Sunday, July 1, 2012

I Want A Bridge

Now I know that may sound
STRANGE to you...
but, after all, isn't a 
LOT of what I say

I have always been fascinated
by old bridges.
I don't like going across them
BUT I do like
seeing them.

I always thought it would be
fun to have a little 
Open Air Cafe on one.
A place for women to
come and sit,
relax for a moment,
share a cup of coffee,
 and chat.
I know-I know-

I would make the sides 
of it look like this
bridge in Northport, Michigan.
Here's the other side.
Wouldn't that be fun?
And, maybe a little shop off
to the side like the one
next to the bridge in 

Do you think I could convince
MyHero to BUY me a bridge?
Nah- Me neither...

I found one that is 
AND they will deliver it.
read about it here
Well, I know 
out there are going to 
try and beat me to the punch.
I already have my name in,
thank you! you suppose 
this is the bridge
Billy Jo McCallister
jumped off of?
(some of you chicks are
WAY too young to remember
that song).
Maybe THAT is why it's for 
sale-it's haunted!
(Just trying to scare you 
off so you don't bid!;>)

I'll let you know when
it gets delivered
so you can get your
seating reservation in early!
Happy July 1st!
your photo name


Susie said...

Diana, You know your hero does not want any of that rusty stuff on the concrete...So you may have to paint it. And do you have any idea how many flowers it will take to fill that, if you turn it into a planter :):):)xo, Susie

Patricia said...

Good Morning,
I know what song is going to be stuck in my head all day...

I love your bridge cafe idea.

Anonymous said...

there is just something so romantic about bridges, covered bridges are the ones i like, I hope you enjoy your bridge, where ever you put it, is it a little wooden bridge for the yard, Garry's mum has one of those, its so cute.
Are you pulling our leg, I never know when you are serious or just joshing!

Olivia said...

I think that is such a cool idea! I love bridges too...

Jettie said...

Is this going to be for the next home, with a drawbridge and a moat around it for the princesses? Personally, I cringe when we cross a bridge like that one, so I won't be bidding against you.

Kim K. said...

Don't you always have the best ideas and adventures!! The girls have been telling Chris he needs to build them a moat and bridge to the treehouse. It's fun to dream.

Tete said...

Well, if you get this bridge, you already have the troll! LOLOLOLOL
Yeah- that was funny.

NanaNor's said...

Happy July! I remember that song-so we must be in the same age range. I do think you are about 10 yrs younger than I am though. I think your idea is grand and would love to come visit it, should you win. Have a wonderful day my friend.

Gina said...

I would love to put my reservation in as long as you make it look pretty, ok? (I'm kind of afraid of bridges, but I'll make an exception for you, of course!)

It's All Connected said...

Is that for real? The bridge is for sale? I want one! ~ Maureen

Kelly said...

You are so funny! I can't beleive that bridge is really being offered up.

Michelle said...

Love can build a bridge, between your heart and mine.... Oh gotta still love the Judds. Sorry, just needed to sing to you. haha
xoxo said...

I have a bridge that is like 30 years old less then three minutes walking. Some old man built it out of the forest trees . It is so quaint. It is the travel for us neighbour's to get to the lake and over to the next road instead of hiking half hour around about up hills. Well the wee old bridge is leaning to the right. We need you here to do a fixer upper. Nana. Maybe paint it white.

I will get a picture up of it next week. Now if we took some of the bushes surroundingaway as you walk off. You could build your cafe in there. We could all get to-gether. I wish I could post it here. What do you think. You game. A cafe in the bush. Nice and cool when it is hot,hot.

I think that is cute idea.

Nellie said...

Diana, I would LOVE to join you for a cup of coffee in that bridge cafe! Just let me know when opening day is scheduled! xo Nellie

Debbie said...

No bridge for me, thank you. I am afraid of them. I will sit on the road and yell at you as you sit on the bridge. Just throw me a donut, or a scone, and I'll be happy.
Looks kind of spooky.

WeeFaerie said...

You post this as my dh is building me a bridge to cross over my little stream to the gazebo lol! Mine wont be fancy but I will have my little arched bridge to cross on the way into my garden :)

Patty Patterson said...

I can't wait to see what you do with that. I know it will be lovely, whatever you do - but I want to see it!
And is it still enough there to actually eat outdoors and set a pretty table? Here, the wind would blow the tablecloth right off, so we don't have many formal picnics. I actually pose my soccer teams with girls in front, taking a knee and boys in back holding ponytails down with a hand behind each girl's back. (but, shhhhh.... don't tell that secret to my competitors. It's one of the many reasons my soccer pics are better than theirs)

Kathy said...

Go for it honey!
The bridge sounds wonderful and the cafe is a must. I will be waiting for my Grand Opening invite.
Yes, I agree what the heck happened to June.
Happy July 1st.
Keep on Dreaming

Amber said...

Too cool! But, Miss. Diana, where on earth are you going to fit that thing? :)

Betsy@ coastal-colors said...

You're a mess! Whatever do you mean about that Billy Jo McCallister song? LOL! I remember it well! This looks like a bridge in Rome, Georgia. You know rust is in now! Perfect for the bay! I would like to reserve a front row seat!

Heaven's Walk said...

lol! You DO know what's going to happen, don't you, Diana....? YourHero is going to tell you he's going to build you a nowhere. hehehe!

Just sayin'..... :)

xoxo laurie

At The Picket Fence said...

LOL! Could you imagine having that thing delivered? Too funny! I like your bridge cafe idea though and I would definitely make a reservation for that! :-)

Janet said...

Hi Diana,

I love the bridge and the flower boxes. And what a cute little shop too.

As soon as you get your bridge set up and are taking reservations let me know. k?

Bummer, I ain't too young to remember that song. lol

Have a great Monday my friend.

Take care, Janet W ((hugs))

Blooming Rose Musings said...

I look forward to seeing where you put your bridge. I love the romantic idea of a cafe and flowers. I can just imagine this bridge being delivered to your home! I think Billy Jo's bridge was somewhere in the south...did she jump off it or did she throw something off it? And then of course there was Patty Paige who told everyone to"cross over the bridge and leave your broken heart behind you". Ahh, bridges!
I have had a house full of company and took some time off. Hopefully I'll post again later this week.
Have a wonderful 4th of July!

Little Miss Maggie said...

I like bridges too. They link things together and the architecture of them is wonderful. Especially the old covered bridges which we don't seem to have in California. I hope you get in the winning bid. I want to see the end result.

Pam said...

Oh, I remember that song. Maybe just because they made a movie about it though. Enjoy your bridge. I'm sure they deliver it for you.