

    Have a great day ~ FlowerLady

  37. Such good humour will help you master this task! Those little snowmen are so cute.....

  38. Ha ha -- love that melted snowman cookie!

  39. I used to figure most things out pretty well. Now, because everything changes in a matter of hours, I don't want to put in the effort. It will eventually come to me, maybe tomorrow, or the day after, or probably next week. The best way, though, is to ask my grandchildren and take notes.

  40. Oh my I can totally relate the cursing thing! It's a great stress reliever though! I am happy to read your posts again gf.

  41. Diana, I loved seeing the cookie. So funny. You kill me girl. I still cuss but I have new cuss words now...Not the ones my parents used. LOL. Windows 10 loaded it's self on my about smart...or smart a**ed. It does do crazy things every now and then. I just try to roll with it. You are a smart lady you'll get the hang of it. Blessings, xoxo,love, Susie

  42. I liked Windows 7 too but my current laptop that I got just over a year ago came with 8.1...WHAT A NIGHTMARE! I upgraded to 10 as soon as it was available and after a little time of getting used to it, I am fine with it. I still have Vista on my old desktop and it still works fine! Great post! ♥

  43. You'll get the hang of it, I have no doubt. The Man got a new laptop a couple months ago, with that dreaded Windows 10 on it. I tackled that beast and figured out enough to function if I have to use it. I showed him all I Know and so far so good. I'm still a Windows 7 girl, as well, and don't understand why things have to constantly change. My desktop still has Windows 7 and I don't intend to upgrade.

  44. I still haven't figured out how to do the cross out thingy on my apple..You can probably figure most things out..IF NOT, YOU CAN PROBABLY FAKE IT1..Oops..left the caps lock on..See??? I heard that Windows 10 was a nightmare..My old Dell still has windows 7. I love my new Apple..Can't go back to Dell now...Love your cookie..Where do you come up with these things?? xoxo

  45. Diana, you'll have Windows 10 figured out soon. Believe me, I did it and so can you! Keep smiling my friend! ♥

  46. I feel your pain, Diana! I upgraded to windows 10 last August and still have problems, so if you get it figured out in a couple days, you are better at it than me! Then yesterday I upgraded my iPhone and now I have to it figure "IT" out. You would think we would learn that sometimes 'OLD' can be alright!
    And I for one think you would look Great in that Ms.January outfit!

    Hugs, Sylvia

  47. Haha!! Oh I get it...I got a Mac three years ago and while it's old hat now, I swear, I couldn't even find the right keys on the board when I started. AND they were all in the same old place. I was thrown! ;) Stay warm and I promise you'll figure it out. I have faith!! Stay warm! xo

  48. You can do it!!!
    Cutest skirt...adorable! I've got my Christmas packed away...finally...just haven't gotten all the boxes back in the utility closet. Ready to get it out of the house.

  49. HI Diana...
    I am new to your blog...I see you everywhere, so I figured I better come over and say hello!
    Love those snowmen ornaments...keep them out as long as you want!
    New computers are a seem to have the hang of it!
    Hope you stop by mine for a visit!
    Linda :o)

  50. You're one smart chickolita... You'll have this in no time.
    love ya bunches

  51. You are going to get that computer down and working for you I just know it. Love the pic of the girl in all white. I had those go go boots. Ahhhhh memories!
    Have a great evening.

  52. I love your "strike over".....and I love your way of sharing you life through pictures....smiling ear to ear, and chuckling out loud several times. Guy, I'm a hippy at heart!!!

  53. You are too know i have a great sense of humor but don't seem to be able to get it across my blog? Getting a new computer can make one scream. I went from a lifetime of windows to an Apple...I thought I was in was pure h..l. Wishing your adjustment curve goes easier.

  54. I also have a new computer and having SO much trouble trying to figure it out too! I call myself a smart woman until new technology gets thrown at me....grrrrrr. Lemme know when you figure 10 can tutor me!

  55. I am still using Win 7 as I've heard 10 is hard....I don't catch on too quickly to new things so when son ordered my laptop, he got 7 on it...hope they never stop making it...

  56. Diana
    Testing 123, do you still have a beautiful head of hair? Computers, you gotta love them or hate them, right?


  57. It's no fun getting used to new technology, but once you master it, it's great! Happy New Year, Diana!

  58. Technology is tough....
    Sure is....
    so far...January has started with a bang...(and my birthday to boot)....
    Keep up the good work...

  59. New computers....grrrrrrr. I just paid off my Mac and I still have no idea what I'm doing!

    That is one cute skirt! :-D

    Jane x

  60. What an awesome post!!!! I love your motto and all those cute little snowmen? Adorable! YOUR newest follower now! xo

  61. You crack me up Diana!!! I can always count on you to make me SMILE :0! Blessings from COLD Missouri!!!

  62. Blessings Diana
    wishing you a most joyous new year filled with passion and dreams realized. I hope you are well, I am busy showing the house, so that is good. I know the winter isn't the best time to sell and its been cold! Zero this morning brrrrr.
    I bought a new laptop a couple of years ago with windows 10 on it, it was the first 10 that came out and I wanted to throw the whole thing against a wall. Now I have a mac and its one of the reasons I don't blog much... haven't had time to figure it out.
    Thank you for stopping by

  63. A new computer is a good thing and a bad thing. Your kids were sweet to get it for you...too bad the knowledge on how to use it isn't part of the package. However, I have no doubt that you will beat the blasted thing into submission...or something like that! Stay warm...xoxo

  64. You funny girl! I am very jealous of your new computer. I have a desktop which works perfectly fine but the laptop is one I prefer....because I can use it while reclining in the Lazyboy. Ha! I have every confidence in you that you'll soon get the new one figured out! Have fun with it.

  65. And I meant to add in there that the LAPTOP is giving me fits lately! I asked Santa for a new one, but I guess he thinks I was a bad girl. He neglected to bring me one.

  66. Good luck with Windows 10, i am still learning things. So glad your back posting. Love the skirt and I am sure your gd will love it.

    Have a great weekend.



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