Saturday, March 28, 2015


I had so much fun reading all the comments
about the other 1960's posts I did 
here and here.

Many of you mentioned scents that you wore
or remembered.
That set me off on a scentsory sensory overload...
just the mere mention of some of those scents
took me back to the moment I related to that smell.

Here we go!
Click on the images for the source.
Remember this?
Love's Lemon Fresh
DID you get FRESH with him?
I wore that and I wore
Love's Baby Soft.
I also loved
Sweet Honesty by Avon
Then, I went through a 
My lemon favorite shampoo was this one~
Why did we all want to smell like FRUIT?
It was SUCH a fresh scent, wasn't it?

This wasn't really a cologne either-
but I think a lot of us smelled like
Herbal Essence.
Back to the colognes....
Then there was a little heavier scent.
Remember the music that went with that?
People would always come up and 
ask me what I was wearing when I wore this~
Yves St. Laurent - Rive Gauche
Oh- I think I might have thought I was 
when I wore this!
Anyone remember 
Sweet Earth Sandalwood 
that came in solid form
along with a couple of other scents?
Oh!  I loved that scent.
How about 
Jovan's MUSK OIL?
My sweet roommate, Donna, wore
L'Aire Du Temps by Nina Ricci
Donna was gone way too soon.
She died of cancer at 36 years old.
Every time I smell that scent I miss her.
And then there was 
Oh! de London
My friend, Ruthie, told me this was a 
when she was young!
Remember that, Ruth?  I know you do!
Shhhh-it'll be our secret that you wore it
every time you left the house.
And...while I am thinking about 
TABU TABOO subjects
I might, or might not, have dated a man that wore
He might, or might not, have asked me to marry him...
He might, or might not have sent us a brand new
camera for a wedding gift.
My Hero MIGHT HAVE lost it---
the camera that is.
Pretty sure that was on purpose
And that's all I'm gonna say about that.

back to the 60's/70's?
What memories go along with them?
Please tell!
It'll be our secret!
Pinky swear~

your photo name


ratherkooky said...

Yardley English Rose soap!

Anonymous said...

I remember most of these and the commercials! My dad hated to smell Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific!

Anonymous said...

I remember most of these and the commercials. My dad hated to smell Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific!

Anonymous said...

Herbal Essences and I can still remember that smell, I also wore Love Baby soft,,, I remember them all, lol, the good the bad and the horrible!!!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Shalimar! An old admirer of mine (way back when), bought me a bottle of Shalimar, which was very expensive in the day. I remember the day I dropped it on the floor spilling the entire bottle. I smelled like it for a long time! Guys wore Canoe. Also, I remember sneaking my Mom's White Shoulders perfume every now and then. Great memories Diana.


Lori said...

We must be the same exact age! When I read the blog title, my first thought was that yellow perfume bottle. And then your first picture was it! And don't forget the blue tub of Noxema to wash off all my make up!

Susie said...

Diana, When I was young I wore some Avon scents. LOL Then I have worn that Heaven Scent. Now I can afford better pricier scents. I just wish today anyone wearing heavy scents would save drowning themselves in it , for going clubbing, please. Many people just wear way too much. I think the older we get to more we should wear citrus scents and wear them lightly. Then their are people allergic to scents that are worn we need to think about that , especially around children and sick people. I know that smelling scents can truly take us back in time. Or make us think of certain people. Old Spice makes me think of my dad. Blessings for a great weekend., xoxo,Susie

Hartwood Roses said...

I scrolled down this post nodding my head the whole time. I also seem to remember a green apple scent from the 70s, but can't put a name on it.

For me, catching a whiff of Jergens soap or lotion takes me back to being a child visiting my grandparents. We would ride with them to church. My little kid memory remembers Grandmother putting on hand lotion during the ride, and she would share the extra with us kids by rubbing her hands on ours. Another one is Jean Nate after bath splash. I still love the scent of that!

Nancy's Notes said...

Morning sweet girl! OH my, I so remember wearing Intimate! I also loved to wear Charlie, Woodhue, and yes Tigress!!
Have a good weekend and be well! :)

Jan Tanis said...

L'Air Du Temps By Nina Ricci was a favorite of mine! I loved Tabu, used Aqua Net, Dippity Do and dated a man who wore Aramis!! No special stories about any of them...just loved them...the items that is {not the man I dated}.

Jan ♥

Barbara @ 21 Rosemary Lane said...

What a wonderful walk down memory lane Diana! Loves Fresh Lemon was the very first scent I ever wore. I think I was in the 7th grade. It was quickly followed up by Love's Baby Soft which I still by for my daughter. (Though I think more for me than for her) My mom wore L'aire du Temps all the time and I remember buying Emeraude at the pharmacy for her as presents. Yup I wore Heaven Scent and Herbal Essebce was my absolute favorite sheampoo because of its wonderful fresh scent. Ha ha and then the '80's rolled around...and what I wore then!
Thanks for posting Diana...a great way to start the weekend!
XO Barbara

Vee said...

Wind Song stays on my mind...

I once attended a dance with a young man who seemed to enjoy sniffing my neck. I informed my mother that the next time I went to a dance, I'd wear cat repellent. She did love to tell that story. =D

Diana Ferguson said...

Oh, that Jovan musk oil and Aramis. Memories!!!

Penny @ Penny's Vintage Home said...

I've wore all of those scents...but I think I stayed with Charlie the longest!

Doreen@househoneys said...

I wore shalimar when I wanted to get my mojo on. Worked like a charm ;). Of course, that was when I HAD some mojo to get on.

I use to work for Prince Marchabelli. They manufactured WindSong, among others that I can't remember, but I'll never forget that song.

Simply LKJ said...

Oh my, loves baby soft brings back memories! My mother wore Jean na te?

Junkchiccottage said...

Oh I remember Sweet Honesty from Avon one of my faves. I also wore Baby Soft. Soft sweet smells.

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Remember lots of the commercials, used Herbal Essence, Lemon Up and wore Charlie and Baby Soft. Thanks Diana for the blast back to the past, I have to go put my go go boots on now and tease my hair!

Denise said...

So much fun again.Thank You for the ride back in time.I remember all of them, of course being the all American girl that I was. Heaven Scent was My favorite one ,I wore it all the time.I love these post You've been doing.I graduated from HS in 1970-I'm 62- so yes I have wonderful memories of those days.Denise

Denise said...

So much fun again.Thank You for the ride back in time.I remember all of them, of course being the all American girl that I was. Heaven Scent was My favorite one ,I wore it all the time.I love these post You've been doing.I graduated from HS in 1970-I'm 62- so yes I have wonderful memories of those days.Denise

Linda said...

I remember them all! My favorite guys back when wore English Leather. Remember that one?Linda@Wetcreek Blog

Jane@Bluebird1959 said...

Oh gosh! Where to start? So many memories associated with those products, lol. I remember my eighth grade boyfriend gave me a bottle of Love's Fresh Lemon, and I bought the Sweet Earth compact with some of my eight grade graduation money - isn't it funny on your mind remembers silly things like that? Thanks for the stroll back to the 70's; very fun. Jane

Jane@Bluebird1959 said...

Oh - and who didn't love a guy who wore Aramis? I think Ted Danson was the Aramis man for awhile.

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Of all you mentioned, Jovan's Musk Oil was my very favorite. But, one time when I was 17, I bought a set of bath oil and perfume of Shalimar and used so much the bathroom reek of it after I took a long soak. That was 1967 and my mother still complains about the sickening sweet smell of that night so long ago. Thanks for another great trip down memory lane.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

My favorite cologne back in the day was Ambush by Dana. Loved it. For men, I like English Leather and Canoe. Remember the old commercial that went "my men wear English Leather or they wear nothing at all"? I thought that was a bit naughty back then, but so ooh la la! lol!!

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I meant "liked" English Leather.....

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

I remember Herbal Essence shampoo. and L'Aire Du Temps.

and would you believe??? I think I used Aramis, as a woman's cologne, some time. who knows where I got that idea from??? did women do stuff like that, back when Woman's Lib was blossoming???

perhaps...... ,-))))

tammy j said...

what fun!!!!
i wore hypnotique by max factor of all people. but it was amazing. i've never worn anything before or since that elicited compliments like that.
do you remember it? you could buy it at the drug store! LOL.
later i wore l'aire du temps.
chanel 19 was my citrusy favorite in my 30's.
and now... when i can afford it... i sometimes treat myself to paloma picasso.
what a neat post. fun walking down memory lane with you. ♥

Kimberly~Nutbrown Cottage said...

Oh, this is fun! Love's Baby Soft was definitely in my repertoire, as well as Jovan Musk, Cachet, and Green Apple. Also, I loved Muguet des Bois (Lily of the Valley scent). I hated Tabu! Did not smell good on me and gave me headaches. And I loved patchouli.

Loved Herbal Essence shampoo, too!

Kimberly~Nutbrown Cottage said...

It'd be fun if you did a "what is your favorite current scent?".

Jen Vandervoort said...

He just didn't want to have any more pics taken of him, LOL. Hope that you find it soon.

I think love's baby soft was the one I remember most...and Charlie...although I never wore them. My Dad was pretty perfume, no hanging out anywhere.


Donna said...

Well that is a blast from the past, Diana! I don't remember that lemon one, but I did wear Love's Baby Soft as a young teenager. My sister wore Sweet Honesty. Anything from the Avon lady we wore:) I can almost smell Jovan Musk now, I wore that too, and Jean Nate. Then in the 80's I switched to Halston. I loved that! So fun to reminisce.

Donna said...

Well that is a blast from the past, Diana! I don't remember that lemon one, but I did wear Love's Baby Soft as a young teenager. My sister wore Sweet Honesty. Anything from the Avon lady we wore:) I can almost smell Jovan Musk now, I wore that too, and Jean Nate. Then in the 80's I switched to Halston. I loved that! So fun to reminisce.

Donna said...

Ok, I just left a comment, and it disappeared, so strange! Anyway, what a fun blast from the past. I remember most of those, except for the first lemon one. I wore Love's Baby soft as a young teen, and my sister always wore Sweet Honesty. Anything from the Avon lady, we wore! I had almost forgotten about Jovan's musk, I wore that too, and can almost smell it now! I also wore Jean Nate. I wonder if they still make all of this stuff? Then in the 80's I wore Halston and thought I was oh so cool:) Maybe sometime you could do favorite scents now, hint, hint:) And favorite scents for men, too!

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Oh gosh, I remember wearing Love's Baby Soft, Jovan's Musk, and Charlie in the 1970s. Do you remember the Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific shampoo? I didn't use it, but during that time period, on a date, a guy told me my hair smelled terrific. It was pretty funny.

Kelley said...

All three of these reminiscent posts went *ping* *ping* *ping* in my memory bank! Especially the shampoos and hair sprays. And the fragrances? Those were on the Christmas list for sure. Never forget 'em!

Wow. I'm going down memory lane for sure...


Nellie said...

I remember wearing that Heaven Scent! Don't remember the others, though. xo Nellie

Cozy Little House said...

Those were the days, my friend. I thought they'd never end. I loved Herbal Essence shampoo...

Kim said...

I remember a few of them, Rive Gauche, oh my gosh, I can picture the commercials! My older sisters always had Jean Nate and I wanted to wear it so bad.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

I loved Lemon Up and Charlie. I do remember that Sweet Earth Sandalwood! How do you remember this stuff? I wasn't much for Love's Baby Soft, but I had the hairdo! LOL xoxo

Susan Shull said...

Heaven Sent girl!

Chris K in Wisconsin said...

I remember all of them! And the Sweet Earth..... which led me to Patchouli. There was (it might still be) a place in Madison, on State St. called The Soap Opera. They sold Patchouli lotion. I wore it all of the time. When I came home from college my Mom asked me why I smelled like Pine-Sol all of the time!! Too funny. Great memories!!

Shelia said...

HI Diana! Oh, I do remember a lot of these and especially love the Herbal Essence shampoo. It smelled so wonderful! I remember Charlie was such a fresh scent and really geared for us younger gals! I remember most of the guys wore the musky smelling stuff. This was fun.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Anonymous said...

Remember Body on Tap shampoo? It was supposed to give you body and shine much like rinsing with a can of beer. Oh how I loved the smell of Herbal Essence shampoo, does not smell the same now :( I also remember washing my face with Sea Breeze or Noxzema in the blue tub.
My mom would set my sister's and my hair on pink sponge rollers the night before school picture day. I had long blonde hair almost to my tailbone. I was born in 1966. I collected all the sticky Lip Smackers lip glosses too! Thanks for the memories! Laura from Albany, NY

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Oh gosh, yes, Love's Baby Soft! That was the first perfume I wore and was gifted as a young teen. I loved that perfume.

I almost thought you might have mentioned Jean Nate. My one grandmother used that ALL. THE. TIME. I actually didn't like the smell and I don't know if it was the actual smell or the fact that she seemed to use so much of it.

Consider It All Joy said...

My mom wore Tabu, I was a bit young in the 60's to wear cologne/perfume! I'm sure I tried Herbal Essence but hadn't even heard of some of those names! I know I'm old enough but maybe led a sheltered life - lol!! Blessings, Cindy

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

I remember my two older sisters wearing/using Love's Fresh Lemon perfume, Baby Soft, Lemon Up and Herbal Essence. I wanted to wear the first two, but no go, I was too young!

Gypsy Heart said...

First, I want to tell you that blog names are now "disappearing" from my blog list! Did you send the gremlins my way? :) Seriously, I've been trying to read and respond and some, including yours, was not there. We can't have that now can we??

These fragrances bring back a lot of memories! They change on me so what I tried back then didn't always work ~ "Charlie" being one of them!
I loved Rive Gauche and L'Aire Du Temps along with Wind Song. Oh yes, Emeraude was one that didn't work too. I used to say "All my men wear Aramis!" Lol Fun times my friend ~ thanks for the memories!


ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Great trip down memory lane Diana! I wore Loves Baby Soft & Sweet Honesty when I was in school...then I moved onto Jovan Musk.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

My favorite scent was Muguet de Bois, but I also liked L Air Du Temps, several of Avon's cream sachets in floral scents, Love's Fresh Lemon and Heaven Scent. Herbal Essence shampoo. I wish Herbal Essence still smelled like that. Noxema Cream for face washing, and some very frosted strawberry scented/flavored lipstick from Yardley, and Angel Face Makeup. And don't forget the scent of a summer day as we would lay out in the sun on a towel in the backyard with lemon juice in our hair and baby oil slathered over our skin while the sun fried us to a crisp, and gnats became mired in the baby oil. Our Midwest version of being California girls.

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh Yes, I remember the musk oil vividly. All us girls used to wear that in junior high. Oh my gosh, Sweet Honesty by Avon - haven't seen that in awhile. And Charlie!!!! I think most girls had some of that at one time or another haha. Such fun to go down memory lane, Diana. I have a candle at home and I can not remember what it reminds me of, but it has the prettiest scent, and I was just thinking about it the other day. Do you ever come across a scent, but can't figure out what it reminds you of?

love, ~Sheri

Dewena said...

Hi Diana! You're sure talking my language with the 60s' scents as I was a young married then. L'Aire Du Temps was my favorite but I remember my younger sisters using many of the other products you've shown here. One special Christmas though, in the early 70s, my husband gave me a bottle of Joy and I thought I'd never smelled anything more heavenly than that.

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Boy, you are really dragging up old memories. Well let see - Chantilly, Joy, Charlie, then Estee Lauder - can't remember the name, but wore that for a long long time. They don't make it anymore. Now it's Fendi. Some smells really bother me with my asthma. I do love lavender smells too.

Renee said...

Love's Baby soft. Loved it. I also wore Sweet Honesty, Tabu, Charlie, Ambush and Windsong. I'm sure there were others. There was a Vanilla musk that I loved, too. I started having such awful sinus headaches and I think colognes made them worse so I never wear them now. I stick to lotions from Bath and Body and a scented lotion from Sephora by a company called Soap and Glory. It has such a light, soft scent.

Maria S. said...

How I do love going back in time via all these scents!! My favorites were Oh! de London and Emeraude, but over the years I had several of the ones you mentioned. I also loved Slicker lipsticks by Yardley. I also remember Arpege, L'Origan...ah, such great memories :)

Maureen Wyatt said...

Perfume was so much more fun before every second person became allergic to fragrances. Now, I'm afraid to put any on in case someone goes into shock and I'm held responsible. Worse yet, they could get a second death from cat hair on my clothes. We were much hardier folks in the olden days.

Merlesworld said...

I still have a bottle of Tabu, but a lot of these perfumes I not heard of.

boopnut said...

Ambush, Cachet, Jean Nate, Soft Musk, and some others I cannot remember the names! I remember all the boys in the 60's smelled like Jade East or Hai Karate! I even think my husband had some of that when we got married 20 years later! Fun post, wish I could remember better.

Pat said...

Great post...sure does take one back to a sweeter time. I wore Tabu and the Husband wore English Leather. Just bought Charlie for my Mother for her birthday..she still wears it everyday.

Missy George said...

I remember Charlie and Tabu..Jean Nate,,Chanel #5..dislike Musks !! Cute post..

BeachGypsy said...

Remember almost all of these. I remember when the musk oil hit.....i thinl jovan was first....but COTY WILD MUSK was so much better! I adored SWEET HONESTY and CHARLIE. I still use CHARLIE sometimes. I know they came out with CHARLIE RED and then CHARLIE WHITE too. In the nineties i loved GIORGIO and RED. I have a bottle of VANILLA MUSK here that is better than the old musk of the seventies. I did love the herbal essence products.......opened up a bottle in the store one day and took a BIG SNIFF.....expected to be transported back in time scents will do us..... and nothing. It was not theREAL herbal essence for sure. I loved the scent of BONNE BELLE skin lotion.....for cleansing the smelled really good. And i sure did spend alot of babysitting dollar bills on the big fat original Bonne Belle LIPSMACKERS! SO YUM! My favorites were the Dr. Pepper and Seven Up and i think they did bubblegum too? Those big gloss sticks lasted 4ever.....we got our moneys worth back then! lol Remember how Shelley Hack was the CHARLIE GIRL? Hey nobody mentioned NAIR....well it wasn't cologne.....but Lord have mercy!......that stuff was stinky!!! I stuck with SHAVING after that! Ha!!! I remember when the very first Daisy razors came out....just loved those!......and when you got just threw them AWAY!.....THAT WAS NEW AND SO COOL.

BeachGypsy said...

Does anyone remember the KISSING POTION lip glosses? It was heavily flavored CLEAR gloss in little roller ball glass containers. It was wildly popular and came in cherry and strawberry and lots of flavors. Most of us put it over our lipstick.

Kimberly~Nutbrown Cottage said...

I do! Loved those things!

Anonymous said...

I would wear that lemon stuff in the bottle with the black tops, I cannot think of its name today but I loved to wear in the 70's! I wore all the perfumes you mentioned and many times I put it in my lingerie drawer with soaps and the house all smelled lovely.. I forget to even buy perfume and or lipstick these days, it just doesn't seem important. We tried to visit one of the largest TULIP festivals in all of the USA in Mt. Vernon WA there were so many people there and the sheriff made us go straight and we drove to another town and My hubs of 41 years said hell to the NO and we walked by a river in La Conner, Washington that flows to the sea and saw tulips and daffys and iiris for free and got some tulip plants in pots from a lady for a buck, purple and another pot orange with red tips all for $2.00 she was closing up for the day even gave me a tulip bouquet, we dined at a tiny place the sheriff and the other deputies frequented and I had the best oysters lightly cooked I have ever had, my hubs had the huge fish and chips the owner was closing and gave us two pieces of marionberry pie our favorite to take with us, we tried to tip her she said no, the sheriff and deputies were nicer than the fellow who made us drive straight to La Conner, sometimes the sweetest smelling perfume happens by accident we had a nice nice time an no huge crowds of tourists pushing and shoving and $10.00 for admission and we were told the plants they sell would have been $5.00 each pot..oh, my goodness sakes, sometimes a door closes and a window of happiness that smells like the best perfume did for us! Happy Passover this week and Happy Easter, ciao!

Anonymous said...

La Conner Washington has tulip fields too, we just never drove particularly to get to the huge fields, we saw and smelled what we wanted there was some daffy's (daffodils) still blooming and one could see the iris starting to get ready to bloom..It is a very touristy town but we never do the tourist thing we live in Washington state only way way south near the Oregon border...We asked where the sheriff and deputies dine and saw their cars and went into the tiniest little place, yes the food was amazing and the owner cooked and ran the whole shebang so it gave people time to rest and watch this lovely river stroll by...the place was empty the owner near closing and said we would be the last customers to others NICELY and close up and prepared our feast, it was a cutee pie of a place..just like we like to dine..The food was out of this world and she actually gave us salads and extra tartar sauce no charge..One has to look in touristy places to dine well, it is not the big places with the most advertising and or people waiting in line, it is where the law dines and others who actually live in the towns..These places Mt. Vernon and La Conner depend upon tourists for their livelihood and the tulips came extremely early and it will cost the farmers a lot of money, A good rain and windstorm will blow the flowers away, one never knows when the ground will warm up and let those beauties bloom, our tulips have opened up and our daffy's are gone baby gone..Warmest winter in about 70 years no snowpack so ski season was a bust a big business in Washington state and crops of all kinds will be greatly affected..Also when it gets dadblasted hot here you got the humidity from you know where h--- and that will affect people a lot..We are able to take some day trips now but when it gets to the 90's and the humidity is pounding us down we won't be doing any traveling much..happy holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

This was fun! I totally remember Love's Baby Soft. I went through many, many bottles of that stuff. Lol! My grandmother used to always wear Charlie and my mom used to wear "Interlude." I recently found some Interlude on Amazon and now it's my scent of choice. :) It takes me back to the 70's and reminds me of watching my mom get ready in the mornings. Good times!

My Kentucky Living said...

Oh yes....remember these! Sheila

SpicingUpIdaho said...

I remember my mother wearing Sweet Honesty, and Beautiful is another perfume I remember from long ago - do they still make it? LOL... indeed as you mentioned, certain smells bring back memories. :)

Feral Turtle said...

I remember my Grandma wearing perfume and found out years later that it was L'Aire Du Temps. I remember the ads for Charlie and especially Dici bras cuz we would run around singing it when we were little, thinking how funny we were. In fact a few years ago we were singing it again and still thought we were funny.

Candy S said...

I still miss my Herbal Essence shampoo. I think at one time or another I used most of the perfumes that you listed. Perfume was about the only gift my hubby ever gave me. If he saw it advertised he would buy it for me.