Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bittersweet Romance

For my 50th birthday
(don't ask when THAT was)
my family and friends
threw a huge bash.
My brother came from
out East and friends from Florida
and around the area showed up
to surprise me.

One of the things that
surprised me most was
this watercolor that
my friend, Carol, asked
an artist friend of ours
to paint.

When Carol said she wanted
a painting of Bittersweet,
Lois Christensen, the artist,
about fell over her easel laughing.
WHO would want a picture of
BITTERSWEET? Lois asked.
When Carol said it was for me..
she "got it".
Hmmm...guess SHE knows I
am a tad "off-kilter", too!

Here it is! It hangs in my
hallway on the way to our
I see it several times a day
and always smile to myself.

A close up

So, when I got my
magazine for October
I was tickled to see an
article called
Bittesweet Romance.

I think every Fall decorating
should have a bit of
don't you?
I love this table with a
bit of bittersweet color on it.
And look at these pumpkins,
wrapped with bittersweet.
How cute are these for
place markers?
Aren't these votives sweet?
I also found a bit of
color in the shot of this room.
Maybe just a tad
of saturated color for me!

And, where is the
you ask~
Well~ It is
that my own backyard
NOTHING like this!
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  1. Good morning my Bloggy Friend!!!!
    Love all your "Bittersweet" pics.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great day!!!

    Suzann ~xoxo~

  2. I love it too! Last week when we were out in the woods I found it growing wild and was so excited! I love your painting and this is a perfect fall post!

  3. That is so very pretty Diana. I love the colors, and how sweet and thoughtful that was. Love the other fall goodies too.

  4. I don't think bitter sweet gets the respect it deserves. I love it, too. It definitely needs to fire its PR person!!!!

  5. What a pretty painting & a sweet gift too! Now see, it looks like you were ahead of the times with this bittersweet romance thing. Thanks for sharing all the photos too.

  6. that brings new meaning to Bitter sweet to me, beautiful, I will think of you everytime I see it,

  7. I love bittersweet! It grew along every country road when I was a kld and you could stop and take all you wanted. Not here. The farmers have sprayed it all away...and I had a place that I knew of and never ever told anyone, where we could drive by and see it in the fall. Someone sprayed it all, too.

  8. There is an area not too far from here where Bittersweet has taken over a whole roadside. Many people go there to get it to decorate with!!
    Beautiful photos!!

  9. Mine doesn't, either. So sad.
    I love that painting! What a thoughtful gift.

  10. You are "Special" Diana and all your friends and family know that.Beautiful painting...beautiful post.
    Now I read the 2 posts I missed maybe 3....The corn chowder sounds so yummy especially with cornbread...you need to write a recipe book.
    The post you wrote about your little amusement park is awesome...I could hear the wind whistle because I have stood in a park before and heard those sounds...it was like being there with you.
    The tree in all her glory was not ready to give up her fall dress.
    I did not know you lived on the bay....awesome....I bet it is beautiful in all seasons. don't you have a garage apartment I could move into and be your house keeper...lol
    Have a wonderful night Diana
    hugs and love

  11. Well, I never knew that Bittersweet was a plant. It's very pretty!

  12. How wonderful! Love those decorations!
    Thanks for sharing them, Diana, and for your sweet words for me!
    Monica x

  13. I like bittersweet too. I think I remember the first time I went to get some in the wild...it must have been 20 years ago. It grows wild near a pond and I clipped a bunch and then made real bittersweet wreaths. It looks so pretty on a front door. I have a faux bittersweet wreath now! Those days of going hunting for the real deal are a pleasant memory.

  14. I love bittersweet too but have never been able to find any growing wild. Sure wish I could. Your picture is lovely!

    I'm hosting an everything Thanksgiving party next Tuesday and would love for you to join. Please stop by!

  15. I love Bittersweet. What a great post. Really makes me want to embrace the Fall season!! Hope your having a great week. XO

  16. Ha Diana! You crack me up!! But that bittersweet in the magazine looks awesome and your bittersweet piece/gift is amazing~~
    Who couldn't love bittersweet??

  17. Dear Diana,

    Happiest and warmest of Birthday wishes to you!

    Yes, bittersweet it beautiful.

    So are your pictures.



  18. What a gorgeous treasure! What a lovely gift to have. I am a huge fan of bittersweet too. I cut all the pictures of bittersweet from BHG too!

  19. Lucky are your commenters who have found it growing wild. I have never seen it around here. I think it's so pretty. I decorated my front porch for Thanksgiving yesterday and added soft orange to the white pumpkins. I love the look. Love your post Diana!

  20. Diana
    I bet there is a story behind your 'bittersweet' painting. I think it's lovely and a special gift!
    I keep thinking I'll get my lazy bum out of the car and pick some bittersweet since I pass it along the road so often, but so far my brain hasn't gotten my legs in motion yet.
    Thanks for collecting so many great fall table-setting ideas too that are actually do-able!
    Take care-Kimberly

  21. I adore that stuff, too, D! I used to send Hubby out into the swampy puckerbrush around the lake to pick some for my Thanksgiving decor. lol! Did you have a fun day today....? :)

    xoxo laurie

  22. Bittersweet is beautiful - you have a very lovely painting and it is very cool that the feature in Better Homes and Garden set such a lovely table with Bittersweet - just meant for you!
    Hope you have a great week,

  23. Hi Diana, that is such a sweet and thoughtful gift. Bittersweet is really very pretty. I wish my backyard looked like that one too. BTW you are always so funny I love reading your comments and post.

  24. I love bittersweet too. I guess it's the bright color left when everything else is turning brown. I really love the table with it's fine pumpkintry! :)

  25. What a pretty watercolor, Diana, and a thoughtful gift! I love bittersweet, too, and was thinking not too long ago how much I miss it! It grows wild in the woods near our house back in MI, so we always collected a ton of it to decorate with. I've not seen any out here, phooey! Have a great night!

  26. Love bittersweet! That picture is so pretty.
    Nice Fall post with great images, Diana.

  27. Hi Diana wanted to check on you...any baby news yet ???...soon I know...I LOVE bittersweet too...I've never seen it growing ..I'd enjoy that...you have sweet friends to know you so well that they gift you one of "YOUR FAVORITE THINGS"...hope all is well friend...enjoy every moment waiting for your new grand baby...big hugs....Karena A Loblolly Life

  28. I love reading your posts! Always smiling as I go through as if I'm sitting with an old friend with a cup of tea chatting in the nook!



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