Monday, October 7, 2013

More Annie Sloan Painted Pumpkins-White and Sweet

Oh Pumpkin,. Oh Pumpkin,

You used to be bright.

You glowed like neon.

You shone like a light.

Now you have calmed down,

And I love the sight,

Now that you're painted,

A pretty off-white.
Yesterday, Yesterday,

You looked like this,
But I took the chalk paint,

and gave you a kiss.
Then, when you were dry,

Valspar touched your  face.

Oh!  How I love you-

You belong in this place.

The last rose of summer,

Graces this little vignette.

And I painted that gourd

while you were still wet.
Good day little pumpkins,

I am off to the races.

But I will return,
To see your sweet faces.
Here you were before

My lovely little gourd.
And here you are now-

On my cutting board.
Thanks for the visit,

Please stay a while,

I promise I'll try

To give you a smile.
Have a great day!!!!

I'll be around visiting late today.

I apologize for not getting around

to visiting many of you in the last

couple of days. 

There is lots going on here and I will

share more about that tomorrow.
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  1. Soft and pretty! Paint transforms everything!

  2. Diana, Cute poem. I think now your pumpkins look very nice. I have never painted any before. This would sure be a good kid project too. xoxo,Susie

  3. Aren't you clever with your pretty pumpkins and witty poem. Happy Monday!

  4. Looks good! I repainted my foam ones years ago. I am not an orange fan at all, but there are certain oranges that are worse for me, so I painted them my orange. My have to do them again.

  5. It sure makes a difference - I thought the original was pretty, but the new and improved is elegant - I love it and I love where you placed it.

  6. These look great! I love your vignette with the milk glass vase; it's one of my favorite things now. What a fantastic idea!

  7. The painted pumpkins are great. Great poetry too!

  8. You are a talented pumpkin painter there! They look awesome!

  9. Diana,
    You are a fantastic blogger,chalk painter, decorator, poet, there anything you can't do?! I love the soft touch you've given your pumpkins!

  10. I think they look great and your poem just makes my day!

  11. Diana,
    I love the painted pumkins. Have a nice visit with family.

  12. Great literary talent, Diana! You never cease to amaze us! Lovely display on your cutting board!

  13. We are both pumpkin crazy! You're painting them and I'm sewing them! Wish we could get together for the fun! Enjoy your day sweet friend!

  14. They look so nice and I loved your poem! I painted a pumpkin too and I share soon!

  15. Cute poem. You are talented. I've never painted a pumpkin (or a gourd for that matter) but yours sure looks nice.

  16. Sweet poem and you are one talented lady.. wanna come over and help me get into the fall mood?

  17. Love your poem Diana. You are so right the pumpkins do look so much prettier painted. Orange pumpkins...blah!


  18. Love your pumpkins, gourds and your poem. Precious!!


  19. Your pumpkins look great in their new color! Isn't it nice to be able to recycle something you already had?

  20. Love these darling pumpkins!!! They look great.

  21. Nice paint job! Your pumpkin and gourd look wonderful and festive - love your poem too! I didn't know you were a poet. :)

  22. I'm lovin' em Diana!!! So pretty!
    hugs from here...

  23. I know you wrote this at the crack of dawn or late at can you be so clever with rhymes? Must be all those littles that keep you ready with a witty quip! Love your pumpkins.

  24. love the pumpkin and gourd... love the poem! your such a creative little thing! have a great week!

  25. Diana such a sweet little poem to go with the darling painted pumpkin and gourd.
    Have a nice evening.

  26. I love this idea, Diana...and they look great!

  27. Lovely new life for the pumpkin and other things... And, oh, Diana, what poetry! Hugs!

  28. Aren't you just painting up a storm! Love 'em.

  29. great rhymes Diana!!! or it could be read as a rap!!! sorry I have been away for a month... could hardly believe it had been so long! it only really felt like a fortnight or so! I started a job; and left!!! had troubles with my mum and Seb with his schoolteacher... and generally not feeling 100 percent; pretty much ever since i had shingles! throw in study and my husband being away; a lot! just not much time for me things!!! will definitely catch up on your previous posts as much as i can to see how you have been! missed you!
    laura xxxx

  30. Great looking pumpkins Diana. I love them.

  31. Bravo! Lovely poem and pumpkins! Aren't they so much more realistic this way/ Hugs, Leena

  32. great poetry, diana! and you did that gourd a big favor--much cuter now:)

  33. What a sweet little poem...and I love your pumpkin transformation too :-)

  34. Your pumpkin poem cracks me up
    So to you and your crafts, I lift this cup!


  35. After reading your post about the out of town visitors, you sure are busy! Love your poem! Silly and fun just like you!


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