Sunday, December 11, 2016


OKAY- Which one of YOU BRATS
asked me to post more pictures
of my 
Christmas Decorating?!

Like I don't have 
Well, you know me---I am a sucker
for all my followers.
AND because I LOVE YOU
I am going to show you the 
even though the 
Table. Is. Not. Set.

I would hustle right to the dining room
and do a nice little tablescape
and then take pictures of it--
Ain't happening, honey.

What you see is what you get.
Pieces of the Centerpiece!
Oh! Dear Deer!  
My Woodland Santa-
He's a cookie jar--shhhh-He doesn't know that!
If you look real close you can see me
reflected in the gazing ball--
now-there's a dumb blond for you!

You need some roses and greenery 
for a centerpiece, right?
Step back--step way back....
The sun was shining bright this morning
and it just caught my eye---
In the corner is a French themed tin
filled with rosemary and fairy lights.
Tie backs for the drapes which are shot through
with silver-
From the kitchen-
I sure do miss my beautiful
crystal chandelier which is now
in storage waiting for my 
next home.
I did gussy this one up with a 
few baubles---
Yep- I should have ironed those 
slip covers before I slipped them on..
I'll get right on that-
Thanks for noticing!

From the entry hall-
The left side--with built in hutches--
From entry hall-looking towards 
side porch-
Yeah- not sure what happened there-
Whole picture is a bit wonky...
Oh- well--that's what you get for 
rushing me!

A night time shot-
Another daytime view-
I'll get right on ironing those creases out...
and maybe I'll even set the table for you
on those cute, glitzy snowflake place mats.
you shouldn't use place mats on top of 
Ask me if I care!!!

I think I am getting more like 
MAXINE by the day.....
Now- if you are 
I just might do a few more shots of 
in a couple of days!

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  1. Gorgeous! I think the chairs look great!

  2. everything looks beautiful.. enjoy every twinkling moment.

  3. you are always good for a morning chuckle! thanks for that. now go iron those covers! Merry Christmas!

  4. Everything is beautiful! I love white rooms but with the people/animals I live with, it would never work. I would love to have that view from your room though without any snow. Just gorgeous!

  5. Diana, Your home is so beautiful. I love how everything looks. Oh there is no way that I can ever go so formal that I would worry of placemats. LOL. I love the Santa with the gorgeous deer.:) You are in my prayers...stay warm and safe up there in the cold. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  6. Beautiful, just like the decorator.

  7. You have such an eye for detail. Your whole house is just beautiful. -Jenn

  8. I just love how clean and unencumbered by extra, unneeded crap your dining room is. It's beautiful (even though I do miss the fancy chandelier). But what is this ironing thing you speak of? Might it be the thing my husband keeps mentioning when I hang his dress shirts in his closet :)

  9. I think it looks gorgeous Diana... who cares if you ironed or not.. Not everyone likes or has time to iron... I love ironing... crazy I know... but I don't always have time... so it gets done when I have the time xox

  10. It was me who wanted more photos - gosh you house is like a dream - I love to come visit and see the beauty that is everywhere. How do you do it and work too? I love the elegant white. And I didn't even notice when I looked that your chair covers need ironing - relax and enjoy your gorgeous home. Merry Christmas.

  11. Hmmm...iron the slip covers? I would just like to get some made by Christmas, which may not even happen! The rosemary and fairy lights are perfect in the corner, love them! Have a great week ahead Diana :)

  12. It looks wonderful and honestly, you've done more than me! I have thrown some pillows here and there and a couple of quilts over chairs....that is as far as I have gotten. The main decor right now seems to be wrapped presents ....the tree will be delayed a day as we are watching our grandson today and taking a 2 yr old (without Mom) to the tree lots seems a bit we will wait . Mom has an open house in LA to show so we have to watch him. Perhaps more cookie making is in the picture....

  13. Such a pretty dining room and I think ironing is a bad word!

  14. Gorgeous dining room, all decked out like a winter wonderland. Love your built in hutch....Funny about using placemats on a tablecloth. years ago, someone told me that was not proper. Who cares and what does it matter. I see it all the time now. Those snobby people...LOL I hate to iron. I do have a steamer, which is better than ironing, but I hate to drag it out..I need a compact version. Beautifully displayed Diana. xo

  15. Everything is just Beautiful, Diana, and I can see your Christmas Tree through the door by the fireplace..pretty too!

  16. Your house looks simply gorgeous dear friend.
    I love that woodland Santa and all your wonderful décor... who cares that you haven't iron, lol..
    I can see that gorgeous tree and the dining room is beautiful.
    I love your table in the dining room, everything is stunning dear !!
    Merry Christmas.

  17. Your home is beautiful Diana. Placemats on table cloth...I do that! Never would have noticed the creased chair covers....heck I would just leave them for people to notice, if they! I would be looking at everything else.

  18. That Maxine card! LOL, Some days I admit to feeling like that.
    Your home looks wonderful, Diana. I'll iron those slips for you...I'm an oddball that likes ironing. But really, who'd notice? No one!
    I love your built ins in there- so pretty. All the pretty touches in this room are just enough.
    What time do we eat? xoxo, T.

  19. Your home like walking through a winter wonderland. You are a very versatile lady. I love Maxine too.

  20. Hi,Diana! I have to keep my dining room table set so it doesn't become a resting place for those odd things that don't seem to have a home elsewhere!:-) xo Nellie

  21. The rosemary and fairy lights really caught my eye! I don't know what it is about it, but I love the look!!! Such a pretty room and I've always adored built in hutches. I love Maxine too...I also noticed in an episode of Gilmore Girls, Lorelai has a Maxine cookie jar in her kitchen! Love that!

  22. What a lovely room! ... and heck, I serve christmas dinner on a creased table cloth - creases? What creases? If it's clean.. we're good to go.

  23. It's absolutely beautiful, Diana!

    I have to go back and look at the rest.

    Really hope to share something new with you soon, too - it's so pretty this time of year and I woke to snow today - just beautiful!

    Keep up the good work. Now go get that iron! (not) LOL xxoo hugs

  24. You have a gorgeous home! Really like the rosemary in that tin.

  25. Everything is gorgeous. I love those chair slipcovers. Beautiful. Love the white roses with your sparkle greens. So pretty. The tin with lights and rosemary is fabulous!
    Can't wait to see more.

  26. Santa is real after all, in cookie jar form

  27. The dining room is so very pretty, Diana! And...your centerpiece is just lovely.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  28. LOVE your Christmas decor! Pretty, shinny & lovely.
    Merry Christmas.

  29. I think everything looks fabulous! Ironing? Ain't nobody got time for that! Everyone leaves cookies out for Santa so that makes him a cookie jar. xoxo

  30. Oh, Diana, Please do!!! I suppose I am one of the group that asked for more, but, believe me, when I say I don't remember! Looks lovely and I DID NOT notice any wrinkles in your chair covers..Merry and more Crazy, please..xxoJudy

  31. You are a blast! I love visiting you! You are such and upper. 😊

  32. You expect us to believe you do all this and blog? Piffles. I think you cut these pics out of home deco magazines, scan them and pass them off as your own. No normal human being can have a house that looks as good as this :P X

  33. Haha, you're too funny. What? Using placemats on a tablecloth is a no-no? I do it all the time but then rules were made to be broken, darlin'. 😉 Love the nighttime shot with the sparkles. So pretty!

  34. Diana, your dining room is beautiful! It's so lovely with the silver and white and blue. Along with the white roses, I'd say it's perfect! The chair covers don't look like they need ironing to me. Have a nice evening, my friend. xo ♥

  35. Diana, your dining room is gorgeous, I love the blues with the green walls. And don't you know that un-ironed slipcovers are the latest thing? It's all lovely!

  36. What a beautiful centerpiece. Love Santa's colors! And the tree in the previous post is gorgeous!

  37. Just gorgeous!! I've never thought of doing that with Rosemary ~ love the look! Hey, it's your can do anything you want. I kinda doubt that the tablecloth police will be stopping by!


  38. Absolutely stunning! And what wrinkles??? :)

  39. Your dining room is breathtaking, Diana. I like the blue touches in your Christmas decor. The rosemary in the French tin is so charming. Nicely done. Sorry, I didn't notice any wrinkles. ;) (Well, maybe just a few on my face.)

  40. Your dining room is so elegant and sophisticated! I love the built-ins around the fireplace. I also like the slips over the backs of your chairs. Your centerpiece is lovely. I'm a huge fan of the metallics and pastels this year. I see the pretty snow outside your window too.

  41. Your dining room is so generous in size- I love it! It's decorated beautifully! I hate ironing especially something that was ironed but just acquired seems from being folded! We got a bunch of snow did you?

  42. you did a great job in here the dining room is so lovely!!

  43. Pretty feisty today, lol!!! Absolutely lovely, wrinkles and all - your dining room, not you! Although, you ARE absolutely lovely, too, but you are wrinkle free. :) Jane

  44. Your Christmas home is lovely and your dining room is elegant and dreamy too.
    Love that window!
    Happy Monday,

  45. LOVE them all! But that night shot of your table?......oooooooh! MAGICAL!

  46. There is so much gorgeousness going on in one room! I appreciate your effort at showing us and can't imagine how gorgeous it would be if. you. had. time.!!

  47. Oh Diana! This is so beautiful...with a magical feeling!

  48. Good Morning Sweet Friend, I just love your gorgeous home and you have decorated it beautifully for Christmas. What an inviting dining room and your centerpiece is so pretty. I love this Santa. Everything is magical and so well done. The white roses and lights are so pretty. Enjoy the season!! Hugs and blessings xoxo

  49. The dining room is beautiful the centerpiece and how wonderful is that wintery scene out your window! I have always wanted a fireplace in the dining room. And don't worry about the is part of the ambiance!....and if you want to get them out the easy way....try spritzing them lightly with water. That works a lot with my tablecloths! Yes, want to see more of your Christmas decor!! Have a Merry week!!!!

  50. Everything looks amazing Diana...with or without wrinkles on the chairs! ;) We have put out a lot less this year. Some years, I'm less about the stuff and more about the experience.

  51. Looks beautiful, especially at night. Love lights in the dining room. Have some in mine and love sitting by the tree at night and gazing into my dining room.

  52. What a romantic dining room - I can just imagine the wonderful dinner parties that go on there!!!

  53. Isn't this GORGEOUS!!!!!! Happy birthday to you my friend and happy holidays as well, Janet

  54. I'm laughing and enjoyed the tour as well! Very pretty whether you like it or not!

  55. You certainly know how to make a home, Diana, and to make it beautiful! A lovely tour! xo

  56. Diana, your dining room is beautiful all decked out for the holidays. I am loving all the glitter! The deer is so pretty, and I especially love that French bucket with greens, tres chic!

  57. Well, I think it all looks gorgeous and I so did not even notice a wrinkle one...or a placemat on a tablecloth...OY VEY Love it all!

  58. Diana, I am one of the brats that asked to see your decorations-thank you for pleasing me!!! Love everything and know life has been crazy for you. Sending you hugs and love,

  59. Diana, your dining room is so nicely decorated. Lovin' all the white and silver you have in your Christmas décor..... the white reindeer, white candles, white roses, it's all so lovely. I got a very small tree this year, so I focused on all the white ornaments that I had, which I'll show soon (and my white fairy you wanted to see). I especially like your fairy lights in the corner hehehe. I think they really add something special to the room. :)

    love, ~Sheri

  60. Your dining room is truly stunning. I love the slipcovers! I also like silver decorations for Christmas. It reminds me of ice and snow, something we rarely see here in Central Alabama!

    Your Woodland Santa is too too cute!!! LOVE him!

    You've decked the halls Big League as our President Elect would say!


  61. It all looks lovely, Diana! And thanks for the caramel recipe above, too. Just might try that. I always chuckle when I visit you, and leave with a smile. Merry Christmas!!


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