Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pick Your Favorite WINNER oh- and a LOSER, too....

Thanks so much for popping in
and voting for your favorite wreath

I really love it that you all take the time
to play along.

The clear cut winner was 
I think it was the mix of autumn leaves
and pinecones and hydrangeas 
that everyone loved.
The one that took 2nd place
had HALF the votes of #1 AND it was a 
It was 
For some reason I thought 2nd place would go to 

 BUT it WAS 
So -as y'all know when there are winners
there has to be a LOSER.
We won't point out any poor wreath here
lest we make someone on the
So, instead I will show you a 

WHY is this guy a LOSER?
Well, because EVERYONE KNOWS
you don't wear BLACK SHOES
with a light colored outfit!
Seriously--what WAS he thinking?

I'll be running around today
doing odds and end and errands...
hmmm....maybe I'll start at 
your photo name


  1. Thanks for the fun with picking out the wreaths, I picked the winning wreath! Have a nice day!

  2. are so funny with the walmart photos. What is not funny is that is what is actually going on in the Walmarts of South Florida!

  3. After my choc. gravy post, I was warned not to ever cross you as I might end up in a Walmart commercial.......

  4. P.S. I didn't get to vote on the wreaths as I've been busy the last couple days IN THE KITCHEN. 11 ladies coming at noon today for lunch and about 3 hours of Bunco playing....and every one of those old dames want something to eat.....

  5. Awesome to hear my pick won! Thanks for posting the results!

  6. I too love the 1st. and the second I'm with you too dear the harvest one too. Oh, make sure you were the right shoes with your 'Walmart' store...not like that man, LOL LOL!!! Goodness, there should be a law for them! I just cracked up, you made my day, sweetie.
    Thanks for visiting darling, and yes, we love to be with our sweet girls, even if we are left as two old rags after it...but hey, I always remember that they grow so fast, you know that... I did shopping in that town three hours away from us, they have great finds and fab stores!
    Have a lovely day shopping.

  7. I knew there was a punchline coming as soon as I read your title. Walmart...oh boy. ;)

  8. Well I'm glad I don't own a wreath store cuz I'd be outta business! #2 was, by far, for me, the prettiest!
    And sometimes you gotta wonder if these peeps aren't just going to Wally's deliberately looking for a camera! Too funny!

  9. Diana, All I can say is it must be Halloween everyday at that Walmart. Yes, I picked number one cause I thought for a fleeting moment I could make one like it. LOL. It was a fleeting moment. Don't forget your coat today Diana. So much for that scientific story of no polar vortex this year because the conditions were not like last year...old farmer's almanac was more spot on. xoxo,Susie

  10. You are too darn funny!! Love the pic!

  11. Wow all those wreaths were gorgeous. Glad I wasn't the judge. Again, gotta love Walmart humor....hehe!

  12. Who wears black shoes with a light colored outfit?? He's a major 'fashion don't' for this ;)

  13. All three wreaths are awesome! I do like the number one pick the best. Hydrangeas, pine cones, and pears - Oh my! I see a lovely centerpiece in my future styled like this wreath..... Too funny on the Walmart dude - everyone knows your shoes should not be darker than your hemline (or panty line in this case).

  14. Love it! That was my favorite ~ :)


  15. I'm almost afraid to go to WM now!
    The wreath contest was fun. I refuse to put a wreath on our front door after a mishap where my wreath/holder scratched all the paint off and we had to get the painters to come back!

  16. Well,,,he was at Walmart, after all and you know you don't have to dress up to go there!

  17. I think the hydrangeas on the winner wreath were the culprit for my favorite to end second place. ;) Anyways, they were all pretty wreaths.

  18. Diana girl I missed the voting for the wreaths ... they are all so pretty ! .. soon I will be dragging my Xmas one out .. nice big one from Costco: )
    That dud has no fashion sense what so ever .. black shoes ? naughty fellow ... if he was going that way the red striped socks have to be black!LOL

  19. I am staying inside is 2 degrees out there this morning! I'll be glad when this cold front moves on.....hugs, Penny

  20. How I'd love to have one of those #1 wreaths on my door! It is clear that the person in the bottom picture wasn't thinking at all! xo Nellie

  21. Yeah. Make Walmart your first stop and it will make your day! And maybe ours tomorrow when we see the pics and your tale about it!
    Guess I didn't pay enough attention to the winner. It's beautiful.

  22. Oh my. . . If I wasn't awake yet I am now after seeing that picture!! And if I have nightmares tonight I am going to have a little chat with you, Diana :)

    Well, at least the wreath I liked came in 2nd place. Happy Wednesday, sweet lady! Hugs!

  23. I reckon my wreath choice was at the bottom of the vote list, which for me could be a WIN WIN..~!! if few of those are ordered they'l be on clearance sale and I could grab 2 of them then.. wooot wooot and hiphoorah

  24. Okay. I cam in second. No biggie - I'm not really the 1st place type, anyway. LOL

  25. Are those W-M pics, for reallllllll????????????????????

  26. what a chuckle and all those wreaths are winners!

  27. Thanks for stopping by...have a great day and keep warm up "thar" in Green Bay! Well I liked all the wreaths...but I think I chose 2. can sure see a lot of weirdness at Walmart...oh well, to each his own.

  28. I missed the wreath voting - I read recently that feathers are really in this year.

    Oh, I think I need to put my white shorts and pants away until spring. I would hate to be caught out in a grocery store line.

    That photos is hysterical!

  29. Always fun to vote... Have a wonderful day! Walmart is always a bit strange if you ask me. I found a metal vintage sign for my fall door decoration this year, and I added a bit of a fall sprig to it! Blessings to the funny friend to all us bloggers! Loved your comment on my blog about blogging!!
    Blessings, Roxy

  30. Oh yes, and be sure to post your Walmart photos for us. Lol

  31. I am laughing so much. That picture was Hysterical.

    Yes indeed the wreathes are all nice. You asked us what One we like. Looks like we were good sports.

  32. I'm beginning to think that Walmart looks like Halloween year round! Such characters! Lol!

  33. This is hilarious! Yes, I think he forgot to wear um.... white shoes or baby light blue ones! And to think people actually do this everyday. Wow!

    I love all the wreaths too! I hope you have a great day. It's freezing here. And it's suppose to be like this for the next 12 days. Glad I got my firing raging to keep my house warm. Brrr!!!


  34. Well, obviously, he wasn't!! And, BTW, all those wreaths were gorgeous. Not a loser in the bunch..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  35. If you want to see bizzare things...just visit a Walmart!!!

  36. Don't feel like you have to take any photos at Walmart for us....we wouldn't want you to go to any trouble! haha! Loved #1....hydrangeas are my favorite flower! HUGS!

  37. I voted for # 2 - oh, that doesn't sound right :) I'm thinking that the striped socks might tie it all in, though. xo Karen

  38. What was this guy thinking? Dang, only at Walmart! You just see everything there! I love the winning wreath; it's so pretty!

  39. Just as long as you aren't one of those fancy dressers and end up on the next 'look what we found at Walmart' videos.

  40. Walmart does attract some very odd dressers.

  41. Yaaaay, that's the wreath I chose! It's so pretty. You know, my neighbor has a wreath up on her door that I was admiring. It's got orange bulbs looks striking. I really thinking of putting a wreath up on my door this Christmas. Do you know the best way to hang one?


  42. He is a loser in a lot more ways than that. All the wreathes were pretty.

  43. Love that first wreath I think I might be warped for life after that last photo. xo Laura

  44. OMG!!! You are too funny. A little something is headed your way :-)

  45. Well my wreath didn't win. Oh well. I need to go to Walmart tomorrow. I'll let you know if I see anything "strange" while I'm there. LOL!

  46. They would be my three favorites! Do we even know that this person is a guy?

  47. I love your cast your vote posts, Diana! Even though my wreath didn't even make it to the top three (poo!!)
    Maybe that nut (I mean "gentleman") at Walmart was there to buy a pair of sandals that coordinate with his outfit!!

  48. Hi Diana, I loved this wreath and picked it too. Walmart seems to attract the best dressers!!
    Hugs and Blessings

  49. I used to love that site people of Wallymart...but it got too sad to see those poor people.

    The second wreath definitely my first the feathers.


  50. Love the first one Diana. It had me at Hydrangea! So pretty.

  51. You seriously have a WalMart issue Diana!! LOL!! The wreaths were all nice, I actually like the one I have on my front door the BEST ~ So, what do you think about That?? Have a super Friday! Blessings, Cindy

  52. He must be thinking 'it's not fair. Why does Kim get all the glory when clearly my ass is nicer than hers?'


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