Nana Diana Takes A Break

Nana Diana Takes A Break

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

More Reminiscing About The 1960s-It's All About The Hair-The Hair-The Hair-

A couple of weeks ago I did a
about things from the 1960's.
It struck quite a chord with a lot of you
and I had a lot of comments.

I am going to pick up where
I left off and maybe make this a
Semi-Regular Feature
on my blog.

Here are some things that many of you mentioned.
Some of you couldn't remember 
the name of the product(s)
but we won't mention that here.

We were ALL about the HAIR!

I mentioned Prell Shampoo  
and YOU mentioned the 
we all used.
I can still remember the soft sweet smell of it.
AND you mentioned another product I used:
See the price tag on there?
For less than $1.00 you could
make your hair so sticky you could
use it for a fly trap.
Now, YOU didn't mention this one but I
Oh- how it stunk and made your
head itch while you were waiting for 
it to "process"!
You see where it says,
THE UNCURLY permanent?
Yeah-that was a lie straight from the Devil's mouth!
The result of a Toni perm?
Which brings me to 
Does she -or doesn't she?
Only her hairdresser knows for sure...
and anyone else that has seen her naked!
set our hair on CANS to straighten it.
I used orange juice cans myself
The Dippity Doo would have 
held your hair to the cans
without any clips!
Yes!Yes! I did!
This is OBVIOUSLY a FAKE 1960's picture
because NO ONE I KNEW had a
Steam Iron in the 1960's!
When we were done-
curling and setting and ironing our hair we 
so it wouldn't move in a Hurricane.
Many of us used this:
or this
As for me?
I used this-

and kept waiting for it to work..
even sprayed my face a few times..

Well, AFTER a good curl and spray
my hair looked like this~
and SET for the SHOW!
forgive the quality-it's a 
picture of a picture in an album-
stuck permanently to those sticky sheeted albums
they sold years ago to SAFELY keep your photos.
So--that's about all I have to say today
about HAIR in the 1960s.

Feel free to add any thoughts of your own.
I have a whole lotta things I want to 
share about the 60's & 70's
if you all are GAME!

ps.  NEVER tell a HUNTER
you are GAME because
you might end up looking like one of these:

See y'all tomorrow.
I have a sweet little Birthday to share with you!
your photo name


  1. Thanks for the memories, Diana. Do you remember your first Clairol hot rollers set? Mine costed $20 plus tax and saved me forever from most of the products listed in your blog today. My beautician aunt was shocked that I spent her graduation gift to me on electric curlers. Funny? Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  2. I remember my mom putting DIppity Do on my hair when I was a kid. Usually the night before church, in rollers, so I could have a good "flip" the next day.

  3. I remember my mom putting DIppity Do on my hair when I was a kid. Usually the night before church, in rollers, so I could have a good "flip" the next day.

  4. I was born in the 60's so wasn't quite styling my hair back then but I did become attached to agua net. still use it occasionally.

  5. I'm a little too young for some of this...ahem, ahem, however, I do remember my oldest sister wearing cans in her hair. Here I thought all these years, that she was the only nutty one! lol

  6. Oh boy- I can still remember the music jingles to some of these products! My older sisters and my mom had a horde of these products! Aqua Net was always on the shelf- I think their hair could've caught fire if close to a flame! Toni perms could turn you into a poodle!

  7. Havent laughed this hard in a long time!! Thanks for that, I needed it! LOL LOL LOL What is that saying "rolling on the floor laughing"?? ha ha Yep, I used most of those products ESPECIALLY THAT NASTY Aqua Net. We called it "spray-net", not hairspray. Anyone else? or was that a Southern thing? I remember the first "Tonette" at age whatever!??..........YOUNG. HA HA I did love the "Love's FRESH LEMON" shampoo though.........nothing has ever topped it, smelled so fresh. No wait,it WASN'T LOVE FRESH LEMON SHAMPOO..................THE SHAMPOO WAS CALLED "LEMON UP". Maybe made by Mennen.
    The COLOGNE was called Loves Fresh Lemon. I would literally DOUSE MYSELF in it before meeting my friends to go to the "drug store" to browse all the fascinating cosmetics and of MORE SPRAY-NET, NOXEMA, STRI-DEX FOR break-outs, Cover Girl Clean foundation, Maybelline mascara, and plenty of frosty blue and green eye shadows and shiny sticky lip glosses.
    You we would be "bee-you-tee-ful" on Saturdays at the roller skating rink where we tried to flirt with (gasp!) boys! I sure do remember the hot rollers that Linda mentioned. I remember when the curling irons came out, probably in the mid to late seventies (not the first wave of them from the prairie days of course, ha!).....and mine was a bright green. It looked like a big huge green praying manits perched on my dresser...........LOL
    Later we all got our hair cut off like Dorothy Hammills, in the famous "wedge" haircut. Remember when Dorothy did the "short and sassy" look commercials for the shampoo and conditioner with the same name? I was a BIG DOROTHY FAN and watched her all the way to her Olympic wins and was thrilled for her.
    I AM LOVING YOUR RETRO SIXTIES/SEVENTIES POSTS, they are fun and sure am enjoying reading everybody's memories.

    1. that should read "MANTIS" NOT MANITS. ha ha

  8. Oh what a fun post Diana! I was only 8 when the 60's said good bye but I do remember my mom using some of these products. I also remember her getting her hair "frosted", (whatever that means!) and her using VO5 hair gel. I remember she would wash her hair and set it in these little pink plastic rollers, and then sit with the at-home hiar dryer on her head. I can't imagine taking that much time to fuss with my hair these days.
    Wow...great memories. Thank you for posting!
    XO Barbara

  9. Orange juice cans were the right size...and mom did pin curls...and those bonnet hair dryers...lets see- how about the very first curling irons of the 70s? The ones that burnt your hair and forehead.
    I used Short and Sassy. No hair spray- not enough air in the bathroom after mom sprayed her hair. The razors you had to screw open and stick a blade in and then take all the hide off of your ankles and knees. Mine were bony.
    The only thing worse than the kotex belt where the safety pins in the boxes of kotex in the school bathrooms. Ever have one of them pop open in public? Not a great thing to happen.

  10. Oh yes, I can relate to most of them, although I never ironed my hair, it is Naturally Straight!

  11. I well remember most all of these Diana! I used to love Lemon-Up shampoo and who didn't want to be a "Breck girl?" Fun post!!!

  12. I do remember all these products! I HAD straight hair, and my Mother insisted I get a perm...;-( and then she rolled my hair in pin curls!

    1. Karen, I laughed like crazy when I read she rolled it on pin curls! My mother always insisted she perm our hair the day before school pictures were taken...such a sad sight in every picture every year. My little sister told me she remembered wearing a coat to school every picture day so she could lay her head on the school desk and throw her coat over her head and hide.

  13. Aqua Net, Don't walk to close to a fire or that stuff will flame. I remember making up a poem with all the wonderful Avon and other products, remember when the Avon lady showed up with all those wonderful samples and products?

  14. I knew there was a reason I always wanted my hair to be short!:-) No perms for me! xo Nellie

  15. I don't remember many of those things except for the Aqua Net. We used that stuff by the case-load in the 80's to hold our big hair up in the Florida humidity when I was in college at FSU! But we looked . . . mahhhhvelous!

  16. lol, !!!!!! I have straight hair so no ironing for me and no soup cans,, but my friend did, she ironed her hair,

    you have lovely hair, I wish I had some curls!

  17. Funny! I think Dippity-do is the funny one! It worked!

  18. Oh my....I had the huge pink rollers. Pulled my hair in a ponytail on top of my head, and just needed three of the jumbo rollers for that straight hair look in the morning. I also used "Sun In" for that lovely brassy blond hair every summer...ick!!
    If I wanted curls, I could always count on "Spoolies"...the pink rubber things....or sponge rollers that got all caught in my long hair!!!
    Aahhh....such fond memories.
    I think your photo is very pretty, Diana.

  19. I had a really good laugh reading your post...and the comments. As you were talking about Dippity-Do and hairspray so thick it would catch a fly, I was running through all the pictures of my hair with those products. Do you remember the hairstyles from that time? The "bubble"? The "Artichoke"? Looks like you had your hair long and might not have experienced the different lovely styles. I'm going to dig up some photos. Those styles were da bomb (and not in a good way) only to be outshined by the ratted up bangs of the late 80's that my daughters all rocked.

  20. HI Diana! I remember every one of these products and of course I used them! Do you remember Spoolies? They were a little plastic spool that you rolled your hair in and then flipped one end to shut it. It made you have Shirley Temple curls! :) I remember sleeping in those brush rollers and the brushes sticking into my head all night but it was worth it because my hair would look so beautiful in the morning! ;) You're adorable and you have gorgeous hair.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. I sure remember spoolies! Used them. I looked for them when my daughter was in grade school as a way to curl her superfine hair. But not to be found. I had forgotten about spoolies. Diana...keep these blast from the past posts coming. I have had great fun reading the comments too. We have a shared culture!

  21. Oh yes, I remember most of these. Karen used the Dippity do. Mom used the Aqua Net. I have "helmet" hair that NEVER moves so I was not in need of either product! The Tame I remember using in the hopes my hair would not be bigger than me!

  22. My Aunts used Campbell's soup tins as curlers !!!
    Great post Diana !
    I love looking back at the old days ( as you know by now LOL )

  23. Well that is sure a blast from the past, Diana! I preferred the pink Dippity Do myself. And I bet you really used Old Milwaukee cans for your hair, didn't you? My long hair was usually a tangled mess when I was little, so my mom got me a "Purr" electric detangler. Do you remember those?
    Don't even get me started on the curly perm I got talked into in the early 80's. I had a little plastic pick and just picked it out. I looked like a bubble head, and I hated it!!

  24. Such fun!! I managed to avoid all of that!! My hair was curly and I was a newlywed; so I just let my hair do its thing. I had more important things to do like learn to cook, then watch soap operas!!! Sally

  25. I remember all these products too, but I never ironed my hair. I had straight hair, but always wanted curls. Every morning I would set the alarm early to plug in the electric rollers. And in high school I was rockin the Farrah Fawcett haircut!

  26. oh yeahhhh! blasts from the past!

    "which twin has the Toni?" teee-heee-heee and we believed it!

    and I LOVE you line, under; "Does she or doesn't she?" har-har-har... (betcha' your Hero wouldn't like it though... -evil grin-)

    never had to try to straighten my hair!

    what a cutie you are, all done up for a prom, yes????


  27. I had completely forgotten about Tame. Mama used Aqua Net. And I never had to iron my's stick straight. Won't hold a curl for more than 5 minutes. But you were right, back then, it was all bout the hair!

  28. oh yes, how well i remember so many of those products...i can smell the Prell and Dippity Do to this day! I also ironed my hair (or at least our housekeeper did when she came in each judging, I'm a Southern child of the 60s when our "help" was more family than anything else)....also slept in orange juice cans which drove my military minded daddy nuts! We had a floor furnace and I would hang my hair over it to dry which somehow made it straighter (?) this was of course before "flat irons"! Love this post Diana and hope you make it a regular series.

    BTW, I'm getting better ever day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your shout out and prayers....they won't be forgotten.

  29. Yes, I did all those things, except my hair was stick straight. I used those coffee pieces to curl my hair, old socks and thing I could think of to get some wave or curl in my hair. Mostly I had short hair. But I did get a perm like Shirley's, could hardly hold my head up under the machine that they put me in LOL. Oh what we did to be in the in crowd.
    Loved the post, sure brought back many many memories.
    Have a good one.

  30. I remember all of those-do you remember "self styling" Adorn hairspray? Sprayed your dry hair 'til it was wet and set it on big rollers to dry. Yuk! Was supposed to be beautiful, but mine turned out a sticky mess!

  31. That's me in the picture with the rollers ;).

    Love this trip down memory lane Diana!

  32. Oh that time period was all about the hair...I went from a Twiggy to long straight hippie hair down to my waist. And I used Sun-In...remember lighten it every summer.

  33. Good Morning Diana, I chuckled as I read your post and I even took time to read the comments. How well I remember the products you talked about today. Kids would probably look at us like we were all crazy. My mom would give us home perms otherwise my hair won't hold a curl even if was sprayed stiff with hair spray. I needed the chuckle more then you know. Have a great day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend

  34. Really? Cans all over your head? Never did that one, but I did employ the ponytail high on the head with three huge curlers facing east, west, and south...not north! Never north! Then a gal teased the daylights out of a chunk of top hair to cover the crimp of the ponytail elastic. Ahhh...those were the days!

  35. I remember all of those! I was born in 1955 so I was a young pre-teen, teen in the 60's. But mom did give us all perms so we did look like that picture. Maybe even curlier. Boy! Did that stuff stink when you had your face stuck in the sink!

  36. Well Hello There and yes, I remember most of those products except the last Hairspray. But one thing we liked was the tape for your hair, then we had that dry shampoo! Now that one never made sense to me! I think Prell shampoo was so much fun as we always got a pearl and dropped it into the bottle to see how thick it was! I think doing some posts on these subjects will be so much fun!
    Hugs, Roxy

  37. Love this trip down memory lane! I did so much of the same. Although I never used cans, but slept on brush rollers many a night. Oh, and did I ever have a toni perm. More than once for sure! Never ironed my hair, but my older sis did. She wanted to get rid if her naturally curly hair. I looked a lot like you back then. Maybe we are long lost sisters. lol! Can't wait to see more! Oh, an mom would buy a beer now and then for us to rinse our hair in. Boy did it ever make it shine!

  38. Ah...yes...the good ole days. I sadly remember all those products, does that make me from the "OLD SCHOOL?" HEY....I still use my Clarol electric roller and steamer....and still tease my hair and use hair spray!! My mother would give me the tightest of perms....uge I suffered for weeks and tried to cover the frizz with bows!!! I don't remember using cans for rollers, but would go to bed with sponge rollers in my hair wrapped up with a scarf so I did not loose any rollers during the night. Oh the price we paid for beauty!!!

  39. Oh Diana going down memory lane. I used all those products on my Farrah Faucett shag hair cut. I guess that was more in the 70's but remember the Farrah Faucett hair do. I loved using Tame outside in the back yard in the summer months. We would wash our hair and use the tame with the garden hose in the back yard and then lay in the sun. Fun times. Remember those pink sponge curlers yep used those!!!! This was really a fun post. Have a great day my friend.

  40. Well, I remember some of those products because they were still around in the 70's when I would have used them, Diana. I remember just about everything you mentioned here. I'd love to read more "blasts from the past"!

  41. .Diana. I also remember the Toni perms...I always wanted one as a kid. But after I saw my neighbor kid with one..yikes...I was so glad mom could not afford to give me one. LOL. Tell Kris we all wanted to look like Farrah Faucett...but some us looked like Drippy Faucett instead. :):) I always thought Aqua Net smelled bad once it got rained on. But wow it did hold your hair in place. My sister would tease her hair then spray about a half can on her hair. LOL. Blessings to you blonde bombshell...xoxo,Susie

  42. I remember all of the hair products. My grandmother was a hairdresser. That Dippity Do oh boy! Thank you for the blast from the past. Have a great day. xo

  43. I remember all these products well. I never curled my hair with large cans since it was never long enough. I definitely used Dippity Do.. I have some natural curl in my hair so before the days of flat irons I would straighten my bangs by gobbing on the Dippity Do and then used Clairol hair tape. Remember that stuff. I loved it. Of course as soon as my hair hit humidity it was all over.

  44. Thank you always for your kind encouraging comments. You truly go out of your way to make a difference in many peoples lives. So thank you!! Also I do worry about the future and pray that my children always turn to Him. On another note my 87 yr grandmother still has some of this stuff at her house. She will not throw anything away and I remember seeing so much of this!!

  45. Super post Diana..You dug up some winners there..We had a baby sitter who used to give us Toni's..I still remember the smell..Dippity Do !! Oh my gosh...My husband used Aqua Net..the blue can...Thanks for another walk down memory lane...

  46. I think I used ALL of those items including the Toni :) This may have been from the 70's but Psssssst............ Blessings, Cindy

  47. I had a Toni perm!!! Ahhh! I totally forgot about that! Bad memories, Diana, bad, bad memories! ;)

  48. I guess because my Granny and mom used so many of those products themselves I remember almost all of them! Try as she might, even the dippity do would not help my stick straight hair hold curl. And the Toni perm reminds me of the gosh awful Oglevie home perms!! Now those would make me look like a poodle. LOL Do remember prell and breck for sure. Aqua net smelled sooooo bad. And, then I remember them coming out with Body on in a shampoo, why yes please! ROFL

  49. Love it!! I was born in '61 and graduated high school in '79 so I am a true 60/70's child! Do you know you can still get Prell? I bought some for fun at WalMart. Dried the crap out of my hair!!

  50. Oh gosh, this was the best post! I remember all of those things!!! I was a preteen/teen in the mid seventies (think Herbal Essence and Rave Soft Perm!), but our family conditioner was Tame and I remember my mom using the rest of the products! I fondly remember the "pearl" in Prell, lol. Jane

  51. I can't believe I missed the introductory post! I'll have to go back and read this.
    There is so much I recall and recognize even though I'm a baby of the 60s!!! I'll be fifty this month... Gasp! I'm in denial.
    Anyway-- my momma was young and I grew up with her younger sisters and many of these things carried over into the 70s --- I'll look forward to seeing more post on this!
    Fun! Fun! Fun!

  52. I love these posts...I am the youngest of seven...born in older sisters had all these products and of course many of these items were still in the house long after they is fun to see. thanks for the nostalgia.

  53. You are so funny - I remember all those things too - and the Dippity Doo - wouldn't that work good for the spikes the kids have in their hair now???

  54. Yes...I used orange juice cans with the dippity doo. So my hair would dry faster, I made sure the bottom of the can was also cut out. Then I used a nail and hammer to punch holes in the can. I had thick hair and it took forever to dry. The good old days!!!
    Farmhouse hugs,

  55. Sun-In to lighten my hair :) Dippity doooooo. Remember the mousse styling products in the 80s? I get a magazine called Reminisce and another called Reminisce Extra. The other day there was a picture of Fanciful Rinse. I had to call my friend I used to work with in my hair styling days and talk to her about that picture and all our "ladies" who wanted it on their hair. :)

  56. I used Tame and Dippity Doo and do you remember dry shampoo? I also used Sun-In to lighten my hair. I'm thinking that all of those products may be why my hair is falling out 50 years later LOL xo Laura

  57. I remember all of these products Diana. Wow, what memories are evoked just looking at these products. I see that Laura mentioned the Sun-In hair lightener. I remember using it and turning my strawberry blonde hair to an awful orange look. My Mom nearly died! Do you remember Mabelline mascara that we had to lick the brush to cake it with the mascara!!! LOL!


  58. I remember so many of these products! What fun to travel done memory lane. I also used Aqua Net to remove permanent marker and Dippity Do in a plastic bag for Kindergartners to write letters on- the joys of teaching! You're so right about the photo albums- I have oodles of them and would love to take the photos out, but they're stuck far too well. Love your curls! You haven't changes a bit!

  59. Diana -- Thanks for stopping at my blog today --- try sallyssalmagundi at yahoo dot com Sally

  60. Hi Diana, This is such a walk down memory lane. I used Prell and Tame and one year in the 9th grade, my debate teacher asked me what shampoo and conditioner I used. I told her Prell and Tame. She said, your hair is so shiny. I loved Tame and the scent. I also used beer can rollers but they were actually rollers made like them and not real cans. I used my mothers shower cap style hair dryer to dry each section. LOL
    My mom used to give me those awful toni perms when I was a little girl and I HATED them.
    I have dozens of photo albums with pictures stuck for life too.
    This was fun. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, CM

  61. I laughed reading your post Diana - i was born a decade too late I guess, to experience all these magical wonders with long hair! The only product I can relate to is AquaNet, used lots of it in the 90s, lol! Can't imagine sleeping with cans in my hair though - that just makes me ill thinking about it! Oh the crazy things girls do lol!

  62. Oh my ! I never had a good perm....and I remember ironing my hair. It was so silky after that. Wasn't it awful to try to sleep in big rollers? lol Hugs!

  63. Oh wow! Some of this is really hard to believe, but I love your '60s do! It sounds like you put a lot of work into it. Now I'm just waiting to hear how those fabulous '70s hairstyles were done!

  64. Wow this was stroll down memory lane. I remember when I was little and my mom used to set me and my sisters hair with dippity do and I remeber prell! I loved this post and think it will be fun. You looked amazing and love your hair!
    Hope you have a nice Wednesday.
    Julie xo

  65. All is familiar to me! Used the products, rolled my hair with cans and then ran across huge pink rollers that were about 3-4 inches wide and long..I just threw them away about a year or so ago. Ironed the hair of course I did..We had to have a way to straighten our hair...we had no blow dryers we had a sit under hair dryer or the plastic shower cap looking hair dryers we could use while holding the unit...I did damage my hair ironing it but those were the long straight hair....Thanks for the memories....

  66. Oh how I remember all of the above. I only remember ironing my hair a few times since I already had really straight hair. I used Aqua Net until I found Stiff Stuff in the seventies. I also remember having Indian braids down either side of the face. Don't laugh but I still use my Hot-N-Stemay rollers now when straight hair just doesn't suit the occasion.

  67. I was a teenager in the late 70's so I do remember some of these things. I can't imagine sleeping with cans on my head either! The things we do for beauty! I did have many perms and mile high bangs... I think Agree was the shampoo in my day.
    Fun post Diana! Love all the comments.

  68. I am so happy for the invention of straightening irons....changed my life and my crazy hair! A great post Diana! Cheers.

  69. Dippity Do! I saved baby sitting money and bought the biggest jar (and they were glass jars back then) of Dippity Do they made. It weighed a ton. First morning of 'doing' I dropped it in the bathroom sink and chipped the sink!!!

    Dippity Do was banned from our house by decree from my dad. Did you know that jello could be used as a setting lotion with much the same crustiness? Trust me, milk didn't work at all...

    I'm guity of all sins you listed...and a few more. I shouldn't complain about gray hair..I'm lucky I have any hair left!


  70. I've enjoyed these posts immensely, and they'll make a great series. You bring back such funny memories (I rolled my hair on juice cans, too). Lots of fun reminiscing with you!

  71. I'm a little young for these products but this is very entertaining, funny and historical. Keep it coming!

  72. Hi,
    I am a little young for these, but I love it. :-))
    I do know Aqua Net.
    xx oo

  73. I remember hearing about people ironing their hair and I remember Marcia Brady brushing hers 100 times before she went to bed on the Brady Bunch! Oh, and the Aqua Net...yep. Used tons of that stuff for years!!!!

  74. Wanna go back to the 50's??? LOL Yes, late 50's we used most of those products. I've always referred to the Toni permanent as a "kitchen Toni" ~ most women did the perms for a relative or friend in their kitchens.

    Love to think about the kinder, gentler days!


  75. I remember my mother installing curl into my hair with those Toni the kitchen. Loved the smell of Tame too!

  76. I just signed up to receive your posts via email, and added you to my sidebar blogs. So nice to make a new friend today! Look forward to chatting more. Sheila

  77. Many people used Sun in to lighten their hair but I go back even further. If anyone can remember a grainy substance that was used to enhance blonde hair please tell me the name of it. I am wracking my brain to think of it. Could it be blondex or something like that?

  78. Sudden beauty hairspray! I used this when I was a teenager!


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