Wednesday, March 5, 2014

PICK YOUR FAVORITE Spring Garden Winner

I have to say that I  was 
about the little game we played the other day here!
I don't know what I was expecting
but there was one clear winner.

It was #2 -Step It Up-
Number 1/2/3/7
had almost an equal amount of votes.
I love how some of you shared WHY 
you loved what you love!
That really helps me to get to know you better.

As for me?
Well, I loved ALL of them...but if I had to choose
I would have to go with......... 
TaDa~~~ combining a couple of them...
LOL- I am worse than some of YOU!
Okay- If I HAD to pick JUST ONE I would
love to be able to walk out into
Garden #1
providing I had a bigger view on the 
other side-Like the Bay
where we live...where the morning sun
kisses the tops of the trees
as it rises over top of our house~
While I love the idea of a big garden 
I don't think I have the time to spend keeping it healthy right now.
And I love the water feature (pond) but..... 
if you have NOT had
a water feature-well, they are a lot of work, too.
Trust me!

However, IF it was a choice 
Maybe I'll call "Bobbie" and see what he's up to!
I'll let you know what he says...
IF he answers!
your photo name


  1. It was fun to dream of a little green right now. More snow is the forecast for the next few days. I swear spring will never come.

  2. I figures I picked one that no one else did! LOL... I guess it's because I've already created my garden to walk out to. Now on the subject of Robert Redford and having my hair washed by him...not too bad of an idea! LOL....

  3. Diana, I thought having Robert in our garden choice was just a given. :):) Boy he was hot in that movie. LOL Hope you have beautiful day. We are having sunshine it. xoxo, Susie

  4. Your pick was my pick....we are so much alike. Scary, huh? Have a good day there.

  5. Bummer, I missed out on the fun! Oh well, I enjoyed looking at the photos :) Have a lovely day, sweet Diana! Hugs!

  6. So much fun!! I could go with #1 as well. Really would love to plant more perennials this year.

  7. OK, your garden #1 photo looks like a cemetery. A very nice and plush cemetery, but still, I'm looking around for the mausoleum. Maybe you'll have that kind of garden later. Much, much later :)

  8. We all love beauty. I have a nice view right now from the lanai....but my dream is to look out and see the ocean. You have a fabulous view at your house my friend! Enjoy your day! Hugs!

  9. Just to show how shallow I am..... It would have to be the "Bobby" of way-back-then. Me-thinks he didn't age so well.

    But then, me-thinks dark haired men age better than light haired men.

    Yep! I'm shallow. -gigggggles-

  10. Interesting results. I have to be careful with climbing stairs these days, so the "Step It Up" would not work for me. Yes, anything with water in it requires extra attention. My husband is anxious to be able to try to turn part of our backyard space into that vegetable garden. That one is a lot of work, too. xo Nellie

  11. Yep, that was my vote!! :-)) And Bobbie? Seriously? He needs MAJOR WORK. LOL

  12. Number one was my vote ! And how you could want any other garden but the one you have is beyond me :) You have the most amazing view!

  13. Sorry I missed out on this one, Diana {had the granddaughter overnight that day}. I see two that I just love; one of which is the number one pick.

  14. Shucks, I missed it. Too much MArdi Gras!!!! xoxoxo

  15. I just love any yard with water. We do have a small pond and a pool, but hubby loves the "tending" so that leaves me off the hook when it comes to the work, because yes, they are both work! :) Pretty view!

  16. They are all beautiful. I'd probably take any of them.


  17. That first garden is stunning; however, it would not be very much fun to work with at my age. Oh and the thought of grandsons running through it makes my brain freeze. Has he called yet?

  18. So glad that #2 won - I love it. You have such a beautiful view of the bay you don't need a pond.

  19. Oh yea, that one is pretty too. I still think 7 is so nice and peaceful and 1 is gorgeous. Can't you just see us roaming around in that garden setting?

    Have a wonderful day, Diana. That was a fun one.


  20. Oh funny...having Bobby wash your hair~the younger one of course. I sure do like the view you have of the Bay....nice. My dream someday to live by water and have lots of trees...humm...sounds like a place tucked away far from the maddening crowd!!!

  21. Yay! No. 1 won!! It is so beautiful. Now...hurry up spring so we can plant our flowers!

  22. I need a yard boy, no not a pool boy, but a guy that will pull weeds for me! It's getting too hard to get back up once I get down on the ground!!!!
    Your view of the lake is the best one! I'd take that view any day!

  23. oh shucks..I missed out on it.. so, I'll take the one with Robert Redford in it.. I have seen that movie 13 times and all 13 I cried. I keep watching in hopes she'll stay there with him:)

  24. Oh, I must have been in town all day when you did this post.
    I think I might love them all too!
    As for Bobby, I believe that is a very old photo, Diana.
    I think you might just want to stick with the lover boy you've got!

  25. Diana,
    They were all so beautiful and it was so sweet of you to share these beautiful properties with all of us. The owners of these beautiful gardens I am sure are so happy you highlighted their beautiful spaces. I did love #2 but they are all pretty.

  26. Lovely gardens and you never know he might be available.

  27. Well, you know what went around after Indecent Proposal was released....."Would YOU sleep with Robert Redford for a million dollars?"
    "I sure would, if I could just raise the money......"
    hahhhaaa....gotta love it...
    and I have it sooo good as we have a water feature right outside our dining room doors and SON takes care of it....I am so spoiled !!

  28. This was fun Diana, I think we are all so ready for springtime that we'd be willing to take any of these now. Your view is still the best.
    Have a great night. Hugs!

  29. You're a funny gal, Diana, and you know I love funny! :) Thanks for popping in to see me and you can read up on it. It just says it's easier on the eyes to put all of your typing on the left hand side, not your snaps. I think we can do what we want. I still like the way centered text looks.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  30. I loved the winner. And is that man washing that woman's hair - how romantic.

  31. I love when you do the "pick one" posts -- always so much fun!

  32. Yep...they were all great! And I think I agree with you on a big city lot may just be the perfect size for me as anything too big may be too hard to keep up with!! You have a great week friend! Nicole xoxo

  33. The top garden with all the steps reminds me of my last brought back pleasant if sad memories. They are all beautiful! I must go back and see what I missed.

  34. They are just all so pretty and green! The view of that ocean seems like a work of fantasy. I have not seen anything remotely like that for far too many weeks! I'll take a home visit with the hair washing man! He's pretty cute!

  35. I must have missed this one. I love them all and I am glad that I didn't have to pick one.

  36. What fun! You and I both chose the same one, even though I loved that winner...just couldn't do those steps😟 But love all those flowers!

    Thanks for the fun time!


  37. They were all really pretty gardens. I thought of putting a pond in our backyard once, but then I thought about all the frogs it might attract and quickly dismissed the idea. I'm TERRIFIED of frogs. Lol!

  38. He doesn't look like that anymore..I liked the winner as just looked like a ton of work..

  39. Love the winner! I love flowers and plants so much ~



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