Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sure And 'Tis Almost St. Patrick's Day-You Can Cry Over My Sad Story At The End.

It's said that
on St. Patrick's Day.

I am Irish every day of the year.
It's in my blood-literally.
I have bits and pieces of 
around  me all year long.

My sweet girls bought me this set
a few years ago.
I love it to the moon and back.
There are about 45 pieces in the set.
We spent quite a bit of time 
researching this on the internet
and couldn't really track it at all
to find the pattern.
If you know anything about it 
I would love to know!
I also LOVE this sweet compote dish
that stays in my china cabinet year round.
Yeah- I know- 
crummy picture...
Here's a bit of the lid-
It's a pretty piece, isn't it?
The manufacture's mark looks like this.
Those French sure do a nice job on

I thought I needed a new shamrock plant
Someone  who shall remain nameless killed my plants while I was gone.
So~ I went to Stein's Garden & Gift.
As I was walking in I noticed a lady walking out.
She was walking out with a 
Whoodedoo- I am excited now!
I can't wait to get a plant...
or two...or three...or....

I rushed to find some for myself.
I couldn't find any!
I asked the clerk where the 
shamrock plants were.
She didn't know.
She called someone who called someone
who called someone---you know how THAT goes.
Sales clerk who was standing there 
chewing her gum said...
Oh-Ya lookin' for those green cloverleaf plants?
Me:      Ummm....YEAH.........
Gum Chewer: Oh- some woman just came in and bought both flats that we had.
What? WHAT?
I don't know if I wanted to kill the 
gum-chewing cashier or the woman that
took every last plant!
The plant gal has gone home....
Guess who is left?!?!

They SAID they have more
coming in tomorrow.
I'll believe it when I see it,
if you know what I mean.

I'll be at the VA hospital 
driving the veterans nuts in their wheelchairs.
your photo name


  1. Pretty dishes!! And yes, the French make such lovely things!! And I adore a lot of the tableware made in England, too!
    Have a wonderful day, sweetie!

  2. I knew there was something special about you; must be the Irish! Your china is beautiful--love the designs! Too bad about the shamrock plants; hope some more do come in. When my mother asks me to take care of any indoor plants I warn her what seems to happen to every one I touch--seems my love and care is often fatal! I've finally found a potted geranium that actually puts up with me though!

    I'm sure the veterans will enjoy your visit.

  3. We will be in Baton Rouge, LA for our annual McKee Clan reunion and the St. Patrick parade there that draws about 200,000 each year.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day, a wee bit early!

  4. beautiful china! My Auntie has a set with shamrocks, apparently its worth a lot of money, all I know its lovely , the white and the green,
    I hope you find your shamrock today and be easy on those Vets in the wheel chairs, no speeding or wheelies, OK?

  5. This is your pattern by Paragon. Hope that helps. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  6. Hi Diana! Oh, your Irish set is beautiful! Love the style and shape of the plates. Oh, no! The audacity of that woman buying all of the plants! I'd just have slapped that gum chewing gal and told her how rude it was to chew gum at work! What a little booger! Well, good luck on getting your Irish plant!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Beautiful springy! Hmmm, yes, that lady sounds a bit hoggish with the "cloverleaf" thingys. It is frustrating when staff doesn't know product.

  8. Lol about the gum-chewing clerk. So true! I'm Irish every day of the year too! Only a lucky few get to say that. ;)


  9. I can just hear the gum chewer now...too funny! Love shamrocks, sure hope you get you one!

  10. I sat in a funeral on Tuesday behind a gum-smacker that drove me crazy!
    You've fed my dish-ware habit for the day, and I greatly thank you for that.

  11. Gorgeous dishes Diana! Those gum chewing clerks really get on my last nerve!

  12. Lovely china! Im not Irish, but we will be celebrating St. Paddy's Day...Hubby has a touch of Irish from his Dad's side, so I decorate and cook...Don't have cute china though...

  13. Again Diana you have me laughing out loud!!! I am Polish 364 days a year but on March 17th I too am Irish.

  14. Well, if those plants don't come in....I'm guessing gum chewing girl better run! LOL!

  15. Loving that china, Diana, but not a fan of gum-chewing! Hope the shamrocks appear for you! xo Nellie

  16. Love the china Diana sooooo pretty. I hope they get back in some of those "green cloverleaf plants" so you can have a few. Happy St. Paddy's Day. Terry's mom is 100% Irish and makes the best soda bread for all of us. Yummm! Love St. Pat's Day!

  17. Love your china. Beautiful! Hope you find a few clover plants. Luck o' the Irish to ye!
    Have a great day. xo

  18. ahhhhhhh, bummmmmer! just missed 'em!

    but there just have to more, someplace. set your synchronicity to "shamrocks"! and you'll get-a-ping, in no time. zeroing in on where you can find them!

    what??? you don't "do synchronicity"??? sure you do!

    don't drive those poor, helpless vets toooooooo crazy lady. -grin-

    hehhhhhh, I'm sure they'll all, be wanting the fun lady to drive them!!!!


  19. The china set is gorgeous, what a treasure! Sorry about your shamrocks..................boy do I have a vision of veterans holding on for dear life? hhmm

  20. As a gardener, and a Garden Center worker, I always felt bad when someone took every last plant. Check at the grocery stores, they might have them because they are seasonal. Love the China, I mean Irish...LOL.


  21. Love the dishes! Oh my word, I was in stitches regarding the gum chewer...I could so picture her twirling her gum like the picture. Our local Trader Joes has the shamrock plants. Not sure if you have those up there.

  22. Ohmigosh, that's happened to me at the nursery too. Oh how pretty, where are they, oh, you took them all? LOL! Love your gorgeous china.

  23. You crack me up, Diana! Your dishes are beautiful...and I love that Limoges piece! I need a shamrock you think she cleaned out Minnesota, too?

  24. I could send you one from TX, but doubt it would get there in time. Probably wouldn't look like much either. '-)
    Does your local grocery carry them? That's where I bought mine.
    As for the dishes, I'd be thrilled to have them. Who needs an ole shamrock plant anyway when one has gorgeous shamrock china for tea?

  25. I've been told by a great aunt that I have Irish in my genes also. I don't have one thing that is truly Irish, really not a thing. Guess I best not try to buy a shamrock plant at that store either, Diana.

  26. "You don't have to be Irish to be Irish" on St. Patrick's Day is what I tell all my friends! My daughter's Irish dance performances are gearing up, this is the busiest time of year as you can imagine! On Saturday she'll be dancing while they dye the Chicago River green (don't ask)! Love your china, the fact that it's a gift makes it more special. Too funny about the Limoges "Irish" china! Erin go Bragh!

  27. My father was born on St. Paddy's day( Dailey) We celebrated it in a big way! The morning started off with Spike Jones singing McNamara's band, followed by Bing Crosby irish tunes. If you are lucky enough to be Irish, you are lucky enough!
    Happy St. Patrick's !!!

  28. You & me both - Irish blood runs in our veins.
    Going back to your March 10th post - Do you remember Halo shampoo? I loved the fragrance of that shampoo.

  29. I am not Irish at all. Not the teeniest, tiniest drop...and yet, I am blonde with green eyes and everyone used to think that I was my dark haired, brown eyed children's Irish nanny when they were small. I do like those clover plants though...they have them at my grocery store right now. I would send you one if I thought I could keep it alive long enough to ship it! ;)

  30. Hi Diana, I'm Irish too! I love your china. Too bad about the plants! The cookie looks nice and love the way it has the green sprinkles on it. I hope you have a fun time however you celebrate on St. Patricks Day! If I don't talk to you again have a nice end of the week and weekend.

  31. What beautiful dishes, Diana! I'll bet you make a great corned beef and cabbage. : ) So sorry to hear you didn't get your shamrock plants. I've been seeing them in several stores this year so I'll bet you will find some elsewhere.

  32. No Irish, well maybe a touch on my side, but we have a friend who is Irish from both sides of family, plus he was born on St. Patrick's Day. Talk about luck of the Irish! Too bad about the plants, so I hope you get them soon!
    Had to laugh about your VA comment. I worked at the one in Louisville, KY for many years, loved all the characters there! Good deed you're doing!

  33. Very pretty dishes!!! Hubby is Irish...

  34. No Irish in my mob but a happy day to you all.

  35. I will check Etsy for you...I know when I am pricing my tea cups, I have seen that name. Maybe even Pinterest, you might find something. Sent your card in the mail...have fun with can resend it if you like cause I did not sign it. Have a good one.

    1. Nope, no Irish here...mostly German, French and English.

  36. Hope you find at least one plant!

  37. Oh NO!!!!!!!!

    Went to a shamrock tea at Kelton House and all the tables were raffled off at end of day. I didn't win. But I DID donate a shamrock teacup and saucer that went fast and helped sell more tickets. : - )

    Hope you find some shamrocks soon, my fun Irish pal!


  38. I love anything Irish. Surely that means I have a bit of Irish blood. :)

    I did one of those crazy Facebook quizzes the other day that said I have an Irish soul :)

    If I were gum chewers boss she would know that is unacceptible.

  39. You know, I've never had a shamrock plant. Hope you get one! Your china pieces are really lovely and unique. Have a good evening.

  40. Another laugh out loud post Diana..SO funny..I just bought a Shamrock plant for my BIL..Last name Kearney..??Irish??..Your china is gorgeous..Happy St Pattys Day to ya!!

  41. Bahahahaha! You're so funny! I love the gum chewing cashier. What ever happened to manners? Two flats of shamrocks gone; dang! Love, love, love your china! It's gorgeous! The Limoges compote is stunning- gotta love the French!

  42. You mean you didn't run her down??? The Diana I know would have chased after her...are you leaving that part out? LOL
    Love your pretty dishes. :)

  43. So you've got Irish in your blood missy. Did that woman who bought all the shamrocks have any in her blood? I probably would of hit the bubble gum cashier, and then I'd be in trouble over a shamrock, which would mean they don't bring any luck! You sure you didn't chase her down and grab a few, no judgement here.

  44. Beautiful dishes....We had friends that visited Ireland and brought me back a little sugar and creamer set. I love it. Will post a picture on Saint Patrick's Day.


  45. Oooh, I love those dishes! Hope ya get your clover leaf plant!

  46. Your china is delicate too! You are so the story about the clover leaf plants!
    Mary Alice

  47. I love the china. Beautiful!
    LOL - I am still chuckling! And do you give the veterans wheelies? :-)
    My grandpa would have liked that when he visited the VA. I went with him many times.
    xx oo

  48. I don't know which is worse...shoppers that hog everything or spacey clerks. :) Your china is so very pretty!

  49. Love the dishes - they are beautiful. Well one good thing the four leaf clover plants don't last that long, but I hope you find one. Try the grocery store. I noticed them when I was in there on Wednesday.
    Don;t work to hard at the Vets.

  50. You crack me up!! I love that you celebrate your heritage! My mom is Irish so we have always celebrated St. Patrick's Day with big dinners. Your set IS GORGEOUS!!!!!! It reminds me of some pieces my grandmother had! Hope you get those plants pal! Happy weekend to you!!! Nicole xoxo

  51. you mean everybody's not Irish? Go on wit' ya'! :P

  52. Beautiful dishes...sorry about losing out on the plants....

  53. Love your dishes, so pretty! We have a clerk at our local grocery store who chews gum all the time and every time I have to go to her line, I want to smack her, you know, the way she smacks her gum, ugh how totally rude!!! Hope you find some pretty shamrocks soon!! Blessings, Cindy

  54. Those are really pretty sets and even I'm no Irish I'd appreciate it if someone gives me something as pretty. :)
    I hope you get your plants. Before you drive everybody nuts. Haha.

    Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day, darling! :)

  55. I used to have Christmas plates, but I have never seen St Patrick's day plates til now! The pattern is lovely.

  56. I see Linda did what I was going to say- go to Replacements, Ltd. They will help you if you email them with the info. Looks like Linda found it already! I'm not Irish but I do love the dishes with shamrocks. I'm laughing about the French made Irish dishes!

  57. Love your take on the gum chewing cashier lol. What a beautiful set of dishes...such great girls! I feel luck will be on your side tomorrow and there will be Shamrock plants for you Diana! Have a wonderful weekend.

  58. From one 100% Irish lass to another, Happy Friday. I didn't realize you were Irish. Love all your dishes and pieces. After seeing so many bloggers have such beautiful Irish dishes etc. I may just have to go shopping today. I do have my Beleek out and another imitation candy dish; plus I could put out my mother's Spode.
    Have I told you that hubby and I are going to Ireland for two weeks in June? We want to see the towns my grandparents came from. I am the one sibling who hasn't been there, so it should be a fun trip. Hope you don't crash with any of those Vets while you are racing around with them.
    Hugs, Noreen

  59. That compote dish is lovely! I was afraid you were going to say it was broken or something. Whew! That's a shame about the shamrock plant. Doesn't that woman know to leave a few for someone else and not to hog them all?! Hope you're able to find another one. Happy Early St. Patrick's Day!

  60. Beautiful china. It would be wonderful if you could track down the history on it. I was worried too that perhaps one of the pieces had gotten broken! I sure hope you find a shamrock plant, so sad that yours died while in someone else's care! Hope today is better for you, and some of that Irish luck returns :)

  61. Hi Diana, what a gorgeous piece of china. Love the pattern. Hope you find your shamrock plant!! Great post!!
    Hugs, CM

  62. Love the story - we don't have gum chewing lasses at the check-outs - YET.... Just seeing that one makes my hair stand on end..ha ha!
    The numbr 13 doesn't worry me too much, having said that I would avoid buying a house with that number!

    I'm half Irish, my father's family moved to New Zealand.
    In June I'm going to Ireland for the first time - doing a Trafalgar tour, with a night in Limerick where he was born - I can't wait to be sure!

    I wish the garden centres here would stock shamrock plants - I would love to buy some too - even just to photograph them!

    Enjoy your weekend Diana
    Shane x

  63. Love the story - we don't have gum chewing lasses at the check-outs - YET.... Just seeing that one makes my hair stand on end..ha ha!
    The numbr 13 doesn't worry me too much, having said that I would avoid buying a house with that number!

    I'm half Irish, my father's family moved to New Zealand.
    In June I'm going to Ireland for the first time - doing a Trafalgar tour, with a night in Limerick where he was born - I can't wait to be sure!

    I wish the garden centres here would stock shamrock plants - I would love to buy some too - even just to photograph them!

    Enjoy your weekend Diana
    Shane x

  64. Never heard of shamrock plants you can buy... so cool! I love those pretty dishes!
    Those veterans are so blessed to have you! I bet you guys have fun.
    See ya at the next post ;)


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