Nana Diana Takes A Break

Nana Diana Takes A Break

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Our Cottage On Cook

Most of you that have followed my blog
for a while know that we have moved
many times.
Since MyHero and I got married we
have rehabbed 15 houses (I think)
I may have forgotten one or two~!;>)

I thought it might be fun to post 
a few pictures of some of our rehabs because 
I started this blog for my family.
 I imagine each one of them thinks of 
a different house as
In the beginning I didn't take many pictures.
I only had a Polaroid.
Remember those?
So, the first few houses have sporadic pictures
but I will try to dig some more 
out of my old books as I go.
Here you have Move to House#SIX 

Cottage On Cook
This house had been on the market for 5 years.
It was an obsolete floor plan which we 
figured out how to fix by moving walls.
It reeked inside because they kenneled
dogs in the basement.
Yes! Real kennels!
In the basement!
It was a mess!
It was also a BARGAIN!

The most dramatic transformation
was on the outside.
I don't have any befores that I can find.
But we painted it from redwood stained 
(dark red) board and batten
to what you see here.
We replaced windows and put up a picket fence.
After we were done the front looked like this.
in December.
Summer snippets-Dining room window
Living room window (again)
Front entry and little window in the attic
There was a little light behind that window that went on automatically at dusk.
All the kids believed a family of elves 
lived up there.
I'm pretty sure they did!
MyHero went up to replace a lightbulb and
he was going to paint the window grid 
cream color but he 
got disoriented and could 
not find his way back to the ladder- 
I had to tap on the opening
to guide him back----shhhhhhh
I think the paint is probably still sitting there.
This was a cute house-good-sized- 
with about 2500 sq.ft
plus a full basement that we fixed up.
It had a nice yard that backed up 
to an undeveloped field
and I copied ideas I had seen 
in someone else's yard.
If nothing else I am a good copy cat!

Do you like these posts of old houses even if
some of the materials and colors, etc. might be "dated"?

Let me know -cuz I got a 
Otherwise, I am going to resort to showing you
pictures of MyHero doing things like
Yes- He is jumping over a chair.
Yes- He is over 60.
Yes-He has issues!
And YOU ALL think I am
your photo name


  1. Keep on sharing hero posts and house posts. Love them both.

  2. so now we know where you get it from! :)

  3. Diana, That is funny about Hero...when he does things, does he say "Hey watch this"....You know those have been known to be famous last words. Make him be careful. I love the house pictures. I lived in my house in town for 35 years..Been here almost 10. I remember my parents moving 5 times. Hope you are doing well and having some melting where you are. xoxo,Susie

  4. Diana, you are such a hoot and wow, married to one too! What fun must be going on under your roof, lots of laughter, I'm sure. Oh, I love the house tours, they are awesome, keep them coming! Love the first one, it's so pretty and loved the yard in the second one, you copykat girl! I just love getting early morning laughs when I check in to see you! Need them!

  5. Such a pretty house! I'd love to see more pictures of your Hero too! LOL

  6. Oh Diana, that's a beautiful house! There's something about that living room window with the flower boxes that draw me right in.

    As for your hero, I'm shocked! Here I've been thinking you were the crazy one and your poor husband having to deal with it, but now I'm seeing things a a lot clearer. LOL (Just kidding.)

  7. How pretty! I loved your window boxes, what a charming home. I had no clue you moved that many times. I may have read it but forgot.

  8. Such a pretty cottage look to that house, Diana! I love how it looks. I'd love to see more pictures of your other homes.

  9. I have always loved looking at houses. You made this home very charming and inviting. I do hope your hero is not in a full body cast!!!

  10. Keep them coming, Diana, they look like postcard pictures, beautiful!

  11. yes, keep them coming! What a beautiful home. They don't make them like that anymore. I know you made it beautiful inside also.

  12. Great pictures!! I bet you and your hubby have a happy life...full of FUN :)

  13. Good Morning Diana. I say keep them coming too. Ha ha your hero diving over the chair. I give him a perfect 10 on that one. LOL!

  14. Love all the old pics, a blogger will share!

    Mmmmm, and how did he land? I mean, did he land on his hands and do a hand stand? Or did he continue on, to a couple of rolling rolls? Eeeeeee! LOL.

  15. I will love to see the houses you have done!!!!! Your old fella still has some spark!!! ( he is the same age as Garry), , lol,

  16. Great story about that little window, and the house looks nice after you've redone it.

  17. Yes, yes, yes I want to see more of your fix-ur-up-ur- homes! I would love to see some of your decorating skills show us some inside shots too! Hugs, Penny

  18. I love posts like these! I would love to see the interiors also if you have some of those. You made this home truly charming!!

  19. I would love to see more pictures of your houses you fixed up. The one you have shown us is beautiful!

  20. Oh I love to see pics of homes that have been rehabed. Such fun.

  21. Your work is beautiful! The two of you must be "most wanted" at dinner parties! LOVE the pic! LOL!!!

  22. Love these pics Diana! More please??!

    It's such a cute house. Who doesn't love picket fences,window boxes and flowers? So charming.

    I think your husband is way too serious of a guy...I don't know how you stand it ;)

  23. The pic's are fun too see, and I give your Hero a 9.9 for form!

  24. I love to see pictures of homes. The house is really cute. I love the picket fence and the charm of the window boxes. Miss you at UA! xo

  25. Oh hero, you are an interesting (and entertaining fellow!). Love looking back at the old houses...keep 'em coming! Jane

  26. Dog kennels in the basement? Eeewwww!! You are a very brave woman for taking on that project. (but we already know how brave you are, so I'm not surprised.)

  27. love seeing them AND hearing the story all about them , from day 1 :)
    yes yes please do it... wooohoooo I am so excited...

  28. I really love seeing pictures of the homes! But, honestly, I am fascinated by the photo of your hero! I'm curious about his landing! Did it hurt?!?! :)

  29. Love this cottage style home. Great job! Your Mr. acts a little like mine:)

  30. I love looking at REAL homes, created by REAL people (with a budget)! I adored the bicycle and wheel barrow with flowers. Keep em' coming Diana! xxoo baktoya!

  31. I agree your a hoot and hubby also. Laughter in your home.

    Oh I like looking what you have. Who cares about the quality of the camera and if they are old. Your sharing that is all that matters. My golly, look at your audience here. Now all we do need . I am abrupt. POP CORN!

  32. Haha! Oh the indignity of it all! Poor Hero. What he puts up with. LOL And yes, we'll love seeing the photos of the homes, Diana! By the way, re. he dogs in the basement. We have reno'ed a few homes in our married life too. Some real doozies - but bought for a cheap price (as long as you're not including the mental, emotional cost!)

  33. YES! Keep sharing more.
    Boys will be boys, eh!?

  34. HI Diana, this will be fun seeing all of your past homes. There is nothing that I like better than peeking into other peoples homes and seeing what they did to make them cozy. That is only "invited peeking" . . . I'm not one of those Peeking Toms . . . heavens no :)
    Have a lovely day.
    Connie :)

  35. Hello've mentioned a couple of times to me that I am a No Reply blogger....what does that mean? I get replies from people quite often from their blogs and so I am confused! Please let me know my email is in a tab up by my header ( or it should be, ha ha) Thanks!

  36. We've renovated a few houses ourselves. I think you could consider us gypsy's, we've moved so much. But each house turns into a home doesn't it? I loved your pics and especially love the window boxes. They always make a house a home. Keep posting the houses, it's fun for us. Also a few more pics of your hero are always good for a laugh or two. Hope he was okay after that jump!

  37. Oh, please keep the pics coming!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE looking at pics of houses! It's so neat to see all the places people have lived. Even as a kid, I loved going to open houses and looking at model homes. To this day, it's one of my favorite things to do. :) I've gotten a lot of decorating ideas and favorite paint colors from visiting model homes. Anyway, I'd love to see more pics of your past houses. I love the window box and the picket fence on this house. And tell your hubby to be back hurts just seeing that pic. Lol!

  38. Love the house pictures! Keep them coming! Hero funny!

  39. Loved the trip down memory lane! Such pretty houses. The one of your hero is priceless!!

  40. Hahaahah! Poor "Hero"! You're so funny! It's amazing what you did to that house! What is there not to love?! I would love to see more of your house pics. I love everything you did and that yard is so cute! One question? Where do you get all your stamina? You must have surely inherited it!

  41. I love seeing the houses you fixed up. It's nice to get peeks into your pastt.

  42. You have done a wonderful job on your rehab project! I would do this in a sec if I knew what I was doing in that field! I love the "elves" in the attic story! But hmm...sometimes the best parts of your posts are the ones that have strike-through lines over them! lol - Grandpa is very agile for his age!

  43. I matter what you share, your many homes or your hero, all will bring a chuckle to the soul!!!

  44. I too love them both Diana, how pretty you made your home!

  45. I think you and the hub are perfectly matched! He seems to be quite a talented fella.' LOVE seeing pics of your previous homes, love how you copy all the magazines...I did the same thing, had my own pinterest thing going only it was a notebook full of magazine clippings. Cozy back yard too.

  46. I love to be inspired. On another note...I cannot imagine moving that many times...that is amazing

  47. Love the window boxes and the lace curtains -- just charming!

  48. What a darling house. I really love the flower boxes and the idea of the light in the attic window.

    xo Danielle

  49. Love your photo's and I do love a white picket fence. Maybe one day I can have one in front of my home,,,maybe!

  50. I love these old pics of the wonderful work you two have done--amazing! Keep them coming!!

  51. Every one needs a crazy man in the family and you sore moved a lot, I like your pictures.

  52. Hi sweetie, I loved seeing this home-it is enchanting, just like you. Guess it's me whose crazy. I love the lace curtains and the picket fence. I think you still have that bike, don't you? Thanks for sharing and keep them coming.
    Hugs, Noreen

  53. Yes, yes! Show us more. Oh, this house is charming! I love the homey pretty look of it and the picket fence looks just perfect. Now Mr. needs some chocolate! :)
    Be a sweetie,

  54. I love seeing one of the houses you "rehabed". You did a fabulous job on the outside! I can only imagine what the inside looked like- I know it was equally as nice. The flower boxes, picket fence and color change are amazing! About your hero- hummmmmm? He's a sport too!

  55. Can I say that I think that maybe you and your hubby are perfectly matched?
    In a good way, of course!!
    I enjoyed seeing your past home, Diana. Of course I'm the kind of person
    who likes to see in peoples windows at night to see how they decorate.
    Please show us more!

  56. It's amazing what a little TLC can do for a house..Very cute..Looks like you and your Hero are well suited..

  57. I knew that there was a little craziness in your hero. Two crazies are better than one! lol! Love the house. Fun to hear about all of your restorations. I say keep em comin girl!

  58. I loved seeing this house! It is really so charming...very cottagey. The window boxes are my favorite part. :o)

  59. Oh my gosh this brought a smile to my face, your husband is a hoot! I guess I'd better stop whining about how I have to move to my 4th house in 19 years, eh? This one looks darling, and sure, it would be great to see your old house pics! Bring 'em on! xoKathleen

  60. That house is beautiful! You guys to great work!
    Loved seeing the pic jumping over the chair! so funny!

  61. Loved the hoots of the house and yard - Gurl, you're a Magician! Hope you post more. Lots of fun!

  62. Yes, please show us more. I think you did a terrific job on that house. There is a NEVER a dull moment with you - lots of fun. I'm sure you keep Mr. Hero on his toes. LOL
    Have a great day and hope you feel better.

  63. Please, show us your house photos, not your super stunt man hubby!! Seriously though, Diana, I love your house! The shutter color is perfect, and I love your window boxes and lace curtains! And your garden is so cute! You left your wonderful mark on so many homes over the years. I would love for you to show us more. And could you please, pretty please, show us which was your favorite! PS: I bet you have packing down to a science with all those moves, maybe you can give me some tips:)!

  64. More Houses PLEASE! I can't take it I am cracking up...
    I love seeing your sweet home making touches in all the decades... (Did I just say that?)))))))
    I better go to bed, My Mother told me if you don't have anything nice to say (Don't say anything at all)
    xo Nighty Night Roxy

  65. Yes, share away! It's almost as good as sharing a collage of our hairstyles through the years ~~ LOL!! Blessings, Cindy

  66. For you and your sweetheart to take houses and turn them into homes just warms my heart beyond words.
    And... I love the yard after your gentle touch! Amazing!!
    Keep posting the home photos, and end with one of your hubby. Perfect!!
    Hugs a bunch,

  67. Yes this was fun to see ! so pretty ...more please! :)

  68. I LOVE to see transformations! So, did you keep the decor of each house exactly the same or did you change it with each style of your "new" home? I've tweaked mine with each one but kept the bones of it pretty much the same. Keep showing and telling!

  69. I love looking at the older houses. Now I want a window box with flowers. And a bike in my garden. And your husband, does he know you put that on the blog? So funny, and scary at the same time. And don't distract us with gymnastics, we know that you are still the crazy one :D

  70. That was beautiful. Oh I NEED YOU HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Hi! What fun! I wish you were close and I had money. I'd hire you to help out. Our yard front and back is a disaster of weeds and dirt. The house is in need of soooooo much! I would enjoy seeing more of your redos! Hugs, Anne

  72. So pretty!!! I absolutely love the window boxes and the plants and flowers in the back. You obviously have a green thumb! :) By all means, please continue to share more.


  73. Your cottage is beautiful! And aren't we all good at being copy cats? I know I am, lol. I loved the last photo of your here....he makes me laugh!


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