Nana Diana Takes A Break

Nana Diana Takes A Break

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

You CAN'T Have Him

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Thanksgiving isn't over yet
and here I am posting
a picture of Santa!
Well, I have been sorting.
I have been sorting through 35
years of 
I am purging.
I am going to give 
some things away
to my kids/grandkids.
It is time.
Here is one counter in our
media room that is full
of my Santa collection.
(I won't tell you that I kept
about 10 of them in another room)
These are up for 
There's more!
And yet more...
These candles belonged
to Gramma Betty in
the 1950's.
And these?
Salt & Pepper shakers
from my childhood.
Is there more?
You bet'cha!
Lots More!
Did you notice I didn't
watermark the picture below?
I hope if it ever gets
"out there"
no one will know it belongs to me.
So....they can have my 
and the ornaments on the
other table that I will show
you another time..
they can't have my
Lang Ornament Storage Box-

I'll take pictures when 
the kids come over to
pick their favorties.
I just love a good 
FIGHT, don't you?;>)

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  1. How nice that you are sharing your special collections. I hope every plays nice with each other.

  2. Fight? Surely your little g'kids are angels like mine!
    You must be catching the same de-cluttering bug I have. Junk I've had for years is going. I just can't stand it anymore!

  3. I'm in the purge mode right now too. I just found three garbage bags full of crap (I mean lovely stuff) to donate out of my own little closet!

  4. They'll treasure them!
    I change my xmas decor so often that I end up giving away every couple of years - and still I have a ridiculous amount lol - what I have to work on is staying out of the stores, period.

  5. I never can let any of my old Christmas things go... too many memories I guess... hope your kids and grandkids have fun choosing special ones!... xoxo Julie Marie

  6. That is quite a collection! I really like the 1950's candles. The collection must bring back some lovely memories, but it is nice that you are sharing them.

  7. Lol on the fight!! I keep purging too but I still have a lot! My tastes keep changing! I have some things I've just never been able to let go if because of sentiment. Ugh I keep looking at more I want!!

  8. Beautiful collection! You are going to have a fight on your hands for sure!!! LOL

  9. Oh my goodness! It would be such fun to go through your treasures and I'd love to hear the stories that go with each one!

  10. Great collection, Diana! I am not sure how you can purge those fab decorations and keepsakes. I love the 50s candles too! xo

  11. I don't have an attic, or a basement, or a big closet or even a little closet somewhere in this house stuffed with Christmas past. I have a whole SHED stuffed with it all. With retirement looming very very close, purging has been heavily on my mind too but just thinking about it tires me out. I love your box!

  12. uh oh, troubles a comin, good luck! looks like theres lots to go round though!

  13. Diana, I think you have enough to go maybe there won't be any fights. I wonder if will love our things as we have. xo, Susie

  14. I have been doing the same thing for a couple of years. I had so much stuff. I decorate with less every year. My favorites I should say. You have quite the collection.

  15. Hi Diana,
    Quite a pretty collection! I love those salt & pepper shakers from your childhood, I think they are so cute.
    Have a great day!

  16. Oh my goodness!

    That's a lot of Santas. I love the older ones especially. :)

    I love Christmas and decorations. We don't have a lot but that is ok. We don't have enough room here for what we do have.

    I hope that there will be no rioting when everyone comes to choose what they want. :)

    You may want to stand outside the door. lol

    Have a funderful day my friend.

    Take care, Janet W

  17. My kids DREAD coming to visit me at this time of the year because I MAKE them take home Christmas decorations. LOL I love your santa candles!
    Hugs, Penny

  18. You have quite an awesome collection of Christmas items. Your kids and grandkids will love them.

  19. Wow! Quite a collection! My favourites are the salt and pepper shakers and the candles. Just too sweet!

  20. Hi there, I am not ready to divide up my Christmas ornaments/decorations but periodically, I do give away little things to the girls. I can't wait to see your grands choosing/fighting.
    Happy Day.

  21. Amazing that you have so many - quite a collection. I'm not worried about water marking my photos.

  22. Stepping back, just in case things start flying!

  23. That is some collection, Diana! I have a very few Santas, and I'm not quite ready to part with them. It should be an interesting time when everyone comes to make their choices! I'd run and hide!:) xo Nellie

  24. Diana, I purged a few years ago, but need to do another round. I have way more than I can use, and it's fun to give to my nieces for their homes. Fortunately all the Christmas is limited to one small closet, but it's pack to the gills. All the other holiday decor is in plastic tubs up in the attic. Would love more convenient place for storage but it can't be found in this 1930s home. LOL

  25. I pared down my decorations several years back when I had to move, and have never regretted it. I saved only my very best favorite things, and gave the rest to charity. I checked with my children first they did not want any of it. It is so much easier to decorate now that I only have a few things. I cherish them and enjoy putting them out the day after Thanksgiving, and putting them away on New Years Day. Having less makes it much more special. Your photos are lovely and I don't blame you for keeping the box.

  26. Nana, Diana
    Love the fight, and would love to watch you divide all this up, whew wow what a collection.
    I had to visit and catch up I have missed way to much funny-ness over here and that whole fat thing is to funny.
    I had the best morning laugh, I am still chuckling.

    Have a great week, and I am sure those Santas will find a new home soon.

  27. what a collection!! i have a santa collection too...

  28. You are so nuts and look at all that stuff! I have the same problem with nut crackers, which are going to gone through this year and gotten rid of.
    I have pitched some things already as we were working on the front bedroom, where I hide all the christmas stuff. I want it all to fit in the closet. Yeah, there is more to go.
    Have fun with the give away and watch for flying reindeer. It could get wicked. Wear a mask.

  29. Hi Di,
    I've been purging decorations also, it's such a good feeling!

  30. I started giving away those things to my SIL last year. I think they came back, or grew back, or were brought back by aliens. Too many!
    The kids are going to love this~ I'm betting that Sweet Cheeks comes out on top.
    Let's get ready to rumble!

  31. Your too funny Diana!! I think it's great passing things down to the next generation. I told the hubby we need to work in our storage room next week and I plan on purging quite a bit! If I don't I'll never make it over to all the Christmas bins LOL!! Yes, that's how bad it is!!

  32. Your Christmas storage area looks a lot like mine!

    Wasn't it fun collecting it all?

    I loved collecting Santas in the 80's & 90's. Every time we visited a new town, we would buy an ornament if they had a Christmas store.

    It's nice that you have family members to give them to. I am sure they will cherish them just as you did.

  33. As fast as I try to purge things, I add more to my collection. There is something so precious about Santa's and snowmen and angels...

    My kids already have dibs on what they want after I am long gone. They can deal with the purging! Ha!

    Love your collection, by the way.


  34. I have been working on trying to get my house less cluttered since we got back! Purging...a good word! I need to do it with my Christmas things, too. You don't have any little elves or pixies in there do you? You don't have to answer that! hahaha!

  35. You must feel great to be purging. I've been doing some of that myself, and it really lightens the load, but I don't think I could part with those candlesticks or the salt and pepper shakers. That is real Christmas history. I bet they have sentimental history too.

  36. Looks like some fun stuff! I have tons of christmas stuff too. I did get rid of a bunch last year that I hadn't been using for the past few years. But I just bought a bunch more really cool stuff this past weekend. Need to blog about it :)

  37. Oh boy! You are going to have a throwdown! lol It's a great idea to pass some of your collection on to your kids. I'm sure they're going to enjoy it.

  38. You aren't really getting rid of those candles and s&p shakers, are you? I understand purging but having things for that long you can't purge!!
    Can't wait to see your other Santas!!

  39. Oh wow Diana! That's a really nice collection! I don't have a large collection, but as soon as I get tired of something I just give it away. You have to hide that ornament storage box, I love it!

  40. My mother had those exact same candles in the 50's...I'm sure you also have those elves that were popular back then too....Hope all is well with you and dear Miss Sweet Cheeks....

  41. Looks like Santa's workshop has taken over your house, Diana! Your daughters will really treasure all of your goodies, so will the grandkids. How nice of you to share!

  42. Oh, you and I could get together and show our collections of goodies! I love yours!

  43. That's quite a collection of Santas! I'm sure they all have special memories, too!

  44. What a fun collection, Diana...and I love that you are sharing it with your family!

  45. MOL you bad girl - "love a good fight" and not watermarking photos so no one knows it's you! MMMMOOOOLLLLL Yes, I will have to remember that one. Of course I'm going to wait and make sure these antics don't put you on Santa's naughty list ;)



  46. lol! You are going to have a fight on your hands! Love that you aren't watermarking lol! That is too funny!!!

  47. does all this mean that you never collected turkeys?


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