Thursday, June 19, 2014


Now, isn't THAT just an enticing title?
Rain or shine I knew I had to get
that porch done to show you.
I may, or may not have, said a few 
to myself working out there in 
My hair and I do NOT like humidity!

I did not buy a single thing for the porch-
well, except for the fern and the roses.

So, just to make you happy---
Here we go!

Walking up our front steps I have a huge
FERN & BIRDCAGE to the right.

Step up to the door and wipe your feet, kids!
The front door looks like this.
Leaded glass.
The ceiling above is a barrel ceiling
with beadboard.
I have had this old hat for at least 10 years.
It is kind of SAD looking, isn't it?
I popped it up after tearing its old bow off.
I need a new bow!
and maybe some new flowers cuz
these are looking pretty crappy
This is taken through the screen.
To the left of the door and close to the steps 
are some flowers and a wire topiary form
and a GARDEN sign.
Tired are you?
Well, you have two choices of seating here.
This old Eastlake wicker chair 
is on a spring rocker.
It is very comfortable.
It was maroon and pretty sad looking
so I painted it white.

The fabric on the seat cushion is from a dress I wore in the early 90's.
I had a jacket that matched that I sent to a friend.
I still love the fabric!!!!
My friend is thinner than I am so the jacket
might fit her.
Don't ya hate it when your friends are 
thinner than you are?
Makes me want to FEED them!

Two cherub supports hold a glass shelf 
for holding a coffee cup or
glass of iced tea
and grocery store roses.
There is a chair for little rockers, too.
Not a girl?
Another cushion makes it boy ready!
My son found this rocker and stripped it down several years ago.
I just can't quite bear to paint it.

And here it is~
washed and dressed.
The bottom cushion is stuffed
with goose down.
The rug is a multi-colored tweed with
rose and green and blue in it.
 A few flowers on each side of the swing.
Sometimes MyHero and I sit here and swing.
and sip coffee and watch the grandkids
ride their bikes down the drive.
We don't swing very fast anymore.
MyHero has sure slowed down from 
he used to be.......
and that's all I'm gonna say about that!
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  1. Your entrance doorway is gorgeous and love the hat there. Everything looks very pretty and I know it is CLEAN : ) Love that swing..reminds me of the old green glider that my grandparents comfortable! :)

  2. Diana, I love how nice everything looks together. With our winds , I could never do that sweet glass table. When I saw your hat, it reminded me I have not changed out the door wreath. I am like , just keep redoing your cute hat. I love your leaded glass door. xoxo,Susie

  3. oh my...what a swinger! ha. you are too funny. what a great , peaceful porch. i love that you made cushions out of an old dress.

  4. your door is beautiful, diana! love the wicker rocker--i haven't seen one like it-and the bitty rocker is too cute! and the swing is my fav! every porch should have a great swing:)

  5. Diana, you porch is beautiful! I'd love to enjoy a nice afternoon sitting & reading there. Love your front door, and that is the prettiest door mat I've ever seen. (all the ones I find around here are ugly)

  6. Your porch looks very pretty and relaxing, Diana! I could see gently swinging in your swing with a glass of iced tea or lemonade {or vodka}.

  7. Nothing better than a porch swing! It screams summertime to me!

  8. You do? You really do sit there and watch the grandkids ride their bikes? That is so reminiscent of an era gone by. SO nice to hear that someone actually uses their front porch. I'll take that wicker rocker off your hands any day. Love it! And when our porch gets done, we're getting a swing too. As K&I have sat out on our porch-in-progress in the late evenings, we've made the decision to screen the whole thing in. Very sad, because I love the look of an open porch, but if we screen it in, we can even sleep out there some summer nights. Your porch is VERY inviting. I'm surprised the whole neighborhood doesn't show up on your doorstep!

  9. Such an inviting porch! I am with you about the humidity! Not a good look with my hair!!

  10. love that little rocker too. Not sure I would want to paint it either. That last picture has me wondering. Thanks for the chance to sit and relax on your lovely porch.

  11. Swing on, Diana and Hero! The porch looks so inviting. I might just show up and sit a spell. Knock. Knock. xo

  12. Beautiful Diana! Your hero must fly high when he swings! LOL I love your wicker rocker, I have never seen one like it before. We grew up sitting on our front porch talking with neighbors every evening. We all shared garden produce, babysitting, cups of sugar and local news. I get up each morning and wait for Emmy Lou to start her "biscuit trail". She leaves my uncles house and goes from house to house and each house gives her a morning biscuit. I love opening that front door at 7am and see her smiling face waiting. Thank you for posting the lovely photos, your porch is beautiful and inviting. If I lived close, I would come over for a glass of sweet tea and do some swinging!

  13. I LOVE your new profile picture, Diana!!! LOVE it!!!
    okay, back to the porch. It's so pretty, and looks like a great place to sit, and relax with a cup of Java. The naked cherubs look more comfortable standing up, then they did laying on the swing yesterday. Your Hero had hair!! What happened to it all?!
    I totally get the hair thing, and the humidity...poof!

  14. Girl you should be showing off that porch more often! I absolutely love the door and the wicker. The wicker is to die for!!

  15. What a lovely porch! It's so inviting! I love your swing; it looks so relaxing! It's s toss up between the yard and the back! I love them both!

  16. Everything on your porch is beautiful! The new profile pic is lovely!

  17. it looks lovely and I love that almost each piece is a treasure to you, even the hero doing his acrobatic act!

  18. Ha-None of us are swinging as high as we use to!
    Oh, your porch is so pretty and inviting, Diana.
    I just love a porch swing, it reminds me of the good ol' days.

  19. Your porch is so welcoming...and I love that wicker chair! Hugs, Penny

  20. Beautiful. And yes, very inviting. I love a porch swing.

  21. Very pretty!!! I had no idea you two were swingers. It's just one surprise after another around here.

  22. Absolutely beautiful! I love your white wicker chair with the cushions made out of your old dress - stunning! A perfect place to sit and enjoy the day :)

    Hugs to you!

  23. Such a beautiful porch. May I ask how you attached the hat on your door? Wire? Just asking. I have a glass door as well and haven't put anything on it yet. Maybe those hooks that you can take off? I wish I had a porch like yours. Its lovely!!

  24. I'm here for ideas and I found a few! It's a sparse summer from weather to flowers. I'll have to go with what we have and that's not a bad thing. In fact, we'll make it work! Hope that you have many relaxing times on the porch this summer and fall. Outdoor living is great.

  25. What a pretty porch that is! I'd sit there day in and day out if it were mine!

  26. Your porch is great, but the photos you find of your husband are even better! You two must be a crazy couple! Hugs, Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  27. Dear Diana! Once again, thanks for the chuckles! That's an amazing picture of your Hero! Such beautiful work you do! I love how everything is put together and all the creative touches that you add here and there. I love your cushions and no, I would not paint that rocker. It's perfect as it is. That is one super fern you have there. My mother always loved ferns but everyone she ever had died on her. Yours is just as a fern should be. Love it! Wishing you a lovely day. I'm getting ready for another iron transfusion. Hope this is the last one!

  28. I'm ready to come over and relax on that porch. I'll sit in the wicker, so you can stay in the swing. Looks wonderful. And I think the hat looks just fine.

  29. You have such a lovely porch. I love all the white. Your swing is so stylish too. It's like 2 Adirondack chairs put together and hanging from chains.

  30. simply gorgeous!!! sooooo wonderful to have a front porch!!!!

    mmmmmmm, you know i have to ask you.... "what in the world was he trying to do??????????????"

    again, your porch looks simply beautiful and inviting and you did goooood workkkkkk!!!!!


  31. Oh I can just picture you sitting here taking in the view and watching the grandkids. You know I love the swing, but that wicker chair is really sweet too. Just a lovely porch Diana!

  32. I have one of those sad looking hats but I don't think a few flowers added to it would help. Your porch is lovely, so inviting!

  33. The porch looks so inviting. If we were all closer, you'd have to be setting up folding chairs. LOL

  34. You two are definitely "swingers" in my mind! Love your porch especially that swing. Nothing like a porch swing!

    I have a quote for you - "Dear Lord, if you can't make me skinny, please make all of my friends fat!". LOL


  35. I wish that we had a covered porch so I could decorate it! I guess I'll just have to live vicariously through you lol. I love that you painted the chair white and the repurposed fabric looks so romantic! I've always wanted a couch with goose down seat cushions, what a luxury! The picture of your husband is priceless!
    xo Kathleen

  36. I think you are mean, wanting your friends to be fat, lol.
    "Just aSwangin' comes to mind when I see this. Love that song.

  37. I wonder if I can squeeze my butt into that sweet little rocker.
    Do not answer that, Miss Sassy.

  38. Address please, I'll be right over!!!! Love it.

  39. Oh how that last pic cracks me up! He sure was a swinger in his day, huh? ;) Love, love your porch! I could sit in that pretty swing all day sipping my sweet tea. I love all the seating options you have too. Wish I could have flower pots on my front porch, but it gets direct afternoon sun and it's too hot. Yours sure are pretty though!

  40. oh you are a hoot Di. The last picture. I am still laughing. Nearly wet my pants or one would say undies.
    And Tina she is a hoot what she said. North 20 Ora cracked me up.Sharon is funny. I am reading all the comments. My entertainment for the afternoon old Grandma here.Then Linda she wants your address. Ha-ha. Nervy isn't she. She wants to be first to sit on that Swinger. And Tessa I am starting to laugh again. Oh my she made a great laughing question.And Sweet post dreams is such a lady. She will let you sit on the Swinger awe. Di your post is lovely and your porch, cushions, plant are all so dreamy. Put the kettle on and let us have tea. I will be over by then maybe Linda would of gone home. Oh all your bloggers are real funny people. Have to be all of us. Hanging out with you.
    Jettie is funny.

    Oh all your bloggers are real funny people. I am in stitches We all have to be funny. . Hanging out with you. And hero look what you have made him. He falls off swings. Hmmmm you sure your just giving him lemonade girly. I mean how fast was Hero swinging. Ha-ha
    Jettie is funny.

  41. Your porch looks fantastic! I always leave her with a smile:)

  42. Your porch looks like a wonderful "sitting" porch or "swinging" porch for those lucky enough to snag that comfy swing. I miss our wicker porch swing. I had to give it up when we enclosed our screened in porch with French doors and windows and Phantom screens. Need to figure out a spot for and outdoor swing. '-)

  43. Looks like a good place to sit and watch the world go by.

  44. Loved the front porch and the swing is so nice. And I also love the fabric!! The little rocker is so cute! I was just asking my Hubby if in a few years we can redo the front of the house. I have a plan I want to do with the front porch! Loved the early swinger picture at the end...
    Thanks for the tour...

  45. Your front porch looks really beautiful and inviting Diana. So your husband is not a swinger anymore. Your front door is beautiful. I love that old hat. It looks wonderful on the door. I hope you're having a good evening.

  46. Love Love love this porch. I need to come and swing with you. Diana it all looks so inviting and cozy. Great job.

  47. Oh that little rocker is just precious! I am glad you recyled your dress. I love it made into cushions.

  48. I'd love to take a swing with you. What a fun porch. I imagine your grands enjoying it too.

  49. Your porch is so pretty, Diana! I love the cushion fabric you used, that started out life as a dress! And your fern is so pretty. Now all you need is a red light bulb and you really WILL be swinging!:)

  50. i love your front door - Wow - beautiful! Your swing looks so comfy, I'm going to CA in July to see my MIL and she has a really nice swing like that, I will be so happy to swing there and remember times swinging with my Mark :) Blessings, Cindy

  51. The photo of the hubby is hilarious! I love the soft pastels in the pillows. What a treasure that your children will enjoy! Love the little rocker too. How sweet! The grandkids will have fun with that.

  52. Just lovely...all of it. So very inviting. I'm excited to fix up our balcony in the new apartment. Lots of rules and regulations, so I can only do so much...but I have several good ideas.

  53. What is he doing in that photo!?!?! Ha! The porch looks beautiful!! Love that fabric on your chair as well! And your vignettes are perfect in that space! Enjoy every second here! Nicole xoxo

  54. I love your porch...and the swing...I need that one. ;)

  55. Your porch is so pretty!! We have two levels to our porch our front, but neither area has a roof over it. So I don't put anything out there that I think might blow away when it storms.

  56. What a very pretty porch! My favorite is that SWING! Do you enjoy sitting on your porch swing? You need a pic with you and all your grandbabies in that swing....priceless! Blessings~~~Roxie

  57. I love your front door!!! I always wanted a porch swing, but never had a porch for one...sigh!

  58. That picture of your husband!! I die from laughter! But, your porch is so pretty, and I'm a wee bit jealous. ;) LOVE the swing, and even the hat on the door. XOXO

  59. Your porch is just gorgeous...I love everything on it...especially the swing...I miss my swing so I must get one before the summer is over....

  60. It looks great! I let my daughter take my "glider" from the porch and seeing that swing makes me realize I miss it!

  61. It looks great Diana! Can I come over... I'll have some iced tea please.. and some of those cookies you made.

  62. Very pretty porch Diana!!....and love your "swinger"....also those doors are magnificent!!!!

  63. I've always wanted a porch swing, and the doors are beautiful Diana!

    Enjoy your blog break! You will be missed :(.

  64. Such a charming porch, Diana...I'd love to sit on that swing with a cup of coffee!

  65. Hi Diana, Just hoping I had missed a post or twenty(8-) but I can see you are still away. I pray you are alright and just busy with summer. Please email me if you have prayer needs! If you are just out having fun, you need to share with the rest of us.


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