Friday, August 19, 2011

Playing House

When I was a little girl
I loved playing house.
I never had a
REAL playhouse,
but I laid out floor plans
with stones to outline rooms.

Growing up on a farm,
in a rather isolated area,
meant playing alone much
of the time.
I have a brother that is
four years younger but
when you are kids
that is a significant
age difference
and he sure didn't want to
"play house".

When we moved to this house
I begged for a
My wonderful brother-in law,
son-in-law and son
made my dream a reality.
For 3 summers now the
playhouse has been open
for business.

 This Summer has been
a busy one
but I finally got around
to cleaning up the playhouse
for late Summer and Fall
 Dreamdays and Parties.

The little garden

and windowboxes
whisper sweet childhood

This flag outside the door
welcomes everyone..

And the front door,
complete with hat,
offers a sweet invitation
to enter.

Come sit a spell in the
newly painted wicker
furniture.  A rare find
for $2.99 per piece
at a thrift store.
They used to be natural
wicker but look so much
fresher in white.
Pillows and baby dolls
are the perfect accessories.
The little rose mirror
is a real original and was a
$4,00 find and the little
rose picture
is from my friend, Donna,
over at
My Shabby Chateau.
The "hutch" was another
$4.00 find
And the sweet picture above
the settee was $2.50.
I found a close out miniature
chandelier, complete with flowers
and crystals for a few dollars.
It hangs over the little
wicker table covered with a
little tablecloth that my mother
hand embroidered when she was young.
And real leaded glass windows
from the salesmen's samples
left over when we sold
our home improvement company.
A playhouse to love.

Built with love,
for the kids we love...
the ones that sit on the grass
in front of the playhouse
and dream their childhood dreams..

Then, hearing the call of fairy voices
beckoning them to play they
are off and running.

Don't run too far, too fast,
Stay little just a little while
believe in magic and fairies
and a Nana that can make
any wrong right.
Just for a minute, child,
just for a minute..

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⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜@ Debbiedoos blogging and blabbing said...

That is truly a little girls dream...a big girls too. It is so darling Diana! Have a great weekend.

Jan said...

How could any child ask for more, you make dreams come true:-) love jan

Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes said...

How cute is that? Your grans are so lucky to have you and such a wonderful place to create memories of their own. I would have absolutely loved that when I was a child. I played house all the time. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

this is just the best post, of course I love each one but this brought tears to my eyes,, the love you have for those kids is just a wonderful thing.What a beautiful little house,, its just beautiful,, in everyway and even more so becuse you did it yourself,, a real gift from the heart,,

michelle said...

What a beautiful playhouse! I love this post, so happy. We are not kids for very long and I am so glad that you can make your little's one childhood memorable and magical.
They are so lucky to have you. :)

Tete said...

That is so cool. I used an old brooder house, was set up on big rocks high off of the ground but in really good shape. Took all day to clean out the old chicken poop and hose it all down before I could start moving in.
My folks never helped with anything like that- I had to scrounge for stuff to put in it, but it was fun going through the barns and out buildings, even the attic for stuff other folks had left behind.
It didn't leak at all and was a great place to play, besides the barn when it rained.
My dad had always promised to build me a playhouse- for years- and I believed him.
No sooner had I got this one all fixed up- he took the back hoe and knocked it down and burnt it so we could make another garden spot.
My kids had a fort- and it stood long after they were too old to play in it.
You are a great Nana...the kids are lucky to have someone with so much love to make their dreams come true- even if they haven't dreamt them yet...;)

sissie said...

Hi Diana,
I used to dream of having a playhouse too. My friends had one and I was so envious. Yours is the sweetest one I've ever seen. I might be tempted to just stay in there, but of course I wouldn't fit in the seats! LOL!

How precious.


Patty said...

They do grow up too fast! But - with a play house like that they'll want to stay little. Maybe it will help keep them that way.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

OMG I love that playhouse Diana!
What a dreamy place you have created for your young grand-daughters!
And what great deals you found too!
Love that little hutch and love that little garden!

Jettie said...

I love that playhouse, and I know the girls are so blessed to have such a perfect place to play.

My 'playhouse' was the shade of the mulberry trees in my grandparents corner yard, we played trucks and cars, built towns, whatever kids could think to do, there in the shade of those trees.
I'd love to go back and sit there for a few minutes and dream. That place was where my happiest memories of childhood were made.

Donna said...

Aawwwww! I want to come and play in your playhouse! A pink door and pink flower box, how cute is that? Your granddaughters will have such wonderful memories of this when they are older! I hope they know how lucky they are to have such a terrific Nana! And I was thrilled to see my rose collage in your playhouse, what an honor!!!! Love the pictures of the girls in their fancy dresses, too:)

Debby said...

What a sweet sweet post. I love that playhouse. What a great
Nana you are.

Blondie's Journal said...

Where have you been hiding this wonder?!! I would have never grown up if I had a playhouse like this! I used to use our closet...just enough room to sit and have tea with my dolls! Your grand kids are so lucky and so are you! I love every little detail! Sweet!


Pamela said...

Oh i want one too! This is gorgeous and I love that mirror with the roses!!!
I loved loved playing house when i was a little girl too!
The girls are so lucky to have you for a Nana!
Pamela xo

Rebecca said... I'm officially jealous of what you have. I want that playhouse. I do. I'm going to go and get on my knees and ask God if you will send it to me as a present.

Am I coveting?

:( Maybe.

LOVE IT friend. Haven't been by in a busy the past couple of weeks. :( More soon! I'm off to backtrack!


Trisha said...

I still want a playhouse, especially one as adorable as this! You are such a wonderful Nana!


Gabriele Agustini said...

FABULOUS!! Just fabulous!!
The playhouse, the girls and Nana Diana!!
Sending hugs. ~

My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

What a special and sweet little playhouse. I bet your grands love it so much. I love how it is decorated too. A childhood (and big girl too) dream.

Jane, Naples, Florida said...

It is just too wonderful for words! I am in
awe...what a wonderful family!

Flora Doora

Laura said...

Diana, just catching up from the weeks posts!!... thats definently the most gorgeous playhouse ever!!! and you have gone to so much effort to decorate; you are making some amazing memories for the girls! Happy bday to lulu!!! Love that tinkerbell card!!! That was a big old nibble that sweetcheeks had!!! Its funny the things children do, thinking no one will ever notice!!!! Love your parade too... And the guy in the blue dress!! and the black shoes! just gorgeous!!! Gosh, you have had a busy week havent you? How do you do so much? and blog and work too?! I think i need some of what you`re on!!! Dont have much energy these days!! but that happens in winter! Have a great weekend Diana... lots of love, Laura xxx

Pam said...

This post made me tear up. Don't exactly know why, but it is a very sweet post. Those little kiddos are so lucky you are their Nana.

Linda beachside cottage said...

Hello Nana Diana - what a sweet, sweet dollhouse for your sweet, sweet granddaughters - they are so lucky and how much fun it must have been putting it all together

I'm sure they will have many happy memories there that they will take with them throughout their adulthood!

Precious -

Am your newest follower, too ;o)


Joanna Noel said...

Several things! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! How fun to find another PA person! *giggles*
I am so glad you are following me and my blog! I am following you back and cant wait to read more of your blog post! I dont care the age or if they can be my grandparent, I still love new bloggy friends!
Second, CAN I COME LIVE IN YOUR PLAYHOUSE? For real, its awsome :)


Annesphamily said...

Oh what fun! I am thinking back to my own childhood. How much fun I had playing with dolls and and cutting out paper dolls! I never had a play house but my friend and I had creative minds and we had so much fun making things up! Love it here! Hugs Anne

A Cottage Muse said...

I want one too! I want to have it all ready and just perfect for the day there are little ones again! Until then I can enjoy it and play house!

Yours is just wonderful!

Oh and I just love looking at Robert every time I comment!!

Wendy@Once upon a rose haven said...

What a lovely playhouse! I love how you decorated, so cute and adorable. Your are a wonderful Nana!
Blessings ~Wendy