Thursday, October 22, 2015

FINALLY FALL HERE - More Bits & Pieces of October

These last few weeks have been a whirlwind.
Summer lasted a LONG TIME this year.
We are still mowing grass 
but, as of this week, 
the leaves have started to fall.
I have been putting bits and pieces 
of FALL around here.
They will stay up until the day after
(except for the Halloween stuff)

This is the little slate I painted
when my kids were little.
I sold a lot of these slates back when
were popular.
This is the only one I have left 
for Halloween.
A little peek at the 
Dining Room Mantle.
I am lucky enough to have a mantle
in the dining room.
I will do some overall pictures this weekend
so you can see the whole thing.

On these last warm nights
the kids like to go down to the beach by the bay.
Their Mom took these pictures.
SweetCheeks say they are 
She's still pretty cute, I think!
Cooler nights bring
sunsets like this!
We have fall colors all over.
Wisconsin is a wonderful place to 
take a drive to see colors
like this.-
Or this-
Please remember-
while driving...
or in MY CASE-flying!
The kids say I have found
the perfect sign for my
front door.
I need to hang it there later today.
Wonder if I should paint
The Witch Is Out
and turn it over when I leave?
Nah....let 'em be scared!!!!
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  1. Love your post and your sense of humor. Beautiful pictures by the bay! I have been remiss about taking photos by the lake. I miss sunrises and sunsets. Love the magic pictures!

  2. Beautiful "magic" pictures! Sweet Cheeks is still a doll!

  3. Hahahaha I love the texting witch! Is your folk art from Scary Scary Halloween?!!! I love it! And loveeeeee that book. It's the only Halloween item I have.

  4. I like fall at the beach too, the sunsets can't be beat! :)

  5. How fun! Yes, love the witch sign and especially the little Halloween plaque you created. The pictures show fun memories past and good times that await! Hugs Diana!

  6. Hi Diana! Love your witchy pooh sign! Your fallen touches are lovely! You're not only a funny gal, a writer but a painter too? You amaze me!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. You're so clever! I love all your fall decor. Wow! I think I could drink in the view of the bay all day long.

  8. Your witch at the end is hilarious!

    You are so lucky to have a mantel in your dining room. Looks beautiful!

  9. Love your fun fall decorations, Diana! Your painted slate is so ought to do some children's storybooks...

  10. You have some gorgeous sunsets for sure! I love those "magic" pictures. I like how you decorated your mantel too. I recently found some cinderella pumpkins in that green color that you have. I love them! I've always liked those flying witch decorations too.

  11. Gorgeous countryside!! You are on the water?? oh, that is my dream spot!
    Love the sign, did you make it?? It's awesome.....
    I'm off for my weekly day of babysitting so his Mom can work....

  12. I love the magic pictures. And yes - Sweet Cheeks is still cute. I have a feeling she always will be. :-) And that fall scene is beautiful. We don't get a lot of color here in Oklahoma.

  13. Sweet Cheeks will always be adorable. Your fall colors are beautiful. Ours are just now starting to rev up as it has been so unseasonably warm here. I'm afraid though that the rain we have headed our way will bring them down before we have a real chance to enjoy them. I have a small witch is in sign by my front door :)

  14. So many beautiful pictures! The witch items are awesome :-) Have a fabulous day!


  15. Totally magic pictures, and times..... :-)

    Ohhhh I love that last sign!!! Could have him take his trusty scroll saw and cut out the outline. And add some chalk paint maybe... And the WORDS.

    Says she, who has conjured up anything crafty, in years. -pout-

    Pumpkin hugs,

  16. I loved all your pictures today. I also have a mantel in my dining room and you are right. We are lucky. Yours looks beautiful.
    You DO have the cutest grands ever. They are going to grow into beautiful adults...thats easy to see. :)
    How I wish we had your Fall colors in California the way they do on the East coast. Lovely!!

  17. Love your sign; I need to borrow it! The pictures of the girls are fantastic! I agree with Sweet Cheeks, they are "magic"! You have the most beautiful setting in your backyard! Wow! The sunsets are stunning over the bay! I love your dining room mantel; it looks so elegant! The Halloween sign is adorable- you have many talents!

  18. Pretty, pretty, pretty, including the magic girls! I always love your fall mantels. We have had a hard frost here already (ice in the chicken waterer) but are getting a beautiful Indian Summer this week. I'm soaking it all up before the flurries begin.

  19. Diana, everything looks so beautiful in your dining room. I love your painted slate--you are a talented one! They are magical photos with the sun! Sweet Cheeks knows what's she talking about. So creative! Wisconsin is way ahead of us in the leaf turning. We have been raking mostly dead leaves, not pretty colored ones. These cool nights will surely start the change of colors for us soon. Enjoy you day. ♥

  20. I love it ALL, Diana!!!! Yes! Paint that OUT sign!!! Our leaves haven't fallen yet! I would dearly love to be close to a beach!

  21. Diana that sign is so stinkin' cute! Love all your Fall touches and those of Halloween. But can we talk about the beauty of your sunsets and Sweet Cheeks is a beautiful young lady,, those eyes, that smile, those dimples. Your amazing sunsets remind me of Key West,Florida and one of the reasons I love it there. I am seeing more and more foliage turning into Mother Natures masterpieces. Today is a sneak surprise of 75 so I was outside and did cutting backs, topiaries are now trimmed and much winterizing got done. I'm exhausted and sat down to catch up with what's going on in Blogland.

  22. Diana, I love the pictures. Yes, SC is still very cute. LOL. All the grandkids are. I like that sign...the witch is in. LOL. You have wonderful sunsets on the water too. Hope you are doing well and catching up there. Bless you, xoxo,Susie

  23. Love the little painted slate. Do you have pics of the others you did? You are so blessed to live in a land of change of seasons so colorful. SC is a doll!

    Ding dong, the witch is ...splat!

  24. Diana!
    This was a gorgeous post bursting with life, love and talent-this little slate is adorable, so glad that you held on to one!
    Your family is heaven sent and I know how you love every moment with them.
    I promise not to text and drive, I definitely don't want to end up like that naughty witch in the tree!

  25. Fantastic photos...I love them! SC is correct...they are magic!

  26. Your painting is great, Diana! You need to get back into that for sure. Those sunset photos over the lake are gorgeous! You are so lucky to live on the water (even though you are on the WRONG side of Lake Michigan, hahaha!). Love the witch hat sign. Now you just need to give that lady you have by your front door a broom, and you will be all set!! Oh, love the pic of SweetCheeks, too. Can't believe how she's grown!

  27. That witch on the tree is too much! My mom and I sold at so many of those craft shows. We never made a lot of money, but it was fun. You have great decorations.

  28. Love the witch..poor thing..The slate you painted is adorable...Things are beginning to look like fall at your house..Sweet cheeks is starting to look like a young lady..Maturing..not a baby any more..Have a fun evening..

  29. Oh my gosh Diana! Those sunset pictures are beautiful! Love your funny fall decor! Especially the tree witch.

  30. Oh my gosh Diana! Those sunset pictures are beautiful! Love your funny fall decor! Especially the tree witch.

  31. I love the little painting! All of your decor looks beautiful. I wish you'd come down here and help me. :) I have another friend that lives in WI and keeps asking me to come visit...I so wish I could have this fall. I'll see if you two might be close, just in case I do make it one of these days!


  32. Magical photos for sure! You live in a beautiful spot. Autumn leaves and gorgeous sunsets over the water - what amazing visuals!

  33. I just love your Halloween slate....the style is so nostalgic! Your mantel looks pretty....would love to see it all. Cute witch décor!

  34. Gorgeous colors, Diana! Amazing sunset! Just don't text while flying!LOL xo Nellie

  35. Love, love, love the "magic" pictures! And they are magic! Pretty leaves and sunset too. Thanks for sharing all your pretties with us. :-)

  36. Great photos!!! Nice slate that you painted!

  37. HaHa, I love it! Sounds like you have the kind of relationship with your grand kids that's full of fun and laughter. By the way, The Weather Channel showed a photo from Michigan this morning and oh my goodness the fall colors were magnificent.

  38. Hi Diana, Am trying to catch up around blogland tonight! Love the shots of your girls ... well, and those other shots too, and the flu ones also! Lots of shots in your world this week, huh??? Your fall dining room is fun and I love the magic shots on the beach! Yep, lots of shots! Hope you don't have a shotty weekend! Many blessings, Cindy

  39. I love the idea of taking photos of people looking liek they are holding something, lifting something, or similar ideas!

  40. Love the pictures. The little slate you painted is so cute.

    Our leaves are FINALLY starting to change colors. Took forever.

  41. How fun... I feel like I've been gone for an eternity....but back and trying to catch up.

    Loved all your pictures and signs...Your white pumpkins and leaves are stunning.

  42. SweetCheeks is right, these are magic pictures. Autumn is so pretty in Wisconsin. I remember that slate that you painted, I think you showed it before. It's so cute. Love THE WITCH IS IN sign. You are really getting into the Halloween groove there, Diana.

    love, ~Sheri

  43. Oh Diana the pictures of the sunsets are glorious. Sweet Cheeks is too adorable and the pictures are magic. I bet your are seeing beautiful colors for fall up north. Have a wonderful Friday tomorrow and great week end.

  44. Hi Diana, it truly is Fall in your area. So beautiful! Fall is my favorite. Have a wonderful week. Jo

  45. Those kids adore their Nana! Your dining room mantel is elegant, my dear! And those sunsets over the bay are magical, she' right!

  46. I love the beach pictures! So creative! And the fall leaves and sunset are so gorgeous! This is such a beautiful time of year and your view of the lake is awesome! Have fun with your decorations! I love the witch sign! I got Jim one with a crab at the beach that said The Crab Is In. He used to have it at work and it cracked everybody up. I think your witch sign will be a real hit with the little ghouls and goblins! Have a great weekend! Hugs, Leena

  47. Hi Diana,
    I love that slate you painted with the Halloween scene! It is so pretty during the fall at the beach! I love the colors of the trees too. I can't wait to see your mantel. I hope you have a nice Friday and weekend.
    Julie xo

  48. Gorgeous colors and pictures Diana, you are really talented you should think about making more of those slate designs and selling them.

    Hugs Diane

  49. Those really are magical pictures! Love how they turned out. You did such a good job on that slate painting! I love stuff like that. They're so timeless and pretty. You should think about opening an Etsy shop! You know, with all your spare time. ;)

  50. Oh Diana, it is so good to know that I can click a button and still see you here. I guess we have been blog friends since about 2009? I am barely writing on my blog anymore because, I am busy writing a book and all my energy goes into that these days. However, here I am clicking on just to say hello and see what you're up to, (and of course some laughs and photos of your adorable grands!) This month has been an insane month of travel. Sadly, 3 funerals but then again, 4 weddings! Off to Phoenix for one this weekend, and then a week in Illinois visiting my youngest daughter and her family (might get a blogpost out of that one), then HOME SWEET COTTAGE for as long as I can possible swing it! Warmest regards and good luck with that colonoscopy. Yep - old age is not for sissy's. Tia

  51. I always love seeing pictures of the kids, Diana. They are all growing so fast.
    What great shots of all the Fall foliage, too! The wind has blown most of the leaves off the trees over here.
    Cute sign on your door.
    Love you.

  52. Hi,
    I love the sun photos.
    Wisconsin showed off her best this Autumn. ;-) Great colors.

  53. WOW - those magic pictures are spectacular! Great to see what Wisconsin looks like in fall - beautiful!

  54. What a wonderful post. Love those photos!! Yes, summer is over!! And fall certainly in the air!!


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