Nana Diana Takes A Break

Nana Diana Takes A Break

Monday, November 3, 2014

Bittersweet- The REAL DEAL & A Solution For Slipping Pants

I have been looking for 
for the last 2 or 3 years.

I have scoured every country road
for miles with no success.
I have even hunted along 
Interstate 43!
My Hero wonders who in their 
looks for BITTERSWEET along a
major highway.

I do. I do. I do.
I do because I want a wreath like this one!
Sadly my own wreath looks
They, apparently,  found the
MOTHER LODE of bittersweet plants!

Two weeks ago MyHero and I took a drive
along country roads North of where we live.
After driving aimlessly for about an hour and a half
Suddenly MyHero said:
 I think we need to head back to
I said- Just one more road?(pleadingly)
So...I turned up the next side road and
headed to the main highway....
searching fence and field for 

The next day while he was at work
I retraced my steps route.
When I got to the place I had turned off
I kept going straight.

You guessed it!
About a MILE down the road I found it!
I found
Let me tell you- 
It is a mess in the wild...and invasive..
BUT  I love it.
Sadly, American bittersweet is becoming scare
because they have sprayed 
and rooted it out almost to 
extinction in a lot of areas.

But I found enough to use a few sprigs of it
here and there.
I made 2 wreaths from the bit I found.
It's a devil to work with-
wiry and not very pliable.
These hang on either side of the entrance
to a little inset that holds our cherub fountain.
I will show you that once it is cleaned up for Fall.

I also tied a few small branches together
to tie onto the trellis beside our garage
that supports clematis in the warm months.
I love BITTERSWEET so much
that my good friend, Carol, had a
watercolor of
commissioned for me by local artist-
Lois Christenson of Door County.
She painted it for my 50th birthday.
When Carol called her Lois asked
wants a painting of BITTERSWEET?
Carol said- Diana does!
Lois said- Well, I should have KNOWN!
It'll be a gift from BOTH OF US then.
And it was.
Sadly, Lois died this past September.
Not only was she talented she had a 
wicked sense of humor.
RIP, Lolo...

This hangs in our lower hallway
year round because
You know what ELSE I love?
Ingenious ideas!
Remember the other day when I showed you
MyHero in his suspenders
that he wears to keep his pants up?
Well, I found some GREAT suspender ideas at 
WALMART of all places.
And here, my friend,
is a close up for your viewing pleasure. they say at WALMART
"Have a nice day".

SweetCheeks will be drawing the name
for the giveaway after school today
and I have a 
"bittersweet" poem for you tomorrow.
your photo name


  1. I too love bittersweet and purchase annually from the local florist. I agree that it is mess to work with. Keep those pants up! xo

  2. I love it too Diana but I have an artificial wreath. :-(
    Love the makeshift suspenders.... lol!
    Have a good week... Vicki

  3. I'm not sure that I've ever seen bittersweet in the wild. The painting is the perfect way to enjoy something you love and remember your sweet friend. :)

  4. But, what about the front?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    "Here there be musing" blog
    "Here there be more words" blog
    "Here there be whimsey" blog

  5. It certainly is beautiful, Diana! I love that wreath pictured and can't imagine how to work with it if it is as difficult as you say. Makes me think of the first time I worked with chicken wire. If it is anything like that, it can't be good! I love that painting. The colors are gorgeous.

  6. My grandmother used to decorate with bittersweet a lot. I remember that she'd have an elaborate thing on the wall above the fireplace with twigs, branches, driftwood, bittersweet entwined all through....I didn't realize it was that hard to find anymore. Glad you found looks so nice! :)

  7. Diana, Hey remember he's dressed up to be at the Walmart.. Thank goodness for those clips. I hope you can find bittersweet. You do know it's all over at Martha's Vineyard. ?? They call it an invasive weed there, but it's on fences. trees, shrubs, anything it can climb on. I would think that hobby-lobby would make some fake stuff for us.:):) Hope your day is a good need to stay out of the Walmart. LOL. xoxo,Susie

  8. oh my gosh, do people really wear their pants that low?That is crazy!! Your wreaths look lovely, its still quite abundant here , everyone has it in use right now, such great color, especially on white!!! The painting is beautiful such a loss of a talented lady,

  9. That bittersweet sure is pretty. I can see why you like it. I could do without seeing the people from Walmart, tho. LOL

  10. Bittersweet, pretty.don't remember seeing it along our roads. Your wreath is lovely. Love the painting.

  11. The painting is stunning and I know you treasure it.
    I love the bittersweet.

  12. I'm glad you found your treasured Bittersweet, my friend. You used it wisely in your Fall decorations. The swag is my favorite piece. The painting is beautiful!!
    The pics of the suspenders....those were "bittersweet"...cough.

  13. well I guess ya know I have to go on a Bittersweet hunt and its all your fault lol..

    the walmart guy suspenders look like commercial bungee cords to me.. just sayin'

  14. I need a laughing disclaimer on your posts. I spit out my coffee laughing at the suspender pic. Glad you found your bittersweet. My mother used to have access to loads of it behind their property. It's all gone but she used to decorate with it each fall too. Happy November!

  15. Oh I just love bittersweet for fall. I'd love to grow it, but I've heard it's a mess to deal with. Your watercolor is beautiful and a sweet reminder of someone special. And those suspenders, well just imagine if he let the pants sag. That would be really scary! ... Have am awesome week my friend!

  16. I don't know what bittersweet is, need to do some research it seems. But it makes pretty wreaths. I told hubby that he should have used that bungee cord and those hooks before I bought those suspenders that he now wears....I didn't spit coffee, it was already gone.

  17. Good Morning! I also love the plant of the bittersweet! I have never seen it in the wild! Your instinct paid off! Does the stuff dry well and does it last for a long time? And the picture is very lovely and so colorful! Happy November!
    Oh and nicks the walmart guys idea, your hero would never wear them...
    Roxy xo

  18. Love the bittersweet....but....I can't stop laughing about that guys suspenders....rotfl.....hugs....

  19. I love bittersweet too Diana...I love the little spray you made with it and that pretty painting that was gifted to you! Only in Walmart!!!

  20. Oh I too love Bittersweet but none can be found in Philly. Your wreaths look pretty. I guess I could order it from a florist shop. OK Diana you did it to me again, made me choke laughing on my coffee. Such a classy inventative man at Walmart!!!! Lucky little lady who calls him sweetheart.

  21. I guess that doesn't work unless you have belt loops :)..I love can buy it around here in bunches..I can't have anything like that in my house..Max eats it!! That's a beautiful painting...Enjoy your day

  22. I do so love bittersweet too! But where does everybody find so much of it??? It is no where to be found in my area. You always make me laugh. I so enjoy your blog!

  23. I LOVE bittersweet - haven't seen it in these here parts whatsoever !
    Love your wreaths with the touches of it Diana - and I especially love the bungle tied on your trellis - oh I'd love that hanging from the ladder in my living room!
    What a beautiful gift from your friends !

  24. You're cracking me up with the Walmart pic!! Will have to share it with my guy!
    The painting is beautiful and loved reading about your lovely friend who had the painting done for you. So sweet. The painting definitely deserves a place of honor.

  25. My eyes! My eyes! I could have gone the rest of my life without seeing that Walmart guy ~ :)

    That bittersweet wreath is stunning! You did a wonderful job both finding yours and creating the wreaths. Love the little bit attached to the trellis. The painting is beautiful! Two sweet ladies gifting another sweet one ~


  26. The bittersweet is so pretty and how adventuresome for you to find it! You were determined! I love your wreaths you made. Have a nice day.

  27. Do we get to vote on these close ups? I would rather see a close up of the bittersweet if that's okay with you! hahaha! I love bittersweet, too and always find lots of it in NC. They say you can spray it with hair spray and it will last longer and I've tried it and couldn't really tell the difference! FYI !!! hahaha! Hugs, Diane

  28. I love the bittersweet! It's a shame that it is disappearing due to spraying with weed-killers.:-( Have a marvelous Monday! xo Nellie

  29. I love bittersweet too! Thanks for reminding me to put up my wreath which looks pretty much like yours. Um, yeah, I can't imagine the front shot of suspender Walmart man!

  30. I don't that I have ever seen it in the wild! Pretty. Now wouldn't your Hero love suspenders like that??? Practical and they would give him a wedgie at the same time!!!

  31. That watercolor is beautiful!! I love bittersweet too. It's so pretty this time of year and so festive looking. Now, that Walmart pic is another lunch almost made a reappearance when I saw that photo. Eeewwww! :)

  32. Diana, sweetheart, there are some things that one just can't 'unsee'. Most of the images at People of Walmart fall into this category.

  33. When I read your posts, I always think 'I would do that' and then I laugh!
    Thank you for both today!

    Have a great week, Laura

  34. Wow Diana, I'm so happy you stuck to it and found the elusive bittersweet The only bittersweet I have seen is artificial at crafting stores! That bittersweet is pretty and looks lovely on the wreaths and that beautiful painting! This Walmart photo unfortunately reminds me of the gentlemen sitting a few pews in front of me at church last night! Ughhhhh! Yup, they are out there everywhere! Yikes......

  35. My dear sweet and funny Diana, I was so loving the bitter sweet search and the beautiful commissioned piece and then you ended with a sight for sore eyes. You are a crack up!

  36. I love your bittersweet painting and how extra special it is! Your wreaths turned out great! I have a small bunch of bittersweet and treasure it.
    LOL!!! Men and their burns my eyes..

  37. Glad you found a source! I love bittersweet, too, but it is too cold to go scrambling for it today. That is a sweet painting from a dear friend.

  38. I love bittersweet too, Diana! You should come over here, there is literally a ton of it growing! Well, maybe not a ton, but alot! Your wreathes turned out great, and the painting is so pretty! The suspenders? Well, lets just say that is one of the MANY reasons that I DO NOT shop at Walmart!!

  39. Diana, bittersweet says autumn to me. It doesn't grow here, but I buy it from dealers at Round Top Antique Week and also at a few local sources. I have it in containers here and there around our home. Have to have it to get my fall decorating started. ;-)

  40. I was excited to see your post,Diana. I've always loved bittersweet too. My mom's friend used to sell it every fall and I remember that she said she had the climb way up high into the trees to get it. I would love to find some in the wild someday.
    Your painting is really special.
    Erica :)

  41. I can see why you love bittersweet too! It's so pretty. I haven't seen it around here before. Glad you finally found some. That last photo? Well, there are no words. Don't think I've ever seen suspenders like that before.

  42. I'm sad that they are pulling it up. I love Bittersweet. The last two years I found some off of eBay. Thanks for the close up of the guy at Walmart. Now I will have to go try to figure out how to remove that image from my brain. Haha. Have a great day.

  43. Your persistence paid off! The wreaths are lovely. I actually like your version with the vine. I have only seen faux bittersweet but your painting is a lovely piece to treasure.

  44. OMG those suspenders are hilarious! That guy is a freakin genius!!!! So glad you got to share that one!!! I planted a bittersweet vine this year but with our climate, I will be lucky if it comes. Your wreaths are just gorgeous!!! Special friend like yours are one in a million. A gorgeous painting Diana!

  45. Now that is true American ingenuity! :) The suspenders AND your persistence for finding bittersweet! I have always wanted to find some, too - but I don't know if it even grows here. Good for you for finding it and making those gorgeous wreaths! Love the sprigs tied to the trellis, too - and how very sweet is the painting and your friend? A dear keepsake. xo Karen

  46. You are one persistent lady....but I already knew that! :) I have never seen bittersweet before, I am glad that you found some and your wreaths are very pretty! I love the pop of bright color, so that alone would be worth the hunt for me...of course, I am not nearly as persistent as you. I would have been hunting for it in the aisles at Michael's!! :)

  47. Bittersweet is lovely, buy fake, lol. That man is a goof ball and he needs duct tape to hold up those pants. xo

  48. We used to go hunting for bittersweet years ago, Diana. Always so much fun searching in the woods for it -- but you're right. Difficult to find unfortunately. But your wreaths turned out so pretty! And the story behind your painting is just precious. I'm sure that it will always hold a special place in your heart, my friend. ♥ On another note....are you ready for some "accumulating" snow? We have some predicted for the end of next week. Ugh.... lol

    xoxo laurie

  49. I can't find any bittersweet, either...that's why I was so happy and appreciative that a sweet friend mailed me some.
    It's so cheerful in the fall! I just love it. I'm happy that you found some!

  50. Glad you found your bittersweet and what a fabulous painting your she had done for you...such a great remembrance of a beautiful soul...

  51. Oh my goodness, the last photo and the puns that just present themselves, 'crack me up,' 'SweetCheeks', etc. (please forgive me, SweetCheeks, but your Nana said it first. Okay, And good for you for going back and tracking down that bittersweet! It is so pretty. I am sorry that your friend is no longer with us, and so wonderful that you have a painting of hers.

  52. Oh My, when I first began reading I thought you were searching hi and lo for 'bittersweet chocolate' and I wondered WHY can't she just find it at the store??? I guess it was a long day for me - LOL!! Happy that you found at least a small bit of what you were looking for and I'm sure your hunt/find will help you enjoy it all the more!!! Walmart is definitely the place to find Anything *wink*!! See you tomorrow when I win :) Blessings, Cindy

  53. Your dear friend, "Lolo" was a sweetheart - and a talented one at that. Beautiful painting!
    LOL - WalMart! I always feel cheated going there because I NEVER see any of the iconic "People Of!" And I look, too! I really make a study of it, but come up empty handed every time!

  54. Ha Ha Diana what you see at the Walmart. Your bittersweet looks great on your grapevine wreaths. I love bittersweet too. So pretty. What a gorgeous painting and such beautiful memories of your friend to think of when you look at it. So sweet Diana.
    Have a great evening.

  55. I love bittersweet...but haven't seen any around here in years.

  56. Okay - now this is the 4th comment - lets see if this goes through. Only at Walmart although I have seen some weird things. Also at Home Depot too.
    So sorry about your friend - the painting is beautiful

  57. I bought some bittersweet online last year and now I know why it was so expensive. Love how you used it, though - tastefully done, Diana!

    Your art from your sweet friend is stunning, I absolutely love it.

    LOL with those saggy pants, seriously, oh my word.

  58. The bittersweet is beautiful, and you did a great job on the wreath.

    The watercolor is lovely; your friend was truly talented.

  59. Ingenious. that's all I can say to describe that look.

  60. Thanks for the laugh, Diana! I needed that!
    The bittersweet-now that was serendipity.
    Just when you are ready to head home, there it is.
    A sweet surprise. It makes your wreaths all the more special.

  61. I love, love Bittersweet! Alas, it apparently doesn't grow here. Never see it so have to settle for Pyracantha. Okay for orange berries, but no wreath making out of that thorny bush! Your watercolor is beautiful, but I'm afraid that it's the suspender close up that is going to stay with me tonight!!

  62. Diana, I am so glad we found each other in blogland!! I just signed up to follow you with email.Thank you for visiting my blog, I appreciate it. I love the bittersweet wreath and that is a funny story about going back and finding it! I can't count how many times I have begged my husband to make a u-turn cause I saw something for the blog! lol Have a wonderful day Diana!
    PS Sweet Cheeks is adorable!

  63. I have seen wreaths like you pictured, but had no idea what it was called. "Bittersweet", huh? You did a great job with your "find"! Fun post, then you had to burn that close-up photo into my eyes. You are a naughty girl, Ms. Diana!

  64. I don't think I've ever seen bittersweet growing wild. I see it at florist and love it, too.

  65. This is hilarious! I'm almost afraid to show it to my Mister

  66. I love your bittersweet creations, so pretty! How can that man not now his pants are down that far? It's a good thing you didn't get a front view, lol!

  67. First things are one sick puppy. Which of course is why I love you. I nearly spit out my grape looking at that last pic. Gotta love Walmart!

    A few weeks ago I went to a book signing/discussion with Susan Branch. She mentioned that there is an abundance of bittersweet where she lives in Martha's Vineyard. Maybe you should move out East? Then we could be sick puppies together. ;)

  68. I love bittersweet, Diana, and I never see any of it growing around here! Gosh darn it!


  69. Diana, I laughed until I cried at the sight of the Walmart dude and his suspender! Thanks I needed that. The bittersweet picture is lovely. I guess I had never thought about where it grew. I always assumed it was grown commercially.


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