Nana Diana Takes A Break

Nana Diana Takes A Break

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

FALL In The Dining Room

I really need to get in gear
and get my pictures loaded onto my computer,
get them to Picmonkey,
 and then share them here.

I am WAY behind in doing that.
Not that I have anything else to do or anything.

So, that being said-
I have a few shots of the dining room dressed
for Fall.

Here is the bombe chest
with Grandmother Clara's 
Silver Tea Service
(remember I polished this a week or so ago?)
From a bit further back...
Did you notice my little lamps are
I got those after season last year.
They are DOG HATS 
from the Pet
I think I paid 50 cents apiece for them.
The dining room table arrangement
starts with my old turquoise basket.
The little old blue level is from my farmhouse.
It was along the cellar wall.
See the MIX sign tucked down in there?
It was "stolen" by my girls from an abandoned building where my father used to go.
I have no idea where it came from.
The POE card/tag was part of a giveaway from 
last year.
My poor crow 
is looking a little worse for the wear.
Looks like he got in a fight 
with another crow and lost.
And just a peek at 
the backside:
I am loving the blue mixed in with 
the colors of fall here this year.

Lots of other stuff to show you
when I get my pictures loaded so 

Oh- and did YOU get YOUR flu shot yet?
We HAVE to have them to work at the 
VA Center.  
I never get them but I sure would not want
to infect any of our older vets-
many of whom are already in 
weakened physical conditions-
so, I bit the bullet and got one.
I have never had the flu in my life-
knock on wood-
(or laminate-your choie)

I am thinking about offering 
those sweet old veterans
right at the front desk.
It's the Irish in me.
It would make me father proud!

And, I would actually give them
out for free.
Don't you wish you were in my line?
Have a Happy Wednesday!
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  1. Hello Diana,
    I love the fall decor in you dining room. Your tea service is so pretty as is the fall arrangement. I just love pumpkins!
    Enjoy the rest of the week.
    Julie xo

  2. ha ha they'd love the irish flu shots! :) now I am off to see your dancers

  3. ha ha they'd love the irish flu shots! :) now I am off to see your dancers

  4. I love your decorations and think your crow looks better being a little "worse for wear". I am amazed that you have never had the flu. Lucky you! -Jenn

  5. Darling vignettes Diana...and yes, I know they are going to love the Irish flu fun!! I too, am loving the blue pumpkins this year!! Great post!!

  6. Your decorations are so pretty. I love how everyone has their own things and own way of decorating. I definitely like that blue pumpkin with the other ones.

  7. I get the flu shot and I hate it...would much rather have your kind! ;)

  8. LOVE the Irish flu shots!!! Your decorations look beautiful! Enjoy your week Diana - and if you're not, help yourself to an Irish Flu shot.

  9. Great photos of your fall arrangements, Diana. Blue pumpkins--very nice! I do love those gorgeous acorns in the basket--I'm sure you are popular at the VA! You'll have a line out the door for those shots! Have a fun day, Diana. I know you will! xo ♥

  10. Diana, I love your decorations. I could not find my black birds that Emma and I made. I got my flu shot and I would an Irish flu shot this throat is a bit sore. LOL. Hope you have a great day with the vets. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  11. I think those flu shots would be a hit!

    Your dining room looks great. Love the little witch hats on top of the lamps. Not a stitch of decor in my dining's so boring. :)

  12. everything looks perfect!
    I especially like those flu shots,,lol, thats a hoot,,

  13. I love it when you show us how you are decorating.....your fall decor is so pretty!

  14. It's certainly looking fall'ish up in your house. ;)

  15. How do you even have time, for some decorating????

    Got our flu shots a while ago. We have gotten them, since our daughter-in-law was carrying our first grand child. We did not want to take the chance of infecting her. That grand daughter is now 23 years old. So we have gotten them, for a long, long time.

    Even with them, one year it was a strain, which was not covered. The whole family got it. And it was quite awful. Brrrrrrrrrr...

    Those Vets would love you even more, if you passed out those SHOTS!!!!

    And since you are Irish!

    Happy coming Somhain to you!

  16. Looking good and fall like,Diana. I had mine all ready for fall and took everything down since the Realtor was coming to take photo's, don't know if I'll put them back out.
    Hugs, Sylvia

  17. Hi Diana, It's always a joy to visit your blog. You always make me laugh!! I love the silver set and all of your pretty Fall decor. The little witch hats are adorable. As for the flu shot, no way for me. I understand the elderly need to be protected but my Father was diagnosed with GBS, Guillian Barre Syndrome, a horrible crippling disease, a few weeks after getting a flu shop. He was paralyzed from the neck down and never regained mobility. He passed away in a nursing home after suffering for two years. His Doctors confirmed it was caused by the flu shot. (Wow, I'm cheeful, aren't I?) Sorry, got off topic.
    So, I like the flu shots that you are giving for free!


  18. Lots of fall prettiness at your house, Diana. Those little dog hats are super cute. I love the watercolor above your stunning tea service. Your table arrangement is very artistic, the colors are gorgeous. Blue is so pretty with fall colors. I placed some in mine this year, and I'm really enjoying it. We'll be getting our flu shots on the 26th -- not the Irish kind, though. ;-) Have a happy day. xo

  19. Good Morning Diana, You are truly ready for fall. We have been having fall like weather cool of a morning and warm in the afternoon. It was that way 52 years ago when hubby and I were married on the 19th of this month. I haven't decided whether I will get a flu shot or not yet. I know you hear a lot from our veterans who go through so much, but they have kept our country safe. They deserve the respect that we show them . Your girs are growing so fast and amazing. I am off to run errands. Take care. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley

  20. Love all the fun pictures and of course your witty commentary Diana.

    Hugs Diane

  21. Love all the fun pictures and of course your witty commentary Diana.

    Hugs Diane

  22. You make me laugh Diana!!! Love your pretty display of autumn colors mixed with blue, but I think your poor crow needs a friend. They are 50% off at Michael's...just picked up a few myself. And you are too funny with your Irish Flu shots! I am going to have to share that pic with my hubby!
    XO Barbara

  23. Diana you crack me up! I think your Irish shots might be very much appreciated. John's Grandmother Rosalie lived to be 102 and every night before she went to bed a 2 finger shot was downed. Actually the doctors recommendation from her 90th Birthday to sleep through the night.
    Speaking of Grandmother's Clara's tea service is stunning. Love those cute little doggie witch hats and me too this year loving the mix of blue/grey with Orange for Fall this year. ok enough of a break for me, back to my faux painting a folding laundry table.

  24. grandma took a shot every night of Johnny Walker that she loved and lived with great health till 94! Maybe we should start having a wine shot every night. Hubby does and puts the small bottle in the fridge for next day. I should join him, lol..
    Your display is gorgeous sweet friend, I love it around your gorgeous sterling teaset... the lamps look adorable with the Halloween dog hats...hihihhhiii The basket is darling too. I love those big acorns, I want them and hope to find me some in Miami cause there are none around here.
    Thanks for your sweet and kind visit my friend. Yes, I was moved with my Sils and friends as my DD couldn't be present in the Baby Shower.
    Hope you are having a great week.

  25. So pretty Diana...the witch hats on top of your lamps are too cute!! I like your version of the flu shot ;-)

  26. Love those flu shots! Hee Hee Hee! Always a joy to see you here. Please pray for me as I struggle with this Medicare retirement stuff. Thanks.

  27. Well, at least you didn't put the lampshades on your head while you chugged back the flu shots....
    pretty vignette Diana! and the basket filled with fall goodies.. perfect!

  28. You should have worn one of those witch hats to the VA and gave those poor souls a thrill. Keeping my fingers crossed, but I have never had the flu, nor have I ever taken the shots. Do you have any suggestions how you use PicMonkey? I try to use the free version, but I do not always succeed.

  29. Diana, it all looks wonderful....seems you are fully into the Fall spirit. Just wonderful! :-)


  30. Diana, you are quite the decorator. First of all, Nel would love that Poe card/tag because she was a 'RAVEN' one year for Halloween. The basket of pumpkins and acorns is cute. I've never seen the bluish pumpkins before. The dog hats and the black all looks so fun and festive. You did a great job. Can't wait to see more.

    love, ~Sheri

  31. Beautiful!! The silver is stunning ~ especially after you polished it. :) I love the touches of blue/turquoise in fall decor this year ~ not quite as startling as all orange. Love the hats!

    I usually always get the flu shot. Of course, last year I had the flu too! :/ AFTER the fact, the CDC says the vaccine was only 13% effective. I got mine almost 2 weeks ago so hoping for the best this year. It's amazing to me that you've never had the flu! Good for you ~


  32. You would have the most veterans in your line- too funny! I love your Fall decor! The witch hats are adorable- what a deal! The Fall basket is great! I love the "mix" sign and the story is quite unique. The blue level, pumpkins and crow are perfect for a Fall basket. You have been a busy lady! XO, Betsy

  33. Good Afternoon!
    Such a nifty decorating idea to top your lamps with witches hats! Love it-and I am partial to witches anyway-I wonder if that means something??? cackle, cackle....
    I'll take one of your flu shots:)

  34. I think your crow drank one too many of your flu shots!!! :)

  35. Diana, love the blue pumpkins and those little witch hats are too cute. You be a good girl around those poor old veterans. I'm betting you make a much better day for them..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  36. Now that's a flu shot I wouldn't mind having! Love your Halloween vignettes - that little black pumpkin in your tea set really caught my eye. Your basket is wonderful, too. Love the Poe tag!

  37. Ijust had the flu shot, but yours look more interesting and fun!

  38. I think that's a flu shot we all would enjoy! lol And yes, I did get my flu shot. I work at a hospital, so it's state law that we have to have a flu shot.
    Your dining room looks beautiful! Love the tea service, love the hats...what a clever idea! Your table centerpiece is beautiful! I love the pops of clue too.

  39. That's funny! (the flu shots)
    Your house looks extra lovely, ND!

  40. Cute idea with the doggie hats! I don't get the flu shot either...guess I can't work at a VA center...I haven't put up any Halloween treasures, as I'm painting the living room and might put up Thanksgiving decor.

  41. Love the hats on your lamps! I'll take the Irish flu shot, not the regular one. ;-) I don't get flu shots or the Shingles vaccine, etc.

  42. Hi Diana, love your dining room decor for fall and the lamp hats are awesome. Great centerpiece and I am also enjoying blue with rustic colors this year. I have never had a flu shot in my life and afraid to get one since I am allergic to stuff like that. I'll take the Irish Flu shot though. My dad would have enjoyed this!!
    Have a great night. xo

  43. Loving the decorations! I am making candy corn vodka jello shots for any parents who want one... :) Don't you wish you lived by ME? Hugs!

  44. Your decorations are gorgeous...who'd a thunk of looking in the pet section for a Halloween hat??? Sometimes something just jumps out in front of you, good eye! I got a flu shot this year also....against my 'better' judgement. I only get it b/c of my weakened conditions.

  45. Your silver tea set is very pretty! I prefer my silver polished too. I'm glad to hear that you got your flu shot! That was very responsible of you (even though you were forced. Ha Ha). I get one every year without fail because I am one of those people that catches everything! Unfortunately, I've had the flu many times. That was when I didn't get the shot. Now, I'm smarter! So far, so good. If everyone just get it, there would probably not be a flu season to report on! I wish everyone got it (that could). My insurance offer it for free too. Love your version of flu shots better though.

  46. Of course you decorated! I got my flue shot but not the Irish one! LOL Priceless!!

  47. Looking good Diana! With all the lung problems you've had this past year, you need to have a flu shot. Are you all better yet? Cute Halloween hats ..... Hope you had a good day.

  48. Had my flu shot yesterday, Diana! I've had one a year for quite a few years! Thought it was a smart thing to do when I was still teaching, especially when I reached that "magic age.":-) Wonder how effective that Irish plan would be.:-) xo Nellie

  49. I'll get in line and then take one of the hats from a lamp and wear it! hahaha! Love that ! Hugs, Diane

  50. Ha!! I'd love to be in your line!! Cheers!!

  51. Your "mix" sign is great, I love it! You are such a dose of cheer Diana, I can't imagine why anyone would need any "shots"around you, lol! Have a blessed and wonderful day :)

  52. I took a genetics test which showed I was 52% Irish. Someone didn't believe me when I told them I did not drink

  53. I like your fall decorations. The little hats are adorable. I can't believe you've never had the flu- that doesn't seem possible! I have been getting the flu shot for about 10 years. I find that if I do get ill I get over it a lot easier than before. When you're around kids a lot they're like little bombs of germs!

  54. Ok, I am more than ready for my Irish flu shot, Diana! Make mine a double:) Love your pumpkins and other fall-ish decor. Your silver tea set is gorgeous. Looks like your crow needs to make an appt. at the beauty salon!! Wow, you are beyond lucky to have never gotten the flu!!

  55. Pretty decorations! I love that you thought to use doggie witch hats for your lamps - how creative! You're right! Blue and fall colors do compliment each other very well! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Leena

  56. how many 'flu' shots did you get? just sayin'

  57. Aren't you the clever one with the dog hats?! Pretty Fall in your house!

  58. I love your fall basket arrangement. do hurry with pics of the rest please! and yes please. I could use a shot of something to get me going this morning! lol!
    have a great day my friend

  59. Haha I love the Irish shots! That's about the only flu shot I get, except the WASP flu shot is gin and comes with a sarcastic, dry wish of good health. The dining room is looking great! And I'm glad your crow has such a nice place to recover and lick (peck?) his wounds.

  60. Your dining room Fall decor is beautiful, Diana. We've had our flu shots already. We almost always do, but it was imperative that we get them this year because of "sicko me." I'm sure there are a couple of dogs somewhere, singing your praises, because they are much happier to see those hats on your lamps than on their doggy heads! Dogs always look so embarrassed when their owners put costumes on them!

  61. I haven't even turned on my computer in two days and I'm having so much fun catching up with all these fall posts! I love the hats on the lamps and your version of the Irish flu shot is so funny! I still haven't gotten up my nerve to polish my silver, but I'm going to do it soon, I promise! Yours is so pretty.

  62. LOL - about the grandpa would have taken one from you.
    I like how you decorated. Love the Raven. :-))

  63. I had my flu shot but I think I need a booster --the Irish version, please!

  64. Your Fall decor is very pretty!!


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