Thursday, September 5, 2013

Oh Martha! You Set SUCH A Pretty Table-Pick YOUR Favorite

Yes- I know!
I need to let go of Summer and start embracing Fall!
I have always loved the vibrant colors of Autumn
but as I was looking at Martha Stewart's website
I found some wonderful Fall inspirations
and some of them are quite neutral
A few weeks back I did a little game called
I used cottages before but this time let's do


if you would LOVE to sit at this table!
Simple and Sweet and Calm
Table #1
Okay-Put your arms down-
You can't drink coffee with your arm in the air, silly.
This one is a bit more colorful.
Would you want to sit at
Table #2?

Blue and gold - a new take on Fall
Table #3
Blue not your choice for Fall?
This is the Soft Side of Autumn for me
Aren't those paper leaves cute and fun?
Try Table #4
Or-You can pull up a chair and sit here.
A modern look at Fall
Table #5
How about the really warm, cozy harvest feeling of
Table #6
And last, but not least
Matthew Mead featured by Martha Stewart.
Lucky Table #7
So- There you have it.
What's your pick?
I'll set a virtual table 
 and set a place just for you.
You are welcome to come IF
 you promise NOT to spit your food out
when I am not looking.

Okay- That's it!  Pick your seat-
your photo name


  1. They're all gorgeous Diana, but my favorites are #1 and #7.

  2. #1 & #7...can I choose two? Well? I just did.
    Love these posts! xo

  3. Hi DIana,
    I like one and 7 you know me and neutrals!!!! Love them all. I would not mind sitting down at any one of them. How fun this post. Makes us start to think about fall.

  4. I like tables 2 and 3 - the more color, the better for me.

  5. They're all so gorgeous! Although I can't just pick one, but will try... so I choose #1 and #7. Great ideas my friend and great choices you picked for us. I'm making one with blue and red transferware for a dinner party this saturday and I will post it next week...but it's not like I'm making it really for Fall, either, but I do like blue for Fall too. Big hugs,

  6. Okay, well they're all gorgeous, but I'm gonna have to go with #2, for the fact that it appears to be outdoors. Eating Thanksgiving dinner in a garden would be pretty amazing.

  7. I honestly can't pick one, not like me at all but these are incredible!

    I love each one, for different reasons - but if you were threatening to take away my coffee if I don't come up with a number one I would be forced to answer with #4 - it's neutral with hints of fall colour - but wow I do love them all.

    What fun.


  8. #7 for me .. oh how I would love to be in that setting...

    this is soooooooooooo much fun..


  9. I Love the first one. I can't believe that we are discussing fall. It is still a million degrees with 100% humidity here!

  10. Oh bother, I can't pick just one...I like 2,4,6 :) Hugs!

  11. Number one is my favorite...I've kept it on my Pinterest boards for awhile...just to stare at...

  12. Well, I would choose #3, blue and gold. Those are the colors of my college, and I am always trying to come up with something blue and gold. Hard to do since I am really not a huge fan of gold.:-) xo Nellie

  13. Hi Diana,
    Well, #1 is my favorite. I love the crispness of the white along with the pale pumpkins and candles.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your sweet friendship. I always think how sweet it would be to have tea and cookies for my visitors. I guess if we could have a cookie at every blog we visited, we would all be blogging about dieting, LOL.

    Have a lovely day.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  14. Oh Miss Diana Stewart.....I am in love with number one. I like the calmness of the colors and oh so COZY.

  15. Too hard to pick..and what's the food like :)...2,4,6 I guess

  16. My arm is up and waving around like crazy for table number 1 please!!!
    ( and that's about it for today's exercise )
    LOVE LOVE LOVE - they're all lovely but table one is for moi!

  17. Beautiful, Diana! No. 1 has been one of my faves since last year (gorgeous), but I'm also liking lucky no. 7, too! Thanks for the inspiration!

  18. Hi sure picked some beauties....for me its 1 or 7 though I would be happy to sit at ANY of these gorgeous tables...hope you are well!

  19. Hi, If I could choose any table setting that I'd love to have at my house I would be stuck between #2,6 and 7. They are all gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Noreen

  20. Normally, I'm a traditional orange and brown kind of girl (sort of sound like I have a fake tan). I sort of like the pear look though. Nicely understated.

  21. SO MUCH FUN!!
    table 5 please.
    6 was runner up. especially with a cozy fire going maybe.
    but nope. love table 5 !!!!

  22. Table 7- love the colors and the fireplace in the background! What time shall I be there?

  23. Well, I would boo hoo over any of the choices but if I had my druthers it would be #3!!

  24. Can I pick 1, 5 and 7? I've never spit out food before....never and that is my problem!
    I'm excited for fall. But around here we just call it November; have you ever seen a palm tree change colors? Me neither. :(

  25. I love all the colors of Fall, so I think I would love to sit at Table 2. I also love the coziness and warmth of Table 6. They are both so pretty. I am embracing Fall, and I can see that you are too!


  26. My choice would depend on the weather. If it is warm, then I'd choose No. 1 and if it's cool enough to have a fire in that fireplace, then I'd say No. 6! Fun post!!

  27. please reserve me a space at table #7 please! I love them all but that one does speak to me!
    Have a blessed weekend

  28. Diana, I loved them all...but the first one was my favorite. There's a lady name Fabby that sets some really nice tables. Her blog is fun to see. xoxo,Susie

  29. I choose number five. Of course I would have dinner at any of them.

  30. They all are very pretty but my favorites are #1 and #5.

  31. #2 for me....although I would be happy with any of them! I got out a box of Fall decor today. I can't wait to add a little touch of Fall to the house! Hugs!

  32. #1 had my attention all the way through till we came to Matthew's table. I'm a fan of both Martha and Matthew!
    So for me, it's a toss up. I want to dine at both. How about inviting me to two dinners?
    Love the natural easy tone of both of these tables. I like the softer side of fall. These two tables are just perfect!

  33. Number one hands down! I love all the white - bet that shocks you!

  34. Number one for me! Love those blue chairs.

    Hope you are having a great week.


  35. #2definitely!! But then, I love color.


  36. I love every one except 3 and 5. The blue and gold just doesn't look like fall. I love neutral and natural but I am trying to make friends with color (except maybe for red, orange and purple)!


  37. if I had to pick...would choose probably #1...but let me tell you, as long as the food served is good, I can really sit at any table.

  38. Honestly, I love them all but am particularly partial to #4. Beautiful selection. On Sept 1st I feel that Fall is starting to tiptoe in and peep around the corner. While Autumn isn't 'officially' upon us 'til Sept 22nd, I'm eager for it to arrive. -- Jan

  39. I'm a table #1 girl!! Love it soft and white...I don't really care for fall colors


  40. Pears and English walnuts. I love em both. Those are great looking tables.

  41. I love them all Diana but Table #1 and #7 are my favorites!!

  42. Hi Friend Sorry for the late entry ~ I love #6. Have a great day!

  43. Oh shoot I want to vote ! Should have visited your blog sooner. Been busy busy painting for the art show. I love number 6 anyway there!

    Love the pics of the gals off to school too. so so cute.
    Oh my , those green grey eyes are lovely

  44. I like #5.... but it you don't have the pretty stemware or are serving children who are likely to spill such glasses #2 is a close second.

  45. I know I'm late, but I'm still voting number 7. It's beautiful.

  46. I like something about all of them but #6 grabbed me. I like the comfortable relaxed feeling it gave and the coloring is very fall like.

  47. Well, I always seem to be the last one to vote, so I will vote for the last table! #7!

  48. Tough all between #1 and #7, but I pick #1!

  49. I think No. 7 is my pick. A little color but not too bright. I'm definitely not ready for the blue one.

  50. I am late to the voting having been MIA from blogging this past week. I like the first one.

  51. Okay, I know I'm late to the party, but I just don't always play by the! I would go for the Matthew Mead table. Actually, I think I kind of captured his look in my Fall dining room -- I'm just clever that way!

  52. Okay I know I am late to the what's knew :-)
    I am picking number one :-)

  53. I am late, but I think I would like a seat at table one - now to go see which one won.....


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