Thursday, April 3, 2014

ROLLER SKATING-How To Get A Child To Pose For Nice Pictures.

Ha- bet you thought you were going 
to get some professional photo tips didn't you?
Did I happen to mention I can't hold a 
camera steady and that I have a
kind of crummy point and shoot?
But here you have what I know-
First-catch the child when they are coming up
towards you without them being aware that 
you are going to take their picture..
Like this one-
Notice anything missing between the lips?
I told her I was changing her name from SweetCheeks to GAPperella....
kind of like Cinderella only with missing teeth.
Once you have them framed then
 ask them nicely to give you a smile for the camera.
They will give you a look like this-
You will get a look like this-
Okay- I am done screwing around here~
I am going to take a picture of your sisters.
Lulu is putting on her skates.
Can I get a nice picture of you?
Oh- Good- Here's Ria-
 Ria- Can I take your picture?
OKAY!  That's IT!
I give up!
I am about to put my camera away when I hear it-
The best picture of all-
SweetCheeks loving on her Papa!
You can't pose those!
(um-MyHero might need a hair cut)

The girls are skating here with MyHero 
(who happens to be an excellent skater)
They are at the roller rink where he skated 
when he was growing up.
St. Mary's Of The Angels
It is still open.
Because MyHero is such a good skater
I have tried to convince him that he 
could make a little extra money on the 
side by being a car-hop.
I am filling out applications for him today.
Now-If we can only find an outfit 
like that to fit  him
your photo name


  1. What great memories you are creating with those little chicks! I can relate to the goofy looks when you're trying to get a NICE picture. Even as babies, one of them always had a tongue sticking out, etc. But, that IS life and you know what? Those goofy photos truly capture the personality of those kiddos. Hope you have a wonderful day, Diana!

  2. Diana, This is a funny post.. I love to see when the children start to lose their baby teeth. Can't wait to see the Hero car hop. xoxo,Susie

  3. I think that is so great that your Hero roller skates! I've never been able to roller skate, no idea why, ice skate yes.....along time ago anyway. Very nice post!

  4. Well, with that hippy hair he has, Diana, I don't think he can be a car hop. Maybe one of those roller derby folks! : ) My granddaughter is only 3 1/2 and I'm lucky if she will smile for one picture for me. I think she is fed up at this point from all the pictures I took of her when she was a baby. It looks like a good time ~ I used to love roller skating when I was younger.

  5. I hear you. It is nearly impossible. Everyone gets a little spazzed when the camera comes out. I need to develop a sneaky style of picture taking. Gaperella? LOL...I prefer the more euphemistic...what a lovely window in your smile!

  6. HaHa!! Love it! Please post a pic of Hero in his new work uniform.

  7. LOL, I just love your post. Look forward to them each day, starts it off right!

  8. Priceless photos! Looks like such a fun outing.
    Mary Alice

  9. What's the matter with Ria's picture? She isn't making a face!

  10. What a wonderful family outing! Were you out there skating too? I think we need a few pictures!

  11. Your Hero is my kind of man! Nothing sweeter than seeing a Papa
    having fun with his g'kids.

  12. That outfit might fit one of your grandkids! Or YOU? heehee! What fun you had! Enjoy your day my friend! Sweet hugs!

  13. I love that name- GAPerella! Fits her! That's what she gets for making faces. Old geezer car hops are probably not going to catch on. Maybe in a tinker bell people might pay to see that. Do you skate, or just take photos while the rest of them do? Looks like a fun time with the kids, all kidding aside. Hope you have a better day today.

  14. Have I got two boys for those girls! Their counterparts in facial deviance!
    The last time I skated I almost broke my wrist, so that was it for me. Not very coordinated!

  15. Thanks for today's chuckle!!!!!!

  16. Fun time for the girls - skating. Brings back memories of when I sued to roller skate.

  17. They just don't love to do pretty poses do they? You are lucky to get any good ones. Hugging Papa is the best - that is a classic!

  18. giggle it... you are so dang funny..

    nice pics and sweet memories.

    oh I love to skate~! being doing it since I was 3

  19. Awww that is so sweet! Funny too! I can identify. I must take 50 pictures of each kid for each one I use on my blog - make that 200 if all 3 oldest are in a group shot! Such cute little happy girls you've got there....who wouldn't smile brightly (finally!) on an outing with such fun grandparents?

  20. Getting good pics of anyone can be tricky. Love all the photos-it shows character. I used to love to skate but haven't tried in about 28 yrs; think I'll pass-they ground is too hard.
    Hope you have a wonderful day.

  21. Well. I am so surprised your Hero enjoys rollerskating! We grew up rollerskating and it was so much fun! I would not attempt it anymore unless they wrapped me in Bubble wrap! Mu Hubby's father was a bouncer at a roller skating place and that is where he met Hubby's Mom.!
    And about the uniform, Maybe you could whip one up for him,,, Just a larger size (In the skate size) LOL

  22. What a sweet post. I love that your hubby still enjoys skating with the girls. I hope to be able to skate with future grands on our backyard ice rink many many many years from now.

  23. Hi that was so funny and yes they sometimes don't want their pictures taken and the last shot is so funny. Wishing you a wonderful day and weekend!
    Julie at Julie's Lifestyle

  24. Great photos!!
    I love the missing teeth; that photo brings back lots of memories!!

  25. Now that's a picture I would want to see. Your hubs on skates as a carhop!!!! Such darling photos of your beautiful little grands!!! So cute!
    hugs from here...

  26. Such sweet girls! I remember how hard it was to take a pic of my boys when they were younger. One of them would always make a silly face just as I took the pic. This was before digital cameras, so we usually didn't know how the pic would turn out until we had it printed. Ugh. :) I just love that y'all can still go to the rink that your hubby went to when he was a boy! How neat!

  27. Those girls are precious and your Hero looks pretty precious too! :-)

  28. What a fun time! I love that this took place at your husband's childhood skating rink. Happy memories! I'm glad to see that my kids aren't the only ones who goof off in front of the camera.

  29. Love it! Those are truly the best pictures (and perfect for black mail later on).

  30. Well we didn't see you on roller me you are probably hiding (:) Nice memories you are making and also your grandkids will love you in later years...what with all the pics you take of them, especially the "funny face" pictures!!!!

  31. You have to love a roller skating Grandpa!
    What fun they have with you two...I just love it.

  32. I used to love roller skating~ in fact my parents met while roller skating so it must be in my blood! I can't seem to sneak up on any of the grands to get a picture, they both refuse to look at the camera. Your hero has the same hair-do as mine...hehe.

  33. Cute post Diana..Part of your picture taking problem is definitely the subject matter..No cooperation there..Really cute pictures though..Your Hero takes a lot of abuse..!! What fun..

  34. Very nice that Your Hero is able to roller skate with those lovely girls! My sister liked to roller skate, but that is something I never have tried. I'm not about to venture out at this age, either.:-) xo Nellie

  35. You are such a great Nana! How sweet are those girls. And I don't think I've ever seen a male car-hop. Interesting.

  36. Those are the best kinds of pictures. How sweet they ALL are. Oh car hops...does that bring back my High School days.

  37. You are so funny...always get a laugh when I stop by!

  38. Although I don't always tell you... I love your stories!!! And never miss them, even though I may miss commenting on them! Thanks!!

  39. Thanks for the big Ol' grin on my face Diana, YOUR Awesome!!!! I too am always making sure to get my Nana Diana fix!
    Been busy catching up on stuff here, and putting up the final Easter decor. I should post!!! : )

  40. Looks like you all are having a great time….such great memories for the girls…you and your hero should get an award for the greatest grandparents!

  41. Hahahahaha! I love it! These moments are fleeting. *mwah*

    Hugs and happy family,

  42. I love that Gramps still roller skates! My boys refuse to let me photograph them at this time in their lives. It is so precious!

  43. I'm so impressed that John roller skates I can't tell you !!!
    So, when does Bright Eyes get her first pair?

  44. What a fun outing with the girls! They are so cute! :)

  45. hi diana,

    you are so fun and the girls are adorable! i had to laugh about your hero needing a haircut (we've got that going on around here, too)!

    thank you for the sweet comment over at finding silver pennies!!!

    happy weekend!


  46. It always helps if you have good subjects, and you surely do, Diana! Good like with the job application for your hero, LOL!

  47. Maybe the best way to get a good pic of a kid skating is to wait until they fall and are sprawled out on the floor! They probably still won't be smiling but it'll be entertaining! LOL! Hugs, Leena

  48. taking g-kids skating is awesome--skating with them--priceless! i love skating!

  49. Your granddaughters are so wonderful! But are you telling me that your husband still roller skates? I used to.

  50. Cute pictures. I rarely get pictures of our oldest. She is at that age. But the baby doesn't know any better. She's just so fast going from here to there, grabbing the camera, playing.....

  51. My kids are grown and still make these faces! LOL! The grand baby is precious, he doesn't know any better yet! I love creating memories. The girls will thank you someday! Precious people. Oh it is grand to have grandkids! Hugs, Anne

  52. Beautiful memories you're creating my friend. They're adorable!



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