Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March Madness-Wisconsin Style

I know some of you
have green that is bursting
through the soil
right now
and it feels like an early Spring.

Spring comes a bit later
here in Wisconsin.
The other morning I
awoke to
THIS scene on
the little deck off our dining room.
The play house is covered with
nature's frosting, too.
Mrs. Cardinal makes her
morning appearance.
Mr. Cardinal is a lot more
skittish and hard to
catch off guard.
Fat and Sassy is here, too.
(NO not ME- I mean this guy)
I guess, like me, he is
camera shy and has turned
his back on the paparazzi.
Now- I'm not saying
that I have a
addiction or anything...
although SOME people in
my own family have
accused me of just that very thing-
Imagine THAT
but this is what the
roads looked like
when I headed out for
morning fix.
Were the roads slippery?
Did some idiot partially
cross over into my lane?
Was it worth the drive?
Did I white-knuckle it all
the way home?
Did I live to tell the story?
Would I do it again?

The answer to all the questions
above is a resounding
Anyone get them all right?

Hey...did I EVER say
I WASN'T crazy?;>)
your photo name


  1. OH My goodness you are crazy girl. I remember those days, but I was driving to work LOL!

  2. You really are crazy, but then again, we people who live with snow have to forge ahead. If we didn't, we wouldn't be able to leave the house from November til April!

  3. You crack me up LOL I am glad I found you and your blog. I love my visits here. :)

    I have just been stressing an up coming trip to the city because of expected wind and snow. It usually doesn't bother me but lately...

    I love your pics. Really love the snowy ones. Isn't it lovely?

    Take care, Janet W

  4. It looks like that in MI, too! I did not go out at all over the weekend...I really don't like to drive on snowy roads. That Starbucks coffee must be something special!!

  5. You need to find someone with a Kauerig Coffee Maker and go for a visit and try a cup. It's delicious and can be made at home. It's also easy. If you liked it, you could get a coffee maker. Or, put it on your birthday or Christmas list. It could save you a trip to Starbucks on days when the roads are simply too dangerous to get out on. Here's a link - just so you can look: http://www.keurig.com/?cm_mmc=Google-_-Trademark-_-UND%5fTrademark%20Core%20%2d%20Exact-_-Home%20%2d%20Register%20Your%20New%20Brewer%20Today%20%26%20Buy%202%20K%2dCup%20Boxes%2c%20Get%202%20Boxes%20Free&gclid=CI3Sj52h0q4CFQFeTAodxVtg3A

    Of course, you work at a hospital and they are open 24/7 during all kinds of weather and if you would drive through this to go to work, why not drive through this to enjoy a cup of coffee.

  6. Diana, You may have to start making Starbucks at home...yikes, no way would I start out in that for a cup of coffee. Of course the older I get the less I like snow driving. Wishing you some sunshine today,smiles, xo, Susie

  7. Wow! Now that's a winter wonderland! You must really LOVE Starbucks to brave that :)

  8. Totally understand the Starbucks thing...I'm from the place where Starbucks was born.
    Have you tried their new BLONDE blend yet?

  9. I'd brave it for a cup of coffee, if I couldn't get one at home. and yes, I got them all right..

  10. I had no idea you lived in Wisconsin!

    I am absolutely not a northern gal...though I am currently living there. I am a Florida gal, and my blood prefers the warmth and sunshine, so winter is always a difficult time for me. And, we got snow here on March 1st!! I am counting the days until my Florida vacation!!

    Wishing you a joyous day.


  11. I think you are the beginning of a new Starbuck's campaign..."What would you do for a cup of Starbuck's?" ... Envious of your snow. We didn't get any this year. Must be because my husband bought a snow blower this past summer!

  12. You ARE crazy, Diana! If I looked out my window and saw that I'd be planning my day inside the house! I do not drive in the snow. Too many close calls in the past for my liking. It would have been horrible if they had been closed. You know, for snow. : )

  13. I love this post. You make me laugh. It`s always fun to read your posts.

    Have a nice day.

    Hugs Bente

  14. Burrrr.....Woke up to teens this a.m. Can't wait till Spring!!

  15. You are too cute! If you are crazy, you're not alone....I will brave the roads for Starbucks, too! Ha! Gotta have my caffine! ;)

    Enjoy the snow, great pics!! xo ~Liz

  16. That is a serious addiction!
    The scene on your deck is so pretty.

  17. Hi Diana, the snow is so beautiful but you can keep it...your welcome! I'm a big chicken when it comes to driving in the snow. Its a good thing the weather is milder in Jersey or I would never leave the house lol.Thanks for always making me laugh.

  18. I know! Here too...love the cardinals! We don't have them here, my feeders are full of Pine Siskens, and Thrush.

    Dreaming Spring ;)

  19. I wish we had cardinals here. I'll trade you a 6 magpies for just one pair of cardinals!

  20. Love your sense of humour! The snow is beautiful...

  21. So glad you made it home safe-I'm sorry but a good cup of coffee in the safety of your home sounds much better.
    Hugs, Noreen

  22. I'm so glad to see snow somewhere. I felt really negligent getting out a blog post about winter things when it is like apring-time where I live. The blanket of snow is so pretty to look at (but not so great to drive in huh?).

  23. I think we all knew the answers to the questions! I would have been disappointed if you had turned around - I mean we're talking Starbucks on a cold snowy morning. I'd say it was worth the risk!!!
    : )

  24. I think you were totally sane! No sense of keeping perfectly good coffee waiting on a day like that.

  25. OMG, Diana ... you sound like my sister who is "married" to Starbucks! LOL. I love your beautiful snowy pictures ... I supposed I shouldn't tell you it's in the 60's and sunny here, should I? Ooooops ... sorry, sweet friend! :)

  26. wow you went out in that? guess i have to agree that you are a BIT crazy, ha ha... i have a keurig and use starbucks kcups every morning. love them.

    smiles, bee

  27. My, my! You are certainly one very brave woman!

  28. I have to agree, you are veering on the insane. I'm getting you a Mr. Coffee!
    But it all sure does look pretty,
    (she says as she sits in balmy Miami).
    Be careful!!!
    Big hugs,

  29. The snow looks so pretty, but I like to enjoy it from afar! I have to agree with some of the other comments, use a kauerig coffee maker (it's really delicious), or have some starbucks coffee on hand! Even better is to grind it yourself!

  30. I love my coffee too! i send the husband.

  31. You mean to tell me that YOU are the only one that would take such a worth while trip? MY entire family would and have!! So rest easy.."anyone" is out there and cheering you on with understanding in their hearts!
    Oh, but not me! Good heavens..never me!! :)

  32. Diana, I just left a comment...and it didn't come through. I don't see where they have to be approved...??? what the heck happened?

  33. Again.. :)

    Everyone in my family would have taken the same ride you did..but of course not me. I never would!
    Just wanted to say that "anyone" is out here cheering you on and in total understanding and doesn't think you are crazy at all. Well, ok, I do! But who am I? Yep...not me. I would NEVER, EVER do such a thing. Have you tried the new Blond coffee?? Hmmmmm???

  34. We had snow yesterday (quite a bit of it) and almost summer today...yesterday snow boots and today no coat at all. This is a strange winter in the Midwest for certain!

    I have a Starbucks very near my house and I wouldn't have gone out in that weather to mine! You really are addicted:)

  35. Wow you are addicted if you go out in that or you are so used to driving in that weather that it is like any other day. I love Starbucks too but limit myself to every once in a while so save money. But oh how I love the smell when you walk in the door of SB.

  36. thats some pretty nasty weather, you are brave or really addicted, ha ha.
    Your posts aren't coming up for me,, mmmm, wonder whats up with that1

  37. Now that's what I call dedication to your morning coffee! I wonder if I could survive even one winter in a place like Wisconsin?...yikes, probably not I'm way too wimpy when it comes to cold weather!

    Kat :)

  38. I'm an original California Girl, born, raised and lived here all my life!

    On the other hand, my Sweetie grew up in Massachusetts and says, "I'm never shoveling snow again." Trust me, we're not planning to move to this kind of weather! I love the photos of it!

    You went out for STARBUCKS??? Are you crazy, Lady??? What was the answer to all those questions???

    Stay warm, stay safe, STAY HOME!!!


  39. You are nuts. If that much snow makes it to middle Tn. we close the schools don't go to work and buy every loaf bread the stores have. I did I tell you we don't drive in snow very well.

  40. Now that's a die-hard Starbucks fan! lol Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  41. I think you are freakin' nuts! Must be hanging out with the squirrel too much. Can you believe its 52 here this morning? I don't think the furnace has kicked on since early yesterday.
    I am here waiting on your morning post before going back to bed. Breakfast is done and out of the way. Slept 4 1/2 hours and boy, do I need some more this morning.

  42. I cannot believe you....seriously :) I hope you enjoyed every bit! You deserve it.


  43. ohhhhh. all that snow is lovely. I don't think I would've taken that drive, but everything else makes me mourn for some cold weather.


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