Monday, October 24, 2016

EIGHT THINGS ABOUT ME-You Never Wanted To Know....

Grab your reading glasses
and a whiskey coffee cuz
this is one
It is the longest post I have
ever written!

I was asked these questions
when I first started blogging.
I stumbled across it and realized that
while so much has changed
so much has remained the same!

So---here in all my foolish loquacious-iness 
are my answers to eight questions I was given.
If you aren't feeling like reading
(and maybe laughing a bit)
you can move right along and 
come back another day.

Here we go!
.I have been tagged to tell you

EIGHT things about myself.  

 (yes I said 8-who picked that number

as the criteria to decide if I was fit to

be in Blogland-I mean why not 5 or 7..but 8?

Hey-did y'all know 8 is my favorite number?)


I am supposed to tell you EIGHT

things about myself I think you

would like to know....

Well, that's a joke...

Who really wants to know 8 things

about me?

 You just come to Blogland to see

pictures of what life should be like, right?

Well, I am never one to cringe from the truth..

which is NOT always a good thing-

trust me on this.

Ready? Here we go...

Question #1 Why did you start blogging ?

I took an idiot pill 

and it said blogging was good for

 allergies...Huh? want truthful answers..

okay then...don't get snotty about it.

What made me start blogging?

My friend, Jettie is to blame.

(Hey Jett-she's Southern..

they all say HEY instead of Hi)

Isn't Jettie a cool name? 

It's her real name...yes it is!


Jettie blogs for books. 

I thought that was pretty cool..

So...I asked Jettie about blogging..
She said even YOU (idiot was implied)

can figure out how to blog..

and she gave me some basics...

Like..okay...the button on the

right will make your screen light up..

Yeah...that's just about where I started...

And then....

I thought it would be fun to blog 

for my grandkids

so they could read 

about themselves someday

You know - because as a parent, 

you don't have the time/energy 

to jot it all down..

Grandparents are supposed to have

a whole lot more time--which--

let me tell you is a lie.

I thought it would be fun. 

I thought maybe my kids would read my blog

maybe a couple of friends would read it..

maybe my brother (Lordy-how I miss him)

would read it.

I had no idea that anyoneI didn't know 

would read it..
. ain't real purty..
and it's just kind of a hodgepodge.

 No real theme...if you get my drift.

Question #2. While working outside what

do you think about?

I think about God's goodness in my life. 

How blessed I am.
I also think about projects 

I WANT to do..

Like the one below...

Sorry I stole this from someone's site.

If it's your own pop in 

and take credit for it...cuz it is

so darned cute I want to copy it.
I also spend some time thinking about 

the little granddaughter we lost 

and wonder what it would be

like to have her in the family mix.

She would be a BIG GIRL now-

Eleven---she would be eleven---

I think about the brave struggle

MyHero endured this last year in his

fight (and win) against cancer.

Question #3. What is your favorite vacation

 destination and why?

I have two places...

depending on the time of year.

In  summer I love to go up to 

the UP of Michigan

I love Lake Superior. 

There is nothing like the

wild, rugged beauty you see there.

We usually stay in Munising..

a little off-the road, by-passed by time.

I like it because I totally relax there 

for some reason.
That time frame would be..

anytime AFTER

July 1st and BEFORE July 6th.

yeah..those are random dates 

but close to the truth. the winter...

I love Florida.

I love the ocean.

I love the balmy breezes.

I love it all...from St. Augustine to the Keys.

You can't go wrong with Florida..

I even love DisneyWorld..

Yeah...I'm kind of GOOFY like that!

I love it because I feel like 

I am "connected" there.

And I am always in awe of the beauty

and lushness of it all.

I especially love New Smyrna Beach.

Did I mention a lot of old people 

drive around in Florida?

Yeah...Not on my list of favorites.

Sadly, I am becoming one of THEM...

but I still drive pretty good...uh-huh...

#4- Do I like sunrise or sunset?

Now THAT's a poser!

When I am on Lake Michigan,

I love the sunrise as it comes up over the lake.

I like to sit outside and watch the sun weave

it's fingers across the sky.

I love the sound of the early morning gulls

 and I especially love the fog horns 

on a overcast, foggy morning.
(internet image)
But when I am home, at my own house,

I love the sunsets...

I especially love sharing them with family.

It is like the sun kisses us all goodnight..

and we have made it safely through

another day.Question #5. Are you beginning to think I 

will never be done?

NOPE! That's NOT the question...

Here's the REAL question..

Question #5. What is my 

favorite Season/Why?

Ohhhh! It is Fall...glorious, wonderful Fall.

I Fall in love with 

all the wonders of Mother Nature

as the nights turn crisp and cool.
I love hunkering down by a fire 

in the fireplace as the

Fall winds blow round the eaves.

I love pots of stew...and apple cider...

and pumpkins...and the leaves that burst

into rainbow colored tree flames.

I love Thanksgiving and turkey and..

well...Yeah...I like Fall.
Question #6. What is the wildest thing I've 

ever done?

Hey! Do I LOOK Stupid? Don't answer that...

Do you think I am telling
YOU the wildest thing I've ever done? 

Ha...not on a bet-your-life


am I ever telling that!

Question #7. What is the biggest surprise

 in my life?
Hmmm...I think it is how fiercely 

and deeply I love

my grandchildren. 

I mean...I KNEW I would love them...

I heard other grandparents

tell me how much they loved their grandkids...

and I thought...Yeah...okay...

only 33 more photos to look at 

so you can tell me how cute they are...

But NOW? Yeah...

Well, NOW I get it!

I would do whatever it took to protect them

as best I can from the world's harm.

Here's some pictures 

only 26 more to see!
There are more grands 

that I don't have pictures of

on my computer.

 #8- TAH-DAH...Last question!

Where do you go to be alone?

Well, this oughta get a smile 

out of those of you

that DON'T know me!

I get in the car...

and I drive..and I drive.

and I drive.

It is restful, peaceful and I listen

to music and talk to God..

and I am free.

While I am traveling

I am free.

I can forget about laundry

and projects that await me

and daily chores.

I am free for a breath of time.

If I am feeling a bit stressed or want

to decompress..I take a Starbucks..

and a book and I park somewhere..

anywhere...and read..and read..

so..if you see some crazy blond 

sitting in the middle of a parking lot

looking down into her lap...

she is reading.

Don' t bother her.

And..even if she has a

Honk If You Love Jesus sign

on the back of her car...

Don't honk..

Cuz it won't be me anyway..

I don't have one of those signs.

I don't even wish I did.

Did you ever pull up behind two

cars and one says

Honk If You Love Jesus

and the other one says..

Honk For Clowns-

also known as

Candidates Running For President?


Don't honk..

It just confuses too many people.


Thanks to all of you that have 

followed along with all my nonsense

today AND over the years.

I owe all of you big time...

 my readers...

my kids...

. MyHero..

and all the 

"little people"..

Thanks for stopping by...

Thanks for reading..

Thanks for being.

And as my

friend, Jettie would say...

Y'all come back now, ya heah.

your photo name


  1. Thank you for sharing this with us. I completely understand what you are saying about your grands. My grand doll is my world. I would go to the ends of the earth for her.

  2. This was fun to read. I feel as if I know you a little better. Fall is my favorite season too and for the same reasons. I would love to have the time to lose myself in a book. I'm going to have to make time each day to do that.

  3. I enjoyed this very much, Diana. It's wonderful to see you blogging again. Thank you for sharing your sweet grandchildren with me - they make me smile! xoxo

  4. what a wonderful post, I enjoyed this so much! made me smile, beautiful grands you have,,

  5. All I can say is, I'm glad that Jettie talked you into blogging because I have gotten so much joy from reading your posts. Now that I buttered up... what's the stupidest thing you've ever done?

  6. Katie Clooney, I can answer what is the stupidest thing Diana's ever done, Friending me on a group way back when MSN had Groups.
    Thanks Diana, I'm glad I got you interested in Blogging. Now if I could just get myself started back doing it. Yes, I'd tell them all to 'you guys come back now, you hear.

  7. Oh Diana....this is TOO cute...made me smile all the way to the end! It's so true, how absolute love encaompasses your grandchildren! This was delightful! Wishing you a beautiful week and thank you for sharing your fun personality!

  8. Great post Diana and thanks Jettie for inspiring the blondie-lol

  9. I drive, too, when I need "alone" time! Have a good week.

  10. Hi Diana, this post was so much fun and I so enjoyed it. You could take your humor on the road. You like to drive anyway!! Love seeing the pics of your adorable grands!! You've had a challenged year but you continue to show strength and courage!! Such an inspiration!!
    Now don't say you have me fooled. Love ya!

  11. Diana, You just crack me up . I agree, there are things that we need to never tell. LOL. I tell my girls, "Don't tell me things you think you gotta away with, cause you will only hurt me now. " LOL. I have loved following your blog. Getting to know your family. I pray for all of you. We all need each other that way. Glad you talk to God too. :):) Blessings to all, love, xoxo, Susie

  12. There's nothing like the love we have for our grands, is there? It's a beautiful thing.

    You've been through a lot Diana. I didn't know you lost a grandchild. I'm so sorry.

    I've been meaning to get my butt to Michigan so thanks for the pic and tips.


  13. Well, Good MONDAY to you, now that we've been properly introduced. What a list, and I unabashedly stole that thing you said about Sunset---my very thoughts, and I'll also quote it someday without a qualm (but with proper, deferential credits).

    I can't begin to think what I'd put on such a list, but I'm intrigued and most interested about wherever it is that you love in Michigan---we spent an unexpected, spur-of-the-moment business/fun trip to Plymouth recently, and had a fabulous time walking the town and finding Fairy Doors and lots of Fairy Friends, as well. We certainly want to go back, and I've always loved just the idea of Sit-by-the-lake, whether a Great boundless one, with whispering pines to welcome the dusk, or an old flat Mississippi Catfish Pond, with cypress knees standing watch and lots of mosquito repellent in the carry-bags.

    I'd love to find a cabin for a week, and just DWELL and soak up the atmosphere---closest thing I'll ever find in this day to my most coveted childhood experience: Summer Camp in Maine, with swimming before breakfast and sleeping on a screened-porch under the trees.

    Busy week, with lots of GRANDS and Halloween activities and sleepovers and gettings to and from school, so must run get the house ready.


  14. You are such a fun person, and your love for your grandchildren is inspiring ♥

  15. It was long; but, boy, was it enjoyable to read. I love people who put it out there --- since I'm a person who is too curious for their own good, you are one of my favorite bloggers. I never miss reading and enjoying one of your posts. Sally

  16. Love to you, Diana. I enjoyed reading all your answers and looking at your beautiful grandchildren. I started my blog at the encouragement of a friend for the very same reasons as you. Hoping there will be someone who will enjoy reading about themselves. I am glad that you filled me in on what blogging is about because my blog has no theme either. But yours is fun and real! I'm so thankful for you that your Hero made it through.

  17. LOL.. you are a regular riot! I do look forward to grandchildren someday... just NOT TOO SOON! :-) Fun post.

  18. The only think I would wish more than being your blog friend, would be to know you in person. So many of your answers I could so relate to.....especially the getting away with a book and a Starbucks!! We all have a story, but today I loved yours!!! Hugs and blessings forever!!!!

  19. Brave you with great humour. Parked away from home, reading and Starbucks - I can SO relate to that. Hugs.

  20. Enjoyed all your questions and your answers, now I know all about you except "the wildest thing you ever did" , Guess you leave that to our imagination!
    Now how could you not LOVE those grands to pieces, they are so cute!
    I love St.Augustine and sunrise and sunset!
    Have a great day, my friend!

  21. Great questions and even better answers. I, too, ADORE Fall! It is the most beautiful season, to me. And I LOVE to decorate for Fall as they are my colors. It warms my heart and soul. Have a beautiful Fall day and if I see you in a parking lot, I'll say hi:):):)

  22. Nice to get to know the little things about you, Diana. I love Disney too, and I'm going to Disneyland in December with all the kids. Yes' we'll be like kids too! The sunset is a pretty picture, and I do love those sunrises.

    You are a vivacious woman with a ZEST for life. This is a good post letting your blog friends know a little bit about our beloved Diana.

    love, ~Sheri

  23. This was such a great post Diana! I know, I know.... this sounds so generic for a comment, but I really, really loved everything you wrote! Your humor is delightful and real (and of course I love that) I also loved realizing we are very much alike. I think of the same things you do when outside working, and I drive to be alone. I love my grands....
    I've always loved you, but now I love you even more!
    much love from here...

  24. Oh, this was so much fun to read! I loved it! It's funny because one of the teachers at my son's elementary school once told me the only "alone time" she has for herself is in the car on the way to school and the way home. So she listens to books on tape the whole drive. She said sometimes, she'll sit in her car in the morning and listen for a few more minutes before she goes into the school to start her day. Well, apparently some people saw her out there laughing (I guess it was a funny book) and thought she'd lost it. Lol! It was months before they figured out she was listening to books on tape. Hee hee! Anyway, loved all the pics of your beautiful grands. They are very lucky to have you in their lives. xoxo

  25. Hi Nana Diana! I've followed you back and look forward to reading your blog on a regular basis. But I must say that I am deeply, DEEPLY disappointed that you have not shared with us the wildest thing you've ever done. Now my mind is in overdrive conjuring up potential scenarios!

  26. Aw! Love getting to know you better, Diana. You are one of the most genuine, honest, and funniest bloggers I know. I can relate to so many of these things, especially the surprising depth of love for grandchildren. I only have one now, but my daughter is due any day now.....Your family is so beautiful and I know that is the most important thing to you. You've been through so much yet still have such a wonderful, bright outlook. You really are inspiring. But maybe I wouldn't think so if you shared your wildest thing.....hahaha - or maybe we would be soul sisters......Hugs xo Karen

  27. Diana, I'm back to see if this will post--computer gremlins at work!
    We share a lot of loves--Grandchildren, Beaches, Autumn, Disney. I personally love your sense of humor and always get a laugh at your place. Along with love it's what this world needs more of! Now inquiring minds want to know the wildest thing! I know --Never. Thank you for bringing joy. xo ♥

  28. I love your lake and those grands are mega blessed! Your Hero, too!

  29. We have a lot in common, adoring the grandkids, great memories of Lake Superior and the Atlantic Ocean. You always bring a smile. I appreciate your posts and I am glad you are a blogger!

  30. I know we just all love you and love reading about you. You write so honest and it is refreshing. You have such a wonderful sense of humor. Loved your answers. In some ways - especially about the grands I am so much like you! Glad John is well.

  31. Love this, Diana! And I've known you awhile so I have to say all of this is the Diana we know and love! You prepared me for Grandmotherhood, truly, and you were right. Are right. You also to teach us to laugh a lot, that even through the tears we can find a way to laugh and lift that unbearable weight.

    Love you dearly, and I wish you many more sunrises and sunsets. :-D


  32. Random question after reading this: Does your friend Jettie live in Florida? I have a cousin named Jettie, but I've lost touch with her and her brothers since their father, my uncle, died.

  33. Hmmm... we didn't get as much information out of you as we could have, lol! Some things are better left unsaid, I agree! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your thoughts and answers to these questions, and it is true, one thing for sure is you dearly love every one of your sweet family, and all their sweet faces are beloved here too, to all of us who come here to read your sharing. Blogging has been an amazing journey, so many wonderful friends have been made. Hugs to you today dear friend!

  34. Good grief...!! and I haven't had dinner yet..No surprises there !! The wildest thing you've ever done?? You couldn't just pick one ! Sounds like book #3 ? It was fun..loved it..thanks

  35. Fun stuff! :) I did a similar Q&A quite some time ago. I love reading others' sharing...learn so much good stuff abut people. I totally understand about the grandparent thing! I used to almost scoff at people at work and could NOT understand what they were so high on! The minute Alex was born, I "got it" ! I've always felt that God gives us another heart or somehow expands ours as there's sooooo much love for these precious babies.

    Hope all is well in your world!
    P.S. I absolutely LOVE a sunrise or a sunset!! God's artistry for sure ~ :)

  36. So much fun!! Then again, everything you write is so much fun to read. Speaking of, you should write another book. I need a good read...
    PS- my car is my escape, too. Music on, sunroof open so I can see the sun or the stars and a cup of hot water to warm my insides, I drive along the coast until my head is quiet. :)

  37. What a great post - I loved it. I like to read also, just finished another book. I read about 1 to 2 books a week. I can get lost in them.

    Yes, I know exactly how you feel about grands - they are so very special and you never want any harm to come to them.

    Take care dear friend,

  38. My most heartfelt prayers are said in the privacy of my car. I understand.
    And Heaven knows I understand the BIG love for Grandkids. The BEST!

  39. I love this post and all your "nonsense" which it really isn't. It's you being YOU and that's the best reason to keep reading! Yours is the best kind of blog to read. I get a smile and a laugh every time.

  40. Haha, love your answers and sense of humor. Thanks for the chuckles!
    Maybe someday my children will see fit to give me some grands. Then I'll know what that's like!

  41. I love you ❤

  42. Love this post! You have a wonderful sense of humor. Yes, who knew we would love the grands the way we do... xoxo

  43. I loved reading these things about you - you have the greatest sense of humor! I'm with you on the driving or just sitting in a parking lot and reading for a bit. I do that, too. :-)

  44. Thankd for sharing YOU with US. blogland wouldn't be nearly as fun filled without YOU..

  45. I loved this post! Your grandbabies are all beautiful! You are a bless woman!

    Grace & Peace,

  46. Love your post, are such an open person. Love your humor, and your honesty. Great photos!

  47. I loved every and each word (Oh yes, I said that backwards! On Porpoise!) I loved the pictures too. I just have one 18 month old grandson so can't show but that one. I may do that one day here soon. xox Love and all my best to your Hero.

  48. I would never get bored learning more about you and I agree wholeheartedly about the grandkids, or in my case, just drop off the "s" so I won't argue with you which one of us has the most love. I will just say that I have as much love as you do, so that means that my kid gets more love than yours!!!! I will just end up saying that I agree with commentor Lori Belaire and that's all you are going to get from me. <3 Judy

  49. I enjoyed reading all of your answers, except I had no idea that you'd lost a little granddaughter. I cannot even imagine.....I am so sorry! How did I miss it because I've followed you for years! :(

    I'm so sad now thinking about you because you are sunshine to me, and I'm hurt for you, truly.....

  50. I'm with you on the grandchildren! Dave Ramsey said on his podcast one day that if he'd known how great having grandchildren would be, he would've been nicer to his kids.

  51. Being a new member of the Grands club....I feel your love!!! Great post Diana!

  52. I enjoyed reading this my friend. I loved how you said the sun kisses us goodnight with a sunset.
    You are a brave lady and I am happy to know you in blog land. Your love for your family and the courage to keep up the positive thoughts during the hard time. Thank You!

  53. What a fun post! Loved all your photos, you have such beautiful grands. I, too, like to take drives and talk to God while I'm driving. Then when I finish telling Him what I want...haha!...I'll often turn on the music. Wishing you a wonderful, beautiful week. xo Cheryl

  54. Beautiful grandkids! You have good reason to be proud. I loved your answers!!! You even threw some humor in.

  55. That was a fun read ; loved all the photos and my favorite is the three girls looking at the sunset and day's end.

  56. You are so funny! And I love driving for my thinking time. Or my no thinking time. Those sunsets at your house are so beautiful- almost as beautiful as all those kiddos! xo, T.

  57. Hello Dianna girl !
    Thank you so much for dropping by my blog ... I appreciate it !
    This was a fun post with gorgeous pictures !
    I so hope your daughter's mil will be just fine and get through the operation and recovery like a champ.
    Your election has been great entertainment for me ... I can NOT believe the Trump factor .. how could anyone vote for that creature ? LOL ... I know Hilary has issues but there is not other choice (I would have voted for Sanders!!) .. good luck with that and take care girl !
    Joy : )

  58. I love this post, it is pure Nana Diana! Having been out of the blogging world for a while, I realized while reading this that it is exactly what I've missed while away. I love your answers and I love the honest-to-goodness real Nana Diana!

  59. Hi Diana, I totally enjoyed reading this and learning a little more about you! Thanks for a fun post!!! :)

  60. Hi Diana! :)
    Loved reading this and learning some more fun facts about you...and laughing along too! 'took an idiot pill'...ah ha ha... for me I think it was more like monkey see, monkey do! ;)
    I love that your posts are genuine and from the heart!
    Wishing you the loveliest of weekends! Bug Hugs, Kimberley

  61. I love this!! I tired to answer these as I read along and they are hard! They're a little too open-ended! I honestly have no idea why I started blogging. I do the same thing, driving aimlessly+coffee+finding a random spot to stop and think. That's how I find bittersweet!


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