Thursday, August 12, 2010

Boxes And Books And Presents-Oh My!

I was thinking about what makes me happy.
Obviously the first thing on the list is
family-MyHero, children & spouses,
and grandchildren.
But there are other little things
that I don't think much about
in the day-to-day act of living.
And yet..they are a part of my life
and bring me a bit of joy.

Years ago when my Mother came to live with me
I brought quite a bit of her "stuff" from
I think I thought having "stuff" from the farm
would help me remember
the farm and family as it was....
because in her state of mind
she was no longer the mother I knew.
Sadly, she passed away,
and I gave some of the "stuff"
back to my brother.
My kids, too, have some of the things
from the old farm house but..
one of the things I held onto
is a little cedar "chest".
It is only about 8"x12"x4" high.
She told me once that she gave a man
a ride to Elmira, NY and he gave her
the little carved box as payment.
If you open it you will find
some little treasures....
hankies and an embroidered piece or two.
I enclosed one of these little "fingertip towels"
(a peachy-pink one)
when I sent some sheets to a friend.
I don't know her all that well, yet...
but I felt (for some s-t-r-a-n-g-e reason)
that she should have it..
that she would appreciate it
and treasure it.
Sorry-NO! You can't have this one!!!What else makes me smile when I see it?
These fairy books that my daughter, Mimi,
gave me.
When you open them you will find that....
They are kind of "naughty" fairy books
not the kind I can read to the grandkids.
Whoever knew fairies had boobies?
Well...they me!
And in front of the books that are
tucked into this little niche
is a rock that my son painted
when he was just a child.
He gave it to me for Christmas one year.
That was the year he had $20.
and spent $2.00 on lei's for everyone
(except me-I got the rock)
and the rest on himself.
Yep-He was THAT kid!
Then, last Spring, Mimi went to a garage sale
and picked up this pearl necklace & earrings
still in their original box.
They have aged to a beautiful cream color. I researched them online.
They were QUITE the item in their day
and if you click on Elizabeth Taylor's picture
you can read all about them. Below is another special "box".
This one was given to me by
MamasBoy & TheSecretAgent
on my 60th birthday last year.
If you open the box
you will find 60 "memory slips"
tucked inside.
OMGosh! Can I BE 60?
When did THAT happen?
I don't feel 60..
Do you think they fear I am losing my mind
and hope these act as gentle reminders
of a time when I knew who I was?
Is that what this present is all about?
A random one reads:And, last but not least..
I received this special little box
from 3 very special little girls.
It is a Fairy Catching Kit.
We have had many sightings here
but have yet to actually capture one.
However, maybe with this kit
we stand a chance of outwitting them.Just look at all the tools inside! And to wrap up this little presentation of Joy..
I am wearing this...
because a special little Miss
wrapped it up in a piece of Kleenex
(which I am hoping wasn't used)
and said it was....
"The bestest present eveah"!
And, indeed...I think it might be!

How about you?

What little things make you happy?

What little joys put a song in your heart?
I hope that your days are filled with little joys too

because I am finding that..

the older I get..

the more happiness I find in the little things.

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A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Diana ~ love your post today!! I loved the box with the 60 memories in it ~ great idea! I will spend the day thinking about all the little things that make me happy! I got one ~ I am very happy I found your blog!

Diana said...

So enjoyed your precious things! So many of my little things come with great big special memories, too.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Such a cute post and look at all the precious things you have. You and my hubs are the same age and I am only five years from ya. I don't know how we get to this age. I surely don't feel my age either. Doing things in my house of course make me happy and fixing up the nursery for the grandbaby on the way has been fun for sure.

Heaven's Walk - said...

Hey Diana.....YOU put a song in my heart, friend, and laughter in my soul! xoxo

(Ummmm....fairies with boobies? Go figure....)

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

Tara said...

Dear Mom... Stop sending our heritage and history peices to strangers. That is weird. You need help.
Love, Tpot ;)

Kathy said...

You have reached the age of FABULOUSNESS!!!!!
I KNOW....I reached it in May!
and Your right on with the little things....where would we be without them?
Could we be fairies?
You make me smile Nana Diana...
xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Kathy said...

Still laughing over Tpot!
xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Pam said...

I think we were seperated at birth. I have a cedar chest full of stuff from my Mom's house too. But mine is a full size cedar chest. No boobie books though!

Anonymous said...

I am very much enjoying your blog and wish I had time to stay longer. we all know our good Wisconsin winter is coming, so I will have indoor time to visit.