Nana Diana Takes A Break

Nana Diana Takes A Break

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Some of you will be too young to relate to this post.
Some things bring my mind right back to a certain

A while ago I spotted something in the store
that made me stop and stare.
It was THIS!
My mother washed my hair with this for years.
I had to have some for my grandkids!
It is probably like using dishwashing liquid
 on your hair
but I sure do love the smell 
and the memories that accompany it.

When I got to be a teenager I declared my independence!
Yes! I! Did!
I bought this instead.
Yes'm - I was a Breck girl.
Yes- I washed my hair with BRECK
and  then I brushed my teeth with
it came in one of those 
horrible old metallic tubes
that rusted and hardened like
 gun metal as you emptied it.
THAT  was my mother's choice 
and when I was a teenager
I chose
Don't forget your white gloves, ladies.
Let's hope your teeth are that white 
from using Crest!

After brushing my teeth 
I would get dressed for the day.
My mother's choice was something like this
only mine would have been about 8" from the floor...don't ask.
Let's just say I scandalized everyone in sight
the day I showed up in this:
Yes-That is really me! 
I was definitely a thorn in my mother's side.
The one thing she 
That I threw 
You used THOSE with one of these beauties
Those were the most miserable
things ever- I am sure they were
invented by some man!

As soon as I saw the ad 
I rushed out and bought these.
imageWHY did I buy these?Well, I bought those because theADVERTISEMENT SAID:
I could swim, play games
and, best of all,
I could 
which is exactly what my mother
often told me to do!

How about you?
Any Girls Only Stories you want to share?
Mums (deodorant)  the word here.
After all, 
I can keep a 
C'mon- Tell All

ps.  come back tomorrow-
I am stirring up a little ruckus and
may be blasted out of blogland!
your photo name


  1. Oh LORDY! I did it all except for the Tampax! Nope! Not on a bet! I thought it would just "up" and disappear! Well, you asked... LOL
    Never used those things even after seven babies! Ohhhhh...funny! What memories those pictures brought back..and by the're too young to remember that stuff. I wore mini skirts in the 20's.. NOPE you cannot be that old.

  2. P.S. LOL I mean in MY twenties, not THE 20's!! :) I need to go to bed! Getting a bit dingy here!

  3. Oh my gosh! I remember my grandparents using Prell. Never knew that it was back on the market now. I still use Crest toothpaste now but the sensitive brand.

  4. Yes, guilty, on all counts!

  5. I remember Jean Nate and Evening in Paris...both of which gave me a headache. I too was a rebel when it came to feminine hygiene...I had to hide the tampons because my mother thought I was ruining my virtue.

  6. I had a short shor blue miniskirt and thought I was so something.
    Don't ever rememeber using Ipana, but the rest I used at one time or another.
    That Belt just kills me, I do remember those, vividly and yes, some man had to invent it.
    I'm thinking we should have a day at the beach in our string bikinis.

  7. I was a Breck girl...but I clearly was not as wild as you! Look at those legs!!

  8. It is funny how just seeing these ads brings to my memory the scent of each one! Wishing you a nice Sunday. Mildred

  9. Funny, funny and I that was my life also. Do you remember for a while Prell came with a pearl in it to show how thick the shampoo was?

  10. Wow, does this bring back memories...
    Back in the day, we called those "things" surf boards and dine-no-might sticks ;) The guys didn't know what we girls were talking about.
    I too, had to wear the long skirts but a block from home I would roll the waist band up to shorten the skirt. I was such a rebel.
    In the summer, we slathered our bodies with Johnson's Baby Oil and baked in the sun to get that perfect tan. As hard as I tried I always burned, but at least I smelled good. I was such a dumb rebel.
    Thank you for the trip down memory lane.
    Annie B

  11. Oh my gosh, too funny! I remember them all. Prell! It was so thick and that smell! My sisters were older than me and started the Breck revolution in my house. As long as it was on sale, my mom was ok with it! Love that, hot, hot! :)

  12. How cute! I definitely had the mini skirts in the '60s and you needed some white go go boots with that outfit. I had my hair frosted and used 'white minx' rinse on it to keep it platinum blond. And I still use Secret! lol Remember using Clearisil? I put something on my face to dry it out and my face turned beet red!!! What was that? It was clear liquid and supposed to clear your skin. Fun post! Hugs!

  13. Loved my mini skirts and bell bottom pants.....hugs...

  14. OMG! I don't even know what you call it, but the pad and belt thing.....roflmbo! I have never heard of that toothpaste, I'm a crest girl, too! And, yes, I used Prell. I can remember the smell to this day. I remember it made my hair really full. One sort of embarrassing grandmother would not let me wash my hair during that time of the month. HaHa! To this day, I don't know why.

  15. Diana! We would have been the best of friends. It is just as if you told of me growing up same dang thing! I love it! Love your outfit you pretty amazing girl and now woman! Do you remember the pearl in the Prell? Love this it was like going through me life ....yep we would have been friends then for sure!

    1. I'll add this since you've stirred memories....I received packets in the mail from different tampon companies to try and my grandmother was sure I was going to hell..(lol) She also said when I got my ears pierced the same thing and gosh the hair dye was the pits in her eyes....funny stuff...guess I was a pain in her side...but she loved me...Mama just shook her head....

  16. I remember them all...I knew that was prell before I saw the whole photo! Not long ago, my mother told my daughter she looked like a Breck girl...and she responded with a blank stare...I had to tell her it was a real compliment lol! Other things I remember were textured stockings and nylons using a garter belt..and Yardley cosmetics were my favorite....ah memories...

    1. Yep remember the Yardley cosmetics too Linda.

  17. I remember all of those things-still remember how good Prell smelled. I loved to use Clairol's Herbal Essence shampoo in the 1970's.Yep, wore the mini-skirts too! Good memories!

  18. I LOVED Prell!! Is it really on the market again?? And then of course I was a Breck girl--I always wanted to be one of the girls in the paintings. I think the artist's name was Ralph Vaughn Williams. Is that right? And why on earth do I remember THAT? :)

    Can't wait to see what kind of ruckus you're going to create!

  19. I remember many of these products and did use some of them. Hot pants and very short skirts...definitely but only after I left home. I wore a uniform for 13 years so didn't have a very big wardrobe...ever.

  20. Good Morning Diana, Oh how your post brought back memories this morning. My mother made my clothes so the mini skirts didn't come until after I was married. Hubby liked to see my legs.ha I remember having on a skort which look like a skirt only it was shorts. My MIL wanted to know if I was going to wear that. I chuckle while reading your post. I am older then you, but I can remember all of the brands. Have a great day. Stay warm.The sun is trying to come out. Maybe no more snow. Take care. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  21. Great post Diana..Brought back a lot of memories..That skirt is in style today!! Cute picture..The pad and the belt!! I had totally forgotten about those and thanks a bunch for reminding me..The toothpaste tubes..Yuk!!Yep, We've come a long way baby!!

  22. I used to use Dippity Doo, and I think I had skirts that were shorter than that. I was away at a girl's boarding school, where I am sure they thought I was protected from all things naughty.Little did they know!! LOL

  23. I remember everything but the ipana - what memories. And the worst was that kotex belt! What memories that brought back. You were a little Hellion! lol You look very very tall!!!!!!!!!!! And pretty. Love, sandie

  24. I am a baby boomer, born in Montreal, Canada (still live here, too) in 1956, so I remember pretty much everything here...except Ipana. I loved the Gold Formula Breck and the Prell shampoos. Great memories here, thank you so much for sharing. :)

  25. Well, look at you, hot mama!!! Love that pic! I remember Prell too. Fun the Nic Cage movie "The Rock" they used prell shampoo inside the little glass balls to represent the dangerous VX gas. (don't even ask how I know that little tidbit) Lol! I remember my mom talking about those horrid belt things she had to wear. Ugh. Can't. Even. Imagine. My grandmother used to talk about Mum deodorant. I remember really wanting to use Close Up toothpaste because of the commercials, and I think it was red colored and cinnamon flavored. I also remember Freshen Up gum. That was the best with its little burst of gel inside. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  26. What a blast from the past! Those sanitary belt things haunt me to this day! They were horrible. And the Prell, I believe we did use that as a laundry detergent also. What a great post!!! xo

  27. Gosh, you took me down a trip to memory lane! Now I was just a child in the 60's and 70's but I did have an older sister! You know her too! Anyway, I do remember seeing some of those products around our house. I remember seeing one that you didn't mention too. Do you remember Dippity Do? My sister used that. We shared a bathroom and I remember seeing that soft colored gel in a clear tub.

  28. what a babe!!!!!!!! you gorgeous thing you!!!!! that blond hair, and that great figure, and that short, short dress! bet you were beatin' the guys offff!!!!!!

    ahhh yes, sanitary pads and the BELT!!! on freakin' good grief. if you didn't wear one one of those belts, you have no idea how *delightful* the experience was!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! -shivvvvvvvvvvvvvvver-

    and since I was born "back at the beginning of time," and was a young married, end of 50's and beginning of 60's, I wore white gloves!!! wore them, coming home from the hospital, after having baby! and when I went down street, on my "afternoon off," to wander in the stores.

    oh my gosh! memories... I think I will stop now. -gigggggles- many memories are best kept... locked away.

    but thank you, Hon!!!

    and tomorrow... a ruckus from you... to possibly cause your expulsion from pretty blog land.... I CAN NOT WAIT!!!


  29. You certainly were a gorgeous girl, Diana! Wow, what a fantastic shape you had and that hair was to die for. I have always loved your hair. Yes, I did use those horrible belts and pads and hated every minute of it. Was so glad when tampons came out. So much more freeing and clean! You know what, I still use Secret but now it's Secret, unscented clear gel. A super product. I can't wait for your next post. P.S. Please take care of yourself. Don't overdo it, okay!

  30. loves baby soft.. pink! noxema, bonnebell, sun in, earth shoes. bell bottoms, smock tops, halter tops, culottes, mood rings, koolaid, flickr razors!

  31. Diana,
    I remember it all, sitting spellbound watching commercials and believing hook line and sinker in the miracles the products promised. Remember the pearl in Prell???? Yup lots of memories here in this post.

  32. Gosh that brought back memories! I remember that belt thing! Let's just say the napkin didn't always stay right side up! or flat! YUCK! I don't think I remember that toothpaste. At least that name. I do remember the metal tubes though. One thing that I do remember is mom handing me a packet of "information" about growing up. (periods, etc.) No real sit down and tell me how things would change. etc. I actually had already started by the time we had that little movie in school. I think that was in 6th grade.

  33. WoooHoooo, look at YOU and those legs! Such a fabulous picture. Oh my gosh, I remember PRELL! I loved the smell. And CREST - I grew up using that. Oh how fun going down memory lane, Diana.

    Remember the sunlamps? My sister bought one, and us girls would use it for just a few minutes to get a quick tan for a date, dance, etc. Yes, those were the good ol' days.

    love, ~Sheri

  34. Oh. My. Goodness!!! What memories. Yes, my mom scrubbed our little heads with Prell! I switched over to those products too. Thought our hair would be shinier and our teeth would be whiter. I am also old enough to remember, "you can always tell a Halo girl, you can tell by the shine of her hair!" Blech!!! Those nasty little belts!! I definitely had to switch away from those. That is something I never thought I would see a pic of these days, though.

    You are quite adorable in your mini dress. Remember hot pants??!!!!!

    1. I meant to add that in the winter I could wear a coat to cover up the short dresses! Summertime was a different story. My dad was kinda old-fashioned about our clothes. Like your mom. Haha.

  35. Funny! I like Prell but I think it turns my hair green. It smells so yummy. My mom was a Breck buyer, but I liked trying all kinds of new stuff. Remember Bright Side?

  36. Oh that took me back! Why oh why was that horrid thing called a Sanitary Belt? It was the nastiest thing!

  37. This is a very cute post! Good job! And I love the picture of you!
    Erica :)

  38. I LOVED EVERY WORD AND PICTURE!!!! I used ALL of these and loved seeing them again. You really spun the greatest true story here that we all of us of a certain age remember. I used Prell, the old torture devices, the new Tampax, MUM and Breck too. You looked like a zillion $$$ in that outfit. You SHOULD have been a model if you weren't!!! Oh Nana Diana, the link to my blog IS on Katie's bloggie and I think Katie's bloggie is on mineas well. Just have to do some scrolling. XO

  39. "Brusha Brusha Ipana toothpaste"! "Halo everybody, Halo"! I used then too. "Aren't you glad you use Dial Soap? Don't you wish everyone would?" Remember when they started marketing FDS? Who knew what an insult to us all that really was! "L-A-V-A" in that manly voice...telling us how to clean our garden dirty hands or hubby's garage work hands. All in my experience. What fun you provided here.

  40. LOL ... well I remember Prell, and Breck. We also had Johnsons baby shampoo. There was ALWAYS Ivory in the house, but the toothpaste was Crest. We also had Ponds Cold Cream on hand and Noxema.. still around. There was Irish Spring soap too.. and orange juice from frozen concentrate. bleh!

  41. Love this post Diana and love your picture. You were stylin girl!! I remember Prell and Breck. I used Tame remember that one?! We would wash our hair outside in the back yard in the summer and we girls would use Tame and then lay out in the sun after we put lemon juice on our blonde hair to lighten it. Then baby oil not sunscreen to sunbath!!!! Ahhh the memories.

  42. Diana, It was fun to see all these old products. Except for that sanitary belt. LOL. I could see you with your big blonde hair being a Breck are so pretty. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  43. You are so hilarious! I LOVE the photo of you...yep, you were a Breck girl alright.
    A ruckus? What are you stirring up now?
    Can't wait. xo, T.

  44. Diannaaaaaaaaaaaaa! OMG, I used each and every one of these products except the tampax. I didn't know where to put it! Well, I knew where but I couldn't! The only reason I ever saw to use "it" was so you could go swimming and since I never learned to swim, wearing that little discreet!! belt didn't bother me in the least. Well now everyone knows what an idiot I was and STILL am, whatever!! That photo of you is absolutely priceless. I love it. Oh, no, I don't think I can stand another ruckus, but will be waiting with open ears!!..Happy Sunday..Judy

  45. Oh for cryin' out loud! What are we going to do with you, you pretty girl, you! I used Herbal Essence when I had the chance to break free from family choices. Remember that stuff? Smelled great!

  46. Wow, this brought back so many memories, I think I used all those products except the toothpaste. I had no idea you could even still get Prell!

  47. Oh my, this is so funny! I remember wearing a sanitary belt in P.E. and thinking I would kill myself doing sit-ups! LOL.
    Also, I am remembering that we used Prell Shampoo and then, we used CREME RINSE, not conditioner, can't remember the brand name though.

  48. Memories ~ ha. Not always good, like that old belt. I'm glad some things have changed:-) I went from mom's shampoo to Herbal Essence when I was a teen. I had hair down to my backside and I loved the smell of that stuff. I then sprayed myself from head to toe in Love's Lemon Fresh {I had all of the products} and went out smelling quite botanical:-)
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
    {and loved that pic of you from back in the day, I kept one of my mini skirts and I can't even get it on my thigh now. It's ridiculously short on my 9 year old granddaughter too.}

  49. I loved your post! What a hoot. Sorry to say I remember it all, I'm that old. I still have my 1st pair of white gloves that I wore in grade school. Does anyone remember "spoolies".? They were rubber and looked like a spool. You wound your hair around the center spool then flipped either one of the flat ends over the spool to hold the hair in place. They were suppose to curl your hair better than bobby pins did. I don't think they ever caught on.

  50. All of those delightful items bring back memories, and some (not to happy ones at that)! Those belts :( ugh!!!! Pepsodent tooth powder was what we used!! Oh my, we age ourselves!! Blessings, Cindy

  51. I remember those awful elastic pad holder things. I hated them as I had no hips and had a hard time with them. I, too, quickly moved to tampons. Never heard of Impana toothpaste. We used Crest and Prell tho. Secret was always our deodorant then, and to this day.
    Ane we called conditioner creme rinse! We used Ivory in the tub/shower and washed my face with Bonne Bell.

  52. Diana...thanks for a trip down memory lane!!! I loved Lemon Up Shampoo. And everything else lemon. Maybe that's why everyone puckered when they saw me.... hmmm.

  53. Mom washed my hair with Halo shampoo but then Breck when I got older, I don't think we had very many choices back then do you? I hated those belts and I never heard of the Impana toothpaste either,we used a powder in a tin can I remember it was a powder blue, funny what you remember:) I can't wait till tomorrow to see your post....

  54. This is too funny! I laughed the entire way through :-) and oh my God yes, I remember those horrible "belts", and yes I too leapt on the possibility of tampons, used them from the very start. All the travails that women must endure!

  55. Oh my goodness!!! Too funny. LOL Don't think I did the belt thing, but there was underwear with I guess a crotch that was rubber and a metal thing in the front and back of it to weave the tails of the pad through...gosh how gross. lol Nope to tampons. Bought them twice in my life thinking I would try but never got the nerve. lol Now I don't need to worry anymore about that. And I don't miss it one bit. :)

    I remember a dry shampoo called Psssssst. :) You just shake it on and comb it out. Hmm....maybe that is why I am such a FLAKE....didn't use it too often but maybe it was often enough to cause a dry scalp problem for life. Wow, never thought of that b4. Anyone remember that stuff? Used Crest for long time changed to Colgate. Haven't heard of the Ipana toothpaste before. I gotta google some clothes I use to wear. Maybe make a post :)

    Take care my friend, I hope you are feeling better, Janet W

  56. Thanks Diana for putting a BIG smile on My face tonight and I'm sure You have made so many other ladies giggle.I enjoyed going back in time.There was just something about those Breck girls and I just knew it would make a big difference in My social life if My Mom would just buy Breck.I had forgotten about the belts.Can You just see all of Us,with not only the sanitary belts but also with the belts to hold up Our nylons. The word sanitary belts just came to Me right now but I'm thinking there was a name for the others....was it garter belts?this was a blast or should I say- bitchen-TEEHEEHEE Denise

  57. Thanks Diana for putting a BIG smile on My face tonight and I'm sure You have made so many other ladies giggle.I enjoyed going back in time.There was just something about those Breck girls and I just knew it would make a big difference in My social life if My Mom would just buy Breck.I had forgotten about the belts.Can You just see all of Us,with not only the sanitary belts but also with the belts to hold up Our nylons. The word sanitary belts just came to Me right now but I'm thinking there was a name for the others....was it garter belts?this was a blast or should I say- bitchen-TEEHEEHEE Denise

  58. LOL!!! I was a Breck girl too!!! so many memories here - although some of the things you mentioned I'd never heard of (thank God!)

    Happy March 1st!

  59. Hi Diana,
    Maybe I shouldn't admit it, but I remember almost all of these items well! Though I have never heard of that toothpaste before. I loved the smell of Prell! So are they making it again? I bet it is akin to Palmolive dish soap! Speaking of, we used to use that for bubble bath when I was little, yep, good old Palmolive! My mom was quite the thrifty one, so to buy actual bubble bath was a rare treat. I remember the first time I used a tampon, back in jr. high. I was so naive, let's just say that no one told me just where I should put it, hahahahaha!!!

  60. No way! Are we twins separated at birth? Or maybe our moms were sisters and we never knew it. Did you read my diary, perhaps? You could not have written anything more ME in a million years. Really, Diana. I know I'm going to wake up in the middle of the night laughing out loud over this one. xo ~ Nancy

  61. Fun post Diana! Loving all the comments too! Now, bring on the ruckus!

  62. I remember all those products also. You sure were a beautiful pin-up girl. You must have drove your mother nuts. This post sure brought back a lot of memories.
    Hope your feeling better and RESTING like the DR said.
    Stay warm. and you have to many followers to be kicked out of blogland. We would riot if that happened.

  63. Oh how well I remember SOME of these products, Diana. Prell, Breck, Crest, and of course, mini-skirts. lol What a fun post! You truly know how to bring on the giggles. lol

    xoxo laurie

  64. Oh my gosh what memories you brought back. How I hated that belt. But as my grandmother told me it was better than when she was a girl and had to wear a THICK diaper like cloth safety pinned to her underwear. Then she had to wash it out each night. YUCK. Prell shampoo. Wow. I never used Breck, but graduated to Herbal Essences. And how I remember that! Thanks for all the memories.

  65. I am so glad you are back :) You made me laugh.

    We used Prell, remember the commercial where they dropped a pearl in the bottle? I also used Breck and Herbal Essence. In the 70s I went to cosmetology school and became a stylist :) Now I use Nexxus shampoo and conditioner and Paul Mitchell spray :) For years we used Close up tooth paste. I like Crest now. I have a picture so similar of me, but wear one of those things that was like a pr of shorts with a skirt flap over the front. I'll have to try to find that tomorrow and scan it and put it on my blog. :) My first experience with tampons was not great :)

  66. What fun memories, and you made me laugh out loud! :)

  67. Oh my goodness, I do remember most of those products. Those feminine hygiene products were the surely the "Devil's" doing!

  68. What a fun post! And you were such a cutie! I wish I didn't remember those awful belts and pads, but I do. Yuck!! I was a Breck girl, too. Well, at least I used the!

  69. oh gosh yes, I remember all of those! especially MUM and PRELL----remember the tv commercial where they dropped the pearl down into the Prell bottle? Do you remember TAME CREME RINSE? LEMON UP SHAMPOO? (never one ever ever that smelled that good since! had a big yellow plastic lemon on the bottle cap). Remember PSSSST DRY SHAMPOO?....I've found it and bought it recently, it's back! Works great too, if you brush it out well, it really cleans and puffs up limp hair. Do you remember Heaven Sent cologne? Coty Wild Musk? Charlie? Avon Charisma? Woodhue? Evening in Paris? Love's Baby Soft? We had dresses like the one pictured....with the little shorts or matching panties that either came with, or were attached. Where we lived they were called 'sizzlers'. With them we wore our big tall long white leather granny go-go boots!!! ha ha ha Remember STRIDEX PADS for acne? I loved the BONNE BELLE FACE was like a cleanser you applied with a cotton ball and it smelled SO SO SO GOOD! and I loved the Loves Fresh Lemon fresh!! Did you know Susan Dey modeled for Tampax? And I think Cheryl Tiegs was a Breck Girl maybe? Wasnt Martha Stewart a Breck girl too? Was Farrah Fawcett.........she had a gorgeous mop of hair!! Alot of fun memories here with this post......we have all dated ourselves...........ha ha ha LOL Loved that sixties and seventies music too!!! Remember the invasion of the British rock bands? And the Yardley of London look and cosmetics? Fish net stockings? Mood rings? Culottes? Earth shoes? Dr. Scholls sandals? The Bionic Woman? Room 222?

  70. Great post Diana. I, too grew using many of those products and I do wonder what harm they may have caused. You look so darn cute in their outfit...I agree, there are many things out in Blogland that really turn people off. I hope people can relate to some of this and really look at their own blogs. I have a few more things, but maybe I will post it....LOL xo

  71. You are so fun!
    I would change into shorts when I got to school. And change back into my jeans on the bus ride home.
    My mom hated shorts! She still does. :-))
    LOL - this was so fun.

  72. I know I always used other products that my mum didn't because I knew best, not always the case, but with some things I was right.

  73. I used Prell and had the bushiest head of hair ever! It was like dish soap, but back when you only washed your hair twice a week, you really needed it. I used crest from day one. We used Arid...gag, cough, gasp- in a can. I used Tame cream rinse on my hair in high school.
    Lets see- what else. Kotex belts, the first thongs...yes, if girls now had worn them, thongs would never have hit it big. Nothing like a piece of metal in your butt crack. Dial soap- loved going to grandma's cuz she used Zest! Then Irish Spring came out and mom when whacko over it.
    I used Secret roll on. The liquid kind. Had to hold your arms up until it dried and then you still got it all over your clothes....
    Dress lengths- past the knee when everyone else was wearing them just past their butts. AND, I had to wear shorts under them.

  74. This was funny! What a great sense of humor you have. All of these products were before my time.....but I really enjoyed hearing about it.

  75. Brusha brusha brusha, with the new Ipana, with the brand new flavor, it's dandy for your teeeeeth.

  76. What a fun post to read! I remember many of these things. I was so disappointed not to have model perfect hair after using Breck! My mom was a Crest girl, but I secretly bought my own Pepsodent and hid it!

  77. That was false advertising. I bought Tampax and still couldn't swim! My mother made me wear a girdle with little snaps hanging down that held up my stockings. Talk about uncomfortable! (I was born in 1950) Thank heavens for panty hose!!

  78. I was just thinking of that awful Mum's deoderant that my mother used and you put it up there! Look at the gams on you in your mini skirt!


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