Nana Diana Takes A Break

Nana Diana Takes A Break

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Picking May Flowers In The Woods- Childhood Memories

Hooray- Hooray
It's Finally May!

I was born late in my father's life.
He was 53 when I was born-his first child.
That meant that I grew up with cousins
that were almost a full generation older than I was.

So, by the time I was six or so,
my older cousins were driving.
On the first of May they would come,
along with my Aunt Bessie,
who never drove a car in her life,
and we would drive a few miles to 
a lightly wooded area
where we would pick
Today I know that they were simply 
in pretty pastel colors.

Oh- How I loved MAY DAY
They spread before us in the woods on leggy stems.
We would pick big bunches to bring home
where we would plop them in jelly jar vases.
Then, Aunt Bessie would give us each 
a slice of fresh baked bread
slathered with butter 
and homemade strawberry jam.

I would go home full and happy,
with my hands clutched full of wildflowers.
I would be smiling when I entered the back door to
our farmhouse as the screen door slapped shut behind me.

My brother, Charlie, who is 
smiling down from Heaven,
had a special poem

It went like this:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I thought I was ugly
Until I saw you.

Yes- Oh- the fond memories 
that take me back to childhood.
I would stick my tongue out at him and set my
on the counter
to celebrate the
loud and clear

Did you know that if you shout MAYDAY
three times in a row it is 
the international signal of distress?
Be careful-
You know what THAT means, don't you?
You may get someone that looks like 
THIS coming to your rescue!

Just never you mind Kris, Junk Chic Cottage,
you got your OWN fireman!

Happy May Day!
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  1. You make me smile! I think I need to go to the store this morning and buy some flowers.. there sure arent any coming up in my yard yet!
    Happy May Day!

  2. Starting my morning with a laugh, Diana! Love your memories of May Day!

  3. Aren't you the comedian. Happy May Day!!!!!

  4. What a wonderful childhood memory!
    Hot fireman! May day, may day, may day!

  5. what a sweet memory diana...and i love the poem (LOL)! it's hard to believe it's already may....time just seems to fly by the older i get. hope your "may day" is full of flowers and sunshine!

  6. Mayday, Mayday, Mayday...

    My grandfather was the flower guy, he loved flowers, and today, I hope he is enjoying a huge field of flowers in Heaven,

  7. Happy May Day! What a fun memory you have shared with us, loved it.

  8. What a great memory, Diana! A simple thing to do {not costing any money} but the enjoyment it brought was probably priceless. I am so glad it is May! Can't wait to get some gardening going here.

  9. I'd forgotten it was May Day! Does anyone hang baskets on neighbors' doors anymore???


  10. Oooooo I keep calling and calling and calling, but that handsome hunk hasn't shown up yet! - lol, you are soooo darn funny, Diana!
    I remember the pretty purple flowers of May. We'd get them from our grandma's yard - she lived right in back of us. We'd put them inside little vases and make a shrine in front of our Blessed Mother statue. Your pictures and story bring all of that right back!
    lol - Charlie's poem to you! You know he meant the opposite of course!

  11. May first is also the National Day of Prayer, so we can always pray for the firefighter to show up!!

  12. Happy may day memories!!!! Beautiful memories!

  13. Sweet memories and laughs as well. After several days of rain I think it might clear today...I see a lovely little patch of violets growing on the side of my house. I picked violets as a little kid and have never stopped :)

  14. oh i love violets! how lucky that you had/have different colored ones. i just see purple. but i love 'em to pieces.

    what a delight that must have been, to see that sight. "They spread before us in the woods on leggy stems." And what delightful memories. :-)

    i forgot may 1st. well, mostly. also forgot that some celebrate today as beltane. :-) happy beltane!!! a party is a party. i'm game for a party. :-)


  15. Happy May Day Diana! I went to St. Mary's elementary school, so of course May was all about Mary. I remember picking lily of the valley and taking it to school for our celebration.

  16. Happy May Day, Diana, and what lovely memories. This post had me looking in the fridge to see if we had any strawberry jam/jelly. Alas, no.

  17. Love you blog and I was a late bloomer too so why would I think it be unusual to have Spring late.

    I survived and you did too.

    I too picked those wild flowers. I still do.

    Beautiful, beautiful May flowers.

  18. Your memories are absolutely precious, Diana, and the poem made me giggle :) Love and hugs and Happy May Day!

  19. Sweet post! And I like that poem your brother Charlie had for you. I'm sure he was only teasing, though. And when a boy teases - that's just like saying, "I love you!" I have no idea why, but boys are just that way. Even brothers!

  20. Ha Ha Diana your fireman pic is a pretty handsome guy too. I love the memories that you have of Charlie and his poem. Too special. Enjoy the first day of May today.

  21. Wonderful memory! Happy May Day to you, too! And Oh My, what a hunky fireman. You can keep yours, I had my own on Sunday. He was shirtless and draped a medal around my neck and called me Diva. LOL!!

  22. Happy May Day to you too, Diana.

    I too have fond memories of it. Had intentions of posting but busy caring for my older sister who we just picked up yesterday from post-op. I have different things to do right now, hopefully soon I can blog about pretty lovely May.


  23. What fun memories. When I was growing up in NY, May Day was a big deal at school. We always had flowers and the May Pole.

  24. What a wonderful childhood memory, Diana! Aunt Bessie was perfect! When is your birthday, anyway? xo Nellie

  25. I know I can always come here for a good laugh Diana. :) Your dear brother sounds like any brother shoud act. :) Your memories were special, praise the Lord! Don't you just love pansies, they always have a smile on their face.
    Happy May Day to you as well!
    Joy! Debbie

  26. I had one special neighbor that I would always give flowers to on May Day. I would put them on her step, ring the doorbell and then run away! Happy May Day to you!


  27. Nana Diana, you are so much fun! I always get such a chuckle when I read your blog. When reading about "May Day", I thought about my grandson Benjamin (4 1/2). Ben and his dad came out to our little chateau a few weeks ago and were riding their bikes in our front driveway with delight in their eyes and hearts. It was a fun sight to behold as the dogs gently followed them, the "boys" used their imaginations having so much fun. So as I was taking the video on my cell phone, I'd reach out my arm and hand and wiggle my fingers when Benjamin rode by. His response was "May Day, May Day - Spiders, Spiders", soooooo funny. This went on and on ... and on and on ... and on, you get it. Ben's daddy (my son) had no clue what the MayDay was all about until a few weeks later when he saw the video, then Ben just giggled and started in again with "May Day ... spiders .." Happy Spring Ms. Dianna xxooxx Jeannette

  28. Happy May Day, Diana! Oh, sweet little post about your memories. I can just see you sticking out your tiny tongue at your brother! :) Enjoy your memories!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  29. Don't you just love wonderful memories like that? Happy May Day!

  30. Happy May Day, Diana! What heartwarming memories, awww! That is something my older brother would say, oh, those days were fun, weren't they? Great post, always a joyous feeling when I drop in to see you!
    Hugs girl!

  31. Those are beautiful memories. Thank you for sharing. I remember my mom putting flowers in a jar too and now I do also.
    Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  32. Until I read this, I didn't even remember that today was May 1st. I'll have to celebrate May half day now!

  33. Diana, I love that story. Your brother sounds much like my own. :):) Thank you for the prayers. xoxo,Susie

  34. Help! I have shouted May Day 3 times in a row! Where is he??

    I love the sweet little violet. In fact there is an old song called Sweet Violets' that is funny. My kids used to pick the violets from the yard and present them to me in a little paper cone that they made in school. Sweet memories!

  35. Lovely poem...I thought you were going for poignant until I read that!

  36. Beautiful photos of violets! I'm going to practice my yelling May Day and see what happens.


  37. That is really cute and love the flowers. My dad was in his 50's as well when I came along but I was the only child and my cousins were adopted and were 9 months older than me. Lots of great memories!! Loved your brothers poem. Memories for sure.

  38. Violets are my absolute favorite flower, Diana! What sweet memories you have of May Day. Those simple pleasures were the best, weren't they? Well, they still are, I think! I remember this time of year when I was young, I would walk to the woods behind our farm, in search of spring blooms to pick. There always were alot of wild violets. It was so exciting as a girl to venture into the woods alone! Great poem your brother wrote just for you:)

  39. Oh, what sweet memories! The beauty of the moment, and then the older brother....Too funny! I'll bet you were the cutest little girl, Diana. Happy May Day! xo Karen

  40. Love your memories! We used to pick the violets and dandelions and put them together. Mom would have us come to the kitchen table and we would make little paper baskets. We got to use scissors and paste. She made sure they all had handles on them and we would count how many neighbors we had and make one for each of them. Then we would pick the flowers and bring them in and fill those little baskets. Mom would walk down the sidewalk with us and we wound go up to each door and hang them on the door knob and ring the bell and leave.

  41. Happy May day to you too Diana. What sweet sweet memories you have! Love the violets too.

  42. I love memories of childhood days...I was a late life baby, too, and have sisters much older. I was dragged around and bossed around, but looking back, those were great times!

  43. The poem made me smile, the things brothers say and get away with.

  44. Happy May Day! Such sweet memories.

    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

  45. May day! May day! May day!
    (How long will it take for him to get here?)

    I love when you share Charlie with us- your childhood memories are so special.
    I can picture it all in my mind. xoxoxoxo

  46. Loved this so much because the sweet memories carry all of us back. I am just glad that I have a few pretty great ones myself. I just knew the minute I saw May Day, May Day, where you were going with that....
    Your my sunshine and daily smile....
    XO Roxy

  47. happy may day, diana! great post--hilarious poem!

  48. Sweet Brother-Mine was always saying sweet things like that to me too!
    I enjoyed hearing your memories of May Day, Diana. It sounds like it was
    a special day you could look forward to with your Aunt and cousins!

  49. Sweet memories for you - great tradition!
    As a child I always welcomed May 'cause it meant the end of school was near.

  50. I loved the story of the May flowers and Aunt Bessie, and how you used to put the violets in the jelly jars. Those were the days, right? Fresh baked bread with butter and homemade strawberry jam - YUMMY!

    Thank you for your comment on my "mom" post, Diana. It means so much to me.

    Happy first day of May, and guess what? I have an Aunt Bessie too!


  51. I enjoyed you story and it brought back memories. As a family we never celebrated May Day. Your Aunt Bessie reminds me of my Aunt Anna! She was German and would always make us her fabulous German Potato Salad. You know how the world changes, today if you picked may flowers in the woods you'd be arrested. Back then was the days of freedom and merriment. Happy May day, and thanks for the smiles too!

  52. May Day, May Day, May Day! :) This is the sweetest post ever Diana. What happy memories, and I'm so glad you shared them with us. You really made my day!

  53. I have lots of May Flowers that grow in my back yard. But they seem confused caused usually by now they are all over....not this month....maybe they will be late this year. Love your story....good child hood memories.

  54. Those are such sweet memories of your childhood. (and that poem cracks me up!) I love these kinds of stories! Happy May Day to you!

  55. Ha Ha! I've got my own fireman too! What a funny poem. I loved hearing the story of how you celebrated May Day when you were young. What a great tradition.

  56. MAYDAY ~~ MAYDAY ~~ MAYDAY ~~ I'm Waiting At MY DOOR ~~~~~~

  57. Loved hearing about your childhood memories! I never knew anyone who really celebrated Mayday. But if it means that fireman shows up, I'll be celebrating from now on!

  58. What beautiful memories. Violets are the sweetest flower.

  59. I enjoyed reading about your May Days and got a good laugh out of your brother's special poem for you.

  60. LOL

    We have all kinds of those little violets in our yard. I took a picture the other day of one that found a place in a tree to take root :)

  61. I loved May Day when I was a child. I would pick those same violets {love} and we would put them in a homemade paper cone and hang them on front doors of neighbors. {sometimes we would add another spring bloomer ~ the dandelion} Fun memories.

  62. Hi Diana, What a wonderful post filled with May memories. Love the sweet violets you picked and the poem from your brother. Precious times growing up. Happy May my friend.
    Have a great weekend.

  63. May Day, May Day, May Day!!!! :)
    What a sweet story!!!

  64. Love the story- what a precious memories. Snicker snicker on your brother's poem :-) What else are siblings for! Happy May Day (a day late)!

  65. OMG! LOL! You bring tears of joy to my eyes! This is lovely, sentimental and absolutely hysterical! Oh I need you in my life! xoxoxo Jen

  66. Such sweet memories ~ thank you so much for sharing!



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