Saturday, May 8, 2010

On Wisconsin-(StateSong)

When we got married and moved to Wisconsin (from Florida) my husband (a WI native) told me that there was no place quite like the State of Wisconsin. Lord love us all, he was right! It is one of the few times in our married life when he was (unquestionably) right! There are several little known "facts" about Wisconsin that make it unique unto itself.

Where else, pray tell, have you seen a sign giving away free strips of paper as you are leaving a retail store? Only in Wisconsin.
How about those Packers? That is a term that can be thrown out any time of the year in any place (including the home front) and I can guarantee that the conversation will become heated. WHO is Brett Favre and WHAT is he doing over there (in Minnesota -for all you non-football fans)~IS he retiring this year or is he making a COMEBACK?
Who Cares? (apologies to my WI friends)

Only in Wisconsin is a water fountain called a "bubbler". I am NOT a native...the first time someone asked me where the bubbler was I thought they might be talking about the kid down the street that blew snot bubbles out his nose....or worse....don't ask....

Oh, yes...and our state "animal"? A badger! That's right! The meanest rodent God ever put on Earth and we have claimed him as our own to honor and adore. Who WERE the people in power that decided this? I mean why not a nice little rabbit, or a prairie dog? But a BADGER- called Bucky? Lord, please deliver me from the embarrassment of telling this to my out-of-state friends.

Now we do have some pretty farms AND we have Door County which is one of the most magnificent places on Earth, bar none....but we also have Milwaukee which is proud to claim the highest number of alcoholics per capita of any city. What a grand claim to fame THAT is. daughter & family just moved there. Wonder if I should worry?

And, guess what? It is May! In most of the states May is a wonderful, blossoming, blooming month. We have some blooms here...but wait.....I have a four letter word for you- SNOW~ We have SNOW in the forecast for today and tomorrow. I can't tell you how excited I am...more excited than I was the time MyHero ran into the house and....well, never mind...I can't tell you anyway~

But, you know, I have become accustomed to this place. My kids are here, my grandkids are here, MyHero is here, my wonderful women friends are here. I have a job that I love.....what more could anyone ask for? Oh, yeah...Good Coffee- Starbucks- Here I come!!!
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Natalie said...

They don't even try to make that badger look semi-nice! Love the free strips of paper...that's funny. I have never seen that before anywhere :)
Thank you for following me!! I read your blog now everyday and really enjoy it. You can feel the love you put into it.
PS- NO idea what URL stands for!

Jettie said...

LOL, strips of paper, what do you do with them? What kind of paper? Why would they give them away?
Reminds me of grade school, when one of the teachers brought strips of paper,and gave them to the kids for drawing..
You mention snow, I mention melting in the southern heat...maybe we should switch place for a couple of days, I'll bet we would both be happy to go back home, don't you?

NanaDiana said...

Natalie-Thanks for the feedback-I'm reading you too! Okay-NOW our quest is to find what URL stands for--I will look it up;>)

Jett-How about I send you a box of snow? I have NO idea what the strips of paper were for- but we took one!-lol I think it was just a joke-Actually, I'm pretty sure it was!

NanaDiana said...

You will be happy to know-URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator (WWW address)-who knew~

Jettie said...

My friend calls them EARLS, so she doesn't have to say U-R-L...and she knows it isn't an earl, but she also has a sense of humor.

Maybe they know people are always needing a piece of paper to write a # on, so they provided them...

If SHE can figure it out.......... said...

I'm pretty sure the paper was an advertisement to come back to that shop (it was an art store and they had an entire section of unique papers)......I guess it wasn't very effective though, if you couldn't remember what it was for!!!

NanaDiana said...

Mimi- You are SUCH a smart aleck-if I could figure out how to I could block you, you know? lol Love-MOM