Thursday, November 13, 2014


Is it too early for a 
Christmas Wish List?
This is too good to keep to myself.

My daughter called spur-of-the-moment
yesterday to see if I could 
pick the girls up from school,
feed them and make sure they did their homework.

No problem.
It is always fun to have them here.

Can you tell?
Homework is finished.
Dinner is done.
What next?
Why!  We must listen to the 
Of course we must!

This is something I 

I listed these in the exact order
she listed them in.

1- A writer's kit (hmmm...paper and pencil?)
2-  A math book (seriously?)
3.  Tshirt with a DOG on it (as close to a pet as she'll get-Mom & Dad both have allergies)
5.  Science goggles
6.  A Taylor Swift CD with a BOOM BOX 
(have you seen any boom boxes lately-do they even make them anymore..and WHERE did she see one?) 
7- This might be my favorite!  
Instruction book for the Hello Kitty clock
I got last year from Santa and can't figure out how it works.

And-there were two additions...
(which her sister Ria also wants-WHAT is wrong with these kids?)

What 7 year old do you know that wants a

I was laughing so hard I could hardly write this down.
and she wanted to know...

I gave her the standard Nana answer...

There you have it!
Can't wait to hear what YOUR KIDS want!

ps.  And just so you know- she was 
DEAD SERIOUS about this list!
THAT'S what makes it so funny to me!

ps-I had sporadic internet last night
so if I didn't visit you it is not because
I forgot!
your photo name


  1. I went back to read your entire post, since I thought this was a joke. No jokes, just funny requests! Not even sure where you could find some of these items. Halloween store? Aren't those closed already? Your grands are as "interesting" as you are, Diana. Hugs, Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  2. Very sweet photo! She sounds like a very studious girl! Nice list!

  3. Oh too funny! ! She definitely has eclectic taste!! The crutches...when my daughter was her age she wanted a broken arm so she could have a cast. :) Kids! Thanks for a Thursday smile, Jane

  4. I think its a wonderful list, it says so much about her. She is curious, studious, has a great sense of humor and is not greedy, what a good girl.

  5. They are a hoot - they are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! And no it is not too early!

  6. OK a fake eye and crutches I can understand, she's going to put on a show.

  7. Too cute!! Eyeball and crutches....hmmm I think she gets her wit from her nana lol!! Loved the last request!!

  8. Seems the grand-apple didn't fall far from the eclectic grand-tree. She sure hit on a variety of areas, but really...a math book? I'm impressed.

  9. Great list, Diana! The fake crutches and eyeball probably come from some kind of Halloween "fallout." Instruction books seem to be a thing of the past. Everything seems to be designed for finding instructions online. Enjoy your Thursday! xo Nellie

  10. Oh my, her list is too cute! I remember when I was a kid and I thought crutches were so "cool." Enjoy your Thursday!

  11. Diana, I loved the writing kit , math book ideas. LOL But hey what about the fake crutches and eyeballs. ..OMG. I can see that fake eye ball in the mashed potatoes now. I am beginning to agree with Northern Nesting..they are taking after you. Too funny girl. Blessings for all, xoxo,Susie

  12. I think she's pulling your

  13. This list cracks me up! I still have my handwritten list from when I was probably four or five, and it included, "wig." I think it was because Bat Girl wore one.

  14. Oh lol, she's too much! I too love the last one...waiting an entire year, heheheeee... My 7 year old one was making a list and checking it soo many times that I never read what she wrote cause she ran away holding her secret to Santa! Oh children, they're the best!

  15. Priceless! You can't make this stuff up!

  16. That is TOO funny! She is obviously very creative AND smart. I wish my 13 yr old son wanted things that were so affordable as that. Mine says he wants a new "gaming" computer! Ugh.......those are close to $1000. So, we're going to compromise and get a new desktop that will allow him to play computer games since our current one does not. That will be much less expensive and we can all use the upgraded version.

  17. So cute!! Boombox - wow, I'm going to have to Google that one! Your darling granddaughter looks so grown up!

  18. Out of the mouth of babes!!! Adorable photo of Sweet Cheeks, plenty of time to rethink that wish list, hmmm dog on a tee might turn into one of those robotic dogs. Hey Diana I'm sure your favorite store Walmart has a boom box for Ya!!! Too funny, enjoy your day.

  19. Cherish this time in her life. My grandkids want cars and smart phones!!!! I remember one year at age 5 that all that my daughter wanted was 'Silly Putty'; and my son wanted the moon ---- try to balance that out. Sally

  20. what's fake crutches..?? silly.
    and I just googled to see if they still make boom boxes and yes, ma'am....Walmart has CUTE ones, soooooo........

  21. I LOVE it Diana! That's hilarious! The instruction book cracked me up!!!!
    I can hardly wait to see what's on my little grands lists this year.
    hugs from here...

  22. Cute bow! :)

    This post also reminded me that it's time for that list again. Hmm...

  23. Ha ha! So cute - I'm sure it will change. By the hour.. or maybe by the minute. Love that she wants a writer's kit - takes after her Nana. xo Karen

  24. So cute. Love Sweet Cheeks and her innocent love of life and that girl knows what she wants lol! Too sweet.

  25. Fake crutches? I'm dying! The math book and the boom box are my other personal favorites. :) XOXO

  26. Diana,
    Oh yes they still make boom boxes-got one last Christmas for my hubby as a replacement, found it at Walmart. It's a Sony brand, it has AM/FM radio and it plays CD's and casette tapes! Bet your grand daughter doesn't know what they are-LOL! Have been a reader of your blog for awhile through Sweet Tea but first time commenter. God Bless you and yours and enjoy the Holidays.
    Laura B. (just outside Albany, NY)

  27. lol! thats funny! and I think I pretty reasonable list! well. mostly.. I dont know about fake crutches! lol!
    My baby pies are too little to tell me what they want.. but of course anything they see in the toy department will do the trick.
    have a great weekend!!

  28. Nothing greater than spending time with the grans. I have a great grand son that adore. He is ten, but going on 20 His wish list is not for a ten year old. I am having problem today leaving comments.

  29. LOL! She's the cutest thing, Diana. I'd like an instruction book for a few things, too. Fake crutches? For a fake injury? Maybe involving the fake eyeball? I miss having little ones around. Stay warm up there!

  30. Oh Diana, this is the cutest ever. SC is too adorable. I can't imagine how she came up with these and the boom box. Do kids even say that anymore?? LOL
    Fake crutches really had me going!! and reading about the instruction booklet for last year's gift. Too funny. So much fun at your house with your grands.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs and Blessings

  31. So funny! Fake crutches cracked me up!!! I wanted crutches when I was her age. Wouldn't that be a nightmare now! She sounds like a sweetie! Have a good evening!

  32. We can always count on Sweet Cheeks to entertain us. I think I might have an old boom box out in the garage I can send her. Can't help out with the instructions though for the clock. LOL

  33. Priceless! Wanting the instructions really cracked me up! She is adorable! I think you have a future mathematician on your hands!

  34. Oh, that is hilarious!! My favorite was the instruction booklet for the Hello Kitty clock! :) It's funny they both want crutches. My niece who's 9 also wanted (and got) fake crutches for Christmas last year. She wants to be a doctor some day, so we'll see. For her birthday, my mom went to the dollar store and put together a whole basket full of bandaids, rolls of gauze, wraps with those butterfly clips, ice packs, etc. and she LOVED it!!

  35. A fake eyeball?! Oh my. That girl is just the funniest kid ever!! What fun she is, Diana.
    Thank you for sharing this with the rest of us. lol
    Have a terrific weekend.
    Love ya.

  36. I dunno the fake eyeball is pretty funny! Don't you love their innocent minds!

  37. fake cruthches...does she want a fake broken leg too? Math book and an eyeball...that child has a great imagination. Either that or you've kept her locked up too long.

  38. The list is too funny!!! fav..the instruction booklet!!!...Grandchildren are the best...they keep us young and keep us in laughter!!!

  39. They are so entertaining. I guess they keep you hopping. Do they mind when you laughed at them? Have you tried putting a battery in the kitty clock?

  40. This is just too funny...but actually not a bad wish list. SweetCheeks is just too cute!!
    Mary Alice

  41. I wonder about the fake eyeball and fake crutches! And I love the idea of her asking for the Hello Kitty clock instruction book, so funny!

  42. Diana,
    Number 7 was my favorite........instruction book for the Hello Kitty clock that she got last year!.......she's says the funniest things sometimes. :~)


  43. There's only one thing on MY list: inner peace :)

  44. How cute! When my daughter was that age she wouldn't have asked for a math book, but she would now...she loves math! I'm wondering why she wants a fake eyeball...maybe to scare here Nana with??? Too cute!

  45. Oh my goodness! I love this list. Josie's Christmas list includes a lot of science experiments...especially anything to do with rocks, spy kits and legos.

  46. That is what makes her such a doll! Is this just the sweetest thing ever! Happy week weekend lady! Nicole xoxo

  47. That is priceless, Diana! Sweetcheeks is a girl who knows just what she wants in life:) I have never heard of fake crutches before!! Too funny!

  48. Her list was too cute!! Kids really do say or write the darnest things! :-)

  49. I laughed out loud at the instruction book. And I swear, my daughter added crutches to her list this morning. Must be something in the water.

  50. If you every figure that one out, please let us know LOL Who knows where their ideas come from. What is with the crutches? Does she have a friend that is on them? I can understand the instruction book, after she wants her clock to work.
    All to funny Diana.
    Have fun this weekend.

  51. Their minds are truly incredible aren't they? You might check Amazon or eBay for a boombox. I found a portable CD player at Walmart for my bedroom...for my nightly meditations. It's not the best but it's fine for my needs.

    I really hope she gets that instruction book! :)
    P.S. Do they know someone that uses crutches? ha ha

  52. if she gets an eyeball and crutch, you'll have to show us what she does with them--so funny!

  53. The only thing I find wrong with the list is the Taylor Swift CD...that's just not right.


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