Nana Diana Takes A Break

Nana Diana Takes A Break

Thursday, September 12, 2013


WHAT is better than Lemon Pie?
Click on image to go to the recipe online.
I first saw this recipe over at Jen Kersher's
I decided to give this a try because it looked 
This is THE RICHEST lemon pie 
I have ever tasted.
Decadent, really.
What MAKES it a Triple Lemon Treat?
These three things.
Place your crust in the pie pan and then brush with melted butter.
This keeps your pie crust from getting SOGGY.
Don't  you HATE soggy crusts?
I do!
Beat your husband eggs
 (I promise NOT to report you to the Egg Police)
And stir in other ingredients
Images from internet
Then-make a collar for your crust
to keep it from burning.
and pour filling into pie pan.
I am amazed that lots of people don't do this.
It gives your a nicely browned, slightly crisp
edge that does not crumble when cut.
After baking remove the tinfoil collar 
and cool in fridge.
The pie bakes with a slightly brown top.
It's supposed to do that.
 I went to take a 
It looks like I was just a little too late.
Does THIS look like the cat that ate the canary?
The man that ate the pie?
One piece of advice-
DO NOT make this if you LOVE LEMON.
You will be forced to join
Lemon Lovers Anonymously

Headed to Milwaukee today to babysit
BigBoyE and CharlesInCharge
so I will be back late today and will
catch up with all of you then.
your photo name


  1. YES, I would definitely
    qualify for membership
    to LLA. Funny!

    This looks wonderful
    and I love how satisfied
    your man seems in the
    photo! No better way to
    a man's heart than pie....

    Enjoy your grandsons!

    xo Suzanne

  2. Diana, Yes, that's the guy, he's the one who ate the pie, I'm sure. Thank you for that tip on brushing the crust with butter, so as not to have a soggy crust. I'll pass this to my I never make pies or cakes any more. I just bake muffins and cupcakes. On occasion , some cookies. Enjoy those boys today. xoxo,Susie

  3. oh I am dying here! I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOVE lemons... i mean LOVE them...I eat them as is...that is how much...this is making my mouth water and now I will have to make it this weekend!!! A MUST : ) thanks my rock!!! hugs...

  4. he looks pretty guilty to me! That is a wonderful pie, oh my!

  5. This sounds yummy, and looks delicious! Enjoy your babysitting, and thanks for the recipe!

    xo Kat

  6. Oh, my! What a luscious pie, Diana! You know, I just don't take the time to create a collar for my pie crust very often. I really should, though. Thanks for the reminder. Anyway, it would appear that the pie was much appreciated.:-)

    Enjoy the day with those boys!

    xo Nellie

  7. I love anything lemon!!! I am going to give this a try in a few weeks.

  8. I cannot visit here in the morning if you are going to be showing pies! Now I am dying to make one. It looks yummy though. I always do the tin foil thing, but I usually just wad up some tin foil and try to press it around the outside and then it falls off in the oven. Never though to cut it!!!

  9. I WANT THAT PIE! Lemon is my favorite, and this looks fantastic. I pinned the recipe. BTW, I finally bought a couple silicone crust protectors after years of trying to keep the aluminum foil on the edges of my pies. Thanks for steering me to that recipe. I can hardly wait to make it!

  10. He looks like a very sweet man for having eaten all the lemon pie. Yup. I do love a lemon pie.

  11. Diana
    Thanks for the great tutorial!!
    I didn't know about coating the crust with butter. this I will try next time.
    Hubby has a very satisfied look on his face.

  12. I am a fan of lemon pie. My daughter makes that special for her Mother here.

    I have loved it since high to a grasshopper. My Mom spoiled me with it. I spoiled my children with it.My daughter spoils me with it when we visit her.

    Oh you think hubby ate it or sweet cheecks did. Hmmmmmmmmm

    I wonder> Hmmmmmmmmmm

    I wonder, wonder who. Who,who,Who

    Ate the Yummy LEMON PIE made by Nana Diana.

    To be continued- Right. The Mystery person.

  13. I'm not a lemon fan. But - Grace is. She likes lemon cupcakes and cookies and things, so she might like it. But, she'd like an apple pie with ice cream too and that would make us both happy!

  14. I have promised my family that I will stop baking - everyone is watching their weight. But, that pie looks amazing. I might have to try it.

  15. Lemon pie is my hubs favorite ever dessert - a man who seldom eats dessert - I need to try this recipe.

    Your pie (and hubs) look great.

    Thanks for sharing.

  16. mmmmm mmmm good! Love me some lemon pie. I will definitely be making this one at our house! I am going to use the foil around the edges, thank you for sharing your ideas, the photos are very helpful!

  17. Ok Yum!!!!! That pie sounds sooooo good. Thanks for the crust collar info and brushing the crest with butter. Have fun with the boys today.

  18. This looks DELICIOUS! But I do love lemon, so maybe it's too dangerous for me to make. . . .

    I do use a collar on my pie crust, but I've never made one as you've shown. Question: Do you place the collar on the crust from the very start and leave it in place the whole time?

  19. YUMMMMMMY! I think I like every one of the ingredients in here, Diana. If I made this though, I would be the one eating most of it.


  20. If I lived closer to Wisconsin, I'd head right over for a luscious piece of that pie.

  21. I have been craving lemon pie lately like crazy and this seems perfect. I will have to try it and then go join LLA! ;)


  22. That looks to be the knave of hearts who stole your tart all on a summer's day... Yum-O

  23. OMG that sounds and looks so good! I literally bought lemon extract last week when I spotted it. I'd never seen it before. Your hub and I would be fighting for this pie!

  24. Can't blame your DH for sneaking into the pie. I'd do the same. That looks sooooo good! Have fun with the grands.

  25. Well, then, I guess they'll have to take me away, because I am a lemon lover. This looks awesome! I am now following you...thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday and offering to help me fix my "No Reply" problem!

  26. That does it. I'm coming to camp out in your yard and beg for leftovers :)

  27. Mmmm..Lemon ..makes me pucker..Yum..Have fun babysitting..

  28. It sure makes my mouth water. We get the biggest best lemons here in Florida and I squeeze a nice slice into my tea every day for lunch! I hope you've had a good day my friend!

  29. Oh Diana, I am drooling right now (and it's not very lady-like). This looks SO good - thanks for sharing. Hugs!

  30. This looks and sounds yummy! I am making this this weekend! Mike loves lemon anything! Thank for sharing all your tips! Great tutorial too! I need all the help I can get! Your canary looks happy! Have fun babysitting!

  31. Oh gosh! That looks absolutely scrumptious!

  32. I don't bake pies...usually, but this is a great advice in case I ever get the hitch. Looks delicious, and I guess it was

  33. Looks scrumptious! I can tell by the look on your hubby's face that it was!

  34. You can tell by the look on someones face that they loved the pie.
    The pie looks so yummy - love lemon pie, will have to try.
    Have a good time baby setting those two cuties.

  35. Oh my gosh! This looks delish! I love lemon bars so I know I'd love this and the recipe looks easy enough for me to attempt! Thanks so much, my mouth is drooling!
    I am your newest follower! Please visit me if you get a moment!
    -Khammany :)

  36. oh, i love lemon pie! tfs, diana!

  37. oooh, that pie looks really really good! Thanks for sharing.

  38. This looks and sounds so delicious!!!
    You are so funny.. have a great weekend!

  39. Oh Diana, my new diet just got delayed until Monday so I can make this pie! I'll eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner until it's gone. Good thing lemons have lots of Vitamin C!!! Happy Friday the 13th to you, the funnest and funniest lady I know :)
    xoxoxo, Andrea

  40. MMMMMMMMMM! Looks like super lemony goodness! Have fun with the boys! Hugs, Leena

  41. Yummmy! I love lemon pie and beating my husband. Oops, I mean eggs.

  42. Oh gosh, I have an addictive personality and love lemons! This pie looks delish! You've provided some very comprehensive and great visual directions too.

  43. Okay my two favorite things - chocolate and lemon!

  44. Oh goodness! My mouth is watering and lips are puckered up! Yum!

  45. We are big lemon fans here! It looks like (what we call in the South) Chess Pie. The sour cream is different though....I have to try it! You know the saying..."the way to a man's heart........"


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