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Sunday, March 2, 2014

The SMILE That Will Make YOU Smile- Guaranteed!

I told you a few posts ago that when
the girls stay here I try to use the
at least once in a while.

Well, it is now our new
that if they stay the night we have
a nice meal with "formal" place settings.

You remember my table from here?
I used my red transferware for the 
girls' special dinner of salad
and homemade spaghetti and meatballs-
a family favorite.

The flowers were gone but I had another
large candle that I used centerstage.
The girls always have fun waiting for dinner.
I  took several shots of them chit-chatting together.
We have lots of SMILES and laughs
at our table.
But sometimes it is nice to get a picture
of them that is just a tad "calm" feeling!
A picture of smiles rather than laughter.

NOW for the picture that will make
This is the one that TAKES THE PRIZE.
I said,
Girls, give me just ONE SMILE 
where you aren't showing
Can you GUESS which one is 
Here's the KICKER-She 

I'll be around today if I can find a bit of 
sanity in a corner somewhere.
Have a blessed Sunday!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Red Transferware And Red Roses

Remember the other day when I asked you
Well, I had to censor some of your answers.
I thought a 
deserved a table set using 
and Ruby (or Cranberry)Thumbprint glasses.
I have a mix and match of pieces.
I got many of them when I helped my friend's,
Tom & Ruth, get their house ready for sale here.
Ruth has always been a collector of many things
and I was lucky enough to get the pieces
of red transferware that she had.
I combined them with the few pieces I had
to set this table.
The candlesticks are sterling silver and belonged
to Grandmother Clara.
The vase in the center is crystal 
from Poland and a gift
from a friend when she moved away.
It belonged to her mother.
It weighs more than my left thigh...
okay- I might have lied about that.

Close up of the vase.
The clear glass candle holders were a gift 
from my son-in-law for Christmas.
There were a few special pieces like the gravy boat.
Another shot overall.
And this shows the chandelier 
and the built in hutches 
that flank the fireplace.
Well, hubby is out of town 
so no dinner party tonight.
Time to snuff out the candles with my new 
Does the word candle SNUFFER make you feel like SNICKERING?
My three granddaughters 
got this for me for Christmas.
Down goes the Birdie!
Out goes the flame.

Hmmmm.....MyHero is gone...
You know the old saying-
While the CAT'S away the MOUSE will play.
I could just go WILD & CRAZY, couldn't I?
My friend, Jettie, posted something to help me get
started with the CRAZY part!
I sent for TWO starter kits.  
If ONE is good TWO must be better, right?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Spode Spit Polished And Shined

One time a long, long time ago..
in a house far-far away,
I set the table when we were
having company for dinner.
After it was set I noticed that
there were some smudges 
on the knives.
Child, I said,
and I won't tell you which one
lest I embarrass them to death
and they will do something hateful
to get even with me.
Child...Could you please take a cloth,
go around the table,
and polish all the silver
to get rid of the smudges?
A bit later I said...
The silver looks really good,
did you use a bit of water
on the cloth?
Nooooo....said the child.
I just spit on them
and wiped it off.
Double yuck!
Did I rewash the silver?
Did I have time?
What's your best guess?

Here's the table today.
These silver chargers belonged to
Grandmother Clara.
They are very very heavy silver.
Spode takes center place here.
The centerpiece consists of a
Fitz & Floyd Santa and Reindeer.
Gifts from my kids several years ago.
 The reindeer is about 18" tall.
Santa is about 24" tall.
This table makes my
heart happy.
This  is a wider shot of the 
dining room.
This chandelier has a long
story behind it-but we
love it.
And here's a peek at the 
dining room mantle.
I found these sweet birds 
a few years ago and they
hang off large candlesticks
on the mantle.
One Little Birdie
Two Little Birdies
Three Little Bir......
What the Heck?
Ohhhh..There is another
one of Mark Roberts
Danged Santa Fairies
keeping his eyes on me.
And after I promised to 
be good and all.....

My Gosh-
I just checked my email/blog
this morning and I am over-whelmed
with all the well-wishes from
yesterday-Thank you ALL
so much-Now I think I
might have to have a little cry,
or something-
Love to ALL of you!