Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Alphabet Laughs- S Is For September And Sauce And Sauciness

This time of year always
makes me a bit nostalgic.
It makes me long for my youth,
and remember those I loved.
There are songs that I find
particularly haunting.
Neil Diamond's
is one of them.
I am not putting the music
on here because I know
most people find background
songs annoying...
but if you get a chance 
listen to the song when you can.

September brings out my
"rustic side".
I love picking 
 and baking
 and making
All those things make me
a  little nostalgic but 
what hits even deeper?
Realizing that our little
is headed off to 
this morning.
Oh~Begod and Begorry-
May all the saints bless
and preserve her teacher.
A MR no less.
God Be With Him!
Have a blessed day!
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  1. Diana, Let us know if Sweetcheeks turns out to the teacher pet.:) I love Neil Diamond songs. Autumn makes me long for times gone by too. I miss my parents and my best friend Carol. Let's enjoy today, because life is short. xoxo, Susie

  2. Aww, sweet cheeks is gonna rock the place!! I too love fall the best

  3. ha, they will love her, who couldn't!!

  4. I am betting SweetCheeks will share her words of wisdom with the new teacher!

  5. ... and I just read an article in the Chicago Tribune that apple picking season is going to be slim pickings due to our unseasonably warm spring and then hot and dry summer!

    But apple pie and apple sauce brings Fall to mind ...



  6. Tell her mom to change her name and move to Canada..Cause the fun is about to begin...

  7. I'm predicting the teacher will love her! I hope she has a wonderful school year!

  8. Neil Diamond is a favorite around here. We were even fortunate enough to see him perform live several years ago here in town. What a wonderful show!

    Good wishes to SweetCheeks!

    xo Nellie

  9. There will be alot of interesting stories coming our way. The teacher will have met his match, hah. Kidding aside she will do fine.

  10. Hahahhaaa...so cute.
    And to thin the MR. will have MORE, just like her. :)

  11. I bet Sweetcheeks is gonna give her teacher a run for the money! Sure hope it's not his first year of teaching:) I always have mixed feelings this time of year. I'm always a bit sad to see summer end, though I'm looking forward to cooler temps. And as a girl, I dreaded this time of year, as I hated going back to school! Hope you have a great day!

  12. Josie boarded the bus for 1st grade this morning and Emma is officially in high school. I can't wait to hear all about my girls first day of school adventures. We had a house full of jitters this morning. I'm sure sweetcheeks is going to love school.

  13. Hi, Somehow I think your sweet cheeks with have the class in shape very quickly. Have a wonderful, joy filled day my friend.

  14. I love the 'sauciness' for "S"! And that Neil Diamond song brought back good memories...my parents used to play his records (yes, record albums)all the time when I was a kid!! :)

  15. I am a huge Neil Diamond fan and that is one of my favorite songs of his.

    I love the pic of Sweet Cheeks. I just bet the teacher has fun with her.

  16. Just think, the MR will have an entire classroom of cuties. Hope he is experienced! ;-)
    Words of wisdom from a seasoned elementary teacher.

  17. This is going to be fun, hearing her school stories. I can't wait to see what her take on school and her teacher is! ~ Maureen

  18. Oh No!! How did that happen?????
    I hope she had a wonderful first day!!!

  19. I'm thinking she'll be charming the teacher in no time. What's not to love, with that winning smile and all!

  20. LOL Watch! She is going to be the star of her classroom! Too cute!

  21. And I've never even made an apple pie ... sigh. Good thing there are those of you who still do domestic godess kinds of things! :)

    (I'm with ya on the music playing on blogs. I just find it distracting when I'm trying to read. Especially when the author -you in particular- has funny things to say in her posts!)

    Oh, and I haven't tried to figure out my follower button yet - but thanks for that tip! I plan to!

  22. Adding her teacher to my prayer list. He's gona need all the help he can get! I hope she has a great day there.
    We don't have apples this year. A late frost after an early spring hit the blossoms and what didn't get hit with that, the drought made puny. SO- no local fruit around here at all.
    (Sad face, here) Have you ever made pear sauce???? It is yummo!

  23. I want to try to make homemade applasauce this year...we'll see

  24. Just thinking about the things she'll say makes me giggle!

  25. Sweet Cheeks is just too cute ... full of personality! I hope she had a great first day! YUMMY apple pie, too. And, prayers continue.

  26. That last pic says it all! She is so cute. Bless teacher's heart is right! First September song I always think of is "Will I See You in September?"

  27. Look out!! ;-) My own girly is heading to "kiddy garden" this week and it definitely has me feeling nostalgic and melancholy. She on the other hand is super excited which definitely helps offset my own lamenting!

  28. Good luck to sweet cheeks on her first day of school... I want some of your apple pie!... xoxo Julie Marie

  29. Diana,
    I love Fall and everything about it. There's a place that we go to every year called Apple Hill. They have the best apple pie, apple cider, caramel apples. You would love it. Oh, Sweet Cheeks starts Kindergarten! I remember well the day the girls startsd in their cute little dresses. It takes me back for sure. I wish I could have a piece of your homemade apple pie.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  30. There are a lot of us out here that are Neil Diamond fans and yes, September Morn is one of my favorites along with a bunch of his other well known songs.

  31. I would say good luck to sweet cheeks but better to send the luck to Mr Teacher!

  32. That child is one in a million. I know she is getting big..but I think every single phase of her life is going to be an absolute hoot!! :)

  33. Oh Di, I could spit, now I have Neil Diamond singing in my head. lol
    Sweet cheeks in a mans class.... Yeh, more interesting blog posts to come. Have a great short week.

  34. I always feel really nostalgic this time of year, too. I bet Sweet Cheek's teacher loves her.

  35. A moment in time...one of my little granddaughters starts kindergarten tomorrow, too...time sure does pass quickly! Apples just say fall to me, too...and school buses!

  36. Oh, The Lord has smiled upon Sweet Cheeks. Be happy she has a male teacher. She will have him doing her bidding in no time.
    Love to all, Ginger

  37. I'm Nostalgic this time of year too Diane. That face of sweet cheeks is hilarious~. I can go for a piece of pie too right now.

  38. Oh, Sweet cheeks will have him in her hand in no times. It will be awesome! I remember that song...it's going on in my head as I write. =0)

  39. how strange that I woke up with that song on my mind today...I've been really nostalgic lately too. Friday nite high school football does that to me...ahhhh, lost loves!

  40. OH goodness, I LOL, she'll be fine LOL! I get a little melencholy in the fall too, I dread the shorter days. When I lived in Minnesota I dreaded fall because of the impeding winter...Yep, I fixed that and moved south, I wish I could fix daylight savings time


  41. No tears from THIS one when she goes to school...looks like she is ready to GO! Will she be challenging the boys to duals in the playground? My daughter was so excited this year she didn't even wave good-bye. First time she got to go to school WITH her brothers instead of being dropped off some place else, and that made all the difference to her. Because she didn't cry, I didn't cry, and it made it so much easier!

  42. Hi Diana!
    Still trying to play catch up from my blogging break ~ I knew I'd have to get up a few times while catching up with you ~ you make me laugh too much!
    Hoping SC had a great first day!

  43. ... and I just read an article in the Chicago Tribune that apple picking season is going to be slim pickings due to our unseasonably warm spring and then hot and dry summer! But apple pie and apple sauce brings Fall to mind ... :) Linda


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